Melon playground

Melon playground

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 9.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Yuri Podvalov
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
3,074 Ratings
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Melon playground App

Game inspired by the popular sandbox. Not supported for emulators.

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Melon playground app reviews

  • More 5/5

    By gtvfvu
    Needs more characters like a banana blueberry and Grapefruit, also needs new weapons like grappling hook you can grab people towards you which would be very cool!
  • I LOVE THIS 5/5

    I would give this 6 star if I could
  • no mods?? 4/5

    By lalblablablablablablabkab
    I saw the new update and it said mod loader but when i went in the game after i updated it there was not a mod loader
  • Fix this bug 1/5

    By make the report work please
    When I slow it it glitches so fix the bug
  • Good game but… 2/5

  • IOS bug?! 5/5

    By why are soooooo cool
    IOS there’s a small bug on modeditor also does work and it was so fun!
  • Great game 5/5

    By gfgbdgc(dhndhfhfbycjjdyu,,,...
    As great as as people playground but it needs nukes.
  • Cars 5/5

    By cars1222222
  • Theses bugs 3/5

    By Roxythefoxy23156
    I’m working my but of to make a tank or a monster the items bug out there so much more bugs but this one is annoying the games is great and all but there a lot bugs I’m getting frustrated it when you save something and it bugs out the wires are gone and the other stuff but the items it really needs to fix it bugs this is why a don’t play this game alot
  • Great Game But Needs More Improvements. 4/5

    By c0lddecember
    Suggestions: more clothing options more weapons and items more living things an improved UI more compatibility for newer iPhones Some more things i would like to see added to the game: different area/background settings, an example i think would be really nice: a tropical island in deep water being able to change the size of items/living things This game honestly has more potential than 95% of other mobile games out there. props to the developers!
  • Add mods support plz 5/5

    By lee137289
    The game is just like people playground but it needs mod support plz add it
  • It’s good but it keeps freezing 3/5

    By Huniebabes
    Hi this game is really good but it keeps freezing and I have to restart it freezes every 5-10 minutes it’s really annoying please fix this!!!!!
  • MODS 4/5

    By nathen l.
    Please add mods, im looking forward to add my favorite characters to melon playground. Plus, the game is amazing anyway so its a 4. :)
  • Bomb 5/5

    By bigboytallboy97765299
    Great game 10/10 I would like a cherry as a edible item not call it a cherry bomb and if you put the stem by a lighter it explodes
  • No updates! 3/5

    By redbull1029
    I don’t have updates I only have the 8.4 version my melonplayground never updates since I’m new people on Tik tok And YouTube has mod editor and mechanic update that’s 9.1 version and also people has been showing off updates on social media they also made me super jealous when I commented on there vid saying I don’t have the updates and it’s like the skeleton roast where the skeletons stare at you because they have updates and I have none.So please melon playground update my melon playground please!
  • i love this game but it just needs mod editor and some more characters 5/5

    By hotwheels_two
    Please add mod editor to ios
  • Freezing 3/5

    By melia33334
    It’s a good game it’s fun and all but the game keeps freezing which causes you to close the app.
  • Why did you delete the secrets? 5/5

    By the 1st melon playground fans
    Why did you have to delete the secrets I was going to look for them and I wanted to see cake Props
  • I don’t like the blood and gore 1/5

    By Mr Cimini
    So I first played this and found blood and gore in it so can you please remove that?
  • Melon playground mods 5/5

    By Error120
    Can you plz work on adding a mod button to add mods on iPhone plz I really want to download mods cause it kinda gets boring doing the same thing
  • What you should add! 5/5

    By Skittles3241
    I Like the game alot. But I think it needs more stuff! Like. Nukes, or like add a button that says Mods or, Something! Honestly I’m not forcing you but like take ur time and try to build stuff related to People Playground. keep up the stuff!!!
  • This game needs nukes. 5/5

    By JanisHurst
    Nukes are the only thing that this game is missing.
  • Very good game 5/5

    By Lukeuhhduke
    This game is very good you can make anything you want but sometimes it takes awhile but overall the game is great!
  • please 5/5

    By great but one ask
    could you please add lightsabers
  • Amazing just suggestions 4/5

    By AngelBaby420
    Sooooo can you add something close to cars or space ship and more weapons like more staffs or more bombs and finally can you add more characters like lemon grape onion cupcake ice cream idk
  • Great game but… 3/5

    By owen Novak monkey
    Whenever it makes us learn on how to play the game the music stops what’s your get it annoying as every thing in the game noise just stops please fix this immediately or going to delete this app
  • Needs a update. 5/5

    By jake burner
    I think it should get an update on iPad for mod editor.cuz some device have like androids but other devices don’t like iPads. But I’m just saying I’m think it should get a my opinion though.
  • Amazing but one thing 5/5

    By the only one estabab
    This game is fun but I think adding more things like a helicopter and strings to hold Ragdolls down and please fix the glitch where I try saving it and it doesn’t work so pls fix it
  • Good job 5/5

    By genral kenobi?!
    This game is great for many reasons plus it’s like people playground so mobile players can play something like it if they don’t have.There are many other reasons I like this game but I’ll leave it to other peaple.
  • need more things 4/5

    By somekidthatlikespoptarts
    chainsaw AK-47 dynamite nuke more characters like blueberry, grape, and carrot also new items like gasoline and matches maybe these could be in next update
  • Add lazors to MelonPlayground 5/5

    By DonDaniel09
    Add lasers
  • I know what should be added 5/5

    By sparksz123
    More guns More weapons More characters Secret characters to unlock And finally Lanterns like stuff they can hold for light!
  • This game is really fun 5/5

    By itz-xxyagoxx
    This game is fun but I wanna play cops but I can't because they don't have the taser so can you pls add a taser to the game and a ski mask and cop clothes and make them reactive like if I shoot then with taser they shake and it's easy to add cars because it's faster and you don't have to built one and added houses so you won't have to build one
  • I don’t want to make this long but 4/5

    By YOUNGFRO123
  • Make it realistic 5/5

    By Yacub23231
    Make it more realistic it looks horrible to me i like the game but make is more realistic
  • Cobycccc 5/5

    By cobycccc
    Can u make them fight each other
  • great game, but i’d like to see more. 4/5

    By Jackfan67
    alright, i’m gonna start this off saying that obviously, there’s gonna be limitations, since it’s a mobile port. however, i would like to see a nuke in the bombs section, like people playground. i would also like to see a revolver. oh, and the reason i am not rating this 5 stars is because it freezes on occasion. this might have been fixed in the latest update, however. keep up the good work, devs.
  • It’s good but a small problem for iOS 4/5

    By Android_trx
    The game is good and it’s cooler then the other fake ones Even tho this is a fan made I think but what the iOS melon playground version needs is a mod because I want to make something new I mean it’s not boring but it just need something new so please add a mod for iOS melon playground it make it better and fun for iOS users.
  • Umm ok sooooooooo 4/5

    By Noah Orlan Reid
    Sooo I’m on iPad and why is mod editing on android Only I’m just sick of playing with out mod editor soooooooooooo it’s kinda boring😐🫤😑😐🫤😑
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By sududhndjdudhd
    Add more clothes and items to the game and this game would be perfect and the best game that I have ever played
  • More 5/5

    By puritymccuddly
    It just needs more but it’s such a good game
  • It’s a good game but needs more 5/5

    By ThatDude1O1
    This is a really good game but I think it needs more! Things like a nuke, more maps, and more characters. Overall it is a good game.
  • Fun and entertaining 4/5

    By de the we
    Very fun and entertaining but I would like more characters like Onion or a pear. And I would like more clothes like more hats. And and pants or something. Would give this game 5 stars And. It need more map and maybe be able to even make there Own map.
  • Falcon 🦅 5/5

    By soldiersoldado
    I wish you put more characters like 5 of them are lemon hawk and zombies in the game but more blood
  • 😄😄😄 5/5

    By Jackrzzz
    I like the game can you put guns more guns and more food please but it’s 👍 good if you can’t🗿🗿
  • Please stop flipping the gun 4/5

    By A item
    Stop making a gun in the hand flip Oh and make mole players get the wires I don’t have wires
  • How to use mod loader 4/5

    By helproblox
    Ive tryed and tryed but still cant use mod loader its hard how to use it im on moblie
  • Very good game 5/5

    By P-Dilly
    It’s a very good game but it needs mod editor for mobile ya know
  • copy 3/5

    By Agitatedcrab
    Bad copy of people playground
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