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Mercari: The Selling App

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  • Current Version: 6.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mercari, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mercari: The Selling App App

NOT USING IT? SELL IT. SHIP IT. GET PAID. This is Mercari. The fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. From fashion to toys, sporting goods to electronics, jewelry to shoes - all the brands you know and love. It’s a snap - list your item in minutes. Got something you don’t use, never used or simply outgrew? Sell it. SELLING IS FAST & EASY. * List in a snap - just take a few photos, add a description and set your price. * No meetups. All items ship. * Printable shipping label emailed to you. Just print and ship. * Listings are free - a flat 10% selling fee only charged when your sale completes. BUY & SAVE. * Save up to 70% off a great selection of new and used items. * Over 100,000 new items for women, men, kids and home listed each day. WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK. * Buyer Protection Guarantee - payment is held until item is delivered and buyer confirms it is as described. * 24 hour customer support.


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  • Don’t waste your money here it is a fraud 1/5

    By been fraud
    I advise everyone not to buy anything from this website someone on here pretended to have lots of pink sweaters outfits bras bathing suit tee shirt and shorts for sale i was willing to pay $2000 for all this for my 13 yr old daughter instead I got $10000 stolen out of my bank account the $8000 that was left was for me and my daughter to go to Disney world but this person knows who she is and my bank and law will find her if it’s not put back these are felony charges the cops said she could get anywhere from 10-20 yrs and she should. I am a single mom saving every penny to make my daughter happy I get no child support for her I’m the one who does it all!! So my advice to you is to be waiting for the cops to be knocking on your door!!
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By Cxmposed
    If I could give it less stars I would. I downloaded with high hopes in selling my phone, well less than 24 hours of even having my account, I was banned for no reason whatsoever, without any warning or reason. Emailed them and they did nothing to try and even remotely look into it. Like they didn’t even bother. I did not violate any terms or rules in regards to the app. Literally just a simple post about my iPhone. Got a bunch of offers but due to the fact that I was working, I could not answer, they waited until my iPhone was for posted for at least 5+ hours and after a bunch of offers to immediately ban me. I will not be recommending this app to anyone, in fact steer clear of the app entirely.
  • Takes forever to load 2/5

    By Mrs.Puza
    It’s always taken FOREVER to load BUT now it takes forever to load and then force closes!!!! Please fix or I guess I’ll have to go to another similar app!!
  • Like eBay 3/5

    By Benji3600
    It’s like eBay. You get photos, you can make offers, and you can talk to the seller or buyer, but it’s so annoying going on the app and seeing that half the things I click on are sold or deleted. Why they keep the sold stuff on the app or the removed stuff I’ll never know. I think it would be much easier to shop when I’m only looking at stuff that are available.
  • One of the worsts 1/5

    By Trulyfrustratedwithaliexpress
    No communication with users. A year ago Mercari locked me out of my account and stole my remainder of funds. Gave it another try and it’s just as terrible now as it was then. Randomly decides you can’t make purchases until you verify your card but doesn’t tell you this has happened until you go to make a purchase. No snagging good deals when Mercari locks your payment method with no heads up! Had an item scanned delivered and the buyer confirm receipt of item through messages but Mercari put all my direct deposits (not just the one involving that transaction) on hold for almost a month! You can put a bow on a pile of crap but it will still be a pile of crap.
  • This app and their customer service are trash. 1/5

    By thatdontimpressmemuch
    The people who run this app think they have the right take your money for items you sold because they decided that your tracking number wasn’t good enough. This app is run by thieves and scammers. I didn’t post items on here just to give them away for free. Customer service representatives are not helpful and are unresponsive, and difficult to contact in the first place. I will not be using this app ever again.
  • Hi 5/5

    By zorrita29
    Thanks so much I’m like good time came my product
  • Excellent 5/5

    By andreairdv
    very good application and it is very easy to use
  • Davidlouie 5/5

    By daviluie
    Great selling and buying app. Really excessed my expectations . Made a sale the first day on here. Now I’ve made 3 and it’s been less than a week . Great deals on stuff I also like shopping for . Absolutely recommend
  • Cancel 3/5

    By val8608
    Don’t like you can’t cancel any offers cause of change of mind like Poshmark you can cancel offer plus hate it when you can’t never reach them
  • Unfair 1/5

    By Elaineee1038
    I have tried to buy a bag off a seller, but I was unable to. Because my card was declined and I only had cash. So I asked my boyfriend to download the app and pay for the item with his card while I keep in contact with the seller, and then pay in back in cash. I was extremely happy with the item after purchasing it because I was suppose to limit to buying the bag for $180 but the seller refused to go that low and we have finally negotiated and agreed on a $220 price and, after my boyfriend checked out and used the new $5 user discount code, it was $228. And I have a upcoming trip to japan this Sunday and have been frustrated on looking for a bag, because earlier on today another seller had made an excuse up and refused my payment. And now I have finally made up my mind and told my boyfriend to do the $220 payment. And you guys have suspended/banned my account and my boyfriends account. 3 hours after purchasing. Both I and the seller were looking forward for the bag to arrive to me. And I went back to the app 3 hours later to keep in touch with the seller to find out that I was banned. I’ve also contacted you guys on facebook and Twitter as soon as I saw this happen. I am extremely disappointed. Also I have contacted your members via email, the ban reason was because I had “multiple accounts” and then when I emailed them they gave me a different ban reason, and refused to tell me in details of why I got banned? And said I did some unusual transactions. Which I have not, I’ve explained I’ve only asked my boyfriend to help me buy the item. And they somewhat assumed my boyfriends account was also my account? And said I wanted to have multiple accounts to gain points? Are you serious? To buy a $228 bag. Really? I have many proofs to show you guys that my mercari account and my boyfriends are not held by ONLY me or only him. And also they have detected that the accounts were “mine”. And I have offered to show proof of identity. And also show you that my boyfriend paid for the item in Staten NY on his phone while I kept in touch with the seller on my phone in Brooklyn NY. I do not wish for you guys to recover my account, nor do I want to use the app again. But i am frustrated that I was accused of something that I did not do and I’d like to settle that, while your customer service give me responses like “I’m sorry I cannot release specific details in this case” while I’ve been, trying my best, to find out what happened. I’ve messaged you guys on facebook and twitter and emailed you guys. Before I wanted to call, but with these half hearted responses i got, I don’t think I needed to make a call, and settle this problem. Please stop accusing people. Also, when you guys told me to contact you via email? I only. Got 2 if the same responses out of all the emails I’ve sent. “Sorry we will not lift your ban” “sorry there has been an unsual transaction”. I heard you guys are a part of the friendly community? Where is the friendly, I want to discuss about my case. And I’ve been moved to emailing you guys. And only. Got 2 same responses out of the 4-5 emails I’ve sent.
  • App takes forever to open/And closes at random on iPad 2/5

    By Coreyswife1972
    I have never been more frustrated with any app as I have been using this one. It does not pull up items listed when I open app, all things show blank for no lie 5 minutes. Then at random it will crash close itself. This has been happening on my iPad for almost a full year. This doesn't happen as much on my android phone. Very very annoying and not a pleasant shipping experience whatsoever . It's exhausting.
  • Wish there was an option 4/5

    By syner8y
    To hide items that already sold :)
  • Friendly user apps! Love this store. 5/5

    By charita1983
    Friendly user apps! Love this store.
  • App saved searches messed up 3/5

    By bethdiekman
    For the past few weeks anytime I add a new saved search with sizes, free shipping, etc it always doesn’t save the specifics. For example, if I search girls sandals and then I put in the specifics “for sale”, toddler size 6, 7, 8, free won’t save everything. It only saves my initial search and for sale, not the sizes I chose or free shipping. I have saved many things from a few months back with specific sizes but any new searches I do it won’t save those specifics. It’s making it harder for me to find exactly what I need.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By BREGAR68
    I really enjoyed using this app. And truly liked it considering it had a few flaws , like them having full control of money you make from your sales. In order to have that money in your possession you must give them your bank info for direct deposit. Which I refused to share that info so my money remained under their control. And although they claim to give you the option of using your money to make purchases, That is false, I was never given the option to use towards any purchases.And sadly they decided to revoke my account for a ridiculous reason. Without allowing an explanation on my part. All because I questioned Paypal what it meant in my activity why it had “refund fm Mercari and refund to Mercari ? I simply wanted to know what it meant by Refund paid “to Mercari “ and Refund “from Mercari “ That’s absolutely no reason to revoke someone’s account. I have 189 5 star rating with the exception of two scammers. You would think they’d be a bit more considerate of their customers. But unfortunately customer satisfaction is not a priority.
  • Seller woes 1/5

    By miaannezap
    1. The shipping label wasn’t emailed to me until 2 days after I requested one. If finally came in on a Saturday afternoon and said I had to ship it by the next day (which was Sunday. Like soooo dumb) then I had to rate the buyer of the thing that I sold? This app is stupid and poshmark is so much better
  • Great! 2/5

    By danamariedior
    Was my “go to app” for EVERYTHING. I have nearly 600 reviews. As of today, they have TWICE now taken down more than 50 of my current listings stating that I have listings with too many keywords that are inconsistent with the listing. YOU PEOPLE ARE ABSURD. I am done with your app. I’d rather pay a little bit more but have zero problems. Poshmark, Depop, Vinted WAY BETTER APPS!
  • Please fix this 4/5

    By KatlynBrookeD
    I love this app but every time I scroll down to see the items I’m selling it jumps. Sometimes all the way back to the top. So I basically can’t see my items to change prices or anything. Please fix this!
  • I can’t use the app 2/5

    By pablosky004
    I really like the app but when I put my information of my address, Puerto Rico is not on the list!!! Can you add us please!!!
  • Good luck trying to talk to an actual person 1/5

    By VaZ333
    I’ve been going in circles and circles Trying to send Mercari an actual message, and every option even the “CONTACT US” option just leads you to more topics to choose from to READ your response. That is their customer service, a library of answers to every possible question. EXCEPT a solution for when someone uses your photos IN A BATHING SUIT without your consent and refuses to take them down. I have reported the picture 2X and mercari has done absolutely nothing about it ! Absurd !!!
  • BAD 1/5

    By Miranda Lambert ✅
    My most viewed and favorited items would be put on sale without my permission.
  • New update buggy 1/5

    By SaraDraconia
    Since the new update the print own label shipping option just disappeared which costs both buyers and sellers a lot more. The app makes it really hard to just contact customer service directly if it’s not a cookie cutter question from their faq.
  • Selling on MERCARI 5/5

    By Cp3647
    The process is very simple and quick; what I enjoy most is that MERCARI, walks you through every step. They take care of both the Seller and Buyer every step of the way!! Great platform!
  • The app doesn’t work 1/5

    By PunchLiner23
    This app used to work before but now it’s not compatible with my phone! I have the latest version. When clicking on any product thumbnail, it gave me an error saying “oops! something went wrong.” I can’t view any product detail page at all. I have to go to the web browser to shop! Terrible experience.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By big booty fl
    By far the worst app ever don’t bother 👎
  • A+++++ 5/5

    By Revinaldo
    Great app. for buy and sell. Very recommended.
  • Account got suspended for no apparent reason 1/5

    By Arabprincess1990
    I didn’t even buy anything or sell anything. I just downloaded the app and got that my account was suspended. I don’t get why? But I don’t know how there gonna get customers if there just gonna keep suspending account for no reason.
  • Great 5/5

    By Cccccccjjkkkjkggdd
  • Great- but a flaw No PayPal! 3/5

    By w0w kween
    Depositing and receiving funds would be so much easier if you had a Paypal direct option 😭 honestly, there's still buyers protection because PayPal refunds if there is a scam. So it's still safe and way faster than credit card directly. I would 5 star review if you implemented a PayPal system like Depop or any other selling platform.
  • Some things need to be added 3/5

    By Kaykay5744012
    So overall this is a pretty good app and I go in between a 3 or 4 star rating. I think people should be able to search for people and send messages to people who “like” their items. For example, I had a buyer who liked 4 of my items and I tried to offer a bundle price but I could not search for the person or respond. Also, a bundle option would be nice! Currently people have to message you and then you create an item just for them. After this product grows, I hope the will switch to a 2-day priority shipping. Just to make it more streamlined for everyone, but still offer the slower shipping at a lower price.
  • Terrible company 1/5

    By Awexish
    If I could give it a 0 I would!! I’ve been trying to sell my mothers sunglasses and they’ve suspended my account for counterfeit. Even though I put the serial number and everything they asked for. So I emailed them and they were lot helpful at all. I asked what other info they needed and all they emailed me was a rewritten version of the email I got about prohibited items. So they don’t even read your emails and even help!! I’m so livid with this company. I’m deactivating my profile since I got NO HELP from anyone. Do yourself a favor and don’t download this stupid app.
  • I love this app 4/5

    By Super saver!!!!!!!
    I love buying and selling things on Mercari. Super user friendly and easy to navigate through. However, the most annoy thing that happens is: You’ll click on something that is listed as for sale every now and then, a white screen pops up that says something like “Item not found” and it kicks you back to the main screen. Or when you’re looking through your “Likes” if you click on one, then go back to the main “Likes” screen, it takes you all the way almost to the top so you have to scroll all the way back down to where you were. Definitely has some bugs. Also, why do you show me stuff that’s been sold? I can’t buy that stuff. It’s a waste of space and something else I have to Filter our.
  • No resolution is not acceptable 1/5

    By NickisanIdiot
    After several issues adding payment, which is only through a card. No PayPal or other methods optional. Contacting the bank and it reflecting the mercari app but it not being a bank or card issue. These idiots refuse to resolve the issue. They just don’t know so they think that’s an acceptable resolution? Stick with Poshmark or other apps which give you more than one form of payment.
  • Great 5/5

    By Ebayreed
    Great App with great customer service and sellers. I highly recommend using this app to buy or sell anything
  • Unclear rules 1/5

    By MonsterLeo8
    Too many rules and wasn’t made clear to sellers and deleting accounts without giving them a chance to reply.
  • Love it at first but... 1/5

    By Selenalove
    I been a user of this app for about a year. I love the app at first but they have so many rules and policies that wasn’t made clear to me, which led to my first account suspension. I made another account and sold accordingly after familiarize myself with their policies. However, after months of selling with no problem and took great care of each customer that I have I was again suspended. The reason was due to the mistakes I have made with my last account. I contacted them and tried to explain myself but I was replied with their automated message leaving me puzzled. Overtime, I have built great relationships with the people I have encountered on this app. I have spend months developing my account and contributing to this community. I think it’s not fair to just delete my account and not giving me a chance to explain myself. I will love to have the chance to speak with someone “not a robot” regarding my problem and hopefully get a chance to sell at this platform again.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Yyyyytrwasfvb. Nj
  • Upgraded to Poshmark 1/5

    By @FeliSoup
    I started off loving this app, but it went downhill after a couple of months. I have had 156 successful accounts so far, only to have my account banned from rules I wasn't even aware of. Mercari also takes so much money from both sellers and buyers. There is a 10% selling fee, which may not sound much but it really adds up, especially since they keep increasing shipping prices. Mercari itself also has a really annoying support team that spams you every hour with messages telling you to list things. They also are way too sensitive to people's messages and transactions, almost on an FBI level. Everyone on Mercari is also incredibly rude for some reason. Mercari really attracts a lot of bad-tempered people looking to cheat people of their money. Overall, I'd say sign up, use your free $10 credits, then log right off and try another selling platform. Thanks for 2 years of turmoil!
  • Selling is difficult 3/5

    By azs7500
    I have been using Merc for about 6 months and find it is hard to sell on Mercari compared to similar sites. Items are not easily refreshed and it is hard to gain followers.
  • It’s okay to get money 2/5

    By Deej40
    I sold over 300+ items on here , there is a lot of rules and things you cannot sell on this app. eBay is better for almost anything to sell . Mercari keeps the money if the item is “prohibited “ just like if you tell a buyer you’ll include free coupons into their purchase. Your account will be suspended
  • Scam site. Mercari doesn’t allow me return an item. 1/5

    By zandbeyond
    I bought a handbag. Received it but it’s not as described. It has a lot of peeling leather and marks. I wanted to open a return case but Mercari doesn’t allow me do that. Now I am keeping the trunk bag and lost money. They are a scam site. They took my money to give seller and wouldn’t allow me return. Don’t buy anything from this site. Don’t download it. You will lost money like me.
  • The worst app for seller 1/5

    By nisatinachon
    I have really bad experience on this app as a seller and try to contact customer service on the app is such a nightmare. I would never used it again.
  • Good app... But... 4/5

    By Wife830
    Good way to sell, easy to use. However... It would be great if one could search through their active items for sale.
  • don’t delete your acc 1/5

    By dijahdijah
  • Not the best 1/5

    By bree😒
    This app is not the best I’ve been with Mercari for a while but I have to say if your using this to sell its probably not the best app to use. They take a huge chuck of the money you make. They have also lost me $500 because I sent my items and they gave the buyer a return on their money and let them keep my item when I requested it back. I really thought they would have been better than this. Updated: I recently was told to contact Mercari and they still didn’t help don’t use this all they already steal from you from the huge portion they take its not worth it you have better luck on eBay or even letgo. If I could give this app no stars I would because the update is terrible I like the old Mercari
  • Suspended 1/5

    By rfiwler1
    You suspended me for no reason
  • Scam 1/5

    By Kjswain
    Absolutely terrible app. Can never get help. Accounts get deleted for no reason they steal money and don’t offer any help.
  • Mercari 5/5

    By bori7776
    I love this program. They are improving and getting better but I wish that they could raise the price when we have expensive merchandise that been AFA and beat EBay
  • This App is Awesome! 4/5

    By Hghfegddtfdggdgvdghfghfhfyqdf
    I absolutely love this app! It’s is very easy to sell on and it’s VERY convenient that it pays shipping for you! The only thing is, I think when someone requests a return, they should have to message you. Someone got very angry because THEY did not read the description on the item. But otherwise, selling is a breeze! Buying is pretty easy too!:) I like how you can chose how much or your Mercari fund you put into your purchase! USPS is a great carrier, with fast shipping. FedEx is always slow, with a shipping range of 1-3 weeks! But I guess that’s not Mercari’s fault. Also, unless you have a credit or a credit card, it’s hard to purchase. Gift cards often do not work!:( That is probably my BIGGEST complaint. Anyway, this app is awesome and I recommend it!:)

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