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  • Current Version: 8.4.1
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Meijer App

Shop with ease and save more; whether at home or in store! PICKUP and HOME DELIVERY – Place an order for pickup or home delivery and skip the trip inside the store! – To get started select pickup or delivery from your home screen and use your personalized product lists to start building your cart. – No membership required, no markup on products, and you can use your mPerks coupons and rewards! – All your order details are in the Orders section where you can review, edit, or cancel your order. IN STORE SHOPPING – If you're in store, remember to scan your mPerks barcode at checkout or link your mPerks to your credit card in the accounts section so you never have to worry about it. – Shop & Scan allows you to scan items to add them to your cart, clip associated coupons, and skip the checkout line! – Get organized for making a trip to the store by using the shopping list. REWARDS – Creating an account automatically signs you up for our rewards program! – If you qualify for a reward, we'll start it for you! – Track your reward progress in the Rewards section and stay up-to-date by opting in to email or push notifications. COUPONS – Browse coupons in the coupons section or easily find them as you're building your cart. – Clip coupons to redeem in store when you enter your mPerks ID at checkout or to have them apply to your pickup/delivery order.

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Meijer app reviews

  • Bugs 2/5

    By 19373!.!37:
    On the recent update when using shop and scan, app resets every time my screen locks.
  • Wish I could remove update 2/5

    By R. Atkison
    The app worked great until it forced me to update in the store. Once I took time to update, it works worse than before. I don’t leave my phone running the app while shopping. I shop, scan then put it in my pocket. Now, when I open the app, it kicks me out of scanning and takes me back to the Home Screen. Then two more clicks and I can scan. Seriously! I’ll just do the self checkout. Very frustrating!
  • Newest update 1/5

    By OregonSandi
    I am now completely unable to use the Meijer app because it won’t download the newest version. At first I thought it was my phone. Nope. Other apps download and update just fine. I guess I will be shopping at Kroger and Walmart now. Their apps are fine.
  • Latest update a downgrade 2/5

    By Babjlb
    Hate the latest update I was forced into getting. I use this app primarily for the shop and scan feature. With the latest update every time I switch to another app (like my grocery app which I am constantly using as I shop) and go back to the Meijer app it has backed out to the Home Screen and then I once again have to open shop and scan. Seems like a small thing but when you are shopping for a long list suddenly it is 30-40 extra steps and ridiculously annoying 😡
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By Tkilroy
    Have used the Meijer app for years.was not able to clip coupons this morning. I have always been able to automatically sign in on my IPhone, was able to this morning right after I updated. Now it does not recognize my email. Obviously they can’t handle the volume of users this morning.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By GrouponScout
    Couldn’t load item and app kept crashing. After 5 minutes of waiting and staring at a blank screen, I was told there were errors in loading item. By the time it finished the item I wanted was out of stock. My husband had a better chance of it loading through the website. Do not recommend. I’d give this app less than a 1 star but no option for it.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By vincentssf
    It’s just filled with glitches and bugs, can’t even get deals when the app is crashing and glitching out, best to try other stores because this app is just frustrating. Can’t even do basic functions like showing stock.
  • Cancels orders 1/5

    By wegvjotb
    I put in and order a week ago and they cancelled it because of “exclusivity” so when I try to buy it today the app crashes. Unfair and poorly set up
  • Shop n scan keeps exiting out of the mode 1/5

    By 11232453
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Tigerfan-GR
    Love the app-easy to use. Five stars all around!
  • Needs Improvement 2/5

    By LorryC
    It would be nice to have the following improvements: 1. Items from clipped coupons able to be added directly to cart. 2. Items from the weekly sale flyer able to be added directly to cart. 3. Substitution process revised so that customer can choose what substitution is wanted. Store-selected substitutions are inadequate . Eg.- I ordered lemon poppyseed muffins. I got a substitution of lemon cake. I would have preferred another flavor muffin. Substitutions are generally made with a higher priced item and I’m charged the higher price. The app used by Kroger’s is a much better app.
  • Shopping cart emptied 1/5

    By khjroins
    Use this app all the time but frequently my shopping cart will empty. Even after I update.
  • Bad app updates 1/5

    By No fake reviews
    This app used to be pretty good until the latest update. They removed the ability to see what an delivery order was as it was placed versus what actually was selected by the shopper. This is a huge problem as now we can’t see what we didn’t get. Please bring back this feature back. Meijer has some serious inventory issues, so it’s very important that we can clearly see what we asked for but didn’t receive.
  • What happened!? 1/5

    By Frustrated242
    After the last update the app keeps dropping my shopping list. Incredibly annoying! My shopping list actually disappeared while I was using the app to shop at the store : ( Please fix this!
  • Doesn’t show out of stocks, only substitutes 1/5

    By i shop at meijer
    Also doesn’t show all items that are available in store. There are some items that I purchased in store, but I tried to buy it on the app but it doesn’t even exist on the app! Please fix this! Example: true goodness frozen tater tots and true goodness frozen crinkle cut fries. Late July crackers ( the ones that look like ritz) are shown as “available”, so I add them too my order, but when I pick up my order or review substitutes, nothing is mentioned, so I’m like okay I got my crackers, then I go home, unload my groceries and realize that I’m missing those crackers! Look on the app and compare my original order to the final order and notice that it wasn’t included in my final order, and that wasn’t mentioned ANYWHERE!! Why not??!
  • Receipt scanner never works 4/5

    By Erica0987
    It never allows me to enter receipts manually or scan the barcode
  • Inventory control problem 2/5

    By ZombieBrigade
    The app is great for ordering online and using the store pickup or delivery feature however the app and website both do not reflect the store’s stock. Honestly this is probably not the apps fault. It’s the websites or Meijer’s fault. For example, yesterday after being unable to find what I wanted in person, I ordered 4 of the same items from the app, for pickup today. I hoped it was in inventory but hadn’t bern shelved yet. Today after my window for pickup ended they called to say they didn’t have any of that item. About three hours later I got into the app to see if it was listed as out-of-stock or 0 available. To my surprise, I could’ve once again ordered 30 or more of the item that isn’t there. So expect substitutions and changes even if the app lets you think they’ve got tons.
  • Far too many items available in the app are not available in store 2/5

    By dramaQkarri
    This had happened to me on nearly every order for the past few months and I am absolutely sick of it. When my order arrives items are missing —And they’re not in my order anymore. I have no way of looking at my original order because now you’ve removed the option. It’s no longer shown. This app is a liar and a cheat. If you’re going to offer items you need to be able to actually deliver.
  • Title 3/5

    By User45689
    This is my first time using the pickup service. Placing the order was straightforward enough. I didn’t like that there’s no way to set a limit on the total cost, in the event substitutions needed to be made. That seems like a serious oversight from the app developers. — As for the actual pickup, I was slated for the noon-1pm slot. The pickup location is poorly marked (2 small signs at opposite ends of the parking lot, with no info except an arrow). I finally found it after entering the north end of the parking lot, driving up and down nearly every lane looking for the designated parking, and finally making it to the south end of the lot to see the second small sign pointing me behind the building. There were no directions on the app. — I finally got to my parking spot at about 12:30. I looked for a way to use the app for “fast check in”, but it doesn’t appear to be an option, so I texted the number in the app to announce my presence, and am currently waiting for my order as of 1:10. — There are no updates for my order on the app; it still has a non-specific note that it’s being shopped. I don’t mind waiting if it’s necessary, but there’s no reason to keep me in the dark. I also want to note that the price for this service was not listed in any obvious location. I had to search for it. — Edited to add: I finally got a notification that my order was ready at 1:30, and was then able to use the app for fast check in. I want to make it clear that it was the system I am disappointed in, NOT the individual who completed my order. They did the best they could under the circumstances.
  • Don’t use! 1/5

    By pist shopper 232323
    App incorrectly tells customer that items are out of stock. I had to go into the store to buy the MILK the app said was out of stock. It actually wasn’t so I went home with 7 cartons of milk. Will not use until this is fixed.
  • Love Meijer but… 1/5

    By liz0342
    I love Meijer but the app could use some serious work. It is very difficult to use. Half of the time it is downright inaccurate. I believe Meijer’s products and atmosphere is much higher quality than other places… BUT they’re gonna lose business to places like Walmart and Target that have easy, convenient apps, websites, and overall customer service.
  • No Photo of Products to buy . 1/5

    By angelpoo12
    I called Corporate to address the issue of “NOT HAVING PHOTOS IN THE APP”. I would like to send a screenshot of what I’m talking about. I use the app to search what I’m looking for to see if the store has the Item. Even though I addressed the issue nothing has been done about it as of 11/12/21. I think one customer service person tried but it did not work when I called Before. Please deal with this issue. I like to see the photos of the product back with the description of the product. If this could be done I probably would upgrade the review.
  • Bugs bugs bugs 1/5

    By 09savans
    The app is so buggy and I always struggle to access order information and the problems adding and subtracting item from my orders result in incorrect things being sent to shipt shoppers. Edit-I’ve installed the latest version as of Nov 2021 and it’s somehow worse.
  • Inconvenient!! 1/5

    By Dr.jhoward
    There needs to be a way to add items to your cart directly from your favorites list. What is the point of a favorites list of I can’t use it to help me shop in the app. Very inconvenient.
  • From Ad to cart 4/5

    By plsntxs
    All I want for Christmas is to be able add products directly from the add to my cart.
  • Delivered? 3/5

    By Teal4Blues
    Please fix the app that it does not show delivered when the shopper has just checked out. Nothing is worse than wondering if your $100 of groceries is on someone else porch.
  • Favorites and buy again 2/5

    By kOhio
    The store opens at 6 AM but only in the past 15 minutes—3 1/2 hours since opening—has somebody started updating the my favorites and buy again areas on your site. Currently these areas are a mix of items that expired yesterday and ones that start today. I’m not sorting thru the 100 favorite items to check which are for this week. I got up early to be at Meijer before the crowds and before the sale items are sold out, if only the Meijer employee had gotten up on time to update the site. This is too frustrating so I will just spend my grocery money at Kroger this week.
  • Detailed update 2/5

    By WorldwideMusic16
    This app works decently but it needs a very detailed update. If I’m searching for an item it would be beneficial if the app listed what isle to find the item in. Lastly this app will ask for your specific store location but when you search items you’ve seen in the store the app will say sorry, no results which is frustrating when you know that particular store has those items.
  • Good 2/5

    By MrsC16!!
    The shop and scan should be a part of the first page once the app opens. I don’t want to have to use the menu on the right to scroll and find the option for shop and scan. I would also love to be able to view my substitutions on all of my pick up orders. I was able to one time but now I’m not able to see them before I get to the store. I love shopping at meijer and having the ability to clip coupons and appreciate all of the great deals but these improvements are a must.
  • Hate 1/5

    By MacBookAir23
    Logged out of account everytime i wanna use it, now we don't get ads so i need to look on app to see whats on sell, apps just so laggy and glitchy. Half the time mperks doesnt work right,
  • It’s okay but…. 2/5

    By pavey127
    Please add list of subs and out of stock items in the order/ receipt for my current order. Current setup is too confusing and can’t remember what they didn’t have when I pickup.
  • Coupons and rewards are great but… 3/5

    By Elissa_______________
    I love being able to clip and scan and have zero hassle! However, after a few months, the mPerks at their gas stations stopped and switched to 10 cents off with their credit card only. This was a huge bummer and lessens the motivation to both grocery shop and get gas there. Great for groceries, pretty lame for gas!
  • Only one problem 5/5

    By dixeyland11
    The only problem I have is that when you put in the word search tuna and you looking under grocery you get dog or cat food! I don’t know how many times I’ve typed in beef and almost bought dog beef jerky!
  • Landscape mode 3/5

    By lowly_worm
    I use my ipad for the app and this app is only available in portrait mode. I use landscape mode because its just easier for me to hold my ipad. Just wondering if it would be possible make it available in both portrait and landscape. I see where it is showing landscape, but its the size of a phone on my ipad. This is why I use my ipad, to see better than using my phone. Im having to go to Flipp to see your add. Can this please be fixed?
  • Missing features from the website 3/5

    By Incinerary
    It would be super convenient if the app would show which isle an item is located in like it does on the website. It would also be nice if there were a way to see if an out of stock item is available at another store. Once you’ve selected your store on the app, there’s no easy way to quickly change it or view which items are at the other meijer stores. App seems to work fine otherwise.
  • Needs HELP!! 1/5

    By Tazman_OH
    I just moved into the area and decided to give Meijer a try. I’m used to shopping at Walmart and Publix. Meijer really needs to learn things from the way the other grocery stores do their apps. 1) For instance I am looking for scissors and it only gives me the location of “Office Supplies.” Well that’s nice but if I’ve never shopped in a Meijer before I have no clue where their office supplies are. Other grocery stores will give you the exact aisle. And what the heck is “Hard Home”?? A cheese grater is in Hard Home. Have no clue what that means. 2) Walmart will give you a map of their store. I see no maps online or in their app. Maybe I want to shop in the makeup section. I don’t know what I want. At least give me a map so I can find that section to take a look. 3) Meijer gives me a place where I can make a shopping list. And it’s worthless. Once again if it doesn’t tell me in the list where to find those items, I’m walking back and forth all over the store trying to find the items I need. When shopping with Publix and Kroger apps I was able to make a list and each time I added something it would be put on my list in the aisle it was located in. Made it easy to know what I needed in each aisle and able to quickly shop and get out of the store. 4) Pics of the items in the coupon area are so small I can barely tell what the item is. It would be nice if the pics were bigger. Change these things in your app and it might be worth continuing to shop at Meijer.
  • Faulty 1/5

    By Sir_Nick007
    I cannot redeem mt dew coupons for buying (at two different times) bought 6 of the 20oz bottles and apparently, the voo dew flavored isn’t on the list of mt dew 20oz’s? When that’s what I paid for both of those occasions..
  • New Home Screen 5/5

    By Skyjedi8
    my favorite feature is seeing my progress on my rewards at the bottom of the screen
  • I used to love this app 2/5

    By Hoosierfan227
    The new updates to the app are terrible. No more showing you your frequently purchased items on sale. No more showing your frequently purchased items period. Not sure who thought this was a good idea but Kroger is going to get more of my money as they try to make me aware of how to save money.
  • Overall good app 4/5

    By AliOfOhio66
    The October 12 2021 update broke Shop and Scan, but I love using this app overall. It would be 5 ⭐️ but I get irritated with not being able to quickly add things to my shopping list from the product list. They auto add to the cart. And the button to add to the list on product pages is not in a practical location compared to the add to cart. I also wish the Shop and Scan had an integrated shopping list so I don’t have to keep switching out of the scanner/cart to see if I remembered everything.
  • Favorites on sale feature is now gone😭😭 3/5

    By everynamesaretakenso
    Please bring back this feature, I dont need a feature to show snacks which i dont buy😩😩
  • My Meijers, Richmond Kentucky 5/5

    By olemeangirl
    I love my Meijers! I go at least 5 times a week, spend a lot, but always feel the prices are a good. I especially love amperes and am a member since you opened. Love all your employees, they are always friendly and helpful. Pharmacy is awesome. My family uses it always for Rx and vaccinations too! Thank you Meijers!!
  • Very helpful app 4/5

    By Eharan
    Very helpful app for planning a shopping trip. Could be better by adding shopping aisle to list in order to put the items into order you will see them in the store. Perhaps automatically. In addition there appears to be a glitch where either adding favorite items on sale or coupon items to shopping list changes the order of items in the shopping list vs just putting the new item at the top. Overall a helpful app for shopping at Meijer.
  • Shop and scan 1/5

    By kdfo
    Lately this app has been really bugging. Shop and scan won’t work. If I press the shop and scan button it takes me to the f.a.q. Then when I click ok it just takes me back to the main page. Or the app will tell me my user name and password are incorrect, this error occurs even after resetting my password. UPDATE: turning off Meijer WiFi fixed this problem. Thank you Meijer support!
  • Shop & Scan is horrible 1/5

    By abenyl
    Probably one of the funniest things is the differences between places like sams club and Meijer’s shop and scan apps. At meijer, you still wait in line, and still have to scan things on the possibly (unsantized during a pandemic) scanner. This only saves a cashier time. Not to mention the technology for barcode recognition was SO laggy, it probably took the equivalent of 1/3rd the time of a transaction just to scan this one specific can of soup. If I could 0/5 stars I would. Going back to Sams club where we can actually scan and go, pay on the app, and walk out the doors. Yes, sams has people at the door that check your receipt and some items in cart. Meijers has someone to greet you (sams does too, a completely different person). I could go on but I think the message is clear. Get with the times or get left behind.
  • Grocery store at it’s best 5/5

    By my #1 store
    I had a gift card for Meijer’s and shopped there for the first time I was impressed how clean, organized and well stocked the store was. The employees were nice and always seem to be working getting things done. Also there were not any baskets with unwanted food around. I asked an employee why and they answered that was part of their job if you see something out of place correct it right then. One other thing their perks are remarkable and easy to redeemed. Thank you Meijer for doing the job well!😄. Even though the store is not close to home I stop after work it’s worth it.
  • Meijer review 5/5

    By Lewy2019
    Meijer is mostly my one stop shop and I am always saying I should own Meijer cause I spend most of my check at 16 th St. Meijer Holland. Lately though shelves have not been stocked as well as they usually are but I still enjoy shopping at Meijer just don’t like the fact that I am now forced to venture to other stores for supplies that I can’t find at Meijer when I go. I love scan and go option and products that are out are usually well maintained. ❤️
  • Overall - satisfied 4/5

    By M1dder
    There are two items I wish worked better. When I change my store preference, I wish it would immediately change it. Sometimes I am shopping at a different store and don’t know where to find a product. If the store preference would change quickly, I might be able to find items easier. The other item I wish would be more efficient is when clipping coupons. When I press that I am not interested , I still have to press the back button to go back to the coupon listings. Overall I am happy with your app. Thank you for your time.
  • App Glitches 1/5

    By GH Mama
    We love shopping at Meijer. But, their shop and scan has been not working very well. It closed out of shop and scan in the middle of scanning without any warning, and deleted everything out of our cart. Then, when we tried to get back into shop and scan it would not let us start scanning. We hope to see Meijer further improve their app.