Mercari: The Selling App

Mercari: The Selling App

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  • Current Version: 6.34.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mercari, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mercari: The Selling App App

NOT USING IT? SELL IT. SHIP IT. GET PAID. This is Mercari. The fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. From fashion to toys, sporting goods to electronics, jewelry to shoes - all the brands you know and love. It’s a snap - list your item in minutes. Got something you don’t use, never used or simply outgrew? Sell it. SELLING IS FAST & EASY. * List in a snap - just take a few photos, add a description and set your price. * No meetups. All items ship. * Printable shipping label emailed to you. Just print and ship. * Listings are free - a flat 10% selling fee only charged when your sale completes. BUY & SAVE. * Save up to 70% off a great selection of new and used items. * Over 100,000 new items for women, men, kids and home listed each day. WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK. * Buyer Protection Guarantee - payment is held until item is delivered and buyer confirms it is as described. * 24 hour customer support.

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  • Not fair 1/5

    By Nsjzjsnxnxozma. B.
    The prices are not fair at all. They take way to much money i sold something for $27 and only made $12 why is the app wit half a million people taking more profit then me ?
  • Add more 4/5

    By slime its
    I wish you had a cart and could add more
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Elikay1610
    Awesome app, I love this community!!!
  • FEES after FEES 2/5

    By shoppattern2013
    I made a sale and paid their fees plus shipping. Now if I want to transfer my balance to my bank account, there are more fees! At least other selling apps don’t charge you to transfer your balance. I won’t be selling here anymore. No thanks.
  • New to this App 5/5

    By MezsiaH
    So far this app has been amazing !
  • Easy! 5/5

    By Sarah Shoe
    I needed some quick cash and someone told me about Mercari. Within a week I made my first sale. They make it easy to use.
  • Excellent buy/sell app!! 5/5

    By Rachel'sd
    Mercari definitely has its customers best interest at heart. The customer service I received was excellent. I’ve bought some wonderful items and overall I’ve had a wonderful experience buying from sellers through this app!
  • Bring back the sold tab 4/5

    By aamandaamariee
    I’m a big fan of the mercari app, but I don’t like that the sold tab went away with the recent update. Now I have to look through all my likes to see if something sold. It was much easier to find them with the sold tab.
  • Great Selling App 4/5

    By Your MomXDDD
    Mercari is a great app overall there are very good things about it but it has it’s flaws. Everything is great about the app accept you should be able to cancel an item you ordered within 24 hours of purchasing the item or before they notify you the item has shipped. You shouldn’t make it so the seller has to accept the cancellation because if someone decided they didn't want something and the seller doesn’t accept that they want to cancel the item before they have shipped it then that isn't fair. If someones wants to cancel an item before it was shipped then they should be able to. All and all besides that its a great selling app and i would recommend using it if you don't mind the cancellation issue.
  • Good app that has forced notifications 3/5

    By flybyrd76
    I enjoy looking at items that are my size and brands I like; however, when something that is the wrong size stays in my notifications that I can't delete, makes me angry. I feel this app forces items on shoppers and really doesn't take into consideration what they actually want or need.
  • Fun and easy 5/5

    By Tnorrb
    This is my first transaction with Mercari. It was fun and easy. I like this much better than eBay.
  • Awesome selling app!!! 5/5

    By shortbuspecial
    This is one of those that you can easily enjoy, selling your used and new products, that you know don’t use anymore. I love that We have to give views before we get paid, making it fair for both seller and buyers. I also like the fact that, There’s no fee other then the 10%. If you tried other apps and your not having much luck of selling it, this app is definitely one of the most fastest to get your items sold.
  • Terrible app! 1/5

    By Marlen_a
    A lot of users on this app put brand tags on their listing description, to give their listing more views, which has helped me get more items sold. But apparently Mercari deleted all my listings bc it violated their policy!! All my hard work and time....GONE! Instead of notifying me and deactivating my listings first, so I can review and fix them! Mercari would be nothing without us, the sellers! There is wayyyyy too many other selling apps for them to be this way. Super disappointed in this app, & don’t recommend to anyone.
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By Landjsb
    I used to love this app, easy to list and sell. However recently they increased shipping prices almost 50%. Pretty sure the post office doesn’t change prices? With these new shipping costs, it’s almost impossible to make a profit on an item. Will no longer be using this app and I suggest you don’t waste your time because the shipping costs are OUTRAGEOUS. Really disappointed.
  • Glad to discover Mercari as a selling app! 4/5

    By hsisdnnd
    As a house wife it makes me earn money with no hassle.
  • Shipping is ridiculous 1/5

    By Ssydela
    I love this app so I feel a little had giving it one star.. however, their shipping rates have increases DRASTICALLY in the last couple months. And although you can always choose to pay for your own shipping as a seller, when you're a buyer trying to get something but shipping is minimum $9, you kind of lose interest. It's too much, sorry but I don't plan shopping on here until that goes back down.
  • Bring back the Sold on Likes 5/5

    By lkim2467
    I loved having the sold section for my likes so I can easily see and unlike them!
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By mercarisucks1979
    You have no privacy , they read your messages , scam, no costumer services, no seller protection, horrible!
  • One of the best 5/5

    By 1EmV
    I love this app and so easy to use.
  • Logout login issue 1/5

    By la5183
    If you log out, you can no longer use the app as it marks your username and email invalid. Must be a bug.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By salem rainicorn
    I have been using Mercari for years and part of my morning phone routine is to check the sold out tab on My Likes, that way I find out immediately what is unavailable, that way I can remove it quickly and forget about the loss. Why can’t I do this now?? Why does mercari keep changing tiny things like this?? I don’t understand and I’m not sure if I want to continue using this app if it’s going to change something small every single day making it hard for users to navigate.
  • Custome 5/5

    By hboutique
    Great to work with
  • needs an ipad app 3/5

    By am33r
    great on iphone, figuring out shipping is super easy. a buyer also attempted to scammed me and mercari stood by me which was great. 3 stars because there’s not a standard ipad app for mercari, and so it only works vertically which is annoying. i would use the app more if it worked seamlessly with ipad.
  • Selling Clothes 5/5

    By CanAm63
    Great site to sell my extra clothes to make some extra money. Any issues with a Buyer, the Mercari team stepped and helped resolve it. Very happy working with Mercari team. Angie D.
  • Happy with my results 5/5

    By anotherhairstylist
    Fast, reliable, & super user friendly! I’m cleaning up, making room in my closet and making money filling up my wallet ! ((And maybe shopping too... 😛)) No complaints yet and I have had it a few weeks now

    By pickyangel
    App randomly cancelled sales made and printed labels for sales that were in progress to the wrong buyer address. Additionally it is difficult to navigate through the app - not AT ALL user friendly. I’m sure I lost sales, time, and money using this subpar app. Horrible! Don’t do it!!!!
  • Very hard to sell on here anymore! 1/5

    By smurfs r cute!
    I have plenty of negative feedback for this app. It used to be great. I’ve made over 1500 on this platform. 1- Shipping. Mercari recently changed shipping fees. For anything from 0 to 1/2 a pound, it’s $4.25. $5.25 for 1/2-1 pound. $11 for anything 1-3 pounds, and $16 for anything 3-10 pounds (this is for using usps, fed ex is cheaper though.) As someone who doesn’t have access to using fedex as a shipping method, these ridiculous shipping fees have made it impossible for me to sell anything. I mean come on, $11 for shipping a jacket that is 1.3 pounds?! That’s ridiculous! No one wants to pay those fees, therefore I get ridiculously low offers or no interest at all in my items. While I could ship my items on my own (paying out of pocket) this is very difficult for me since I’m a full time student, I’m very busy and I don’t have time to wait in a 45 minute line at my post office to ship! 2- I had a buyer that rated me 3 stars because of something that was described in the item description. I contacted mercari saying that I wanted to change my rating for her to poor (I rated her 5 stars, since mercari has no method of allowing me to see ratings for before I rate the buyer, which is very unfair) and Mercari support said that they “could not honor this request” even though all the issues were described! This is extremely unfair for me as a seller. I have hundreds of 5 star reviews, she is my only 3 star. As someone who works hard to help customers, Im extremely frustrated with Mercaris “customer support.” 3- The auto rating. This is such a pain in the butt! If someone doesn’t rate me in 3 days, mercari automatically completes the transaction and releases the money to the seller. However, If a buyer doesn’t rate, it doesn’t show on their profile.I believe they should get an automated “did not rate” or a one star review for not rating. Sellers have no idea if someone rates or not & it’s extremely frustrating waiting a whole 3 days & even longer for a direct deposit to go through. I highly recommend selling heavier items on poshmark. they allow any packages up to 5 pounds for a flat rate of $6.79. Much cheaper and easier. Mercari, take note of this. I’d much rather pay a flat rate than pay $11 for shipping if I want to purchase a $5 item. I think I’ll only be selling lighter items on this platform. I’ve lost so much business since they changed the shipping rates. I’m really not impressed that mercari would even think that these shipping rates are reasonable to a seller or buyer.
  • Longer titles 5/5

    By GorichanazJim
    I love the app..but allowing longer titles would be helpful
  • Great Easy To Use 5/5

    By helllooooshopper
    Great app for buying and selling. User friendly!
  • Unnecessarily Strict 2/5

    let me start off by saying i love this app because it’s an easy and fun way for me to sell items, i have completed 20 sales with 4 more in the works and have 48/49 5 star reviews, HOWEVER this app is unfair and excessively strict in my opinion. here’s why. there have been multiple occasions where i (female) have been approached by males with intent to date/get my phone number/ get my social media, basically guys message me to hit on me and not buy anything. I immediately report the messages and the account and block them but mercari does NOTHING!!! there have been times i have asked a buyer for their instagram account so that i could send them photos of items they were searching for that i have not yet listed, with FULL INTENT to take the transaction back to mercari if they were going to buy something. i would also like to be able to make a temporary post about a sale i am running but they shoot it down immediately despite me making more sales than a regular day without running a sale, which in turn makes them more money. mercari: great idea. poor execution.
  • BE CAREFUL 1/5

    By Jpiboy55
    This app was great until a issue or problem arises. I had a issue with a buyer claiming item not received, box was empty. There is NO DIRECT CONTACT. You just keep getting some random rep from wherever in the world who just reads pre scripted lines of how to answer customers. Like you may see their responses here they say to "Contact us directly". Which is very misleading. They are very blank when it comes to explain or acknowledging that they should investigate fraud more but ultimately it has gotten easy to scam sellers on here.
  • My accpunt was closed 2/5

    By fjajsnhd
    Me and my sister shared a email to use this and it closed my account and kept my sisters and I didn’t get to claim anything yet :(
  • Great Sales App 5/5

    By 7mem7
    I’ve been using Mercari for about a year now. It’s easy to buy and sell. Easy process for depositing money once you sell something and it goes directly to your bank account. The only update I’m waiting for is to update listings and have them automatically moved to the top. To keep “sold” and “for sale” items separate I’m having to re-list all remaining sale items. Overall the 10% fee is very good compared to other platforms. The app gets updated often and I think they really listen to their users. Would recommend to anyone who has a few extra items around to house.
  • Amazing selling market place and great customer service 5/5

    By prettylittlethingsbyveronica
    I have been selling on mercari for a very short period of time and I am very impressed. I am not new to online reselling I have been on posh since 2013. Mercari has very responsive customer service which resolved 2 issues fairly and quickly. Another thing I love is that you can pretty much sell anything on the app. My only suggestion is to adjust the app or website so u can better organize your listings. Other than that is a great platform to sell almost anything . 5 stars so far
  • Too many spam notifications 1/5

    By Eric867
    This app sends unsolicited spam-type notifications. They’re pure marketing. This is an abuse of user’s’ attention, and distracts from truly important notifications related to actual transactions. Also, this is a violation of App Store guidelines. Apple, take notice.
  • Worst buying app ever 1/5

    By CaribbeanDiver
    Nothing but problems. No one to call. Emails are ignored. Purchased white gold necklace that was actually sterling silver. Purchased white gold wedding ring but received something different from picture. EUC item was received stained with loads of piling - more like UC or Fair. There are more dishonest sellers than honest and no way to tell the difference. Ratings are a complete joke. Safe your money. I’m back to Ebay.
  • The username don’t work 1/5

    By Burntblue
    The user name and password don’t work. It has taken me a day and a half to log on a review the seller. It’s unnecessarily difficult to log on.
  • Avoid this app 1/5

    By Remi4845
    This app has lots of scammers. Good people who work hard to earn their money fall victim to these scams. As well as the users, the zendesk third party company manages contact info and emails /calls with mercari, not mercari themselves. Support is terrible, you won’t be getting your money back. Seems like a great idea but it’s just a really easy way for scammers to hook you.
  • Great app to purchase and sell 5/5

    By dontgetsprint
    I have been purchasing from Mercari for a few years I have only been selling for about 6 months but I love this app easy to use
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By danigrl20
    Great way to buy and sell items.
  • Too many rules 1/5

    By natbubby
    I was using this app for years & even obtained a great reputation but they have so many stupid rules that make it hard to sell. They’ll even kick you off the app & ban you for life. You’re better off using Poshmark
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By Mars7n11
    I think the app is great and selling is easy but wish you could add short video maybe like 10-20 second clip to show products cuz sometimes an issue with an item might not be so easy to explain in text or pictures
  • Great concept, but shipping is pricey 2/5

    By nloufoua
    Buyers should only have to pay half of shipping and Mercari pay the rest. Show ads or something. I’d rather watch 5 ads than pay $10 shipping for a $5 item......still exploring but will most likely delete soon.
  • Marvelous 5/5

    By suzy10slvr
    New seller to Mercari - I love this site - So easy to use and managed beautifully by Mercari
  • Sold 1/5

    By Chibipyrosama
    Bring back the sold Tab :( and I’m getting notifications for items I’m not favoriting or have seen before.
  • Rate buyers 3/5

    By which one isnt
    What is a seller supposed to rate a buyer on when all we do is send a package? What is there to rate? They would all be the same. Also, you ask seller to rate first, before buyer does. Makes no sense.
  • Great site there is a but 5/5

    By Not for ipad3
    If you are using the app it is very user friendly but which is they limit the type of items that can be sold and if you want to name a price.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Epi Dao
    Have found great stuff in this app from my childhood!!! Happy with everything need to sell some of my stuff too soon! Look for me!!!
  • Good App Bad Business. 2/5

    By d a n d y
    The app is pretty cool the customer service is terrible no way of contacting these ppl if something goes wrong and if it’s an emergency. I am selling an item and the buyer not responded to me as of yet and now they’re claiming that items aren’t authentic. Which is BS anyone can receive an item and claim that something isn’t authentic. Nonetheless I’m asking for my items to be returned and It’s taking a long to get a response from Mercari or the buyer. This isn’t good business at all! If I finally get my items back and they’re not authentic or if it’s damaged I will take legal action because of the principle of how it was handled.

Mercari: The Selling App app comments

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