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Meetup: Local groups & events

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Meetup: Local groups & events App

Discover the things you love to do and people to do it with both online and in person. With over 50 million members, Meetup helps you build a career network, discover a tech community, create a personal brand, and pursue your passions. Download the Meetup app and host your own events or join one of the 100,000 Meetup events happening every week. Discover local and online events - Get matched with over 330,000 groups based on your interests, from tech conferences to free yoga and everything in-between - Explore events by category, search by keyword, or see what’s popular in your area - Save events you’re interested in and revisit them later - Have discussions and use direct messaging to stay in touch with the people you meet Start a group - Host your own events online and in person by creating a group on your favorite topic - Watch your community grow as your group is recommended to interested people - Easily personalize and schedule events on-the-fly, and manage your group from anywhere - Keep the momentum going between events by sharing photos and using discussions and messaging to connect with the people in your group Get in touch with questions or suggestions: [email protected] In order to recommend Meetup events that are hosted by local groups, we use your device's precise location (GPS and network-based).

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Meetup: Local groups & events app reviews

  • Sign up, but cannot connect on any links 1/5

    By jdjhtmmingbird
    I have wasted $30 for links that don’t work. Cannot connect to any online meetups. Can’t figure it out and there is no one to help me. I have gone to numerous zoom meetings and events and other platforms outside of meet up and haven’t encountered this problem
  • Good 5/5

    By rionshay
    Great app
  • Not receiving announcements that I used to 3/5

    By Lucky2beme
    Organizer unable to ensure members are receiving announcements This new system is not working as before! Many others are also complaining that without making changes they quit recording notifications. Difficult to reach Meetup support! Very frustrating
  • Good but expensive to host 2/5

    By cognitdiss
    Good service but at almost $200/year it’s current host rates are way too high, this is the main reason I am looking for other services. The iOS app is pretty good, but there is always some kind of a bug with the push notifications, and in general it’s inferior to the website. Lately it’s been that the number on the app badge doesn’t decrease after you open the app – best as I can tell I have to visit every single notification to make the badges on the app icon disappear. Would be nice if this was fixed. Also, no native app for the iPad is pretty ghetto for a premium service.
  • Never works, breaks a lot 1/5

    By Blue Letters
    Horrible app, always crashes on a search of events. I can’t believe you have 5 stars, very sketchy
  • Meetup App Review 4/5

    By That Hobo From Your Bathroom.
    It’s easy to use
  • Recent problem now unusable 2/5

    By Peginvt
    I have been using this app for years. I usually love it but it does have intermittent problems. Currently it is unusable from my iPhone, but still ok in my ipad. I need it on my iPhone because I frequently need to use the app away from the house. I am getting an error that reads: “Oops. Getting a 500 error. Data returned as a string…” Please help!!
  • Why no comments?? 2/5

    By A.Fan2011
    Our group is very tight and the new change to comments (converting to chat only if signed up for an event) is dysfunctional for our group. People can't ask clarifying questions before signing up without direct messaging, and as a result, other participants can't benefit from the answers. This was a bad change. Please reopen messaging for members of a group. Further I've had two times when I stopped receiving notifications of new events. All other notifications come through. What is going on??? How can I get it fixed?? Meetup is a good app and has been a central part of my social and active retirement. I'll update my review when these problems are fixed!
  • What happen to the comment bar ? 1/5

    By karen889
    I am hating the new update!!!! What happened to the comment bar. As an organizer I can’t see it. As a member of other groups, I can’t see it. Where the H is it ?????
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Hughc13
    Why is it hard to achieve parity between your app and your website? It is 2022. This technology is not new. It's so silly that as a host, if I add +1s more than the limit, it puts me (the host) on the wait list. Needs better product folks on the team. Notifications are buggy and inconsistent. Latest version of app no longer allows me to mark members as PAID.
  • Crap app. Great opportunities to connect. 1/5

    By Insp.Review.3
    The app is confusing and difficult to navigate. It’s not at all intuitive to use. Seemingly minor details (link/button placement, pics for irrelevant stuff more prominent than navigation to favorites etc.) are handled a bit differently than they are on other apps but this makes a huge difference to me and wastes my time.
  • Getting into Meet ups 😔 1/5

    By Dissappointed 🙄
    I NEVER get into groups! The notification timings are terrible! I lucked out once getting into a group. Then the coordinator let me in the next time. I’m pretty close to dumping Meet Up ! I have the app too and I’m attached at the hip! HELP! Awful. Sorry to say this icky feedback !
  • Membership 3/5

    By Pebbles and Bam Bam rubble
    I am a member of a PE and it will not show me the members on the list even though I am of ember. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to my app and I have to keep logging in even though I hit remember me and all that fun stuff your system keeps kicking me off and I have to re-login every time getting very tired of it. I wish I can find a different app that can work better for everybody out there.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Dphelps1966
    Great app to find local things to do. You can find things of your interest to do plus you can join various groups of your choice then you will get a notification.
  • I highly recommend this 5/5

    By Nancy loves cards
    It’s a great way to meet people and go out and have a good time.
  • Captain Cove last concert of the summer 5/5

    By Connie061
    Glen again when host you make everyone part of the event. thank for a wonderful time
  • Why people spend money on this service, IDK 1/5

    By Onsomehill
    With constant nginx gateway errors, browser Bad Requests, etc, this site/service is the true bottom feeder of Social services.
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By GWB301
    Enabled me to find cycling events when I “finally” decided to show up and participate
  • Horrible new website 1/5

    By byteeyh
    App pathetic too!
  • Meetup 3/5

    By Harveybill
    My meetup group is fantastic. The meetup main online site is horrible.
  • New Event Chat is horrid 1/5

    By Queen Mab 666
    Comments have disappeared for some events and now there is an Event Chat, for other events, which hides comments or the ability for anyone to comment until the organizer starts the chat. As a long-term organizer, I need the Comments section open and visible—more so than it was a month ago—not hidden in a chat that requires you to dig for messages. We already have direct messages. Comments are updates on info and people trying to coordinate live at the moment. People need to be able to glance at the comments and see relevant info. Please return the Open Comments feature and get rid of the hidden Event Chat ASAP!!!
  • Recent update broke “comments” 2/5

    By spo-1
    You’ll get notifications of comments made but no access to the comment text. Some bright light of a developer missed the obvious functionality of being able to investigate or pose a query about an event. As if forcing an “attend” to enter into dialog with hosts or potential attendees was a functional alternate approach. Dumb, what’s worse is if the comment is made through the prior rev of the app.. it’s inaccessible to someone running the latest update version.
  • Works on iPad for me 3/5

    By Sooteal
    Same app works on both iPhone & iPad. It is very easy to accidentally sign up for events because of where buttons are placed.
  • Great way to meet people. Lousy app! 2/5

    By altterrain
    I’m an organizer for a couple of groups and we (me and many other organizers) are seriously tired of how crappy the app is. It’s full of bugs, it’s a complete mess when it comes to notifications and there’s zero support except when it comes to jacking up monthly fees. Time for a payment strike!!!
  • Pro app is difficult 1/5

    By wonderwomanthisyear
    there are glitches in the pro app that keeps kicking me off and telling me I don’t have the authority to use it even though I have used it before… It’s really driving me crazy…🤪
  • Fun and Frisky 5/5

    By Fjblacks
    Had a great time! Great group of people to share such a fun experience with.
  • Bad billing system 1/5

    By Jezabel the freak
    I signed up and posted three events. Meet up kept asking me to upgrade to pro I refused. Now I have no service to post, no refund for a $69. Six month to post my happenings. I lost a lot of time creating posts, writing to my new members! Please refund me! And I may eventually sign up again. Jezabel the freak
  • Can't even finish the signup process 1/5

    By DexMorphious
    Literally after signing up it wants me to pick my categories. Problem is I can't advance to the next screen.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By colenal sanders
    Can’t even use the app. Buggy and doesn’t load
  • Humbling 5/5

    By kermit-2
    Had a great time yesterday. Ron did a great job leading. Some challenging obstacles and a little wet but super nonetheless. Also first visit to payson. Looking forward to next time.
  • GREAT CONCEPT, but app needs debugging 3/5

    By Wady1234765
  • Meetup is great, app is a little buggy 3/5

    By a cypher
    Website is even more buggy. Sometimes looking at a message crashes the app. Other times clicking on a notification takes me somewhere that doesn’t make sense and I have to go off of memory to navigate there since the notification disappears. My biggest pet peeve is the sheer volume of notifications I get, it’s actually very stressful to get bombarded by them when trying to work. The app settings are way too complicated for notifications and don’t respect my choices anyways (e.g. I tried turning off all notifications in the app and it still sent me frivolous notifications). I am complaining a lot about this because notifications are sometimes needed to coordinate with folks when it comes to messaging.
  • A Fine App 5/5

    By HappyCustomer007
    Do you know how to get to know ppl and have a great time participating in activities that others produce? I know I don’t! This platform offers a nice break from the same ol same ol. I’ve enjoyed it for years because it fills what would otherwise be a lonely void. Kudos to the Meetup team for providing such a convenient service to both the organizers of good times and the otherwise understimulated souls on the journey for those good times.
  • Needs Curating 4/5

    By askong me
    I am very sick and tired of people using this site for free advertising, cult-like techniques, and the kind of pressure you’d find at a pyramid scheme interview or conference. Some are more subtle but just as subversive. I make an exception for those who are doing the thing that they have mastery over, even if it costs a little money (membership fees) but those groups have NEVER pressured me with upselling. In fact one reiki master even gave me a wonderful gift of a herkimer diamond geode. Unfortunately it was stolen, and that broke my heart. It was such a thoughtful and meaningful gift. If you’re interested. She operates out of Rocklin. I’ve had a few glasses of wine so my memory has left the building but I’m almost positive it starts with a K like Katherine. Girl if you see this and I’m wrong, call me! I recently discovered I have a brain tumor so I haven’t had time to come around. And I had to move to Tahoe just so I can get some peace.😜
  • Location 1/5

    By ETWgal
    I just wanted information about Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, Brookfield, etc. Not Florida Thanks .
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By mysonwantspizza
    Not user friendly when it comes to making changes in personal account. I’m deactivating.
  • Spammers 1/5

    By Jessi Styles
    Be ready for very few live meetup opportunities and A LOT of spam texts thanks for nothing Meetup
  • Technology doesn’t work 1/5

    By too open
    Tech support doesn’t know how to fix it.
  • Just joined meet up groups 4/5

    By New Becky
    Have been to several groups- some twice. Love the variety! Everyone is kind! Have had fun talking to a whole range of people from different areas, ages, perspectives on life! Will continue with some groups & keep exploring! A New Becky
  • Had a great time! 5/5

    By Cagu42
    With fun people.
  • Needs to be streamlined 3/5

    By Sueb820
    The app itself works well, and the concept is great. It allows for outings with like-minded people to places you might not go otherwise. However, you need to be sure to uncheck the box to receive email from EACH GROUP you’re involved with, or your inbox will be flooded. I actually stopped using the app several years ago because I couldn’t deal with all the emails. Now, they’ve recently added notifications to “ Keep it going” for each group and “Last Chance” for each group and each outing. Why? These notifications aren’t helpful and make it more difficult to find the information you need. Please keep the focus on making the app more useful instead of more cumbersome.
  • Password 1/5

    By MadMom15
    You need to let people know the password requirements if you are going to give a message that says password doesn’t meet requirements!!
  • Jenn 2/5

    By Luckykittycat2004
    Not enough events around the methuen area. I also put out suggestions for places around here and never saw posted.
  • Shuts down 2/5

    By AMG CA
    When I click on messages then tap on someone's name - the app shuts down.
  • Problems 2/5

    By peterb2022
    Too many bugs No way to hold no shows accountable
  • Really guys? 2/5

    By Yuletide
    Buggy, overpriced. I want to love it but everything feels half done
  • Photo 1/5

    By R&MDaily
    I recently updated my photo in my Meetup account. My new photo does not show on the groups that I belong to. Therefore the organizers are removing me from the groups. When I go to settings at the Meetup account, in order to fix the problem. It says: “Your profile has no photo, would like to use your Facebook account photo?” It should be a easy fix with out including Facebook. Because, I don’t have an account with this stupid biased platform. In additional I’m not willing to open up one. How can we fix this problem?
  • Over 40s singles group 1/5

    By bad hosting
    Very disappointing- 15 of us were supposed to meet at a concert and the host a day before says have fun everyone as it’s going to be hard to meet up. What’s the point of having a singles group meet up if we can’t meet together? Should of set a place where we could of all connected before the show.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Pakka pet fan
    This app is trash. It crashes, freezes, and is not user friendly, especially as a group organizer. There’s even another Meetup app that is for organizing events and that’s terrible too. The desktop version is just as bad. It’s 2022, please make your app and website run smoother. Using both makes me feel like I’m in 2007.