Mercari: The Selling App

Mercari: The Selling App

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  • Current Version: 6.88.0
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Mercari: The Selling App App

NOT USING IT? SELL IT. SHIP IT. GET PAID. This is Mercari. The fast and easy way to sell (or buy) almost anything. Fashion to toys. Sporting goods to electronics. All the brands you know and love. Got stuff you don’t use, never used or simply outgrew? Sell it. SELLING IS FAST & EASY. * List in minutes. Just take a few photos, add a description and set your price. * Listings are free. Flat 10% selling fee only charged when your sale completes. NO MEETUPS * All items ship. * Printable shipping label emailed to you when your item sells. Just print and ship. UP TO 70% OFF. ALL THE BRANDS YOU LOVE. * Great stuff. New and used. * Over 150,000 items for women, men, kids and home added each day. * Free shipping on millions of items. WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK. * Money Back Guarantee. Receive your item as described. Or your money back. * 24 hour customer support.

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  • Easy to sell but interesting people. 4/5

    By lotusvibess
    I’ve been selling on Mercari for a little over a year now. I’ve been able to make a small profit from it. Listing process is user friendly too! I’ve purchased quite a few things off of Mercari as well and have never had any issues. There was one time my package to a buyer got lost with USPS and Mercari saved the day. The only downside to this app is a majority of the buyers... I really do worry for humanity when I interact with these people. Some of these people act more like internet trolls, have poor communication, act really sketchy and try to rip you off. It’s super frustrating at times when you are trying to play fair with these people. If you want to sell on this app it’s great but be prepared for a whole new level of interesting types of people. If you are buying on this app, please be respectful to the sellers as they are providing you with a service to purchase an item for a great price.
  • Black flats 5/5

    By Kelly Licata
    Thank you for the prompt shipping. Stay safe!! Kelly

    By hdjfngngmg
    I am absolutely dumbfounded with this app. A woman made an offer to purchase 5 pairs of jeans from me on Friday 3/27/20. I sent them via USPS on 3/38. When they were delivered to her today 4/1 she “canceled” the order essentially stealing the merchandise from me. I cannot even look back at our conversations because they were all automatically deleted by the app. So fast forward to try to actually contact someone they ask me for the order # which was DELETED in the app because she canceled it. So basically if you’re a thief this is a great app for you! I highly recommend using a different app and NOT THIS ONE. Please do yourself a favor and save yourself a lot of time and DO NOT USE THIS APP! I had 5 pairs of jeans stolen from me along with $14.40 in shipping and $20 for the jeans. I wasn’t going to make any money off of the order but I can only imagine how much people have gotten ripped off on here. DO NOT USE THIS APP or Mercari they should be ashamed of themselves!
  • Seriously flawed platform 1/5

    By BigQhatesyou
    I used to use this as an alternative to ebay but its pretty flawed. Buyers can cancel purchases with no consequences or reasons. You cant even rate them if they cancel your purchase. Trash policy
  • AAA+++ 5/5

    By Ms.Pretty2020
    I love shopping here, one of my fave online shop,
  • Help menu 4/5

    By Ctocs(sw)
    If there IS a help menu, I have no idea where it is. How does one cancel a listing due to an error on the sellers part? How do we set up for our money going to a debit card? Charles
  • Ridiculous and hard to use. 1/5

    By Burntbudsandwaffles
    My first use of this app will be the last. I simply typed in “dresser” into the search bar and I received nothing of the sort. Instead of directly searching the term you’ve typed in, it gives you the “best match” and it’s not accurate at all. All I got were children’s toys, vintage china, and clothing. No dressers. No furniture at all. The most simple piece of furniture that everyone has in their home and it won’t give me anything close. I won’t be using this or recommending it.
  • Great 5/5

    By Jaiven's mommy
    I love this app
  • Great for side hustle 5/5

    By junior1603
    I love this app at first very skeptical but once I got to know it I love it listing is so easy
  • Improve Customer Service 1/5

    By Mel646
    Their customer service needs improvement. They are relying too much on automation and incorrectly cancel transactions. It’s disappointing when there’s two agreeable parties and the platform won’t complete the transaction. All replies are automated and vague. Disappointing.
  • Top notch 5/5

    By crownfitted16719
    This app is surprising me with everything. Top notch action
  • No recourse for damaged items 1/5

    By Redsilverstar
    If you use this app, be prepared to have radio silence from “customer service” if you have an issue with an order. They are recommending I go to a friends house to print my return label during quarantine. Disgusting.

    By Joeh Dun
    This app is really strict, closes your account just cause of a violation. There are plenty of people violating the rules out there how about go close everyone’s account!? TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!
  • I like Mercari but... 2/5

    By Iluvbeefjerkey
    BUT I wished it was easier to sale items. I hate that I’m just listing and waiting. I have no idea if anyone is seeing my items at all. Not only that but I wish that I could have the option to bundle items if a buyer wanted multiple from my closet. I wish there were ways to promote my items and bundle!
  • Why no older version compatible with older model iPads? 1/5

    By lindsp26
    Many apps automatically download an older version compatible with older model iPads & iPhones,but you guys do not. Why is that?
  • Great app 5/5

    By bmx byars
    Great app to help get anything you need or get rid of anything you don’t

    By 💓💍💓💍💓💍
    They changed the password to my account and tried to take my money! I BOUGHT THREE PRODUCTS AND THEY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF MY CARD INFORMATION PLEASE DONT DOWNLOAD!!
  • Horrific start for a seemingly good App.. 1/5

    By Treymazi
    I Recently started to sell on mercari and I have over 2k in sales. I was ready to make a transfer, then Out of no where I'm being told I need to update my app although it's already updated to the latest version. Weird. Tells me zero activity is allowed and now my money is locked. TERRIBLE start, may have to look elsewhere. **UPDATE** Mercari now REQUIRES you to give your SSN, gov ID AND a selfie smh. Totally invasive, considering your systems could be hacked like many other companies who are way bigger than you. Anything happens to them like equifax, now my sensitive information is on the black market. No thank you.
  • Love 5/5

    By jashtz
    Super easy and fast to use
  • I don’t want see sold stuff 3/5

    By Ariel Christy
    Come on please. I don’t understand why do you use a large space to show the sold stuff. I only want know what’s available for sale.
  • I like the app but one thing 4/5

    By Bdjskxkcovdoowsndnd
    I love this app overall. It’s super easy to sell and buy things. I like how you can print out labels right from the app. But one thing that bothers me, is this only way to message your “likers” on your stuff, is to send offers
  • Great but needs the shipping issues fixed 4/5

    By ashleymoore2020
    I honestly have been using this app for years now and I love it ! I made a lot of sales on here and purchased a lot of sales as well.. but as of recently I haven't been posting on here at all to sell MERCARI changed the shipping information and now I can’t even understand how to post up an item it wants the height the width and weight as well and even when I get the information from the site (example a handbag: it tells me it’s completely wrong that’s it’s not the right width height and weight once I’ve got the correct information from the website!! I hope they can fix this so I can start using this app a lot more again it’s the best selling app I’ve ever used and i hate to not be able to sell anything on here any more also for small light weight packages definitely shouldn’t be 9$ to ship out example a phone case shouldn’t be charging people 9$ for something so light weight
  • Suzanne 5/5

    By shazamm913
    You are so special for accepting my offer and I love it
  • Love 5/5

    By sara hodgson
    I am new to this site.....and I love it, it’s quick and easy and everyone is so nice!
  • Shop here for Fake Reviews and Bad Service 1/5

    By Jboogie002
    They willingly allow fake and false reviews to reviews to remain up, even if there is ample proof provided that the review is fraudulent. They always give a canned response. I’ve had continuous issues as both a buyer and seller on this app. Would recommend Facebook Marketplace or Poshmark over Mercari. Better and honest community, fantastic customer support.
  • Best Selling App 5/5

    By PorkNation
    Nothing else like this app! Hands down, the best.
  • Collecting payments 1/5

    By bkbthreads
    Have had success selling but can’t collect the money I’ve earned!
  • COVID-10 a front to buy from them! 1/5

    By #luckyilivehawaii
    So I’m selling on THIS SITE during COVID because I need cash instantly, one of the perks is that you can get “instant pay,” but what they don’t tell you until you do it is that DUE TO COVID 19 they have disabled the insta-pay as they won’t validate your license but you’re welcome to us the direct deposit which TAKES 5 DAYS!! What is the difference? The direct deposit still comes to me- how do they know I’m trustworthy after 5 days? Why wouldn’t they suspend all monies from leaving their site until they can verify my drivers license?? What a slimy way to get people do sell for them and spend money! The app is okay but the company is terrible! I needed that cash today and it was an underhanded way to to try to make people keep the money they earn right here on Mercari.
  • Don’t buy from this app! 1/5

    By nickimarie91
    They have no way to do a return or get refund! Can’t get ahold of anybody about a Nintendo Switch I purchased that didn’t come with everything needed like a charging adapter for docking station. Need to return and get money back like site promises but no one to get in Contact with! Horrible site don’t make a large purchase from this site if you don’t have money to waste! No customer support!!
  • Notifications 3/5

    By SierraMarie01
    I like the app but I am sick of getting notifications for stuff I like, I’ve changed the settings in the app and on my phone and it doesn’t matter. I literally only want a notification if someone sends an offer about a product or I inquire about a product or buy anything.

    By shehwva
    it is a good app to buy stuff from but it would make everything less of a hassle if we could search people. There’s some people that I’ll at their account and I love all the stuff they have and I’ll forget to follow them and when i go back the next day to buy I can’t find them and then I have to scroll for like a hour of products to find them. LET US SEARCH PEOPLE ITS SO SIMPLE BUT WOULD BE SO EFFECTIVE

    By Hutton Snyder
    this app is great although there is a 10% selling fee. It turns so many away from this app. Unbelievable.
  • Listing problems 3/5

    By Javajogger46
    I’m giving you a 5- Star because it is a very good tool for selling. My complaint is no where can I send you a email for suggestions. Why is there not an option. So here’s what I want to say: You need a better selection of sizes such as not all brands are “M (8-10)” or “L (12-14)” unfortunately. So why not a custom size. Also you need to be able to type the brand in if it’s not on your list. I know what brand but I sometimes have to select I don’t know because you don’t have it on your list. This was not a FAQ so I had to do it here since I can’t email you. Thanks 😊
  • Love Using Mercari! 5/5

    By barcan65
    Great selling experience.
  • Favorite Selling App - Just needs some tweaking 4/5

    By alightinside
    Mercari is, by far, my favorite selling platform. It has served me well and I have recommended it to many. There are a few disclaimers I have to give when I am raving about it with family and friends... - Shipping has to be set before an item sells. If it sells while shipping is set for a Mercari label, and then you find that it would be cheaper to use a flat rate USPS box, you can’t take the shipping off the sale. You have to drop it down to $2.99 and eat the cost or cancel the sale entirely. - No way to share photos in the DMs with potential buyers. If a buyer requests additional photos, you can only update the post photos, which are limited to 12. Difficult when selling something like a lot of trading cards and then the buyer wants to see specific cards. The limitations in DM are tedious. Also, policy against sharing contact information and they will go in and delete your DMs if someone provides an email to ask for more photos. - The from address on the shipping labels automatically updates based on the last address used... even if it was your address to buy. So if you buy something for your mom and ship to her address, the next time you sell something your seller’s address will default to your mom’s address and if you miss it, you’ll have to recreate your shipping label. Need a feature to just set a default address instead of last used. - No way to search within a seller’s page. So if a seller has both clothes and toys, you have to scroll through their whole page to see where the toys are. Would be nice to sub-search individual pages for specific tags. - Not a lot of help when items go missing. Doesn’t happen often, but I have had one return never show back up and one purchase never show up. Mercari will just send you to the shipper. Anyway, I would definitely recommend Mercari over Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, etc. They just need to use the 10% they are taking in on every sale for app development and maybe some more robust customer service.
  • Over priced 2/5

    By apparentlyjose
    I was looking for games for my ps4 because why not. But I came to find all of the games were priced much higher then they go for when they’re new. Some people try to sell sports games from 3 to 4 years ago for around 35 dollars when you could get the one from this year for about that much.
  • App fees to much 5/5

    By hdz1128
    The app is great I hope the app fee goes back to zero or a little lower
  • Great app 5/5

    By zoxzattik
    Works great for selling games
  • Finally !! 5/5

    By ShawneeCK
    I have been trying to resell for a little while now , some sites sold maybe one thing but , most resulted to zero sales . I’m not doing anything different and on Mercari I’m having awesome results !! Customers are great , haven’t had any low ballers yet !!! Customer service has always been A1 either over the phone or thru messaging / email. Thank You Mercari for having an awesome app, with great buyers , and sellers
  • Love it 5/5

    By johnwhitman81
    This app is fantastic only thing I noticed today an wasn't happy was rising star reward u post a certain amount of items an u get amazing coupons' obviously they push u to post a lot bc the award an coupon will b greater, I posted a ton was rewarded a $20 coupon was so excited until it said a $20 OFF coupon IF u spend over $100 very disappointing an bit misleading I'd much rather of worked just as hard but got a$5 coupon to spend on anything 😔
  • Seller 5/5

    By lucymomma
    I have bought so many things, from children’s clothing to furniture. Anything I think I need I look at Mercari first. I sing the praises to all my family and friends. Because of Mercari I am the proud owner of 2 Chanel bags, 2 chandeliers for my new home and countless Farmhouse decorations for every room in the house. I shop Mercari for everything.
  • Ehh 1/5

    By Gumby*
    It’s an alright app but things like I sold an item for $15 and it was $2 to ship the app said it’ll be $10 + the selling fee so it only gave me $1 something. It’s not only this item it does it for it’s been every time I’ve sold I don’t get my actual correct amount
  • Great site to sell on! Will be posting more. 5/5

    By Bender 0515
    Love this site! Will be posting mu
  • Love love !!!! 5/5

    By Cebeblady M
    Just started selling in Mercari and so happy I found this platform. Fun and profitable .
  • Sure 5/5

    By Flhair it's a "Hair Thing"
    Great doing business with you. The bag is exactly as posted and it arrived quickly.
  • Mercari lets Deceptive sellers have their way! 1/5

    By helpmejusus
    Overall, it’s just ok. I’ve only been using for about a month and have come across about 3 scammers in over 20 buying transactions. Beware of deceptive sellers. Such as magnified photos of items. Even if you read description, they can send something different. I was lucky to have gotten a refund for a bad iPad. Was not so lucky with a piece of jewelry that looked like it came from bubble gum machine. Mercari sided with a Deceptive seller. So be very careful when buying on this site. Times are hard, so people are trying anything to steal your money!
  • Very nice app even in a crazy world. 5/5

    By sayonaraML
    Great job, nice app.
  • Love it 5/5

    By blckchry
    I love this app, it is very easy to use.
  • My favorite buying selling app... almost 3/5

    By 2121Love_is real
    I love this app the only thing I you would add is a feature that would allow you to select multiple messages at the same time instead of individually

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