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  • Current Version: 4.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mega Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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・MEGA・ App

MEGA provides user-controlled encrypted cloud storage through standard web browsers, together with dedicated apps for mobile devices. Unlike other cloud storage providers, your data is encrypted and decrypted by your client devices only and never by us. Upload your files from your smartphone or tablet, then search, store, download, stream, view, share, rename or delete your files any time, from any device, anywhere. Share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time. The encryption process means we cannot access or reset your password so you MUST remember it (unless you have your Recovery Key backed up) or you will lose access to your stored files. End-to-end user-encrypted MEGA video chat allows for total privacy, and has been available through the browser since 2016. It has been extended to our mobile app, with chat history accessible across multiple devices. Users can also easily add files to a chat from their MEGA Cloud Drive. MEGA offers a generous 50 GB free storage for all registered users with bonus achievements, and offers paid plans with much higher limits: PRO LITE subscription: €4.99 (US$4.99) per month or €49.99 (US$49.99) per year gives you 400 GB of storage space and 1 TB of transfer quota per month. PRO I subscription: €9.99 (US$9.99) per month or €99.99 (US$99.99) per year gives you 2 TB of storage space and 2 TB of transfer quota per month. PRO II subscription: €19.99 (US$19.99) per month or €199.99 (US$199.99) per year gives you 8 TB of storage space and 8 TB of transfer quota per month. PRO III subscription: €29.99 (US$29.99) per month or €299.99 (US$299.99) per year gives you 16 TB of storage space and 16 TB of transfer quota per month. Subscriptions are renewed automatically for successive subscription periods of the same duration and at the same price as the initial period chosen. You can switch off the automatic renewal of your MEGA PRO subscription no later than 24 hours before your next subscription payment is due via your iTunes account settings page. To manage your subscriptions, simply click on the App Store icon on your handset, sign in with your Apple ID at the bottom of the page (if you haven't already done so) and then click View ID. You'll be taken to your account page where you can scroll down to Manage App Subscriptions. From there, you can select your MEGA PRO subscription and view your scheduled renewal date, choose a different subscription package or toggle the on-off switch to off to disable the auto-renewal of your subscription. For more info, please check our website: https://mega.nz/ Terms of Service: https://mega.nz/terms Privacy Policy: https://mega.nz/privacy

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  • Keeps logging me out 3/5

    By natalianovna
    I’d love to use the app but every time it opens It logs me out.
  • omg 2/5

    By snsnnsnx
    my app won’t let me log in or open it. no one will help
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kai🤪
    Sorry but this app is terrible.it won’t let me save my files like it used to.please fix this.it makes me mad
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By JWRAY213
    I can never download anything to the app and when it does actually load it takes 15 minutes to sign in
  • Crashing 1/5

    By HackerRayNS
    Is this app designed to crash? It’s really ridiculous.
  • I like Mega! 5/5

    By thisisnolongerfunny
    I just I like Mega! It’s a great app I enjoy using?wish there was an easier way to view text files in the app but that’s a pretty minor thing.
  • issues 3/5

    By KrazyKat6
    this is such a good app and i’ve been using it for maybe 2 years now but everytime i download a file offline it won’t play?? it played for one that was 300ish mb but i downloaded one that was about 2 gb and waited for it to download for so long only to find that it refuses to play. the play button clicks on and almost instantly turns back off. can you fix this?
  • Why I can’t call anyone or chat with anyone 1/5

    By iimyrax
    The app was good and working but I don’t know what happened the app stopped working, calls and chatting stopped working so please try to fix it, I tell my friends to check and they have the same problem!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Brndjdndkdg
    Can’t create an account or log in. Never used the app until now so I don’t know why access is denied. When I try to create an account it gets stuck in the loading process so the app is completely useless.
  • Video bug 2/5

    By Tonyacnj
    Some vids won’t play and some will! Needs a good update
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By ic4444LuvsMeggerz
    This Has To Be The Best App For Storage!!!
  • It’s best but 5/5

    By natink william
    The download link is not working
  • Can’t see upload progress 1/5

    By beemie9629185
    No where to see upload progress How are you suppose to know if it’s uploading , failed, going fast or slow ?
  • yes bruh im a real person 3/5

    By Savagex2xTymez
    I like how it has 50 gb of space you can put in but this app has some problems like when you turn on the camera uploads button in the settings it uploads all of your pictures and videos and if you wanted to stop it you can’t. And the upload pictures and videos button doesn’t work other than that the app is coo
  • Good but missing streaming feature 4/5

    By Subho95
    I absolutely love the android version of the Mega app. It allows streaming of videos, eliminating the need to download an offline copy first. I don’t know why this feature is missing from the iOS/iPadOS version. Please bring this to iOS!!
  • ugh 1/5

    By Dancer_...
    it keeps crashing and i cant do anything
  • Dark mode needed 3/5

    By Mr.sparks911
    I’m waiting for Mega team to add Dark Mode. It’s been long since most apps added this feature.
  • ughghgh 1/5

    By Sumzys
    There is a passcode lock on the app and i can’t get in. I thought i put a certain passcode and it says that it isn’t right. Luckily, I can open it with touch id but, I want to disable the password because it is just annoying for me but, I don't know the password. I know the password to my regular mega account.
  • it used to be good 3/5

    By josie nulsen
    i used to be able to download and transfer videos on mega but now whenever i click any button it all freezes and shuts me out of the app. i don’t know if it’s just my phone
  • App breaking bug 2/5

    By MetalDragon4
    After making files you can't upload anything. I don't know why this happens but the only way to get around it is to make your folders, delete the app, reinstall and re-login. Please fix this.
  • love it :) 5/5

    By shubha 💛🤠
    i love this app. literally no reason to not download it
  • zero stars 1/5

    By lemonlump
    i want to rate this app zero stars because that is what it deserves but it wouldn’t let me so i guess it gets one :( not that it really deserves it
  • y’all know the real reason why we hear😏 5/5

    By 909Nibba
  • Great app, few bugs 3/5

    By KluivertAlmightysosabatman98
    Love the app but it has a couple of bugs with some of the files. It turns some of my video files from normal extensions to just "data" and I can't share them or save them. i thought a quick update will fix everything but after the new update it now won't even open at all, crashes right at boot up.
  • crashes upon every startup 1/5

    By SmarTunes
    keeps crashing when opening up the app. tried redownloading, was good for a while, and then continued crashing
  • not work 3/5

    By 六六RyuRyu
    I use it after some days.app flash quit when I open it
  • help please 2/5

    By boomdalaclapa
    the app is good but every time it gives me the option to open in app it says failed to load and sends me to the app store. i am signed it and have the app opened already but it’s still not working. also when i download the link it’s just a bunch of encryptions. help?
  • Help 4/5

    By abbyh0426
    I love MEGA. It helps me with editing and downloading scenepacks. But the last couple days whenever I try and download ANYTHING, big or small, it says “could not save item.” I’ve deleted and redownloaded it, I’ve powered down by phone, I’ve searched up videos, and nothing is working. How can I download stuff again?
  • Dark mode already? 3/5

    By lakinen69
    50 gigs to 15 - not cool guys. I would say that is a false advertising with “50 gb free”, when in fact, you scale it down to 15 afterwards. And what about the dark mode? Is it that hard to make it possible?
  • mega 2/5

    By joc sanchez
    it’s good and all for clips/videos to have good quality but it takes forever to save things to your camera roll! i’ve been trying to save this one thing all day now and it won’t save.
  • Has never worked on my iphonex 1/5

    By Mplspitbull
    First it was an issue enabling chat that prevented the app from launching. After most recent update the app opens then quits before anything comes up on screen. Ugh
  • It used to be 50gb but.. 2/5

    By YousifOfficial
    This app is good but the cloud back up was 50gb a year go or less and now they only let you back up files up to 15gb.. that’s a massive downgrade unfortunately
  • DARK MODE?? 2/5

    Where is dark mode???
  • Tippy Top... 5/5

    By threed meet
    🏆 😉
  • keeps logging me out 4/5

    By Shawnieee
    it keeps logging me out for some reason..why? When I leave the app for like 10 minutes and goes back on it says it’s logging me out and i’ll have to reinstall the whole app
  • It’s great but one thing 5/5

    By nicliz77
    It used to come with 50gb free and I recently did a thing where if I connected my number or email or something (I honestly forgot) But it was where it gave me 20 more gb so in total I HAD 70gb and now it’s 35gb what happened.
  • Good but crashes 3/5

    By raulaugustosanchez
    Hi, This is a very good idea for an app. I use it to read books, really long medicial books. And the app crashes, it does not let me finish reading any book and its quite frustrating. Any chances of fixing this from happening? Thanks!
  • Didn’t work actually 2/5

    By ramez ayaz
    When I’m trying to import things It says start importing it accepts but the photo or video is not being uploaded
  • Accident 2/5

    By Tack° Fall
    I’ve uninstalled the app on accident and now I can’t download it again. It’s an amazing app but I wish I could download it again.
  • App needs updated. 2/5

    By Bubba8305
    App crashes. Has many issues that need addressed
  • great app , but . . . 3/5

    By aleah1202
    it’s extremely laggy when i watch any videos and takes forever to load . can this be fixed please ?
  • Upload one by one, nice. 1/5

    By aso__
    I have a folder of hundreds of items and i can only upload then one by one???
  • just uplaoded 1900 photos with the copy feature 5/5

    By jonny braaaa vooooooo
    just uploded 1900 photos using the copy button in Apple photos thanks kimmy pets play code four remaster on ps5 sorry my keyvored suckes
  • Open in browser or app??? 3/5

    By big lizz
    So far so good.. only complaint I have is when files are shared & it give you the option to open file thru browser or in the app... I choose the app & it brings be back to the App Store every single time. Can’t access files w/o going to original file share on unsecure platform. Please get back to me!
  • Tnx 3/5

    By لا ينزل سناب
    Thank you
  • Problem with order of files in offline downloaded folders 5/5

    By winitzki
    Great feature- to download entire folders with files. But after that, I can’t properly share the downloaded files with another app because the order of downloaded files seems to be incorrectly shown. I open a file in the offline downloaded list and click on the share button. Then I can share the file to another app, say , a book reader. But the book reader opens a different file, also from the list of downloaded offline files. This happens systematically with all downloaded offline files when there are many in a folder with sub folders. Please fix!
  • Keep crash when I set a pw with touchid 4/5

    By awesomepick
    Please fix it. thanks.
  • Weng 5/5

    By wudockom
    I have been used Mega more than three year ! It was a very good platform and high security to save my work load !
  • Оно просто ужасно 1/5

    By Evgeny2012
    Медленное, тормознутое, автозагрузка едва-едва работает, без wi-fi вообще не работает Удалил. В топку.

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