Mercedes-Benz Companion

Mercedes-Benz Companion

  • Category: Navigation
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  • Current Version: 1.3.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mercedes-Benz R&D North America
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Mercedes-Benz Companion App

Mercedes-Benz Companion app is currently only supported by the following vehicle models. Model Year 2016 and newer vehicles with SD Card Navigation, manufactured on June 2016 or onwards: GLE SUV GLE Coupe CLS Coupe CLA Coupe GLA SUV B-Class Electric Model Year 2016 and newer vehicles with COMAND, manufactured on October 2015 or onwards: C-Class Sedan* GLC SUV* AMG GT S* *Model Year 2016 vehicles with COMAND listed above manufactured prior to October 2015 are eligible for a free software update to enable Mercedes-Benz Companion app. Please see your dealership for further details. Mercedes-Benz Companion integrates your iPhone and Apple Watch with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Search and send destinations straight to your vehicle’s navigation system directly from Companion or via the share option available in some apps. If enabled in the app settings, Companion can suggest destinations based on your calendar, usage history, location and time. Companion can now also set your Nest thermostat or your SmartThings to Home or Away mode automatically when driving your vehicle from and to the Nest destination (only available with select vehicles). With Mercedes-Benz Companion, you can locate your vehicle, check the gas level, and check the tire pressure right from your phone or watch. After you arrive at your destination, you can get turn-by-turn walking directions, providing you with a seamless door-to-door navigation experience. Mercedes-Benz Companion is an addition to your driving experience, enabling seamless transfers of destinations from your iPhone or Apple Watch to your vehicle.

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Mercedes-Benz Companion app reviews

  • No A class? 1/5

    By Bill Wang Han
    Why no A class
  • Unreliable and Outdated 1/5

    By Bgar92
    They really need to update the app, it was great at first but only a few weeks in it no longer sends the address to the car. Also what’s really frustrating is I’m constantly having to reconnect via Bluetooth. It should automatically connect when I turn on the car but I’m having to manually connect my iPhone every time I get in the vehicle. I have disconnected and reconnected my phone through the app several times with no success. Very annoying!!
  • Didn't work with 2019 B-class 1/5

    By AlvinAppStore
    The app wouldn't connect to 2019 B-180d and the information is outdated
  • I like this app 4/5

    By Elizabeth2222
    I happen to like this app. Yep can be a bit quirky at times but away sends address info to my car when needed, keeps previous destinations and locates my car. However upon getting a new iPhone 11 I had to delete and add back to recognize the fuel level and tire pressure.
  • Application not 1/5

    By WESAM21
    App crashes on iOS 13.2
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Dziner004
    Update: Stopped working today after updating to iOS 13.2
  • IOS 13 3/5

    By Enriqueborunda
    Needs an update torun IOS 13.
  • update! 2/5

    By Botacky
    Mbusa really needs to update this app.
  • Updates must have improved this app 5/5

    By AlexClarke02
    I just recently bought a used Mercedes, and it happened to be compatible with this app. I read a bunch of the reviews and had pretty low expectations. I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky or if the updates have fixed the problems people have had, but the experience from my end has been flawless. I love being able to send an address to my car. The other features are neat, but not nearly as useful to me, but the ability to send destinations to the car before I even get to the garage makes this the best way to use a car’s gps. The only thing I would like to see is some integration with Siri. It would be great to pick up my phone and say, “hey Siri, tell my Mercedes to take me home” but tbh, things work pretty well already.
  • Merge it 3/5

    By Alex Goodchild
    Don’t get why this app is not Integrated with the other MercedesMe. This One has feature like gas meter, tire pressure among other Features the Other app Is lacking. My other car is a Tesla and the app is excellent.
  • Have not updated for years 1/5

    By Kevinngvn
    This app is okay. But It lacks so many function and setting. It hasn't been updated for more than 12 months. Please update for iPhone XS Max and newer devices.
  • Jady 3/5

    By JadyD
    Bring back Apple Watch app.
  • The inferior system On Jan 30,2019 1/5

    By Inspector1492
    On Jan 30,2019 after numerous problems with my MBrace I called and spoke to Lisa in Ga who told me to delete my app and re install well I deleted it and tried numerous times to re install all to no avail no matter what I try it will not let me in or re install
  • Update required! 2/5

    By annoyedmercdriver
    Please update this app. It’s not working with my Apple Watch on OS5
  • Not compatible 1/5

    By ksamir0
    The application is not compatible with the new 2019 C-Class sedan. Although, I knew it the moment I paired my phone to the car. Also the application asked me to update to the new version the moment I opened it, yet there is no update available.. Can you please do an update that works with the new models
  • No Update 1/5

    By Salmodi
    Still no update after Watch OS 5 release, thus the app does not install on the watch. MB launched a fully compatible app for 2019 vehicles and delayed updating the previous version of mercedes me app, not a good strategy at all.
  • Watch app not working WatchOS 5 2/5

    By HawkEye1194
    Watch app does not work on WatchOS 5
  • Need the metric system integration (km) + iPhone XS Max support 3/5

    By leb2nvee
    Please add the option to switch from Miles to Kilometers! Should be simple enough especially if the car is setup to use the metric system (this works in the android app). Also it would be nice to also enable fuel tank and tire pressure readings for the 2016/2017 CLA’s although I suspect that’s a hardware limitation which would be sad! Finally PLEASE support the iPhone X, Xs and Xs Max screen resolution for full screen viewing!
  • Needs update 2/5

    By Akar33
    It’s been a year since the iPhone X has been released but the app still doesn’t support it’s screen. Please update it. Also, the Apple Watch app doesn’t work on watchOS 5. It’ll be nice if you update that too. As a Mercedes customer, this isn’t too much to ask.
  • Don’t download! 1/5

    By Jooooooooooooooooo
    Mercedes Benz should be extremely embarrassed for this complete failure of an app. Can’t even get past the demo screen. Unbelievable!
  • Please update this app 3/5

    By StevenSL95
    MB u guys should do better! It’s been a year without updates. Please update it to work for watchOS 5 and iPhone X/Xs resolution.
  • Crash 2/5

    By Vietbaophan
    App suddenly crash on startup....
  • Can’t even get past the demo screen to the actual app. 1/5

    By BullDawgBob
    Very disappointed as this app is not to the level of quality the owners expect across the board. I am done messing with this.
  • Speedy App but Unreliable Location Lookup 3/5

    By Obravenewworld
    This app has a different but limited feature set compared to the MercedesMe app. But what it does do (tire pressure monitor, fuel gage and POI lookup/send to car’s navigation) usually works really well. For the POI Look Up, it sends destinations to your vehicle’s nav system over Bluetooth, which is much faster than MercedesMe sends a destination to your car via back-end servers and satellites. There is one feature, that if reliable would be amazing, but is often buggy. That is the ability to look up an address using 3rd party apps (e.g., Apple maps and google maps) and then send them to your car using a button on the iOS share sheet. It’s super nifty when it works. But sometimes the app sends a completely WRONG ADDRESS. This usually happens when looking up a chain restaurant or business. For example, I once looked up a FedEx Office in Apple Maps and when I sent the destination to my vehicle’s navigation using the share sheet button the Companion App sent the address for a different FedEx Office in a completely different state! That needs to be fixed!
  • Hate it!! 1/5

    By scott*
    Mercedes should really support model year 2012 and up makes no since!!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Katie G Atl
    Do not download this app - you will not make it past the 2nd screen - it does not work with the newest iOS release. Save yourself the hassle.
  • Junkware 1/5

    By Matador2k7
    As with most users. I can’t get past the second screen. iPhone 7 IOS 11, on 2016 GLE 350. Phone is paired, this junk app spent even know is already paired and just sits there on screen 2. What a waste you would think MB will be more responsive to updating this app.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Mary from Lagos
    Not even pass the directions
  • Confused 2/5

    By Stacy Latham
    I have the Mercedes Me App.. seems to works great. It will remote start my car, lock and unlock doors and seems to do what it’s supposed to. This app I don’t understand why nothing works. I can look up an address but when I click to have said address sent to the car it always gives me an error. Would love to get that issue fixed because it would be so helpful. I hope you take the time to fix your app so it works the way it’s supposed to. Thank you.
  • Can’t get past authorization screen 1/5

    By dzfun
    I can’t get past the authorization screen in the app even though the phone shows authorized in the nav. Useless app. iPhoneX, 2016 CLS.
  • Embarrassing 1/5

    By Mar.b
    Not compatible with a 2018 GLS. Had to call to find out after endless resets of Comand. They want to force you to use the Mercedes Me app which needs an account, weeks to activate, and sends continuously info to Mercedes. The companion app was easy to use and helped greatly with sending map info to your Mercedes which is a must for a car manufacturer that doesn’t use touchscreens like Volvo for example. Getting an address into the navi is a pain in the bottom. Apple CarPlay doesn’t work wirelessly and simply deactivates the internal navigation system. Who came up with this silly idea? All in all not happy with Mercedes. Getting a Volvo next.
  • App quit updating 2/5

    By JRich55
    The App worked great and then quit updating fuel gauge and tire pressure. Also does not give an accurate gps location of the car.
  • Would love to have KM instead of miles Option 5/5

    By AcidBase96
    Hi, your app is wonderful and I can use it for my car even outside the US. However, is there a chance to support the metrics system in km and liters instead of just miles and gallons?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Awesome George
    Says it’s not connected but it is
  • Can’t Get Past Second Set Up Screen 1/5

    By Nate Pinchot
    This app used to work great but on iOS 11 can’t get past the second screen trying to set it up. It’s just broken 😤🤬
  • Can’t Get Past Second Set Up Screen 1/5

    By Nate Pinchot
    This app used to work great but on iOS 11 can’t get past the second screen trying to set it up. It’s just broken 😤🤬
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone X 1/5

    By BlakeBrindle
    Worked okay with my iPhone 7. Does NOT work with iPhone X in my 2018 GLC. How long will it take for MBs to catch up? BUMMER.

    By miuccia prada
    Please fix the bug. It stopped working on my car. I deleted the old app as it stopped working and installed again. It could not find my car though I’m connected, I used to love this app, very helpful. Please fix the bug!
  • No. 1/5

    By HisPoohette
    Only shows me the odometer reading and the next service day. For whatever reason, it does not work with the 2017 CLA 250 4Matic. No tire pressure information, no gas information… How hard is that to work for my car? High-end company, low-end app. Useless.
  • E Class 1/5

    By Exotico Productions
    Any reason why the app is not compatible with the e class or let me know it will be compatible any time soon
  • Junk. 1/5

    By CW&J
    Waste of time.
  • Won't go beyond the second page of intro 1/5

    By Lashlarew
    Bad app won't load
  • Not working 1/5

    By Living shay
    Ever since the new update I can’t get the app to work. I can’t even enter into the app. And the one time it did allow me to enter, it showed old information
  • Nice but... 3/5

    By MA KSA
    Nice app but I wish it can switch to the metric system in the settings. Also doesn’t always send the address correctly from google maps and doesn’t always read my calendar correctly.
  • Support iOS 11 need improvement 2/5

    By sam028281
    The app is not functioning properly on iOS 11.0. The app lagging badly when connecting to the car 2016 C300. The lag caused unable to type and send location to the car. Hope you guys can fix it soon. Thanks.
  • All 2016 models 4/5

    By Michsuedg
    Please do all 2016 car models.. before June 2016 too.. thank you..
  • Love ❤️ the app, but!? 3/5

    By Music Playing my Way
    I love the app it made me fall in love with my Apple watch again. Everything works except the gas ⛽️ indicator or readings. It does not appear on the phone nor watch. If you can fix that it would be lovely. Thanks😉
  • Battery hog 1/5

    By Lethcoeb
    The recent update is a resource / battery hog. Drains my battery to the tune of 20% per hour.
  • Working great! 5/5

    By Hjlou
    Using this app,I can control smart things at my home. Performance is awesome. Definitely delivers Benz quality. iPhone 6S- 10.2. C-class.