Mercari: Your Marketplace

Mercari: Your Marketplace

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  • Current Version: 7.42.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mercari, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mercari: Your Marketplace App

Whether you're searching for that unique find or clearing out space for some extra cash, you can do it all in the app, all from home. SHOP Discover that perfect find from brands like Nike, Funko, Nintendo, Squishmallows, Apple, Lululemon (and thousands more). From collectables, to unique handmade items, to one-of-a-kind treasures, it's all on Mercari. AUTHENTICATED LUXURY Shop luxury and designer clothing, shoes, and accessories with confidence. Items with a diamond badge are authenticated and all purchases are protected. SHOP SECURELY Get your item as described or your money back. When you've found that perfect thing, we ask the seller to ship within 3 business days. LOCAL FINDS Shop your neighborhood without leaving the house! Your items will be delivered right to your door, no awkward meetups required. BUY NOW, PAY LATER Get it now, pay in four installments with Zip or PayPal. SELL Lighten your life by listing once-loved items on Mercari. Listing your unused items on Mercari is free and simple. Just snap a few photos, input item details, and tap List. Use selling features including smart pricing, offer to likers, promote, and more to ensure your item is seen and sold as quickly as possible. EASY DELIVERY OPTIONS Mercari knows that affordable and convenient shipping options are important. That's why Mercari prepaid labels have competitive rates, offer print-free options and Shipping Protection up to $200. With Mercari Local, have your bulky, heavy items picked up for fast, doorstep delivery. GET PAID QUICKLY To complete your sales transaction, rate the buyer. Then funds will be added to your balance. Choose how you want to get paid with Direct Deposit, Instant Pay, or use your balance for a purchase–it's up to you. AUTHENTICATE Got designer items? With Mercari Authenticate, your shoppers know they're getting the real deal. Mercari Authenticate makes it simple to buy and sell pre-loved, genuine luxury goods. List and authenticate luxury items from anywhere, on any device. Authenticated items are automatically boosted and seen by more buyers, meaning they're more likely to sell. Give yourself some preloved love with Mercari. We'd love to hear from you. DM us on our Instagram @mercari, tweet @mercari_app, or find us on Facebook @MercariApp. And, get quick-reads on everything from decluttering to collecting, tips on selling, upcycling ideas and shopping inspo on our Full Circle blog at Mercari is available in the US for anyone 18+.

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Mercari: Your Marketplace app reviews

  • The market place is garbage 1/5

    By Skeeves76
    The app is safe and will return your money but the sellers on this website are so useless and the rating system is also worthless. I had two orders both of them took over a week to be shipped. The app had to remind both sellers multiple times to ship products despite their accounts saying they ship with in 12-24 hours. One sellers item made no movement after a week and a half so I canceled. The other sent me a USED article of clothing with the tags still on it, selling it as brand new unused with tags. So clearly a lie, and when I reported it to Mercari they just offered a return and not a chance to report/review the seller. Instead the unprofessional seller is now left with an untainted record allowing other consumers to fall victim to them. This is like a sketchy eBay? Just use eBay, atleast sellers take it seriously.
  • Got Banned 1/5

    By ReallyRocky24
    Was Selling stuff then got a message saying my account would be closed permanently. WhenI did nothing wrong with there terms of service. They still yet to message me back. This app is really good just writing this so they can contact me back.
  • Lost 1 item 2/5

    By Batlao
    The buyer cancel when I already sent the item
  • Terrible help center doesn’t help 1/5

    By antimecari
    Terrible app! I’ve bought eight items and sold 10 and they suspended my account randomly something about fraudulent card. I shipped orders and now I won’t be receiving funds due to suspended account. I already shipped the item. This is bull crap and the help center is no help. That’s a big problem.

    By Jrthelord
    You literally paying to use this app if you you look at how much they take with fees , makes it impossible to sell you products
  • It isn’t a seller’s friendly app 1/5

    By Doiddle
    Mercari has policies just to say they have them. It’s a poorly managed company that doesn’t care about the sellers as long as they collect their fees.
  • Fees/ Shipping 4/5

    By truth&honesty
    I have used Mecari for years and have made money. There has been several increases and fees making it harder. They keep increasing shipping rates making cost more than the item your trying to sell which deters buyers. If you select the wrong shipping you can whip out all your profit from the super high over weight charge! I have been charged an additional $6.50 for weight being .03 ounce over.
  • Scalping prices 2/5

    By Snake Eyez38
    Company needs to put a limit on how much someone can list an item if it’s not brand new. Meaning unopened , still sealed from the manufacture. To many Sellers are getting away with charging insane prices and it’s not even new.
  • I used to like this app 1/5

    By Aud4678
    I used to like this app until I lost $50 on a sale. Mercari let the buyer keep my item AND gave them a refund even though I said I wanted my item back. Despite all the money they make off our transactions, mercari is too cheap to provide a return shipping label.
  • Online E-Commerce 3/5

    By Mastermnd6
    The app is missing features, and shipping Prices is way too expensive for any retailer to make money. This app is perfect if you are trying to sell some used items. But for retailer like me, it is impossible to make money. Shipping is missing services. Creating a Listing page is missing features like quantities, etc… Over all if the market page is narrow with cleared title, and the withdrawal for some seller is free on demand I think a lot of seller would move here. Good Luck 👍
  • I purchase a vintage Apple Computer 5/5

    By RapidPay User
    It was damaged
  • App won’t load most of the time 3/5

    By Trace1512
    I’ve updated the app, and it’s suppose to work with my version of iOS yet over half the time the app just sits blank and will NOT load which is making it a useless app for me, super annoying. Also not being able to communicate with a real person when have issues is a major pain! I despise having to try communicate with a bot giving me copy/paste answers that are of no help when I need it. On a positive note, the platform itself offers the best Search option/results of the 4 apps I most often use. But y’all have gotta fix this freezing up and not loading issue. And please ad an option for reaching out to help when it doesn’t apply to the pre-selected options. Do humans even exist anymore?!
  • Annoying to sign up - they ask a Credit Card at the end 1/5

    By f0(king frustated!
    They ask tons of personal details, phone numbers address, too many questions. Worst of all they ask for a Credit/Debit card at the end.
  • Mercari 5- Stars 5/5

    By shockgeeks
    Mercari 5- Stars
  • Hard to make payment 2/5

    By gehfdhju
    Drove me crazy because my method of payment would be rejected. Tried alternatives. A day later, I had no problems. System also rejects nicknames.
  • Shipping 4/5

    By User630
    Too many shipping rates.
  • Beware of their dishonest policies…you have been warned 1/5

    By Pine Apple Pie
    Oh, it all seems great at first until they side with someone unethical and clearly against even their own rules. Then, they will laugh at you and basically give you the middle finger, when you point it out. A totally unethical company. They will screw you whether you are a buyer or a seller. They don't deserve and will never get my business again.

    By Kenna2395
    I tried plunging things from several verified and not even fishy people and it just took my money and left the item still purchasable or in my cart. This is not trust worthy do not do it
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By cburrel
    Everything I’ve ever received was better than expected and the one time I had an issue it was resolved asap. I love this app!!
  • Great service. 5/5

    By 44midframe
    Although new to this platform, I found navigation, listing, and purchases easy to accomplish. Extreme care is excercised to insure buyer privacy and safety.
  • Mercari has been a great experience! 5/5

    By C.C.’s Closet
    I’ve been enjoying buying & selling on this platform! Very user friendly!
  • Scam 1/5

    By mocha76556787:336)
    I literally got scammed 3 times. I know you’re thinking how did you allow that to happen. I made 3 separate offers at once thinking I was getting some amazing deals from a reputable site. WRONG! These people don’t check the items that people are posting on the site to verify it’s legitimate. There are sellers posting the same products multiple times and waiting for hard working people to take the bait.
  • Outsourced customer service is a nightmare 1/5

    By KidsinSB
    I had two simple situation (one selling and one buying). It was to hard to get a customer service person to resolve the issue, they kept sending me in circles. It was about the most ridiculous experience ever. I sold about $400 worth of stuff on here, but it was such a bad customer service I will not use Mercari anymore.
  • Good sellers, TERRIBLE customer support 2/5

    By clearpastelbeauty
    I usually don’t have issues with the people I buy and sell with through this app but recently I purchased a pair of leg warmers and had some issues. It arrived not as not what I ordered. It got delivered on Saturday but due to my college living situation I was not able to actually get the package until the weekend was over. I messaged the seller and when they did not know what to do I messaged the support system. While I was waiting for a reply the app rated the item for me and then got back to me after saying it’s my fault for not contacting them sooner and just gave me a 10% coupon. I texted back explaining my situation and how I had reached out about my issue before the rating was put on the item but I just got the same copy and paste response back. They do not care about their customers- only their money.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By BIGTIME50
    Great Place to buy and sell.
  • Super Easy To Make Cash! 💚 5/5

    By ikittengf
    I’ve been using this app to get rid of ALL my unwanted things and it has truly been a blessing! With college coming up soon it’ll give me time to go through continue selling anything I can! Mainly due to updating my wardrobe! I’ve made almost $400, please be mindful of cashing out as soon as you reach your personal limit. Other than that you will get the occasional 1 star rating people or just people trying to scam you out of your money, just be mindful!
  • Bugs 1/5

    By periodt 😸
    Its been like 3 weeks and they still haven’t fixed the picture upload issue
  • App handling 3/5

    By Wolfgang101112
    I just received a purchase and went to the email notification. It would not let me rate the seller (Logon error, undefined account). I had to throw the app off my iphone 7, reinstall, reverify and then I got to the rating bit. I presume this not the intended process flow, hence the middle rating Thanks Wolfgang
  • Make some extra cash 5/5

    By Laura Lily along butt
    It’s real easy just take a picture of some things that you haven’t used for a while and you’ll have money in your pocket within a couple days.
  • Love this App 5/5

    By esh478
    Easy to navigate and best place to sell and BUY!
  • Ms 5/5

    By DA jeffreys
    I’ve been on this site for a little while now I enjoy browsing the selections and after deciding on making a transaction most of the vendor are appropriate kind considerate and it makes it a pleasure to do business on Mercari
  • Books 3/5

    By covi18
    Most of the time sellers follow through when you buy, but sometimes they just cancel order once purchased? I am not used to that, not good for customer service. I still purchase from them.

    By screwed all the way around
    I sold a 14k necklace to someone in Florida, when they received the necklace they requested a return that it wasn’t the necklace listed; without hesitation they approved their return ( even tho it was clearly the same necklace) but when I received the package back, of course it wasn’t the one I sent, I appealed the return multiple times stating a different item was returned, sent pictures and I was told that they couldn’t prove that it wasn’t the same necklace that was sent, ( that pictures showed what the Uber received and what I received… it was very obvious it wasn’t the same one) so now I’m out a necklace and the money
  • They don’t pay 3/5

    By Edjdibd
    The app is good , but for some reason like 90% of the buyers well Not rate you so you can get payment and it sits there for a while until the app steps in and gives you the payment it’s annoying. Don’t know why people get your items and just don’t bother rating you.
  • Okay 3/5

    By Child of Stars
    It’s okay for selling items. They keep raising the prices of fees once or twice a year, and the local fee is way higher than shipping sometimes.
  • Super satisfied with everything!! 5/5

    By pookie pookie777
    Great and completely satisfied!! Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • upset seller 1/5

    By candycrushenthusiast
    I have been using mercari for awhile now to sell some of my things. I had never had an issue before until a package was misplaced at one of the usps facilities and mercari refused to refund the item or investigate the situation further. I am extremely upset by the situation as the item was expensive and I really count on the money from this app. I take time and carefully sell everything and now am having a hard time wanting to continue with this site.
  • Will not let me in to my account 1/5

    By Perfectstorm007
    This app will not let me in to my account. Every verification code if sends me does not work and it says my email is invalid. Extremely frustrating. Back to eBay for me.
  • Customer Service is GARBAGE 1/5

    By Jsjsbscahajakwkwvvw
    I bought a TWO YEAR protection plan and Mercari refuses to help me with my item after thirty days. I have been a loyal user for 7 years and yet your team is stupid enough to treat someone who has made you money this way. They won’t even let me VIEW the plan that I paid for . Absolutely horrible customer service.
  • Awesome site 5/5

    By river dredger
    Good job I check site 4 or 5 times a day
  • I am done over $30 1/5

    By Guill3
    I work hard ever day and use this platform as my part time. There no customer service in the US whatsoever I was scammed by a buyer that had literally no ratings or long time with the platform whereas myself have been 4 years using it and I have over 80 ratings (sells). I am DONE WITH THIS APP AND DONE SUPPORTING FOREIGN APPS LIKE THIS WHERE I HAVE TO GET RIPPED OFF
  • Sellers BEWARE 1/5

    By AsmitaIda
    Mercari NO SELLER PROTECTION. If your item is damaged in shipping they will process the return, and you will be out of money and a good condition item. Consider another platform. I have sold for a couple years, and have thus far encountered two problems (one with a buyer canceling when shipping was not updated).
  • Do not trust this app 1/5

    By Arclight leopard
    Multiple Mail fraud scams all across this app, it’s not as trustworthy as eBay, no buyer protection, I was completely scammed and I’ve yet to hear back from their customer support. I am listed every item I had for sale, and I still haven’t received a resolution, there’s not even a 1-800 number to reach anyone.
  • Payments take forever to post 2/5

    By johnny in lakeview
    In the interest of buyer security, this app holds the payment until the buyer rates the seller. Since most buyers ignore requests to rate the seller, the seller ends up waiting 4 days after the product has arrived in order to receive payment.
  • you talk to a live person 5/5

    By jonahtrav
    They have
  • Love Selling on Mercari! 5/5

    By Missions Traveler
    I sell on multiple platforms, but find Mercari to be by far the simplest and easiest to work with. I sell most of my items here. Any issues that I have had with shipments or buyers have been resolved promptly and fairly.
  • Inventory 5/5

    By Tessa's Namna
    I find whatever I’m looking for! Great prices! Great vendors..
  • Worst Customer Service 1/5

    By SmokinSkul
    Mercari is decent, until you have a problem with a seller that lies about the product description. Long story short I bought a flannel shirt that was listed as a Men’s size small. It even said Men’s size small again in the product description. What I received was a Women’s size small. I figured it was an honest mistake, so I requested a refund. Guess what? No response from the seller. I ask Mercari for a refund. They ask for several pictures, which I provided, only to tell me that my refund was denied. When I asked why they tell me that the listing was accurate. Um, no it certainly wasn’t! I’m not sure who these “customer service” people are, but Randolf R. Could use a class in how to help a customer.
  • Stay away! 1/5

    By Media smoke
    They have the worst customer support I’ve dealt with, I received an item that didn’t work. Me and the seller both agreed to a return and refund. But mercari denied the request because I threw away the shipping box it came in?? Why does it matter. Stay on eBay or Facebook where you have buyer protection.