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Meetup App

Meetup brings people together in thousands of cities to do more of what they want to do in life. It is organized around one simple idea: when we get together and do the things that matter to us, we’re at our best. And that’s what Meetup does. It brings people together to do, explore, teach and learn. For example, people run marathons, thanks to running Meetups. They write, thanks to writing Meetups. They change their careers, thanks to career Meetups. Because at Meetups, people welcome each other. They talk, help, mentor, and support each other – all in pursuit of achieving their life goals. Featured by Apple in “Best New Apps” and “Great Free Apps” Some popular Meetups include: Tech Meetup groups Moms Meetup groups Dads Meetup groups Fitness Meetup groups Hiking Meetup groups Career and Networking Meetup groups Support Meetup groups Book Club Meetup groups Photography Meetup groups New in Town Meetup groups Social Meetup groups Dog Meetup groups Language Meetup groups and 1,000s more Subscription plans: Want to start a new Meetup and become an organizer? Anyone who wishes to organize a Meetup may subscribe through the app. An organizer subscription entitles you to create up to three Meetups with an unlimited number of members and co-organizers. Meetup offers 1-month and 6-month subscription plans based on the location of your Meetup. Prices for Meetups created in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia: Unlimited 1-month: $14.99 All other countries: Unlimited 1-month: $9.99 Unlimited 6-month: $29.99 Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account once you confirm your purchase and will automatically renew at the end of each billing period unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes Account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Questions? Suggestions? Shoot us an email at [email protected] In order to recommend Meetups that are close to you and to show you your distance from a scheduled Meetup, we use your device’s precise location (GPS and network-based).


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Meetup app reviews

  • Blast email 2/5

    By D33zy91
    I’m currently an organizer and I usually do good with my scheduling. I’ve recently been trying to send a blast email to everyone from the app and no one is getting them. It would say email all members but after my most recent emails(3 total) I was informed no one got them. How can we resolve this
  • Locations locations locations 1/5

    By JauDesign
    Meetup events main page is in desperate need to list locations (at least the city). I keep having to tap in and out of different events just to see where they are because of distance restraints. Just add the city, please!! Edit: last update produced notification galore. Please stop!
  • Not good 1/5

    By Marshal124
    App freezes on iPhone X when scrolling
  • Terrible in many ways 1/5

    By Jay Mutzafi
    First, as a Meetup organizer this service is absurdly expensive, especially starting out, let alone if you have multiple interest. As far as the app goes, turning off notifications for Meetups doesn’t work, (and not granular enough even if it did work). Constantly flooded with notifications. No way to clear all. Messages always show at the top despite being ancient. If I start listing everything that’s wrong it will take forever. I suspect the price and poor care is because they have no direct competition. Which tells you all you need to know.
  • Warning!! don’t pay for membership!! 1/5

    By GodfadaChef
    After purchasing i received an email from meetup stating that my subscription was not approved because Meetup does not support groups whose sole purpose is to sell or market goods, services, events, or event spaces. Really??? How many events have I seen on meetup that requires some form of payment. But what’s worst is that I’m offering free access to multiple events and I’m not approved. Wouldn’t be a big deal if you want to approve who you want on your app and then choose by whatever guidelines you decide but the fact that you charge me first before approval and then tell me I have to go get a refund from iTunes is ridiculous. Try doing your screening process first and then charging after your approval process. I have used meetup for a few years now to find local events when I travel and have even come across events that I had to pay for but hey why complain. I’m totally turned off will be deleting and updating this review when I find a better option to this app✌🏽
  • Push notifications options 1/5

    By cmandy9
    The latest update added push notifications whenever a group that I’m a part of posts a new Meetup. I don’t want push notifications for all the new meet ups. However, I do want push notifications whenever I receive a message through the app or reminders that a Meetup is about to start. That is actually helpful. Please either add an option to disable some of the push notifications or remove the ones that were recently added.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Dars0808
    Easy to use and fun - love it!
  • Meetups..... 5/5

    By PitViper315
    Well it's a great place to meet people that n and around your area with like interests. The only problem I've found is there is a lot of catfish on here, I get at least two a week. So make sure you know you're chatting with.
  • I've only just made an account. Is this normal? 1/5

    By Itendtozoneout
    Sign up was pretty bad on a purely UX perspective. Why is there no exit/done option for users when they're inputting their information? I tapped to enter my age and gender and had no way of finalizing an input, thus couldn't move on to the next field. If I scrolled down to my age, I couldn't hit "ok" or "done" or even a "x" to move to the next section of the sign up form. I opted to just tapping back and forth between things and the screen needed to jump around constantly for me to even be able to reach the "gender" input from underneath the scrolling pop-up for the age input. Be helpful. UX isn't all about aesthetic appeal. If it doesn't work, it's bad UX, regardless of how pretty it looks. You then ask me to provide feedback about my thoughts on the app once I finally get to the home page, and I oblige. Only to find that I can't even send the message. No matter what I did, the "send" option was disabled on the feedback email screen. You ask to collect feedback, but ask your users to figure out a puzzle to be able to help you. This review was meant to be sent in the feedback email that you redirected me to 10 minutes ago. I ended up giving up but decided to still try to give you feedback, just through the AppStore - something I'm confident will actually work correctly. I've only just made an account---- is this what I should expect from the whole app?
  • SLOW 2/5

    By clu21
    The notifications tab always takes forever to load whenever it does decide to, so the notifications just pile up which is is very annoying. As a result, I don’t check the app as often as I’d like to see events because it’s super slow.
  • Frustrating to use 2/5

    By JustAPaulD
    App design is completely frustrating to us. It's not possible to limit search radius, difficult to see your groups and your events. The most frustrating thing is it constantly displays notifications in iOS for new meetup groups. This pollutes that notifications as we can't just see notifications from the groups we belong but the notifications are filled with other stuff!. Meetup support simply says no can't disable the notifications in the iOS app.
  • App is broken. 1/5

    By Freak Jenn xxx
    Updated the app, removed it, added it again. Updated phone. “We encountered a problem serving your request.” This app is useless, and no longer works.
  • Meet up ap is a downer 1/5

    By La4355
    Since I’ve downloaded this ap I’ve had nothing but frustration. User friendly it’s not! While trying to organize a date for the next meet up it asks how frequent are meetings. And while our meetings are every month, it doesn’t necessarily fall on every 2nd Saturday as the ap keeps scheduling it. So I schedule the next meet up and it automatically schedules the next 5 or 6. Ugh!! Please fix this.
  • Meet up 4/5

    By Eanders416
    Easy to use. Good way to meet new people with shared interests
  • Completely unusable 4/5

    By dmstevens
    **update: The problem seems to be resolved. I now have no issues with the app. What ever the recent upgrade was it made this app completely unusable. I cannot see any of my groups or events that I am currently signed up to attend. The screens are just blank. I even deleted and reinstalled the app and I cannot even get past the log on screen. It’s very frustrating. Please fix these issues. The app is now completely unusable to me
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By jvblkjet
    I can’t select my city to find any meet ups!!! Austin Texas
  • Unwanted 1/5

    By Bal gal
    I don’t even remember entering my email for this and I don’t want to receive any mail anymore. It’s so difficult to unsubscribe. I would advise anyone not to sign up for this, you can’t get out. Mary
  • Yet another meetup developer fail... 1/5

    By Joliver332
    Really? 'You have no upcoming meetups' ... when I know I have 4 coming up!?!? The worst developers on the planet. Do you know what quality control is? Stupid question. This app is clumsy and unintuitive and has more broken functions than ever. Mobile website works infinitely better than the app. The haphazard way of hiding things makes me think the developers are bored or drunk. Every command is a treasure hunt. Refresh does not work. Why is the Calendar is hidden? 7 clicks to find your own event, then app crashes. I remember when this app was at a glance - so simple, ...instead now it's about secret knowledge to give dumb people something to fill their time with. Interface is klunky and unintuitive. **** Steps in the right direction: Now allows upload of more than one photo at a time...
  • Best app 5/5

    By Eddieluv1
    This app makes it easy for to plug into events Local and otherwise that are important to you.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By logtrs
    The app keeps crashing on my i phone. Cant conduct my meetups!! I have reloaded several times
  • Clunky + Alert bugs 3/5

    By Jfdexghffsgvhfdd
    First, this update has caused an insanely annoying bug where notifications won’t clear. Again! I hate having that red dot and so I’ve had to turn off notifications until it’s resolved again. There already was an issue where if you get one notification that you subscribe to, the number changes to include all alerts total and that includes the “suggested groups” that you can’t get rid of. Second, as many others have said, the U/I is not very user friendly. There is no way to make defaults to be for your groups instead of all groups in the area and search isn’t very easy to use either. As a site, and the reason for the 3 stars as opposed to 1, I do enjoy it. I like that I’m able to meet people with similar interests and likes. For the most part I use the site instead of the app because navigation is much easier and intuitive plus it feels more features are available that way.
  • Fix It 2/5

    By Sleepy in Soquel
    This app has been terrible. Half the time I just get a blank screen. I hope this new version works better.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Sparklefly
    It’s been 3 weeks now!! It’s impossible to use the app! Keeps crashing!
  • Frustrated with not being able to create meet ups 1/5

    By Cdizzle23
    Meet up used to be so easy to use. I can’t figure out how to create a Meetup within a group I am in. Couldn’t on my iPad nor on my desktop.... the only thing I could do was post a note on the discussion board.... I emailed the suggested contact for help and never heard back. Please fix it so we can improve the rating to what it should be, a 5 star idea
  • Incredibly hard to navigate 1/5

    By Kaiaim
    The information that this app needs to convey is really simple: A list of groups, the meetings associated with them, and the ones you belong too. It seems to have taken almost an intentional decision to make it so unintuitive to get around. Even when I get to places that are in theory where I want to be (the list of my groups for example) there’s no rhyme or reason to how they’re organized and There are always some that seem to be missing or somehow buried.
  • Not navigable, discoverable. Slow. Buggy. 2/5

    By Dirk Ickles
    After oauth signing with Facebook, kept asking for password. Can't reply to comments on a meetup from the notification screen. Takes five minutes to find the messages (or any feature, really). Overall poor ux wrapped up in a decent ui. Also, extremely slow. And I want to be able to use all the characters I want while describing my meetup! Can you please rerender the escaped greater/less than characters please? Basically this app is barely useable. Oh! And messages get rendered twice almost always! Come on, please! Oh! AND I would love to include online meetups. Even having online components to a meetup is difficult and may even get you revoked! Just for that I'm taking away a star. However! I love their focus on diversity and generally not being horrible. Two stars given back. Update: app crashing when loading updates tab. Uninstall/reinstall fixed it. Make a better app because I love the product! Update: Had to uninstall and reinstall again as notifications wouldn’t clear.

    1 Star solely on how bad their customer service is. This is a great app to make friends with! They are charging me $15/month for a “Basic Plan” when the basic plan is only $10/month. Now that I’ve reached 50 members I wanted to upgrade to a premium plan WHICH I AM ALREADY PAYING FOR and it is not allowing me to have any more members. They said they respond within 24 hours and it’s been 5 days and still no response. I then emailed them about a more serious matter and they still have not responded. I liked this app until I realized they were scamming me and taking my money and that they choose to ignore any emails no matter the importance. Yes. You can help me by answering my emails. I’ve been waiting weeks!!!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Poobootig
    I keep getting a server error. I deleted the app & downloaded it again it’s still not working.
  • wish list for meetup app 2/5

    By napahiker
    yes, upload all photos at once (like in facebook). And be able to rotate the pictures in view mode.
  • Horrible Meetup performance on iPhone 2/5

    By Screenhog1940
    How many times do I have to read “oops” the app isn’t functioning? Frustrating! My husband has no difficulty reviewing Meetup programs on his Samsung Galaxy. Totally unimpressed so far. Fix it!
  • Connecting with your interests made easy 4/5

    By Deboray Kieckhefer
    Speaks for it self and you already kind of know what you're walking into so that makes it nice also knowing you already have something in common with a group of people that can help others or for Phil and further your interest
  • DeepLinking is a nightmare 4/5

    Please fix deeplinking, currently it’s terrible. Send a link to meetup to your fellow developer via messages and prepare to explore the universe of useless redirects. The Meetup itself is amazing!
  • Great 5/5

    By Owill4
    It's great
  • So horrible 1/5

    By Angel VDF
    I REALLY hate this app. So cumbersome and confusing... You’re better off just using your mobile browser...
  • Impossible to access messages 1/5

    By Ressaw2011
    Cartoony and unusable. Cannot see current events .mobile site is much better. The messages icon has disappeared in the app. It appears on the mobile site but when I click on it the app comes up. I'm deleting the app. The new pink and green and fake bright colors are terrible and ugly. I'm not not downloading a version with no calendar. Can't do many organizer functions from app. The mobile website works better. Don't release bug filled versions without extensive testing!
  • Good but navigation is confusing and redundant 4/5

    By Everyonestolemyfreakinnickname
    I honestly don’t understand the quick-to-hate for this version of the app. However, they are right when they say this new version is not intuitive and doesn’t make sense. For example, let me go over the bottom 5 tabs are for navigation of critical aspects of meet ups: 1) find new meet ups (like an advanced search feature), 2) card view of current meetup groups and you’re able to browse new ones (honestly 1 and 2 should be combined. It’s redundant and is confusing), 3) the “check mark” icon tab is for your upcoming or past meet ups. This is where you go to see them. However the check mark symbol is a little unintuitive and confusing. It would make more sense to make it some sort of calendar icon., 4) group and meet up notifications, and 5) profile. The app is good, but confusing and redundant. Navigation is not intuitive. Looking forward for newer versions but I understand this takes time and resources. Keep it up.
  • Works smoothly for me! 5/5

    By GuadMaven
    Convenient - gets the job done.
  • App keeps getting worse 1/5

    By hobbes8calvn
    Everything is cached wrong. I get notifications about new comments or photos uploaded, so I click and see nothing updated. Oops you have to manually pull down to refresh, such a bad UX. Also, I get emails from Meetup about comments on my uploaded photos, do I get an app notification? Nope.
  • Could be better, but it is okay 3.5 stars 3/5

    By Metapsych
    How do you remove an interest? I haven’t used this in a out 3 years and since then i have gotten married. So i am no longer interested in anything related to singles except maybe tennis. (Bad joke, but really how?)
  • Great way to meet people 4/5

    By MeN3G
    I'm not one to get out and meet new people often. This app is such a great way to meet new people and find interesting things in the area.
  • I wish I didn’t need this 1/5

    By MOMSClubSC
    This is the worst, most glitchy app ever. I have to delete it and reinstall it EVERY time I use it. It is very frustrating when trying to keep a group of 50+ members organized. I once loved it when I started using it about 3 years ago. Since then, every update has gotten worse and becomes less user friendly each time. I actually have to give a tutorial for new members of our group on how to use it and they usually just give up. FIT IT ALREADY!!!
  • Does not even work 1/5

    By bluewhl
    Since new update- does. It open on my phone
  • Another frustrated organizer 2/5

    By Holymoly5647
    As an organizer, I agree with the previous comments about the problems with the new redesign. The site worked fine before. Drafts disappear somewhere not to be found unless you go back to the desktop site. I’ve accidentally announced events to our members, only to have to delete them. The map sometimes renders the location pin in an entirely wrong location and there no way to manually adjust it. I have to include a written correction in the event description hoping attendees will read it. The group “homepage” in the app brings the user to our group name, event list, and a conversation list. No description of what our group is??? Not sure how that got left out. And please please please make an “interested” option along side the yes/no option for RSVPs. It would help us organizers filter out those who are actually planning to attend vs those who are just interested. As a rule of thumb, we assume only half the Yes’ will actually show up.
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By Samantha Ellison
    I’ve never organized an event, so I’m only reviewing the other side. It’s very easy to find events that you are interested in because of the interest categories you’ve choose. Contacting an admin is easy, if they are in a current group. Some groups seem to disband but still have their meet ups posted.
  • Really want to use this 1/5

    By ehaugen
    I really want to use this app to find fun activities in my community. I want to sign up utilizing Facebook to get connected with my calendar but it won’t allow me to sign up through Facebook, very disappointing.
  • iOS and Meetup 2/5

    By jclc83
    No matter what I do, no matter how many times I delete Meetup, no matter how many times I restart my device.... I cannot get the new version of Meetup and as a result no getting messages or emails from my groups.
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By fz43
    To the developers who work on this app: when you get it working correctly....then LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! When it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
  • Message Filter is too strong!!! 1/5

    By CookieDog00
    I just downloaded this app today and I’ve been trying to send a message back to someone who reached out to me but I can’t send even send a single message because it keeps being flagged for not being creative enough! I understand the purpose of the filter, for sure, but the worst part is I can’t even tell what’s being flagged, so I have no idea what to fix. Edit: I appreciate MeetUp reaching out to me so quickly but they asked me to send an email to a specific email address but for some reason I can’t even get into my account anymore thus it says that I don’t have an account linked to my email when I clearly did
  • Where is my Meetup group. 1/5

    By Baewatchn
    Two days ago, I started a Meetup, and it is not visible to any of my friends on the Meetup app. I can see it, but no one has gotten emails stating there is a new Meetup. I picked all the relatable "topics" to get new members but nothing. I have emailed tech support and two days later, still waiting. Why is there not a number. This is so frustrating, and the app is in the MySpace age. Shouldn't have to use your desk top to use Meetup. I'm so over it!
  • Great app 4/5

    By Enjoy fellowshipping
    Enjoy meeting new people

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