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  • Current Version: 9.2.900
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Meipai App

Meipai is a safe & friendly video community for women to share their lives. This is a gathering place for girlfriends, a place you can chat about secrets and personal matters close to your heart. It's a great place to chat with other girls, find solutions to your problems, listen to each other, and share in each other’s interests. Everything you want to say, everything you want to learn, everything you want to see is right here. -Listen to the stories of people from different places and backgrounds. Listen to a great female scholar sharing her experience, learn about the brilliant career lives of outstanding women and the transformation of becoming a stay-at-home mom. Every woman and every story is beautiful. -Call your girlfriends to chat day and night. Eat, sleep, gossip, share dating tips and your daily life with your girlfriends. Chat about what it’s like before and after marriage, talk about popular topics and what’s in the news, and share your life freely on Meipai. -Get information and share opinions with other girls on the platform. We've prepared lots of topics for our female users so you can easily find friends who have similar tastes and interests on Meipai, including shopping experiences, delicious food, marital isssues, career advice, TV shows, pets, and more! -A brilliant video editing tool with natural beautification effects. Brand new version now available! Various easy-to-use filters, frames, dynamic stickers, and special effects; the newly released Video Templates allow you to import videos or photos into a template with a brilliant pre-set design. Come and try the most popular way of creating great videos! If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us at: Official Website: Meipai app: Me – Feedback and Help We hope to provide the best service for you!

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Meipai app reviews

  • Hi 5/5

    By Popstar825
    I tired call you about this I had problems with issue post won’t let me post anything all time show up said need sign in phone number all time get code I don’t understand and need English app why ?! Please talk to me email here
  • Youtube 5/5

    By 200148995
    Dalena Nguyen
  • Number 2/5

    By Bluethepuppy
    I can’t upload any pictures or videos now. It asks for a Chinese phone number. It didn’t ask for that before, why now? I don’t have that. 我现在不能上传任何图片或视频到APP上,APP要求一些我没有的东西。 我以前不需要它 为什么是现在?
  • Letter to Meitu Group Meipai Division 5/5

    By sfhioohgh
    "Meipai" is a good brand trademark, no less than "Tik Tok" and "Kaishou". Meitu has an international user MAU base. Please re-examine the UGC value of "Meipai" based on the relationship and cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. , You can invite YouTube bloggers from Taiwan Variety Entertainment to settle in, looking forward to simplifying and beautifying the UI interface, supporting multiple languages, and the road to the sea will definitely shine! 致美图集团美拍事业部 “美拍”是个不错的品牌商标,一点也不亚于“抖音”、“快手”,美图拥有国际用户MAU基础,请重新审视“美拍”的UGC价值,基于海峡两岸的关系与合作,可邀请台湾综艺娱乐的YouTube博主入驻,期待UI界面进行简化美化,支持多语言,出海之路一定能大放异彩!
  • Cannot Login 1/5

    By Tupplestone
    Tried multiple methods to login but cannot login through the app. I can login on the website, so my account is still active.
  • Facebook login 1/5

    By Ashestheamazing
    So I haven’t been on in a bit but now I can’t log onto my account since it won’t let me log in with my Facebook which is how my account originally started!! I can’t get any of my videos or content off it thanks to this!! Please fix this because it’s pretty upsetting an app I enjoy using I can’t use now. I had a 4 star review because I did really like this app about a year ago now it’s just frustrating that o can’t even log into it :l
  • Downgraded 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 1/5

    By JID54321
    Bring back previous version. Can no longer find music in the search library. Disappointed! EDIT: March 2021 They took away the option of logging in with your Facebook account. Why? Now I’m locked out of my own account as there is no other option or tech support for help. 😡👎🏻
  • They ban account easily with no explanation. 1/5

    By Didi wang sherry 637495
    Their behavior is just like CCP, stop using Chinese company software and anything else.
  • Please add selfie too 4/5

    By therainbow99
    I love meipai app I’ve been using quite a while now and it’s pretty impressive because I can take selfie and also take a video too but I ever since the update meipai have deleted the selfie mode now it’s just a video making I wish they bring back the selfie mode as well so we all can take a single picture as well
  • 關於直播間問題 5/5

    By 不熬夜家的的漢堡
    為什麼我們在國外的,不能在直播間打字 請官方給一個回應 謝謝
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By missconheodep
    They no longer have the short MV video sounds n music, I only use this app for that. I hope u bring it back! Thank you.
  • 10seconds MV is gone 🥺 3/5

    By sharybeary
    I love the app and the new features are really nice but you no longer are able to make 10 seconds MV with the cool effects and music. I miss being able to make those and I loved that functionality the most! please bring it back!
  • Meipai review 4/5

    By khloe chao
    So when ever I take pictures on Meipai I cannot actually take a picture I have to make a video screenshot then crop the “ photo” but, Meipai helped me make cute collages and has very cute filters.
  • Fix it please 2/5

    By Teddy likes tacos
    I saw a videos online and it look like so much fun I keep on typing in my phon Number but does not work please fix it I want to use the app!!! 😫🥺
  • Unable to Write messages 1/5

    By Krivia james
    My account just stopped working and asking to contact your service for support.
  • 全是小学生 1/5

    By husbfixnel
    今天把用了4年的美拍给删了 从来都没意识到美拍那么多小学生 天天互相对骂 美拍后台也不管理一下 小孩子压根就不应该玩这种东西 非常失败的app
  • I was told to contact online service. 4/5

    By Zhongzang liu
    I can’t be able to chat or post any video with my account. Please I will like to know what is really wrong because it hasn’t been up to a week I started using the app and it is giving me issues already
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Mlara3456
    Fix the app how it used to be. You can’t download music anymore and the main features that made this app awesome are gone. We don’t need another Snapchat or instagram this app was perfect the way it was.
  • can’t not download any song for uploading radios! 1/5

    By Miss567
    Can’t download any song for uploading!
  • 美拍 5/5

    By 🦄胖迪家奈茶🐰
    我很喜欢美拍 给了我很多朋友 但是呢 美拍太可怕了 那么多大佬 都在欺负人 封闭别人账号 有意思嘛?
  • System/Feature Cancellations 1/5

    By Yulixir
    The one thing I used this app for is now gone!!! What happened to the MV video themes and music? I don’t need another instagram/snapchat app!!
  • Fun 5/5

    By M1555Y85
    I downloaded it for my 3 year old niece and she absolutely loves it. The filters are awesome.
  • 挺好的😊 5/5

    By Shiny♡
  • Do not update the latest version! 1/5

    By skydnsdns
    Why you cancle the 10-secs MV theme! PLEASE bring it back!
  • Good app 3/5

    By Htoo ray
    I really love this app! I used to use it to edit video and then have a cute music I. The background that goes well with my video. After the update, they don’t have the type of music I want anymore! All of them are music with words. I would really love it if you guys add back the music sound back! Thanks 🙏
  • Update 1/5

    By Athao11
    There was a recent update... it’s a pink Chinese page. I cannot understand or upload anything. Please help.
  • So bad 🙁😡 1/5

    By 🌸Mai 🌸
    Recently after the last update I can’t change my profile picture or my id or even open any video like I used to do plz fix this problem 🙁 and suddenly today I can’t see live streams anymore what’s wrong with this app these days?!?! Do something about it!!!!!! Still the same problem and no one listens anymore 😡😡
  • Good to use! 5/5

    By Jennifer Nami
    I like using this app for using my cosplay in! 😍😀
  • 😤 I don’t understand 5/5

    By Kya_marie
    After I updated it I couldn’t watch any videos nor change anything! Very frustrating! Please fix it cause I really like this app.
  • Times changed 2/5

    By Beastenator52000
    Why can I only make 10 second music videos now when I used to be able to make one of any length???!!!!
  • 操新操作难用 1/5

    By lrysg
  • 新版本无法关闭水印了 1/5

    By Dragon pw
  • Stop asking your users for turning on notification every 30s 1/5

    By I don't lieeeee
  • What! 3/5

    By Sharoneexo
    There's no Kugo search music for music??? Please fix that.
  • Me gusta 5/5

    By Bamtoro6
    Me guste de verdad
  • Stupid Sound Play under Mute Mode 1/5

    By FakeRandom
    After the newest update, the opening screen plays a video with sound even when the phone is muted, and there is no button to close the video but to wait for it to play. So stupid, uninstalled.
  • 反应迟钝不好用 1/5

    By 美拍需要改进
  • good 5/5

    By Ryalice
  • Ok 3/5

    By Slick.66
    Good thing it's free
  • 好 5/5

    By 栗公主
    特别好玩 谢谢美拍让我认识了很多朋友
  • Very horrible 1/5

    By fjccvn
    Most of it is in Chinese and when I tried to make a video it always deletes what I just did after a minute
  • Good 5/5

    By Simonzhong18
  • 频繁死 1/5

    By 海伦的大妈
    下载了新的MV素材,点开就死机... 可能是在国外的原因?还是 🍎太烂!
  • Do not like the "👎” 1/5

    By Dongse
  • review 5/5

    By steves_network
    excellent app i personally love it
  • So sad 1/5

    By LlamaLady53
    Used to be a great app in January now it is bad :( Do not reccomend, not cute!
  • 好APP 5/5

    By Wiz
  • I can't livestream :( 4/5

    By Auroraraee
    I really like meipai but I was really looking forward to live streaming and it won't allow me. Each time I try to apply, I get a message saying that I don't meet the requirements. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a foreigner in America or not, but it's very disappointing and I don't know any other way around it. It would help if the developers could help on this and make it easier to live stream for those not native to China...
  • Glitches a lot on my iPhone seven. 1/5

    By Myselfffffffffffffff
    It glitches to much. At one point it wouldn't even let me in the app.