MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears

MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 3.2.99
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Logitech Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears App

The UE MEGABOOM app has everything you need to get the most out of your UE speaker. From #PartyUp to voice controls and customizable EQ, unlock even more awesome ways to use your UE MEGABOOM. + #PartyUp lets you connect 150+ speakers to take your parties to a whole new level - wherever, whenever, whatever! + Say It to Play It! Siri integration for MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears is available now. You’ll always stay in the moment -- with nothing between you and your music. It’s now quicker, easier, and more convenient than ever to keep your party going. + You Control the Sound: All about that bass? In a tight space? You control the atmosphere with our custom EQ settings. + Remote On/Off: you’d never walk all the way to your TV to turn it on and you shouldn’t have to with your wireless speaker either. Use the app to turn your speaker on/off from afar. + Block Party: DJ with multiple friends using Block Party. + Much more: personalize your speaker’s name, wake up to your favorite playlist with the Alarm + Subscribe to updates so you never miss a thing. A simple tap in the app updates your speaker with the latest features in no time.


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MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears app reviews

  • ?? 2/5

    By Pmärz73
    I don’t see the power button in the app, so I use to power on/off manually... fix it please!
  • Logitech ruined this 1/5

    By helluin
    Ultimate Ears made a great speaker and a fantastic app to control it from your phone. Then Logitech bought UE and gave us a new app that removed all the functionality that mattered. This app used to be great, but is now useless.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Macincn1100
    Finally have a chance to make a review, I would not recommend this app until they change it back to where u can turn on/off the speaker. Until then, this app is useless! Do Not Download
  • Absolute Trash 1/5

    By YoungMC713
    If you’re lucky, the planets align, and the moon is full, then the app will do what it’s supposed to do. On multiple occasions when pairing my (minimum) two Megabooms together it takes an embarrassing trial and error process to pair the speakers. To actually pair the speakers, and do what they’re designed to do, takes a tedious and unnecessary process that borders on false advertising. The app needs several reviews, and is inexcusable in its current condition.
  • Does not support Bluetooth Smart?! 1/5

    By TwistedLIE
    It worked just fine before... what happened!? C’mon Logitech... you’re one of the last trusted peripheral companies out there...
  • Unable to turn on remotely 2/5

    By strongrakion
    What's wrong with the app? This remote function is the only advantage to the other speakers
  • Multi-speaker connection 1/5

    By some guy leaving feedback
    Terrible UX for connecting multiple speakers together. Lucky if it works 50% of the time without having to reset everything. Ugh.

    By BAHooks
    This app is uber frustrating!!!!
  • Great speaker, bad app 2/5

    By Admiral eddy
    This app used to work seamlessly, but after all these updates even the equalizer barely functions. I no longer have the ability to turn the speaker on or off remotely, and because of that the speaker doesn’t stay connected to Bluetooth. I end up having to manually connect all the time. This must get fixed. UPDATE MAY 2018- Same issues, no fixes. Why is there no developer response? No guidance?
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By averageJoeSchmo
    Not sure why all the negative reviews. App works great and is the main reason I’m a loyal UE speaker user. Alarm function is amazing and I haven’t found another speaker that can wake me up to my favorite pandora station in the morning. The remote power button works great and is nice when I want to turn on my speaker and start bumping it from my backpack while I’m walking without whipping it out. Equalizer is decent although I’ve found that the balanced default setting is loudest and sounds the best. The dj mode is cool for letting your friends play and you can kick them off if you don’t like it. Overall amazing app and speaker. Best on the market. Ignore those complainers.
  • Hate the app 1/5

    By Tclips3
    I have 2 of the speakers which work great but the app will not turn on any of the speakers remotely. I have to physically turn in one speaker in order for the app to work but then it won’t connect to the other speaker without having to pair it all over again. Annoying when it worked fine with just one speaker.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Ciaagent25
    Love it tells me the percentage love how I can turn it on and off love the party feature so cool
  • Needs Improvement 3/5

    By Aimeno97
    The remote power function stopped working all of a sudden
  • Does not work 1/5

    By The Guy Who Sells This Crap
    Update the app please! Amazing speaker, I actually own two but they can’t be used remotely now because the volume sync is beyond FUBAR-ed
  • Stereo never works 2/5

    By Tenormdnes
    App updates all the time and never fixes it. I bought 2 speakers for a reason. I’m about to sell them cuz ur app never works right and that’s the only wait to run these in stereo.
  • Remote power on 1/5

    By Te1apol
    Please I can't power on remote my megaboom. Fit it’s. Thank you.
  • App is trash 1/5

    By tnsoulman
    Very poor instructions using app, the speakers were always needing re connecting to phone app. Too many updates! Took my speakers back and returned them and deleted app.
  • What happen? 2/5

    By drummer man
    Now when I try to power on using the app, it says my device doesn’t support smart Bluetooth feature. I’m using iPhone X with IOS 11.2.6. This power on feature was working before using this same phone before I updated to this last iPhone update. Please fix this isssue! These speakers aren’t cheep. Works fine on the previous iOS operating system. I know because I’ve tried on my ipad so I know it’s not the speaker that’s having the issue
  • Sorry Logitech we got a problem 2/5

    By MrMaximusGladias
    They just made this update that plain makes my music sound worse! Just like apple update of that sort. Only good reason to have the app is for the multiple speakers pairing honestly and perhaps the base jump
  • Barely works 1/5

    By mindofmikey
    Barely works, only connects a small fraction of the time. Speaker is great though. App is horrible
  • Why is my speaker not showing up??? 1/5

    By The Nate99
    My megaboom is connecting to my phone even play music but it will not show up in the app and I just got it so I’m trying to update the software. I love the speaker but that app is not great. I’ve had similar problems with my boom app.
  • Solid speaker, ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE APP 1/5

    By Kcco 757
    The speakers are great but the app is absolute trash. Part of the main appeal of UE speakers is the ‘party up’ feature, which allows multiple speakers to be paired for stereo sound (albeit only if they are the same model, which is kind of BS) BUT this feature RARELY works. The app either can’t find the second speaker even though both are connected thru Bluetooth or it boots the first speaker off when you party up with the second one. Also, a pretty fair amount of the time the app fails to power the speaker on remotely when attempted. For such a large company and high price point for a Bluetooth speaker, Ultimate Ears should be ashamed of how half-assed their app functions. Also, why is there a different app for each model of speaker?!?!
  • Great Speaker Terrible App 1/5

    By TWBSR
    I purchased to of the UE Mega Boom Speakers because you could pair them in stereo. When they work, there is nothing better. Unfortunately that has been 25% of the time or less. FIX IT PLEASE!
  • App wont connect through ipod 1/5

    By Pahdy
    I guess it works better with phones. Or not considering all the other poor reviews. Gonna have to return this Speaker pops on some music i listen to and its irritating Drop your price to 100 bucks remove all the "smart" features and MAYBE you'll have a worthy product. This thing SUUUUUUCKS
  • Used to be able to remotely power on 1/5

    By RomeDawg337
    Doesn’t power the speaker on remotely anymore
  • The app works fine. Needs shutoff timer. 4/5

    By K-Daddio
    I have two speakers and the app does a good job of allowing me control of the volume/balance of each. Without the app, I wouldn’t be as simple. It always works great. The one thing I would add is an adjustment for when a speaker goes to sleep. There are times when I want it to stay awake quietly much longer than is currently programmed.
  • STILL can’t use the alarm!!! 1/5

    By Erik.Wang
    App crash and quit on its own as soon as I try to setup an alarm.
  • Extremely buggy 1/5

    By Tavilan
    50% of my MEGABOOM’s functionality is ruined because of the poor software for managing its features. This app is just part of that messy software and I am waiting for an update to fix these problems.
  • Needs more modern features 2/5

    By CyberData4
    Need to add a 3D touch shortcut on the app icon to power on the device.
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By Drebb321
    Don’t get me wrong - the speaker is great. The app, on the other hand - straight garbage. It used to be slightly okay when the remote power function was available, but now I get a message that my device can’t do it. Not only that, the link it tells you to follow to get to the FAQ to learn more about that is BROKEN. Brings you to a 404 page.
  • iPhone X Update? 1/5

    By Citric Caffeine
    Will this app ever get updated for iPhone X? Does anyone at UE/Logi own an iPhone X? Are the developers proud of their app being looking old and left behind? Yeah, I think it’s time to go with a different company. This (cr)app is more than likely abandoned! 💩💩💩
  • Worst app/device 1/5

    By Blockiestbeef24
    This is a nice speaker with nice base and volume but you guys screwed this product up. Without the app, the speaker disconnects from your device. Other than that, you guys force us to update everything, if not my device won’t charge. And lastly, your app won’t let me update my speaker, so I have to manually update it through my laptop and it’s really annoying. I would not buys this product again in my life. I would rather go and purchase another speaker apart from this one that doesn't force you to download unnecessary things just to charge my device. I’ve never seen a company as terrible as this one
  • Each subsequent update makes things worse 1/5

    By Epic Fael
    The app and the speaker were amazing when first purchased. The app powered on the speaker and controlled the volume and the sound was outstanding. With every update connectivity issues worsen. Now, the app no longer turns on the speaker. And the sound on my speaker is unbearable since the EQ feature was added to the app. At any volume the sound is distorted, muffled, and crackling despite the presence of any visible damage or dents. UE is u responsive. There are leagues of similar unresolved complaints online. If you are reading this while deciding on which speaker to buy, do not buy a UE/Logitech product.
  • What’s The Point? 1/5

    By PaneInTheGlass
    I totally agree with the one star reviews. Yet another example of a totally dysfunctional and screwed up parent app that can no longer control its child. I use this Bluetooth speaker with Alexa and my iTunes music. Wonderful sound as always, but the current companion app is useless crap, so buh bye.
  • App. Not refreshing. 2/5

    By kuks09
    Been disappointed with this since I got the speaker. Tech need to improve on it. Not a fan anymore. ☹️
  • Love it. FIX THE ALARM. 3/5

    By The War Bison
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this product. It’s app is ok. What I am really disappointed with is the alarm feature. I would very much like to wake up to my music in the morning and settle into the school day, but it will only let me set it for 7 a.m. That is not early enough. Otherwise, extremely happy with my purchase. FIX THE ALARM.
  • Remote power on - How to get working again! 1/5

    By Roomie was better
    Delete your UE Megaboom app and download again from the App Store. This fixed my issue and can now turn my speaker on and off remotely.
  • Ehhh 3/5

    By Name:23
    We don’t need all the personality , but maybe work on what the apps supposed to be good at . It’s not the best but what is meant to do is very useful.
  • Please update for iPhone X 1/5

    By million7
    Doesn’t look good the way it is now. Needs iPhone X update please.
  • Good app 4/5

    By EAG8907
    The app is great, but I’m so tired of the notification coming up telling me how to pair two speakers... I only have one speaker, stop harassing me! When I open the app I want to be able to turn the speaker on, not learn how to pair with another speaker I don’t even have.
  • I expected more 1/5

    By K_Lyte
    Wow. At first I thought the reviews were just harsh. But they are right. Only good for turning on *SOMETIMES*. Super glitchy app and not very appealing to the eyes. Hopefully they get this figured out and soon.
  • Remote power dysfunctional 2/5

    By rheumair
    I have an iPhone X and even with the latest firmware update the remote power mode does not function at all. It states your device does not support “Bluetooth smart”. Well how come with the previous version the remote power was working fine??!! Please correct this ASAP and I will change my review. Also have yet to try out the alarm function so will let you guys know how that works out in real life.
  • Utterly useless...returning the speaker. 1/5

    By JBL928
    I love my original boom and bought the mega boom today to sync with it for surround-sound at our Christmas party tommorow night. What a freaking joke! The app crashes and locks up. Syncing off-app by pressing the buttons doesn't work. Definitely false advertisement. I'll be returning the mega boom and looking into more reliable brands.
  • UE 1/5

    By pAreala
    Got a speaker a year ago and it worked fine. The speaker the app the phone all mashed together so perfect and then a month or so back my app got a few updates and the only thing that works is the power up and i can’t even power off though the app it’s just turning it on and then nothing. Gives me a blank white page when i go to the “HOW TO” options .. needs to be fixed unless you guys are making a perfectly new one
  • Speaker is Great the app is horrible! 1/5

    By E-Crummy
    The software fails on a regular basis. Not reliable at all for the alarm. Constantly says connected to another device. Then every time you set it up for your device it keeps on asking you nonstop if you want to connect this device after you were ready have several times. Very frustrating! I wish the company would get there act together with the software. It would be a great device !
  • Needs fixed 1/5

    By Sweaver2
    Constant issues with app working even when already connected by Bluetooth. Will no longer remote power on either
  • Remote Power On Stopped Working 1/5

    By AndyPanda01
    The remote power function of the app has stopped working. This is essentially the only function of the app and now it doesn’t work.
  • App is worst part 1/5

    By CrzyMorgan
    This speaker is by far one of the best, but the app is a big disappointment. The alarm function was something I really looked forward to and it doesn’t work. Would give better review if the app worked as advertised.
  • Terrible app- shame on Logitech 1/5

    By JBL108
    Whoever designed this app should be fired. Please spend less time being minimalist- as if things are so intuitive and work so well you don’t need instructions- and either make an app and a product that actually does work consistently and doesnt take the app designers to use properly. I want to throw these speakers away. My experience has been so frustrating it has made this gift unpleasant to even think of using- to say nothing of the time I have to waste every time I try to set them up. Get anything else.
  • I love my ue but... 1/5

    By Charlie Groene
    For some reason the new update has made my alarm on my ue megaboom not work half the time and its really annoying because that was one of the main reasons I bought it, its the only alarm loud enough to actually wake me. And i wish you could set the alarm to go off at different times every day. I wake up at different times every day and its a burden to have to remember to switch it.

MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears app comments


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