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Mercari: Your Marketplace

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  • Current Version: 7.28.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mercari, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mercari: Your Marketplace App

Whether you're searching for that unique find or clearing out space for some extra cash, you can do it all in the app, all from home. SHOP Discover that perfect find from brands like Nike, Funko, Nintendo, Squishmallows, Apple, Lululemon (and thousands more). From collectables, to unique handmade items, to one-of-a-kind treasures, it's all on Mercari. AUTHENTICATED LUXURY Shop luxury and designer clothing, shoes, and accessories with confidence. Items with a diamond badge are authenticated and all purchases are protected. SHOP SECURELY Get your item as described or your money back. When you've found that perfect thing, we ask the seller to ship within 3 business days. LOCAL FINDS Shop your neighborhood without leaving the house! Your items will be delivered right to your door, no awkward meetups required. BUY NOW, PAY LATER Get it now, pay in four installments with Zip or PayPal. SELL Lighten your life by listing once-loved items on Mercari. Listing your unused items on Mercari is free and simple. Just snap a few photos, input item details, and tap List. Use selling features including smart pricing, offer to likers, promote, and more to ensure your item is seen and sold as quickly as possible. EASY DELIVERY OPTIONS Mercari knows that affordable and convenient shipping options are important. That's why Mercari prepaid labels have competitive rates, offer print-free options and Shipping Protection up to $200. With Mercari Local, have your bulky, heavy items picked up for fast, doorstep delivery. GET PAID QUICKLY To complete your sales transaction, rate the buyer. Then funds will be added to your balance. Choose how you want to get paid with Direct Deposit, Instant Pay, or use your balance for a purchase–it's up to you. AUTHENTICATE Got designer items? With Mercari Authenticate, your shoppers know they're getting the real deal. Mercari Authenticate makes it simple to buy and sell pre-loved, genuine luxury goods. List and authenticate luxury items from anywhere, on any device. Authenticated items are automatically boosted and seen by more buyers, meaning they're more likely to sell. Give yourself some preloved love with Mercari. We'd love to hear from you. DM us on our Instagram @mercari, tweet @mercari_app, or find us on Facebook @MercariApp. And, get quick-reads on everything from decluttering to collecting, tips on selling, upcycling ideas and shopping inspo on our Full Circle blog at Mercari is available in the US for anyone 18+.

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    By Di1770
    I love using this app and I enjoy using it at night, but it’s so hard to stay on the app for long without my eyes starting to hurt. PLEASE ADD DARK MODE
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Nor Cal Vicious
    I’ve been on Mercari since 2017. I used to really enjoy browsing through the listings, until a few months ago. When I go to my saved searches and choose for example “Miss Me” jeans, there are a bunch of listings for generic jeans now. Because a certain seller purposely mis-categorizes them for exposure. What’s the point of having a saved search if it’s just going to return a bunch of listings that I’m completely uninterested in? why is this allowed to continue happening? what’s the purpose of having different categories if people aren’t going to list in the correct ones? I should not have to scroll through a BUNCH of listings that I am absolutely NOT interested in and didn’t search for, just because someone else doesn’t feel like they need to follow the guidelines set forth in the app like the rest of us, & they “want more exposure” for their items. It really makes me just want to start looking for a different platform to be honest. This has been going on for a while now and it’s aggravating to say the least.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Do bd
    This app helped me clear out some of my valuables and help me make some money
  • Shipping 5/5

    By boysmomnana
    I think the shipping is a little high!
  • Do NOT recommend 1/5

    By daniluvsdilfs
    100% better to just use poshmark, I downloaded both as a way to sell items faster and reach more people. I have had no issues with postmark but Mercari is nothing but problems about 80% of my sales/purchases there has been an issue and their costumer support is not very helpful they just say there’s is nothing they can do over and over. Seems west to use until you need to make a return or have some sort of issue.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Seansjdhahdjdjahsdhs
    Nothing but a scam selling site they charge for shipping fees and they just keep all the money for them self’s other then like eBay they need to be erase they erase account because I told a buyer reason why my price was so high because they take big fees out and keep the shipping fees all for themselves
  • Awful customer service 1/5

    By roguegyp
    I’ve been both a buyer and seller on this application for some time now. Buyers always have the advantage which I believe is a wonderful concept. Sellers are what keeps your business going though. There is no support or protection for sellers and customer service is very ugly to sellers when issues arise. They are very hard to get ahold of and all seem like bot responses and send you through circles. I wrapped an item I sold in bubble wrap and other wrapping with no spaces and the package got damaged in transit and they blamed me and charged me for it even though they claim to have shipping protection. The articles and explanation from their bot states clearly I secured the package by protocol.
  • Review 5/5

    By Tbirdsride
    Five star rating - everything was great!
  • Do not waste your time with this site 5/5

    By summerstar78
    I had 1,000 follows and 1600 reviews 1300 were from sells. All positive 5 stars except for two. They accuse you have not following their rules if their computer picks up certain words in your messaging, they hold it against you, regardless if you were innocent. A customer didn’t like the scent of an authentic perfume and the only way you can return it, is to say it’s unauthentic. I even gave all copes on the perfume to the manufacturer and they confirmed it’s authenticity. I even had the receipt! They still marked it against me and I lost the money and product. I opened a complaint with the BBB and all of a sudden, I was kicked of Mercari and my account was closed. I can fight it, but I chose not too! I’m now on eBay :) I made $20,000 in 11 months on there and they still treated me horribly! They do not respond to emails and if there’s an issue, they do not explain the promise well. Do not sell or buy from that site! Please trust me on this! Just go to the BBB and online forms, it’s all negative! Thank you for your time!
  • Can't list anything 1/5

    By Holeystar2409
    I have a few listings and when I'm trying to add more but as soon as I press on “ add photos” the app immediately shuts down. I've tried to delete the app from my phone and download it again but it didn't work. Also, I wasn't able to get any support or help. I would like to keep using an app and I hope someone could reach out to me and explain what to do with it.
  • boooooo 1/5

    By immyalol
    i was selling regularly kpop photocards, i did free shipping for my buyers. sometimes their mail would get sent back, i had to ask them to contact my instagram so we can resolve the problem but mercari prohibited me from doing that many times. to the point where they limited my account. i’m not allowed to make anymore accounts and it makes me upset bc i didn’t violate the terms in a badly way
  • Crash 1/5

    By Go home messenger youre drunk
    The app crashes as soon as you touch the add photo to take a picture of the item you’re looking to sell
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By 土豆宝宝 user511106403
    I like Mercari . It’s so good to use
  • Over 2 years of the same scam on this app... 2/5

    By Sturgeon77
    And no solution. There are good things about Mercari , but the scams on this app are so consistent that you start to wonder... is the tech-side of this company totally incompetent, or are they the ones behind the scams. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Website is good but app stinks 2/5

    By MyuziqSF
    There are three things that Mercari is completely inferior to eBay. 1. They don’t have dark mode. It hurts my eyes in nights. 2. The search function stinks. For example you can’t even put words to omit from search results. You search for Phantom 4 then they show you Phantom 3 and 2 too. 3. They can’t stop the scammers. Seemingly same people keep posting junk that they don’t even own. Mercari apparently takes care of the buyers who were fooled according to reviews, but they should do something about these folks with zero review and trying to sell stuff they don’t own. I’m so sick of them. They need account verification system with social security number or something.
  • Love!!!! 5/5

    By jakeq1700
    Love this app has everything you could think of and almost everything I have bought has been exactly what it was supposed to be!
  • On-line Shopping 5/5

    By mkckendall
    Love Mercari, great on-line shopping. AAAAAA plus and more. Thank you!

    By watermelanyy
    I’ve been a top seller for over 5 years on this app and Mercari closed my account due to the receipts I sent them for the items I’m selling. They asked me to send in receipts for whatever reason and so I did and then 10 mins later they close my account after I’ve been a member for so long. They closed it with no explanation as to why they did!? It makes no sense because most people on this app are resellers and it’s our full time income and they’re just taking away peoples accounts for no reason!!! Stay away from this app. Use poshmark or eBay instead. They are not professional at all.
  • Cool GDaddy says : 5/5

    By KoolGdaddy
    Simply awesome app to shop with, my new favorite!
  • Bad costumer service 1/5

    By airekazuni
    You can only choose from there options on questions and complaints in order to even submit a question or complaint.
  • Some good deals but horrible seller customer support 2/5

    By nickname0989098
    This can be a great place to buy and sell, until you have a scammer buyer and the customer support will NOT side with the seller. Sellers, be warned! They will not help you, you can lose a lot of money.
  • Beware 1/5

    By Meant 2 be
    Beware of this site. They condone the sale of counterfeit items, belts, bags wallets many are fake, based on my personal experience. Sellers, they allow returns even when you have clearly stated in your listing that there are no returns accepted especially on items people can open and remove pieces. Despite the hard work you put in to picture post and promote your items, Mercari has no means to contact anyone about anything and they always take the buyers side in a dispute. I have successfully sold many items here in the past but many of my friends now agree that any & every other site is better to devote your time and hard work to build your successful brand.
  • Help Center 1/5

    By TrinaLW
    This via solely based on the fact that I just spent 20 minutes in the app trying to navigate the “Contact Us” links that lead to no where. Issue not addressed so not resolved
  • I like it 5/5

    By Bryboz
    Awesome App to sell and buy Than you.
  • Deleted my account for no good reason 1/5

    By 2fust
    Mercari deleted my account and stated it was do to me having multiple accounts which I don’t have so they don’t even investigate…. Scam?!?
  • Horrible scam app 1/5

    By bregirlbre
    BEWARE. They will find every way to delete your account and steal your money. Many better selling apps out there. Steer clear of this app! Read all the other reviews. I’m not the only one! Even after using it again. Still they always accept the buyers problems. What about us sellers? I have 100k on Poshmark. Mercari scams they don’t care about sellers. I gave them a second chance. There will not be a third.
  • Greatly satisfied! 5/5

    By 1Cissy
    I have made a few purchases over the last couple years and have been very pleased with the products I have received. Thank you for offering this service. Sincerely, Yvonne Mattingly
  • Tough for selling 2/5

    By alinanag
    The app is fairly easy to use in simple to list. **However, it seems like every year they rise up fees and processing fees, It went from .30 to .50 For someone listing an item for about five dollars you aren’t gonna make any profit. It’s almost turning into a Poshmark where unless you are listing *expensive items you really are not making anything
  • Don’t recommend selling on Mercari bad customer service 1/5

    By fzkgfitzgkguñg
    I tried contacting Mercari for issues that I’m having and they didn’t help A little kid went ahead and bought everything on my Mercari canceled everything and now they are canceling my account and won’t do anything for me They need to work on their customer service and rules on incidents like this one Wouldn’t recommend to sale or use Mercari again
  • My thoughts on Mercari. 3/5

    By miggy518
    Great place to sell but fees are extremely high. You lose a huge chunk of each sale and they still want to raise the processing fee. That’s absolutely ridiculous.
  • Terrible Selling App 1/5

    By CurseOfCurvessss
    This app is absolutely terrible, and there is NO support. I had been rated very highly and NEVER had an issue or return until someone god mad that I couldn’t cancel their order mid-ship. She destroyed the item and lied, and Mercari took her side EVEN THOUGH I POSTED PHOTOS OF THE PRODUCT. They said my photos did not accurately portray the item (even though it showed multiple angles). Don’t waste your time selling here. They are greedy and take so much of your profits anyway, so just use Facebook Marketplace. I pulled all of my items and they will never make money off of me again.
  • Customer service deletes messages from the chat 1/5

    By dtandres
    As the title says, customer service deletes messages from tickets so they can avoid reimbursing you for their mistakes. I opened two tickets because Mercari messed up my address and ended up shipping my package to another place. Their response? Delete messages from the ticket treat so they can claim no responsibility whatsoever. Don’t use this app. They just stole $96 from me.
  • Not good for sellers 1/5

    By nathan2341
    They just keep charging more and more fees. It’s easier to sell local on Facebook marketplace or eBay. Smh
  • Greedy app developers 1/5

    By raausyabdbdb
    I have been on Mercari buying and selling since a little under 100k people downloaded this all and i cant help but notice it has grown significantly. While this is good for the people who created the app, it is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore how much MONEY you LOSE on every sale due to processing fees, tax, more fees, etc. its really sad how something good and well designed has been tarnished by overall greed. Ten percent of everything sold goes to mercari, and that isnt counting shipping and other fees. As a seller you cannot survive on this app, and as a buyer you think twice about purchasing something because of how costly it is. You almost feel bad asking a seller to drop the price because you know they are getting so blindly robbed on the backside by the very app they choose to list on. At the end of the day this is just my experience and whoever takes the time to read this has free will, but its sad and I will no longer be using this disgrace of an app and will instead be using a competitor who doesnt take all my money for supporting them. :) the inspiration to write this came from another 50 cent increase fee that came on today on top of all the others that already existed. Why? Because who cares.
  • Eh. Getting worse 2/5

    By AM_Martinez
    All they keep doing is adding fees on top of fees. It’s ridiculous. They’re getting just as bad as Poshmark. Now they’re adding more fees as of 11/01/2022. Again. RIDICULOUS!!
  • please get Dark-Mode 4/5

    By TheWorldNeedsChange
    Dark-Mode just like how eBay has it and you can be better! also the shipping on Mercari’s USPS is too pricy and more pricier than the regular USPS shipping coat local or non local. Improvae that make it less procier and you can be better than eBay, Poshmark etc . stockX & goat are trash! go Mercari!
  • One Star Until Mercari Adds iPad Suppot 1/5

    By reewinder
    It’s ridiculous that Mercari hasn’t implemented support for iPad users. I have an iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard and literally have to remove it from KB and turn it sideways. Can’t use the app in the horizontal/landscape and only shows correctly if vertical/portrait mode.
  • .50 cents 1/5

    By Jay3are
    Really half a dollar for a processing fee? Ok I’ll be selling my stuff elsewhere thanks
  • Used to love this app but it’s going downhill 1/5

    By meg thee stali
    I love how quick I sell items on this app but for 5 times now I been losing my money , customer service is terrible we pay to have a $200 insurance plan so that if the shipment company damages the item and it’s not your fault that they will get a refund and you will get reimbursed but that is not true , I’ve had all my items professionally packaged and so far ups each time has battered my packaged and left them damaged, even the buyers agree that it’s not my packaging that caused it because I package my items perfectly , I even over do it with the bubble wrap and protective shipping products, and yet Mercari will never refund me and will state it’s because my packaging wasn’t up to standers which is not true ! Now they have a thing where if they feel you over price your items they will suspend your account this hasn’t happened to me yet but I find that ridiculous! And just found out Today they are taking an extra .50 cents off your payment when they already take a bunch of money in fees! eBay is amazing they reimbursed me the one or two times someone has complained that their item got destroyed by ups/the shipping handler and I have gotten my money back no problem while Mercari will ship my item back to me in pieces. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars from this and it’s getting ridiculous, when I try to call their customer service it says there are no live representation in my area and hangs up, when I message the help senter with pictures and proof from the buyer that the damage was not on me , that the box was battered and ripped before they even opened the package and Mercari will say the same thing that I didn’t obey the community guidelines , I don’t want to have to stop using this app because like I said I’ve gotten a lot of good customers and business and I do enjoy using it but it’s starting to make me broke, the items I sell are vintage and seeing them get destroyed behind my control is very upsetting and losing all this money that I can’t afford to lose is getting out of hand I really hope they fix this situation it’s happened to every person I know around me that uses this app as well and they are no longer using it .
  • Love It!! Best selling app by far, great customer service team ! 5/5

    By LookLoveBuy
    Compared to other selling apps Mercari is definitely thebes best! It’s easy to buy and sell, to post up pictures. They help you out with selling your stuff by allowing you to promote your stuff. Sometimes they give your ad a coupon for others to get a discount to help sell your stuff (discounts given by Mercari). If you ever have issues with buying or selling they resolve matters quickly! I love it you will too!
  • Fees are getting bad 2/5

    By 12clbrown
    I’ve been selling on Mercari for a few years now and for awhile it was a great app! Unfortunately this past year, “selling fees” and processing fees have went up significantly. Though FB marketplace can be annoying sometimes, I’ve found that to be the best to keep the most $$ for my things.
  • After selling for years… 2/5

    By Gargamel421
    I’ve noticed the customer service severely lacking, only favoring the buyer. Whether be scamming or not, the buyer always is in the right. It’s not the best way to run a business, when all we get as sellers is automated replies and zero sympathy for the seller that may have lost hundreds due to Mercari notdoing their due diligence. Even though they “Say” they have. Also, the fees. We aren’t paying more for items now that Covid is over, so why is mercari getting to take MORE of our funds during processing when they’ve thrived off us for years and will continue to do so.
  • App isn’t working 1/5

    By Hejshbwkqjw
    App won’t let me message sellers
  • Outside the box 5/5

    By drhvac18
    Look at the stuff they have for sale it's America and beyond all In one place BRADLEY DERGES
  • Add a repost future 4/5

    By Cbarner3
    After having your listing up for so long, less people see it as people post new stuff. I hate to take down a post just to repulsed it so more people will see it. It becomes a hassle. Other than that, I love the app and it’s been good to me
  • They’ll Screw You 1/5

    By screweddd
    The selling/buying experience is fine, mostly. Just hope you don’t purchase an item that turns out NOT to be what you were expecting or was wrongly labeled by the seller. Mercari will screw you and favor the seller. I clearly made my case about an $80 pair of pants I purchased. I purchased these because of a specific description of the fabric listed by the seller and type of pants. I already owned a pair of these pants that retail for $130, I wanted to find another pair secondhand because I’m not rich. The pants were incorrectly labeled and had been washed so many times they can’t even button around my waist, even though the seller sold them as ‘used but in like new condition.’ Bye bye Mercari. They said screw you and the seller listed the item correctly, no matter how many times I tried to explain why they lied. Also, they take more money from you when you sell an item than ANY other service I’ve ever used. Take your business elsewhere.
  • Should NOT BE ALLOWED 1/5

    By Error22037
    This app should not be allowed to hold items it should be, first come first serve. This is a 1 star rating are there any good buying apps out there anymore where you can trust ppl at all!!!
  • Terrible Experience 1/5

    By ldhdhvjey
    I bought Rock Band 4 items (drumset, 3 guitars, 2 mics) for $400 - not one of these items works. I contacted the website and the seller about a refund. The seller never even responded and the Mercari staff told me they would give me $20 of store credit. ABSOLUTELY AWFUL DON’T EVER USE THIS SITE! It’s all a scam for sellers to make easy money with no guarantee for the consumer.
  • Taking fee than anything 2/5

    By blurdragoon
    I like the app just “you are almost 600 for w-9” and won’t let you sell unless you sign it even though…I barely made less than 300 selling and the rest of the money went to fees, sold an item around 150.. boom 30 dollars they took from me.