Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie

Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie

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  • Current Version: 2.71
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie App

Welcome to the world of Merge Gun! The newest shoot and merge game. Ever wanted to be a shooter and save the world? Ever wanted to collect guns, be a weapon tycoon? Well, you should not miss trying to Merge Gun! Merge better guns and use them to save the world. The high-level gun has bigger clips than low and can fire more powerful ammo. Use the best weapon you have the better gun can let you eliminate those zombies easily. Merge weapons to earn XP and level up. Higher levels will unlock more space in your collection rack for your arsenal. Idle Merge and Zombie Shoot are combined. Kill the deadwalk, it is Excited! There are many types of zombies. Some move slowly, some can jump like clowns, and some can float in the air. Against them with your guns! The gameplay is simple: • You have some collection rack. • Every so often, you’ll be gifted with a gun. • Each gun can be merged with other guns of the same variety to form a better gun. • Every gun show on the collection rack will earn you money. • The better gun you colleced, the more you will earn, and the more guns you can purchase. That can push you develop faster. • Use your guns to protect yourself, and kill the zombies!!! Merge, fire and increaes your own collection in game "Merge Guns"! Become the God of Guns. Now! Download Merge Gun! Completely free! Start shooting! The world is waiting for you to save.

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Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie app reviews

  • Fjf 5/5

    By officially.leen
  • Ghggg 5/5

    By hyoooozbzbxthcdgv
    Great game Good bvhffggghjhGreat game
  • Wow 5/5

    By shooter perkins
    This game is addictive!! I swear it is!!
  • So much time... for nothing... am sad 3/5

    By Ohhhyyyeeeaaaa
    I played this game for weeks, leveling up my guns, wittling down the dragon, only for the reward to be... a few hundred gems... That doesn't even cover like 6 high level guns. I ran through my gems within minutes and only leveled up my highest gun one more level. WHY AM I GRINDING IN THIS 2048 ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE GAME FOR SUCH A SMALL REWARD ???????ImFailingMyClassesDadPleaseComeHomeIfYouSeeThis
  • Good game, however 3/5

    By Khailmacy
    I do enjoy this game, it’s unique and actually pretty fun to play to my surprise. My 2 gripes with this game are 1) The. Ads. I cannot tell you how many times I received a 30 second (or even 1 minute) ad that I cannot skip when I didn’t request an ad AT ALL. They are incredibly intrusive and take up a solid 60% of the game for me. Please fix. And 2) The endless mode. Endless mode has potential, and was fun the first time. But for gods sake, it NEEDS balanced. Spawning in 10 running zombies, 5 bats, 10 spiders, and a giant within 2 seconds is absolutely absurd and makes it impossible to play. It’s incredibly frustrating because the story mode is sooooooo slow and easy, and the endless mode being on the polar opposite end of the spectrum is very disorienting. My suggestion would be to either change it to where less enemies spawn at once while maintaining their same difficulty as now, or have the difficulty be gradual. For instance, have the zombies walk at first, then ad spiders and dogs later, then maybe a giant, etc. But for now, I avoid the mode as it is nearly impossible to enjoy it let alone survive one wave. All in all, good game, just needs some improvement.
  • TO MANY ADS 1/5

    By djdino91
    Every time I beat a level oR merge a gun I have to watch a ad listen it was a good game but too bad you put so many ads I don’t like ads and I just want to play the game
  • This game is cool 5/5

    By thais game is cooool
    This game is cool but it is tooooooo weeerid
  • Addicting 5/5

    By Peyton The Panda
    I found this game from TikTok and now I can’t stop playing it
  • Misleading 4/5

    By JjLay88
    I clicked on this hoping I could put guns together then shoot them, I was wrong but try he game itself isn't bad
  • I’m playing ads 2/5

    By Arch_Type
    I’m not gonna lie, I’m addicted to this game. It’s very simple, easy to play, easy to get to high level on the first 30 min. Afterward, I feel like I’m playing ads instead of the actual game. At first, I thought it was just gonna be like any other game, you can get extra rewards by watching or playing the ads, but the more time you put in this game, the more ads it got involved. It’s RIDICULOUS!!!! You need to watch an ad in the middle of the game just to use the shield or the big gun. Who the h*** has time for that? I hope they can improve the ad system for the next update. Too bad, it is such a waste for a high potential game.
  • Update is terrible 1/5

    By MethodGX
    I had so much progress in this game and all of a sudden I’m working to get guns I already unlocked and all my weapons are worse. Deleting this game right now
  • Guy 5/5

    By pajdhcbxns
    They kinda lied about putting the gun together or is a gamemode overall it’s a good game
  • Best 5/5

    By wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwee
    It is the best game I’ve ever played in that would like to see more games like this including fortnight is one of my favorite games and it is just like fortnight shooting and everything like the zombies images just like save the world and I wish you would like more games like this and I like gang beast fortnight college duty black ops three modern warfare infinite warfare overwatch and I like dry pasta
  • Good game 5/5

    By bsnjdndkwhj
    I’m glad the ad I saw wasn’t fake about this game. It’s Really fun!
  • Good, but not what I was expecting. 3/5

    By Owenshmowen07
    I like this game but the advertisement showed that I would be able to put together the gun before you were able to shoot. I like how guns work and I was looking forward to being able to build a gun, but instead I have to play one of those games where you have to merge the things to make better things. Overall I did think that the game was fun.
  • Ehhhh 4/5

    By Mr. Clean Jr
    The update sort of ruined the game for me. I liked the old guns but then they added new ones and switched around the gun levels. It is very confusing to me now.
  • MEH 3/5

    By daniel124867
    It didn’t match the ads so that was the only bad thing other than that it is a good game
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By IReyesYT
    It was a really addicting game but now they took away energy, and that means there’s adds after every day you play. I played through 170 somethin days and now I think I’m done bc the adds are so annoying. YOU CANT SKIP THEM!
  • Good but still some bugs 4/5

    By BruhEdward(black)
    Yes, I love this game and the new update but for some reason the game is crashing for me and I would have to restart a day and crash again, and then part of the dragon’s health goes back up. Just please fix immediately since I’m so hooked to the game. Thank you
  • Ho good ‘‘tis game is 5/5

    By kaden leo
    It so fun and amazing make more please
  • You guys are awesome 5/5

    By minny sledge
    You are the best thing I have ever seen
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By gvdhvdhvfg
    This game is absolute garbage because of all of the adds know how to make a game
  • Epic 5/5

    By nuni1234567891011
    Super cool I love this game
  • The game is addicting 5/5

    By sfw52
    This game is very addicting but fun to play also
  • It is bad 1/5

    By chxdragonfire
    This game is so good but you don’t get to make your weapons often that’s why I gave it a 1
  • Ads are broken 3/5

    By badfortnite
    Great game but when there’s a ad you can’t click the x this might just be me but if it’s not they have to fix it.
  • It’s fine 3/5

    By Kirbly12
    Not good. Not bad. Very easy, as long as you continueisky upgrade your gun, you’ll be fine. I’ve never even died before
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By supreme skateboarding
    If you came to the game from an ad where you get to BUILD the gun, well then there is no option to build the gun. I will not purchase this game until I am informed that this feature is added by the creator.
  • Shooting game 5/5

    By steelers8414
    This is the best game for target practice
  • This should be 15+ 3/5

    By UniWxffles
    There is cussing in the game which is not rated for 12+ but overall very fun and time consuming.
  • Problem 4/5

    By keystin21
    Great game but I can’t play anymore bc some how I got 1 of each weapon oof
  • All these ads 3/5

    By Daddyman09
    I don’t like all the ads that pop up fix it and you get 5 stars
  • Best game 5/5

    By merge gun fan
    It the best game I have ever played
  • The dragon 5/5

    By Mr_Anger
    Love the game but I finally killed dragon and I was hoping for a big payout but it wasn’t anything new. Not even a bunch of crates
  • Best game on App Store 5/5

    By KJB1928646457
    I love this game.
  • Merge Gun: Shoot zombie 5/5

    By Janine Gregory
    Merge gun shoot zombie is an epic game!
  • Wasn’t what it said it was 1/5

    By hejsibzbsnd
    When I was on a different game that video came up and showed I could put the gun together but I can’t and now I am mad

    By Joseph L101
    The first thing I noticed about the update was there was no energy bars. Which made me estatic since I love playing the game. The one thing I’d like you to fix is how you merge the gun saying”Quick merge the gun then shoot the zombies”the thing I want you to fix is the accuracy of where your putting the gun part. I just throw it in there and it connects, so please make it a little bit harder. Thank you!
  • Good 5/5

    By nick mead0123
    It is a good game
  • Boring 1/5

    By Kevin83628
    I don’t know why this game is rated 4.5, when literally any shooter game on the App Store is better. The whole game is mostly about merging guns to make them better. Then there’s the shooting but you just stand still and aim. That’s all. No melees, no variety at all. It’s just aim and auto shoot, other then just merging guns. If you like games where you merge stuff, there’s a long list on the App Store with games that involve merging and are so much more detailed. If you like shooters, App Store has enough of those as well. An average development team can make a game like this one in less then a week.
  • Great game (please keep reading 👇🏼) 5/5

    By Ijustblazeallthetime
    I suggest you add more guns such as a crossbow maybe mini gun and sum alien guns or sum and add like a dragon series where you can beat multiple dragons idk if there is multiple dragons cause I’m only on the first one day 174 also more levels ig just a great game overall please keep updating the game, guns, and levels
  • The forced ads 3/5

    By A Tall Midget
    When I first got this game almost a week ago it was fine, but after the update that got rid of energy, the game has been forcing me to watch ads after I press “Get” button when I finish a level. I’d much rather have the energy back instead of watching the ads. If I wanted to watch an ad at the end of a level, I would’ve pressed “3x”.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By rainbowchicken 14
    You should download it it’s fun if you like action games and walking dead
  • It kick you out of the game 2/5

    By Nate DAWG 22
    When I’m playing and there is a dragon it kicks me out when I’m trying to kill it like every Time this is stupid and the game is ok not bad except where you get kick when the dragon comes
  • Adds don’t work 3/5

    By poopybutt35
    Every time you watch an add, it makes the app stop working or makes me watch another one. Other that that the game is all right.
  • Levels are to short 4/5

    By seankelly08
    The game is fun but it seems that the levels are to short and go by to quickly so even though it is fun to play the levels they just don’t seem to last long enough.
  • Crashed!! 1/5

    By ServerMonkey6923
    Game constantly crashes. No server stability whatsoever. Awesome concept and it’s a lot of fun, but it needs to work for me to fully enjoy and embrace the game!
  • Fun game, but 3/5

    By Ankoku15
    This is a genuinely fun game, it is pay incentivized, yes, but with a gradual scaling that makes it approachable even as a free player. My only true gripe about this app is that it is very buggy, causes substantial overheating on my phone which drains the battery rapidly and frequently causes ads to freeze, forcing me to close the app and lose my progress and reward for having watched them. Fix that and it’d be a 5 star app.
  • Ok but needs some improvements 1/5

    By Write more reviews
    Ok, so I need to tell you that it was FULLY addicting but... I do NOT like killing animals...especially dogs or cats!! Just take out the animals and I will call it addicting. This is only my opinion. I don’t like zombies, so I would kill them, but not zombie dogs!! And I have an idea, maybe put it like this:you can equip the animals and they can help you. Please make an update that you at LEAST take out the animals. I was addicted until I saw the zombie dog...I am amused though...I will, and I promise I will, re-download the game when this happens. Thank you. Goodbye and have a nice day! I will write a review when this happens your very kind friend, Happy.(XD not meh real name)

Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie app comments

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