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  • Current Version: 2.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Gram Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Merge Magic! App

Discover enchanted tales and quests in the mysterious world of Merge Magic! where you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey. Merge eggs to hatch magical creatures, then evolve them to uncover more powerful ones! Encounter and solve challenging puzzle levels: match the items to win, then bring rewards back to your Garden to collect and grow. The only hope to lift the curse from the bewitched land rests in YOUR extraordinary power to MERGE ANYTHING -- eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, and even mythical creatures. Reveal wonders as you merge your garden to perfection and nurture your amazing creatures! MERGE MAGIC! FEATURES: • Discover over 500 fantastic objects to match, merge and interact with through 81 challenges! • Unearth fairies, unicorns, minotaurs and never-before-seen hybrid creatures like Butterphants (butterfly & elephant), Peacats (peacock & cats) and many more. •An evil curse has been placed on the garden, fight off the fog and lift the curse to restore, and take back the creatures’ home! • On your puzzle journey, you may cross paths with evil witches. You will need to watch out and be careful! • Participate in frequent events, win more advanced creatures that you can take back to your garden. Merge Magic! is brought to you by Gram Games, the studio behind the top hit titles Merge Dragons!, 1010!, Merged!, Six!, Bounzy!, Merge Town!, Merge Farm!, Paint Tower!, and Merge Gems! Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at

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Merge Magic! app reviews

  • MERGE! 5/5

    By unknown wof
    So addicting, love it! Telling all my 10 siblings to get it!
  • Actually best game 5/5

    By 🍑🥞
    Play it everyday. I’ve actually written a 57-page book about it, can’t get enough.
  • OMG 5/5

    By kjhuh ihuuniuh
    This game is so fun but just one problem so the problem is I’m stuck with challenge 2 so please make it easier thanks
  • Great but , 4/5

    By pancake princess 0987654321
    I love this game but sometimes it gets on my nerves because the creatures are so lazy . They do two or three things and then they go back to sleep. It also takes waaaaay to long to refill the compasses .And in the garden Lunas daily trade doesn’t get here on time .If you can fix that it will be my dream game and I will tell other people to download it.
  • Merge magic 5/5

    By arysunpre92132
    It is the best game ever I love the riches
  • To the developers of Merge Magic! 4/5

    By TruMinecrafter
    Ok. So this game is REALLY good. I am TOTALLY addicted and going insane for this app. It’s nice, the creatures are super cute and you’re always unlocking new things to merge, BUT there are a few things I think could change/be added: Magic gems by watching ads. I mean, almost EVERYTHING in the game costs these little babies. And I get it that they’re rare and everything but 20.00 just for 600?!?!? You’ve got to be kidding! It would be cool if I could earn a few gems by watching ads. How items go up in price everytime I buy it. Like, if I want to merge a bunch of treehouses, they cost more wood! Same thing with buying eggs. However, I REALLY hope that you DONT change a few things: Please don’t change the creatures! The baby dyrs are super cute, and the armomares are so far my favorite creature. I like how you can get FREE chests from harvesting certain items. I got a egg chest once, which was cool cause I got a free centaur egg. I like how every time you complete one of the challenges, you get a free pre-merged creature. Every time you complete that same challenge again, you get the same type of creature, but it’s one tier higher than the last one you won Remember that this is my honest opinion, and I really hope y’all understand. Thank you for your time, Me
  • Yay! Updates! 4/5

    By jennasix
    I’ve played this and MD for quite a while. My favorite part is exploring, which isn’t possible without updates. Events are fun, but they’re always the same, and even having no job, it costs gems to complete an event. So I deleted it. But then I saw an update, so I downloaded it again, and there have been two updates recently. And Seasons are working! Keep it up and I’ll keep playing!
  • Great game!!!! 5/5

    By Ghhggggg
    This is a great game I love it!!!!! It’s really! My bunny likes to watch me play it!
  • So fun!: 5/5

    By CatLord5339
    I download this I love it u shud get it
  • Love this 5/5

    By piggyname
    In this time I love this game
  • A bit too addictive 5/5

    By JNB118
    This game has cost me sleep. It is one of those “one more turn” flypapers. You sit down to play and the hours melt away. The graphics are cute, the game play simple enough for anyone to master.
  • Addictive game 4/5

    By Kandy518
    I really love this game! Unfortunately I can’t give it five stars due to the fact that you have to spend money for gems to get anything really good. There’s more gem items than there’s coin items. During events it’s even more worse because there’s no coin items at all! I spent way too much money on this game as it is but once you start you can’t stop. I got pulled in from day one! I don’t know why it’s so addicting but no matter what I’m going to continue to play it.
  • This game is fun but... 2/5

    By adathapup
    If you have a i-pad and download this game and deleted it for 1 year it will ruin your mood! This game said and asked for my payment method WHEN IT DOES IT FOR ME . And it is the only game that does that trying to download it I HATE THIS ! It was fun when I had it but it drains battery too
  • Addicting 4/5

    By Bella F😀
    I play every day and it still fun
  • Love it. 4/5

    By Mimiathena
    I literally saw an ad got bored and decided to play this game but little did I know how sneaky the game deva are. The cute little characters and eggs and- basically I’m obsessed now. Yeah you have to farm and it’s super annoying and you can get nit picky about it but my complaint is more on how hard it is to move certain objects when like there’s a tree infront of something I didn’t even notice. That’s all. Thanks!
  • Very addictive! 4/5

    By CariElf
    Simple but pleasing mechanics, but gems are too expensive.
  • Locked Prizes 3/5

    By Tklover
    I really like this game, but the locked prize boxes are a pain in my butt!! I have more of them than I do ANYTHING else! I’m not spending mega money every week to be able to open all these things. If I can’t win more “gems” or it doesn’t cost as many to open them I’m going to delete the game and find another one that doesn’t cost as much! As I said, I really like it, but when I put one of my creatures on an apple bush and he “harvests” a locked prize box, it gets really irritating. I hope you fix this soon, or I’ll say goodbye.
  • Good game 3/5

    By Garlicfur
    This is a addicting game but i think that the chests in it are over priced, along with the amount of life’s or compasses (?) that certain levels cost. It would also be appreciated if there was a way to reset a level without having to enter that level again. I’ve spent many lives on a level because I accidentally excited rather than restarting it. Otherwise, I love the different things you can merge and how you unlock things! Overall fun game
  • Great! 5/5

    By Cupcakeman379
  • It’s amazing but.... 5/5

    By sheinanigans
    I love this game but I’ve been waiting for new levels for awhile now so that means I haven’t been playing it as much other then that I am totally obsessed with this game!! I love the graphics and the characters are soooooo cute!!!!
  • Bug fixes 3/5

    By Kelseyam8
    Love this game... I just wish they would allow you to trash or sell the vaults more often.. I’m far along and now most of my garden is covered in vaults and Im worried what will happen if I can’t get rid of them... I have almost all of the garden open and running out of room. Might consider deleting if this isn’t fixed soon
  • A. MAZ. ING. Best game ever 5/5

    By Gabby Lucky happy Gebbeb
    I love this game so much. It is basically the only thing I do when I am on my device. But on Challenge 17 you have no choice but to spend like 100 gems to win. I haven’t even passed it bc I. DONT. HAVE 100 gems! And I am not going to spend 20 bucks on a game. Anyway on to my suggestion. My garden is basically a hot mess and I thought maybe you could make a book thing like you have for the eggs but for everything else so people could clean everything up.
  • Very good game but 4/5

    By #BL4Z3
    This game is very good lots of detail but when it comes challenge 10 its a pay to win so when you do it correctly you need one more gave left and there’s one in the shop so you have to. SPEN UR MONEY. and well what if my we don’t have the time or the money to do that so I’m just say FIX CHALLENGE 10 plsss and make a ez’er way to get gems
  • To the developers 1/5

    By NotF450
    How stupid it is that you need to have compass in order to play in the map then you have to wait 30min to get one back or watch an ad just to only get 1 and you need like 3 or 4 to paly a level ill give you guys one star rating
  • Very fun but has a few problems. 5/5

    By starfire3000🦄
    This game is very very fun but the thing is that when I play I go on a level and then I finish the one I did and keep doing different levels. Finally when I try to go to the next level and then I can’t it’s asking me too spend my Diamonds. And ask me too play garden but then I get board.but the game is really good.
  • Didn’t get what I paid for 2/5

    By graftedin77
    Twice I purchased the $9.99 “one time only” package for an event and both times the items didn’t download. I tried to get a refund from iTunes but was denied.
  • So satisfying 5/5

    By Gibswife
    I love this game. I enjoy games where I build stuff and work towards goal.
  • More games 5/5

    By B☠️
    Love this app just wish new levels would come faster and more of a chance to get jewels without buying them
  • Fun 5/5

    By jduhwtdheysh
    I like the game it’s fun the land is high to unlock it takes a long time but it’s fun
  • Hooked! 4/5

    By Melancholy43952
    I love the game. Been playing a while and actually spent money to support it. I only really have one issue: I wish there was a way to lock down your stuff and then an edit mode to rearrange. I have a huge area cleared and most of it full. I also have a TON of creatures, so when I start the game it’s a huge struggle to wrangle them all to where I want them (which is usually harvesting wood). It never fails that I am constantly dragging the wrong stuff around the screen and displacing everything else trying to move creatures over tree stumps. If things could be locked down and only moved in an edit mode that would be super helpful.
  • Very Frustrating 2/5

    By Reviewer483
    I really like this game but there are too many glitches. The weekend events are such a grind, where they are more like work than fun. Then when they don’t perform properly that is beyond frustrating! After completing quest stars 1-9, the last one didn’t appear. Then this morning it finally is there and it isn’t counting. It is stuck at 0/100 even though I am harvesting. Never mind that it would have been accomplished last night when it didn’t appear because I was performing that exact quest in an effort to get the points needed to complete the event! This game is too tedious and time-consuming for it to not work properly!!!
  • Great game 4/5

    By MGM7261
    Definitely one of my faves, but I hate the events, never can get anything done because 1st creature always disappears shortly after playing. Other than it’s a great game.
  • merge magic 4/5

    By cdeos
    love this game
  • NOTICE 5/5

    By Boo on this app
    ATTENTION: I don’t want people bugging gram games because it’s just plain MEAN, so I would like it if you stopped plz and support them if you hate spending money on THINGS YOU DON’T NEED IN THE GAME, you don’t need to buy EVERYTHING to be a master at the game, but if you don’t want to spend money, DON’T DO IT, this game should be supported, loved, and liked (not YouTube liked but liked as in: I like this game) plz it would do a big favor for me and gram games so I would love it if you did those three things anyone who likes this message go ahead, repeat it I don’t care but if I see a TON of reports saying that you hate the game or anything or your just advertising for your own game, YOU BETTER SCRAM, or you’d probably already have deleted the app, I don’t want that but I’m not Sophie Foster(keeper of the lost cities) Elf or not I’m NOT A MESMER, but I really wish I was Sophie Foster, she’s my role model(expect I’m not an elf and all). But anyways I’m here to help gram games not post a book, anyways I really, really, really like that my mom bought this game because if she didn’t I wouldn’t be writing this super, super, super long report, I just want everyone to at least know, I WANT TO SEE LIKE 1,000 PEOPLE BUY THIS GAME, ITS JUST FOR SUPPORT OK??? IM TRYING TO HELP GRAM GAMES EVEN THOUGH I PROBABLY SHOULDN'T...
  • Fun to play, some frustrations 4/5

    By Chalain
    I love Merge Magic and Merge Dragons. Merge Magic has lots of cute fantasy critters and beautiful graphs. I like that you can merge 3=1 or 5=2, lets me choose quantity vs. space. I agree with a lot of the other review regarding pros and cons. I’m playing the special event this week and I’m really frustrated. I have 9 out of the 10 stars, still have 23 hours left, and can’t earn the last one star even though I’ve cleared the map. This is called MERGE magic so I merged all the ships, but I should have left them unmerged 2 levels lower so I could harvest them 100 times. I didn’t even get one toward the star because I was able to merge them when I still had 4 or 5 stars to go and that quest wasn’t up yet (last quest to be given). I really wanted to get the event prize for all stars and worked hard all weekend just to lose the prize I wanted most. That merge wasn’t magical just disappointing.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Cupcakegaming36
    I absolutely love this game! There are 0 ads for other games and the little creatures are so CUTE!! I also love how you can play offline. My only issue with this game is that whenever there is an event, the time it gives you to complete it is small, otherwise, it’s a great game!
  • A Little Disappointed 3/5

    By Kaguya-Hime
    I like this game a great deal. It is fun to play if you like matching games. Not only does the game have levels to play but a garden to maintain. It is a great idea for a game. However, I am a little disappointed with the 3 day event. The value of the shells change as you make the shells, meaning for 3 shell levels the points value changed so I never reach the 20,000 points. I could have accomplished more by turning in my lower level shells then trying to create the higher level shell. For this reason I give the game 3 stars, it should have been a 5.
  • Gems 3/5

    By Cheyenne000
    Over all a fun time waster. There should be more FREE opportunities to acquire gems!!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By evil shmevil
    It is a great game
  • Stay away, nothing but impossible pay walls 1/5

    By Damon459
    If you want to throw money out the window, this game is for you!
  • More compass 4/5

    By Scarymom415
    I love the game only issue is compass need more compass or even shorter time to get a compass
  • Great job 5/5

    By Sony Millet
    I my best game.
  • New levels??? 3/5

    By i dont want a d*** nickname
    When are the new levels coming??? I have been waiting WEEKS and Weeks for the new ones. Game has updated like three times now with no new levels... so sad
  • Needs something 3/5

    By JashCat
    I’ve enjoyed playing but I’ve had one of my level four creatures disappear from my app....the coins are still high for egg purchase but now I have only two creatures....🤬 Then I’ve had award bubbles disappear after I’ve made it back into the garden. Going to hold off on spending money in this app until they fix some of these glitches
  • I think someone hacked me 😱 5/5

    By PlayTime_Gal
    My things disappeared and I knew they were there.. there were there one day now there gone! Can you help me thank you 😔 From: I_need_help329
  • Great game! 5/5

    By ljswife
    Please update new levels
  • Fun game. !!! 5/5

    By deede7
    This game is a lot of fun ...
  • Fun !!!! 5/5

    By nakel1955
    Build to create
  • It’s a great game 5/5

    By querty10426
    The people on here are complaining about little things that can be solved easily. This is a great game and I got addicted very quickly! Great job to the creators!!

Merge Magic! app comments

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