Mercari: The Selling App

Mercari: The Selling App

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  • Current Version: 6.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mercari, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mercari: The Selling App App

NOT USING IT? SELL IT. SHIP IT. GET PAID. This is Mercari. The fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. From fashion to toys, sporting goods to electronics, jewelry to shoes - all the brands you know and love. It’s a snap - list your item in minutes. Got something you don’t use, never used or simply outgrew? Sell it. SELLING IS FAST & EASY. * List in a snap - just take a few photos, add a description and set your price. * No meetups. All items ship. * Printable shipping label emailed to you. Just print and ship. * Listings are free - a flat 10% selling fee only charged when your sale completes. BUY & SAVE. * Save up to 70% off a great selection of new and used items. * Over 100,000 new items for women, men, kids and home listed each day. WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK. * Buyer Protection Guarantee - payment is held until item is delivered and buyer confirms it is as described. * 24 hour customer support.


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  • Best website to make business online love it so much 5/5

    By roiathur
    Good fast
  • Love It! 5/5

    By Windshield Guy
    Love Selling and buying on this site!
  • Buyer only 5/5

    By Pjoanne
    So far I've only purchased through Mercari but tons of times and with no problems or bad merchandise. The app protects you from getting junk because the seller doesn't get paid till I receive it and respond that the item is acceptable! Fast and easy transactions and fast deliveries! You can almost anything for sale for great prices! Love this app- I recommend it to everyone!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Tp3egb
    Excellent service
  • SHIPPING 3/5

    By NicoleTVqueen
    I love the convenience of this app, however, the shipping and selling fees make it almost impossible to make a fair deal. Considering there are so many other resources online, such as eBay, or amazon that sell mass products cheaper. They should not have raised the shipping rates it’s very upsetting.
  • They’re awful people 1/5

    By jdjdneieowodkncnc
    Used to like this app. Sold a Louis Vuitton purse that I purchased last year at the LOUIS VUITTON STORE and had the receipt and all the tags and they claimed it was fake and deleted me. You get deleted off of basically everything you do on here it’s pretty bizarre lol. Don’t recommend this app I prefer poshmark they’re way friendlier and aren’t so strict with something as silly as just trying to sell some things u don’t use anymore. They’re way to serious and scam you.
  • Not one of the worst, THE WORST 1/5

    By lexatali2
    The worst merchant company! They steal money from sellers and create many issues just to transfer the money you’ve earned to your bank account. On top of that, they charge a $2 processing fee. Many others who use Mercari, as well, have many issues with Mercari trying to keep the money, that you’ve earned, on the website. That money continues to stay on the website, recycling through each purchase, while Mercari is able to gain its 10% commission from each. DO NOT USE MERCARI! There are many other merchant companies that you can go through to sell your items, i.e. eBay, Poshmark, Tradesy, etc.

    By Ashorttermfan
    I’ve loved this app for 2 years! But this new update and huge jump on shipping costs for all weight tiers is not even as competitive anymore! The 1-3# shipping tier increased TWICE in 6 months, from $6-$7 & now $8... really a bummer...
  • Shipping Costs? 1/5

    By johnnylongarms
    Used to be a great app, constantly sold a bunch of things. Now shipping a 1 pound item will cost close to 7 dollars? What kind of move is this? Impossible to profit on most everything I have posted, really wish they didn’t do this as there was no need to. Have to move to another platform.
  • Alright 3/5

    By bailee82
    Needs a better way to filter through different clothes so you don’t have to search through hundreds of items
  • I would have selected 0 stars, but that wasn’t a choice. 1/5

    By Doodlesx2
    My buyer accidentally purchased wrong item. She canceled (before I shipped and contacted me), but the app was showing the sale as still active on my end. I got notified that “I should have shipped by 4/27”, and on another screen showed that I had until 4/26 to ship. I tried to cancel with her reason, but the app says I can’t cancel for that reason, the buyer must do that. She had already done that. It still was active on both ends. The only way to cancel on mine, was to refund buyer, but I didn’t think it charged until I shipped or until they receive. I selected refund anyway, and selected the reason “mutual agreement between buyer and seller”, but the app still wouldn’t let me do it that way. I had to select that I was unable to ship. Then I was notified by Mercari, that I should keep my sale posts more up to date. This is a problem on Mercari’s end, not mine or hers! It had better not affect either of our ratings! You guys need to keep your app more up to date! It is not a user friendly app when things aren’t going “perfectly”, it is almost impossible to change anything if there is an issue. The app needs to be more user friendly.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Kenito3
    Great app. Easy transaction process and secure. It’s becoming part of my daily routine to stop in to see what’s new. Highly recommend.
  • Shipping prices are going up 1/5

    By panteriita97
    Prices are going up if some buyers complain on paying 3.80 (fedex) shipping now 4.25 😱 not going to happen ... it doesnt make sence selling here and you pay shipping what are you going to get basically nothing 🙄 annoyed .... seriously thinking in deleting app 🤷‍♀️
  • Charge too much 4 ship 4/5

    By Kimbonez
    Y’all charge wayyyy too much for shipping, I understand sometimes shipping is costly, but Poshmark ships for less so f”&$. Mercari:)
  • OUTRAGEOUS!!! 1/5

    By Sue_008
    Mercari just increased the shipping rates. Which it applies to new listings ONLY. Disgracefully if an old listing is updated or modified(change sizes or just putting better pictures) it asks to re enter the shipping method, then it applies the new rates. These are old listings!! I wrote 3 emails to Customer Service, and it looks like these are automated replies. They all say the same thing, pointing out only the new shipping rates. This is plain outrageous!!! The first one said that the new rates apply to new and edited listings which is totally inaccurate. The update clearly says that the increase only applies to NEW listings, not edited ones!!! The worst part is that I can’t even get in touch with a professional agent that can efficiently answer my questions. There’s something to be done here. As we the Sellers are being affected by these changes, and therefore Mercari.
  • I dont do price increases. 1/5

    By KaitlynnGee97
    Will be losing money using this app now. Used to be easy to sell small things. Deleted! Was a seller, sold over 100 items and had a 5 star rating.
  • Confusing and complicated 1/5

    By mmartinez519
    This app is truly confusing and complicated! I DO NOT recommend it!! Obtaining funds is also very difficult, if not next to impossible! So many better ones out there!
  • Easy to use, could be updated. 2/5

    By uhmily
    I use multiple shopping platforms but sell the most on Mercari, so I do really like it. They make shipping really easy, but they could make some improvements like make bundling options & allow you to sort peoples shops and your own. ***Updating this review & knocking a star - because of all things they decide to change it’s the increase in shipping costs! They no longer beat competitors & will probably lose many sales for this.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By stars4chloe
    Easy communication format between buyers and sellers...and any issues I’ve encountered whether lost or damaged items, I’ve received great and thorough communication through the resolution center, with quick response times and satisfactory results. It’s my main bst app.
  • Conartist App 1/5

    By BayArea 408
    Refer a friend and you get 10 dollars scam. Referred a couple of friends and nothing. Sent them emails on how to resolve the situation but they just work their way around from giving you the credit. Now I get an email from them saying I opened up multiple accounts when the app only allows you to use only one email and one number and it also recognizes your phone. Then it says something about fraud and closing the accounts down. They’re the fraud and false advertisement. Just a heads up on what to expect when you come across this problem. Very disappointed. This app should have zero stars
  • Used to like 1/5

    By BWilson2306
    Shipping prices just got increased, selling fee is more than eBay, you have to wait days to get paid, I can’t find anywhere to contact customer service just keep going in circles, don’t recommend this app for selling.
  • It gets worse and worse 1/5

    By taylia145672
    I’ve been using mercari for years, I’ve been an avid buyer and seller since they started their app. That said, they are going downhill quickly. They keep adding flashy useless features and redesigning the look of their app when there’s no real reason to. Every time they do this the usability of the app goes down. I can’t even enter the app right now because it keeps crashing, for the past few weeks after the last update it would take 5 or more minutes just to load pictures. I would use this app all the time if they would just focus on functionality instead of flash. Depop is by far more user friendly, I suggest using that app instead.
  • Newbie to Mercari 4/5

    By Newbie67838
    I have only been using the app for about 2 days and think it’s great, easy to use and very useful to make buying and selling simple. One thing I did notice is there is no way to search specific users . I told a few friends about this app and there is no way for them to search me by my username. That is pretty frustrating as I am using this app to start a small business and want my followers to be able to find me with ease. Hopefully the makers of this app gets this feedback and is able to make this adjustment. Other than that it’s great so far!
  • Increased Shipping 1/5

    By Rockinpixie
    I'm a seller on a few platforms. Before the shipping change, this app had the best shipping options and most buyers loved the lower rate FedEx option. It's what my buyers used most often. Now the FedEx options cost more than the Flat Rate Priority mail rate! I think it's really going to hurt everyone's sales. Please at least give us the Priority Flat Rate options!!
  • Easy - app 4/5

    By vichyss0ise
    Easy to use. However took a star away because I don't like they they've increased shipping. I liked having a cheaper option for longer shipping if people didn't mind for Fed Ex Smart Label.
  • Closes every time I take a picture 2/5

    By ManchskxnznJx
    I’ve used this app in the past and really enjoyed selling on it, so I decided to download it again on my new phone. I’ve never had problems with the app in the past, but now when I go to sell an item, I can’t even take the first picture without the app closing. I’ve tried closing the app and going back to it and I still have the same problems. I would love to use the app again, but it looks like I can’t until the problem is fixed.
  • Wish I didn’t have to give a star 1/5

    By Mj Baby Doll
    This was probably one of the worst selling experiences I have EVER had. Not only do people continuously low ball you (even with including free shipping aka paid shipping by the seller), people make up the most absurd reviews. And GOOD LUCK getting them taken down even if you have PROOF against the review of the seller/buyer. Contacting the company doesn’t help at all. People can make up whatever they want about you on your reviews, and that sticks with you forever. I’ll never return to Mercari and I regret ever starting my page. Shipping and fees outweigh what you have the potential to make. I’ll be returning back to donating my items to the Goodwill or local shelters.
  • Shipping 3/5

    By chiroasst
    My only complaint is that the package i shipped took almost 2 weeks. I ordered something also a week ago & haven’t received it

    By Topbridge
    Mercari just INCREASED SHIPPING PRICES AGAIN. Buyers and sellers now have to pay MOST EXPENSIVE SHIPPING PRICES OUT OF ALL SELLING APPS. There is no way to contact. There is only a tab that says “Contact Mercari” and they take you to the FAQ section that is it. There is no form you can fill out there is nothing. I tried clicking on various articles and gave them thumbs down for not answering my question in hopes to get the contact us instead form. NOTHING. All they say is thank you for your feedback. THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT MERCARI DIRECTLY IN APP.
  • Amazing App! 5/5

    By Amhg2014
    Love Mercari so much. Very seamless and love the in app helpful tips and instructions.
  • Great 4/5

    By kaylaab20
    Great app! My only suggestion would be to add a column to search sellers names.
  • Bad customer support 1/5

    By Tatum114466
    Tried several times to contact help center to get money released for a item I sent to buyer. Buyer never contacted me that there was an issue and still no money. Beware selling on here. Worst. Sell with someone else. Seller is not protected
  • Love the app but... 4/5

    By deebooger86
    I wish they would’ve kept the ability to rate someone that doesn’t rate you so other sellers would be aware!
  • Great App 1/5

    By Krissy Marie 55
    EDIT update 2: they just increased shipping rates again and they are completely unreasonable and much higher than their competitors. Bad decision. I’ll be moving my items over to another site tomorrow. No longer recommend **EDIT update: 1. New update causing it to crash allll the time & still having serious trouble issues with some bugs or things that aren't getting resolved with updates and new issues like now customers can't even see some of my new listings but some they can see🤔. Also, it is now virtually impossible to contact customer support directly and the wait time for responses to issues are now tripled in time :(. Please please resolve these things!! This is far better than other Apps or similar services (eBay, etc). This App and Service is excellent and listens to feedback and makes frequent updates per user requests. It just keeps getting better and easier and more efficient to use. I highly suggest Mercari for sellers and buyers!
  • Neat 5/5

    By Whoboy3
    Neat way to pass the time and earn a little cash.

    By Harmless(:
    I think it’s hilarious how Mercari is claiming that shipping prices are going up I myself ship products to tons of customers every single day and shipping starts at 2.66 Within the United States . Just admit it Mercari your trying to earn yourself a couple extra bucks each purchase how ridiculous
  • 8$ shipping for the most convenient usps, used to be 5. Then 7, now 8$ 1/5

    By Tino313
    It’s taking away more from sellers and lowering sells. People don’t wanna pay that much for shipping
  • Good until.. 3/5

    By EpicLovely
    The shipping got too high. It was $3.80 and now $4.25 for less than 1 lbs. I don’t think it was necessary to have changed the shipping cost.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By casperdnb
    Very easy to use and list items
  • Good app 4/5

    By Love soda Pepsi and that cola
    Great app overall, but it would be better if you had more ways in which we could collect our money. For example, via PayPal.
  • I’ love Mercari:) 5/5

    By betylabeuty
  • Easy to sell and buy 5/5

    By Pppris
    I have been using this app to sell and buy and it has been pretty easy. You can post with in minutes. One think I like is that they send me the shipping label. It is always tracking my packages going out or coming to me. It keeps me updated. Great app. User friendly
  • Items 5/5

    By Sonita Y jesus
    Everything that I received is like the show on the pictures never have no problem love shopping through Mercari
  • Worst app 1/5

    By hdnrndjehe
    Worst app ever
  • Frustrating update. 2/5

    By SSaSSSy
    New forced update is frustrating. When an item is clicked on and comes up as “sold”, you have one option, “continue shopping” which kicks you out of your previous search and back to the main page.
  • Overall good but could be better 2/5

    The app itself is great. No glitches and lags. Doesn’t exit unexpectedly like the other selling apps. But what I hate is that you can’t expect to sell anything over $15 with free shipping. I have nice designer goods on there and all I get is “$7 free shipping?” On a $50 item. It’s full of cheapskates who don’t have money or don’t want to spend money. Don’t waste your time on here unless you have lots of stuff you desperately want to get rid of. Not great for selling or buying. Everything is cheap garbage.
  • Mecari credits 4/5

    By JadaLHayes
    I love the app , I buy a lot of stuff on here but I recently sold something and it won’t let me use my credits to purchase anything.
  • Fake 2/5

    By Vvyviiii
    They sell a lot fake make up, without explaining what they are selling to you, I thought was illegal, they sell it to you like it was authentic even with the same prices.
  • Account suspended 1/5

    By Russ B..
    This app is horrible. I tried buying an item and then out of no where my account was suspended indefinitely for “Suspicious Activity” This not only happened once, but it now happened twice. Believe me it is a great app if you want to look at what’s for sale, but when you want to buy something, good luck. Poor rating for me.
  • My account got suspended for no reason 2/5

    By Staby213
    I mean there was a reason but I emailed you guys and you guys wanted my social security number which is never suppose to be handed out to people if you can please unsuspend I can’t even login to my account anymore my name was Staby213 and it said I had multiple accounts on one device but the only reason is be because my mom and I were trying to figure out why she couldn’t set her credit card on her account but we figured out why then you deleted my moms account and suspended mine which is stupid cause now there is no point of having the app on my phone if I can’t even buy stuff I wanted or was looking at please if you can unsuspend my account even if you need an email let me know please I just want to use the app again I try to login in but it never works please help me solve this problem thanks you guys still told me you needed a social security number and it won’t even let me log on to the app can you just unban me to I just want to buy stuff on the app again

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