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Mend - Breakup Self Care App

Mend is a self care app for heartbreak that guides you through your breakup day by day. Breakups hurt, but we believe that heartbreak can be transformational with support. Start your free 7-day trial of our 28-Day Heartbreak Cleanse, a self care program that soothes the post-breakup body, mind and soul. What People Are Saying About Mend: “So now you know where to go when your heart next gets broken.” -Cosmopolitan "Mend, an app and online community that serves as part personal trainer, part online refuge for the brokenhearted." -The New York Times “Mend isn’t just a breakup coach; it’s an entire community for the brokenhearted.” -Business Insider “Although it doesn’t come with a virtual Kleenex box, Mend brings together multiple schools from hard data and scientific research to nutrition, yoga and mindfulness to create a well-rounded approach to healing heartbreak.” -Evening Standard “Mend is cheaper than a bottle of whiskey -- and less awkward than a drunk text.” - Men's Health You can also visit us at and @letsmend. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected] **Mend is featured on Apple's first original series: Planet of the Apps! Check out Episode 6, now streaming on Apple Music.** HOW IT WORKS: Every day, you'll check in, listen to a short audio training that will help you with your breakup and complete a guided journaling activity. You will also have access to a stream of advice, stories and interviews that will keep you motivated and inspired. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: After our 28-Day Heartbreak Cleanse, you'll graduate to our personalized Moving On program, where you'll begin receiving 3 trainings a day that focus on redefining your sense of self and rebuilding a life you love. OUR STORY: We are a female-founded startup based in Los Angeles. Elle, our founder, started Mend because she went through a breakup and couldn't find any affordable support that resonated with her. She launched and Mend with the mission to mend broken hearts. LISTEN TO TRAINING: Listen to short, bite-sized trainings every day that will help you mend. Start with our 28-Day Heartbreak Cleanse (the first week is free), and become a member to unlock more daily training. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: We never get sick of hearing about your breakup. Keep track of Days Since Breakup and Days Since Last Ex Contact as you mend. We also ask a daily question about your breakup to help you reflect, and you can write in your confidential journal whenever you need to get something off your mind. READ ADVICE: Read authentic and heartfelt stories and advice about heartbreak, relationships and love from our amazing community of Menders. BILLING DETAILS: Your first week of training is on us! To access training after, we offer three auto-renewing subscriptions: Monthly $9.99/mo, 3-Months $23.99 ($7.99/mo) and Annual $59.99 ($4.99/mo). All subscriptions auto renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes Account. You can turn off auto renew at any time from your iTunes Account Settings. All purchases are final. Refunds will not be issued for any unused portion of the subscription term. IMPORTANT Please call 911 immediately if you believe that you or someone you know will harm themselves. Mend is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, treatment, medical treatment, psychotherapy, counseling, or mental health services. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:


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Mend - Breakup Self Care app reviews

  • Amazing. 5/5

    By Shortysugar
    This app truly has helped me. It allows me to acknowledge my emotions instead of shoving them down and letting them bother me. I’m learning to care for myself and spend quality time by myself. 10/10 recommend for anyone who wants help but doesn’t have many people to turn to for good advice and comfort. ❤️
  • Saved me 5/5

    By torleeisfree
    Elle and her team were a constant reminder that everything I was feeling was normal and valid and then she gives tips and exercises on how to work through those feelings. I don’t know that I would have come out so strong and so quickly without this app. Anyone with a broken heart or even confusion in a relationship should check it out bc it helps you focus on you which is step one to a healthy relationship with yourself and everyone around you.
  • An Ideal Friend... 5/5

    By Tampa Friend
    Mend may be the best type of friend to have after a breakup: they don’t judge, enable, capitulate, preach, or try to sell a particular ideal or stance. It’s information to be taken truly to heart. It’s all about YOU.
  • App crashes 3/5

    By anhnnguyen2017
    The app keeps crashing when I try to go back and listen to a podcast. I hope this is not because of my phone.
  • So helpful! 5/5

    By Zzhat
    I’ve been using this for a friendship breakup, and it’s been very helpful to hear the advice, and then write out my feeling. It’s better than complaining to my friends all the time.
  • Wish this app existed sooner! 5/5

    By Cherithjean
    I would say this is a MUST for someone going through a breakup. Friends and family are great, but this is like a friend with a psychology degree lol LOVE LOVE LOVE the app! Great work!
  • Healthy, helpful friend 5/5

    By Chef Rupert the monkey boy
    I just want to express how helpful, achievable, grateful, and thorough this app has been to me through a challenging life episode that I encountered. Each day I progressed using this app was built and founded on what I learned from this app the day before. It moved through the acceptance and healing process of something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But it happened to me for a reason and what I have been gifted with is a better outlook on who I am and what I can achieve!
  • Worth it! 5/5

    By hdechane
    Invest in yourself and get full access to this lovely app!!! So encouraging... makes you feel like you can do life 😊
  • Not what I expected 2/5

    By Jvancour
    For a subscription paid app, this is severely lacking. I liked the mood tracker and the daily sessions. But the sessions are only 1-5 mins long and if they are on a topic that doesn’t speak to you, then you’re out of luck until tomorrow. The collection of stories about breakup topics is interesting, but I felt they were things you could find with a quick google search. Overall, as someone who is going through a breakup, I feel like I need more support and guidance than a 5 minute discussion could give. Plus it’s the same price as the Calm app, which has significantly better features and more of them in general. I’m disappointed because it’s something that I felt I needed, but it didn’t end up helping for me.
  • Phenomenal app 5/5

    By kmm91162
    A friend recommended this app to me after my ended engagement. It’s like having a capable therapist and coach at your side. Helped me gather my thoughts and minimize self doubt. The daily trainings, reminders and exercises are generally right on point. Whoever these young women are— they are highly skilled, educated and GET IT. No Pollyanna bs either. Very grounded in reality. And if you think this is just geared towards younger women. Think again. I’m 55 years old. Widowed. And now having ended a relationship (and subsequent engagement). Highly recommend.
  • Total game changer 5/5

    By PensiveSmurf
    I honestly don’t know where I would be without this app. It’s like daily therapy but each session only takes about 5-10 minutes which is perfect for my schedule. I’ve been broken up for a little over three weeks and I feel like I’m in a much better place than I would have been without this app. The first seven days are free but this is WELL worth the $9.99/month if you choose to subscribe.
  • Love this app, but it has some glitches 5/5

    By chelsboiii
    I’ve enjoyed this app immensely after my multi-staged breakup. The trainings have helped me commit to my breakup and refocus my attention to how positively breakups can impact our lives. One recurring issue I’m having is opening the app to enter my mood. It doesn’t seem that there’s any way to fully complete the day’s training without entering the app from a push notification. Am I missing some button for entering my mood? Aside from this minor issue, I have to say that this app is the most consistently supportive, empowering presence I’ve ever felt after a breakup. Spend the money. You’re worth it.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By louis dutton
    This app is giving me my life back after the end of a long, confusing and ambiguous relationship. I really am grateful. The structure of how this program builds on itself is beautiful and the expertise in each training makes me feel like I have a support system to understand what happened in a healthy and productive way. Amazing resource. <3
  • What happened? 2/5

    By J.Bunnie
    I actually came to rave about the app content as it is guiding me though breakup now but as soon as I decided to pay for a subscription, the app itself began glitching and shutting down. It was particularly disheartening when it shut down after I wrote a pretty long journal entry and now it’s now longer there. Please update the app so I can give it the 5 stars I know it deserves.
  • A Life Saver! Faster and better than therapy, too! 5/5

    By dash111
    Mend came on my radar at just the right time. I was literally incapacitated by a very thoughtless breakup. Which is not like me. Mend, with its uncanny blend of empathy, rationality and actionability has me back on my feet. I sprung for the yearly membership and I know it’s going to continue to be really helpful. It’s already helped me deal with some very old issues as well. It’s masterful in the way it transitions you between helpful hand holding and hard science. A godsend.
  • Excited to try 4/5

    By MulanBarbie
    It's my first day using Mend but I do have once criticism. I wish the "review journal" section allowed me to see my journal entry without the keyboard on my iPhone immediately popping up because I don't want to always edit my entry, just view it and reflect.
  • Sensitive distraction 5/5

    By flyingseaturtle
    As went through the first day of the program I felt I understood, and had useful relevant distractions in the podcasts that were also comforting. I felt like I had a shoulder to lean on and someone to help me make sense out of the confusing feelings. So often you can’t talk to a friend because everyone has problems, and only so bandwidth for anyone else’s. It should be easy to ‘mend’ on your own; but when it’s happening to you, the pain feels inescapable. This program dissipates the intensity of that personal distress, independently.
  • Helped me Mend like nothing else could 5/5

    By cutothechase
    This app is like free counseling/therapy. Even though it's been a while since my breakup, the app approaches my situation with such personalized help and feedback that it's almost eerie, because it's so helpful for my healing. Mend's trainings have helped me heal like nothing else could for the past 4 months. I'm dreading running out of free trainings, but the trial run is pretty generous and has without a doubt changed my life and helped me move on. Thanks, Mend!
  • Helpful!! 5/5

    By marimoch
    I was skeptical about this app, because how can an app help you get over a break up? My was I wrong!! Even though I only did the trial version, that week of advice and journaling made such a tremendous positive difference in my life. It’s been a year since the breakup, and I’m now in a new healthy & lovely relationship. But I won’t delete this app, because going back to read my journal entries & the interviews/articles continue to mark an impact on me. If you’re in a decent financial situation, I would highly recommend purchasing the annual service. It’s hell of a lot cheaper than buying alcohol or paying a therapist to fill the void. Thank you so much to the creators, this app made such a huge difference in my life.
  • Absolutely fantastic!! 5/5

    By Ybspwdow
    Love this app so much, has genuinely helped in my healing process
  • A perfect guide to a better understanding 5/5

    By noel4nopun
    I can’t begin to tell the world how much mend means to me, I found mend in a really dark time of my life and was looking for an app to help me keep track of my days of a breakup of a marriage for over 17years, it did that and so much more, the daily mood feature and the valuable tips that inspired valuable journaling really helped me not only recover but helped guide me to a better understanding of myself, I can’t thank the mend team enough for such a valuable resource, and would sincerely recommend the app to anyone who has experienced a break up.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Sudz1969
    I updated the app with great hope that it would be usable. They added new features... which are basically inaccesible. All the same technical issue are there. In general, it’s better business practice to make sure that your what your selling is in working order before trying to expand.
  • just subscribed - already feel better 5/5

    By Breewitched
    i just signed up for a monthly subscription today, and after my first free day of training, i cried but i felt so much better afterwards. i love the way this app is designed and how i feel like my pain is validated and not a burden.
  • More trainings 4/5

    By hamsa381745
    This app has been really helpful so far, but the beginning of a breakup is the hardest part. I feel it would be more productive to have at least two trainings per day in the initial month than wait for the ‘moving on’ sessions. Breakups always hurt more in the beginning, so why not receive more support when you need it most?
  • The support you need 5/5

    By Alyssafairhvfhxdj
    As a full time worker, my friend group was VERY limited. A 4 and a 1/2 year unhealthy abusive relationship ended, and I didn’t have much support other than my parents. This app was the support I needed in order to not turn back to the relationship out of comfort and familiarity. This app changed my life. Because I didn’t go back to my ex, my husband and I met and fell in love! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Inclusiveness 4/5

    By Simple_American
    I know this is a great must have app to deal with life, I have to download it and keep it (breakups are one of those things that our society, parents, school, friends don’t teach us; somehow we are just supposed to know, but we don’t). What I find to be unfair is that it’s not inclusive, it’s geared only towards women, excluding the men, which is discriminatory, but not on purpose of course. Women have a lot of support and sympathy out there for breakups, for navigating through this difficult world, relationships, women only gyms, etc, but some of us men need some extra help too. I hope this app can be more inclusive in the future, and I will recommend this app to both sexes
  • Insensitive 1/5

    By Gjkgsg
    Very helpful app and everything was going well, until the start of the program said that we are animals, I’m sorry but I’m a Christian and God did not make as a animal, but to his image. It is very disrespectful to no be aware of people believes by speaking that way
  • Might be helpful 4/5

    By Bngbngshootshoot
    Okay, I changed my rating from 3 to 4 Stars. I guess tbh, I need something like this right now. Sure I have a friend who gives his advice, but I don’t always agree with him. And sometimes he doesn’t get me either. So this app is like therapy in a sense. Guy or girl, we all get broken hearts. This app just might be helpful for all of us. I just wonder what they do with all our personal info that we give them.
  • It helps 5/5

    By Trulydi
    I’m still miserable. But mend is awesome. Try it.
  • Starting over 3/5

    By Arly1898
    I would really love to restart from day 1. I had periods of on and off but the app kept going through the days. Any way to reset?
  • Best decision you'll ever make! 5/5

    By Fioravantig
    I've only been on the app for one day and I already know it's going to help me get through this devastating and horrific time in my life.
  • Self-Reflection During Break-Up is Priceless 5/5

    By Sllajbfnzo
    My favorite part about this app is the Facebook group of fellow Menders, in addition to the daily journal entries. Serious self-reflection is priceless, especially when going through the pain of a broken heart. This app is serving me well right now, in addition to other healthy coping mechanisms. I’m excited to see where this app goes, as the customization of the Mending journey could be improved.
  • Beyond grateful 5/5

    By sxxx
    I was referred to this app from a friend and I’m so grateful for that! It’s exactly what I needed. I felt like I was listening to a friend. Beautifully done ❤️👏
  • This app helped me through a terrible breakup 5/5

    By Rauncie
    I am so grateful for this app. After I broke up with my bf I was looking for something to count the days when I found Mend. The whole program has been a life saver for me. I feel like I have friends who are encouraging me everyday through the lessons and the stories. This app is totally worth it. The only thing I wish was different is the community piece. The community is on Facebook and I left Facebook to help me get over the breakup. I was not able to participate in the community. Even missing that piece I give mend my highest recommendation. If you are heartbroken it will help you.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By achybreakyheart
    Mend has been incredibly helpful to me as I recover from a breakup. Most of the content is really on point and well-timed, and it has made a big difference to me to check in daily and make it part of my routine. Elle’s voice is also really soothing. A few suggestions to make it even better: - catalog the articles somehow so you can easily find what’s relevant for you (more efficient, plus sometimes irrelevant things can feel a bit triggering) - add some analytics on the mood and journal entries, so you can see how you’ve improved over time - change the “what’s your current relationship status?” question to be more sensitive (mine popped up pretty quickly and made me feel worse) Overall the app is amazing, and I feel that the trainings are really sensitive and professional (and often echo what I hear from my therapist and other self care resources). Elle and team, you’re the best! Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone in my heartbreak, and supporting me like a friend throughout!
  • Love this app and the people behind it 5/5

    By srb005
    Very helpful, very on point, very healthy approach to a sad heartbreaking time in life
  • Mending and Healing Day by Day! ☀️ 5/5

    By mspaulav
    This app has truly been integral to my healing process after ending a 3-1/2 year relationship. The days since I last contacted my ex were constant motivators to keep pushing forward without relapsing, and the lessons and journaling really allowed me to deal and confront my pain instead of numbing my suffering. I use the app every morning and night, and only wish for more features so I can engage with it more frequently! The creator’s podcast “Love Is Like a Plant” is also a great supplement. I am so grateful that Elle Huerta created this app. ❤️ It has helped me so much. 🙏🏽
  • Like someone has your back 5/5

    By Kandie Cayne
    Reminders during the day that you are going to be okay. Reminding you to love yourself like you want to be loved.
  • Exactly what I Needed 5/5

    By cynichols0226
    I looked forward everyday to the training. Little by slowly, I felt comforted, encouraged and emotionally better. The training is on point - honest and heartfelt. Thank you Mend!
  • Like a period logger but worse 1/5

    By Blahplum
    It breaks all the time first of all. Downloaded mostly to see what it aims to do. Feedback: when processing a breakup you obsessively talk to one friend to get over other urges. Journaling and audio stuff doesn't cut it. Also your audio loading thingy is breaking.
  • This app is life changing 5/5

    By GoldenOak22
    Exactly what I needed to help me move forward with my life, so grateful for the daily trainings and the little reminders throughout my day. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to grow and learn from the experience.
  • Blue Fool 5/5

    By Dodger Loss
    After counseling & EMDR, Mend helped me thru the setbacks that get triggered at times when we move forward in life. Thru the various media, topics, strategies & resources, Mend had all the help in one app. Ellle does a great job as moderator; her knowledge & methodology are sound and impactful. I was doubtful that an app could really help; that's why I tried it. But Mend made a believer & healer with me. Thank you!
  • Extremely helpful 5/5

    By Bibpretty
    I adore this app, when I first broke up with my boyfriend I needed something to help me get through the day because I was so sad. This app is like having your personal therapist speaking to you every day encouraging you to keep going. It’s like having a best friend that cares for you. I highly recommend it if you are going through a difficult time after breaking up with someone. I am so grateful to the creators of this app because they helped me in the toughest times of my life when I didn’t know what to do
  • Great content but... 3/5

    By sndor
    Poor execution... It's a shame that all the wonderful and valuable information here is jumbled all over the place. There's a lack of continuity in the program. I found some of the information presented came too early in the program and some crucial and fundamental advice was presented way too late. Perhaps this is more personal rather than a rule, but it didn't quite work for me in that sense. Also, I think there are errors when content is being referenced by Elle. I found some trainings in which she says something like "Yesterday we talked about this..." Or "Tomorrow we'll talk about that" to be completely disconnected from the trainings preceding or following the references. I think if the app gets revamped and organised really well, it could be far more effective.
  • Grateful 5/5

    By BrownSugarBritches
    What a thoughtful and effective app. It seemed that each day I was experiencing exactly what showed up in my audio training. It’s so helpful to have a neutral party hold your hand through a breakup. Friends and family have a bias and are likely tired of the complaints and tears and the statement “it takes time” has an expiration date. So, it’s nice to hear encouragement, to hear feel your feelings, and be able to journal. I’m impressed. And very grateful.
  • Best Idea Ever! ❤️ 5/5

    By DoomsdayParty00
    I love this app and I can't wait to see what they add to it. Maybe more or longer audio sessions? I love the stories as well, they give you exactly what you need to hear when you need it. Keep it up Team Mend! 😊
  • Not good 1/5

    By Frank tappa
    It's a waste of money
  • Not just another breakup app! 5/5

    By Lo'93
    This app does an amazing job of encouraging and promoting transformation as a whole. The diverse content helps you in all areas of life, not just the romantic. It definitely breaks the stereotype of the “breakup app” or the breakup victim and really empowers you to change your thinking and move on! It is like a best friend in your pocket!
  • A LIFE SAVER! 5/5

    By Flygirlstamper
    MEND app has helped me grow tremendously! It has saved me from my first heartbreak- which was after a 2 year relationship, both of us in our mid fifties. So not a "typical first heartbreak ". It has helped me heal, taught me to love myself, taught me about what actually happens to the body during a heartbreak including explains the constant physical ache in my heart and gut. It has given me tools to use to move forward and help me cope, as well as help me understand all the issues behind why it didn't work and what I can learn from that. It has given me hope for my future as well as taught me what I want to look for in a future relationship. It has also taught me that it's perfectly wonderful to NOT be in a relationship and that my single life can be wonderful and FULL of happiness!! (Something that I NEVER thought possible as my lifelong dream has been to be in a "happily ever after" relationship! MEND is an honest to goodness LIFESAVER!! It is absolutely invaluable and PRICELESS! 💞 and WORTH EVERY PENNY you spend!!
  • Mend Truely changes lives 5/5

    By wqrgg
    I was this app on planet of the apps this summer and was skeptical of its effectiveness. Of course that was also while I was in my longest running relationship. Mend has saved my life. The podcasts and journaling are helping me to move on. Thank you so much Mend team!

Mend - Breakup Self Care app comments


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