Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab

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  • Current Version: 1.5.1
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  • Developer: Cornell University
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Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab App

What's that bird? Merlin Bird ID helps you solve the mystery in 5 questions, or with a photo of a bird. First, Merlin asks you a few simple questions. Then, almost like magic, it reveals the list of birds that best match your description. Pick your bird, then delve into more photos, sounds, and ID tips about your bird! If you have a photo, Merlin can help there as well. Take a photo, choose from your camera roll, or snap the viewfinder of your zoom camera, and Merlin's powerful AI will suggest an identification almost instantly. Merlin is fun and easy to use—whether you’re curious about a bird you’ve seen once or you’re hoping to identify every bird that comes to your feeder. The answers are waiting for you with this free field guide app from the renowned Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Features • Created for birders and bird watchers of every level, Merlin identifies the 3,000+ most common bird species of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Europe. • Merlin will now identify a photo using powerful deep learning algorithms. Select your photo, tell Merlin where and when you took it, and you'll see a short list of suggested identifications. • Bird packs available for United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Brazil with more coming soon. • Explore birds by location and date with a list of species seen in the area. • Intelligent results. No more scanning through hundreds of possibilities! Merlin shows the birds near you that fit your description. • Customized location and date tools generate best answers for your neighborhood and time of year. • Powered by eBird to deliver the most accurate results based on millions of sightings from bird watchers across North America. • Enjoy more than 15,000 photos of birds, including males, females, and juveniles. • Learn ID tips from Cornell Lab of Ornithology experts. • Listen to beautiful bird sounds, including songs and calls for each species from the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. • It’s all free! The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s goal is to help you and millions of others to learn about birds.​ Merlin is the most advanced bird guide app available, and is expanding to new regions of the world. ••• Bird Packs ••• Merlin Bird ID currently includes bird identification help for the United States with regional packs for the: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Texas and Oklahoma, Alaska, and West Coast. Canada is covered by Eastern Canada and Western Canada packs. Mexico bird identification is available for each region of the country. Central America packs include Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. South America packs include the Medellín, Bogota and Cali regions of Colombia, and southeastern Brazil. Bird identification help is also available for Europe with our Britain and Ireland pack, a Western Europe pack, Iberian Peninsula, and a pack covering the Scandinavian countries. These packs make Merlin the perfect pocket Field Guide to North American Birds, Bird Guide to Hawaii, Bird Guide to Mexico, Bird Guide to Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, Bird Guide to Colombia, Bird Guide to Brazil, Bird Guide to Europe, Bird Guide to Spain, Bird Guide to Portugal, Bird Guide to Britain, and Bird Guide to Scandinavia. ••• About Photo ID ••• Powered by Visipedia, Merlin Photo ID uses computer vision and deep learning technology to identify birds in photos. Merlin learns to recognize bird species based on training sets of millions of photos from birders at When using Photo ID, enter the date and location where you took the photo; those clues improve Merlin’s accuracy by helping it focus on the species you most likely encountered there.

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Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab app reviews

  • Please cover East Asia 5/5

    By 雨ツバメ
    Amazing app for birding. One of the best out there especially if you are in the US. I like photographing birds and I find the frequency data is really handy to find my target species. I really wish they can cover more regions since I travel frequently between the US and China.
  • Amazing for getting small children interested 5/5

    By Opa John 1949
    My five year old granddaughter has already decided she's going to Cornell and WILL be an ornithologist!
  • Excellent ID app 5/5

    By mule2ears
    I’m not an experienced birder but this app is making it easy to identify the birds at my feeders. I especially like the photo option.
  • Fun for the novice! 5/5

    By annloc
    Easy and fun to use for the beginner.
  • Best birding app! 5/5

    By dpr2772
    Excellent resource
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By ktreffin
    Really helps with bird ID and easy to use. 👍🏻👍🏻
  • Merlin 5/5

    By Pamela#1
    Best app I ever downloaded. Great to work with. Minor complaint would be more bird photos and maybe a link to send a picture if I can’t find it on the app.
  • Useful app 5/5

    By Puzzled by blocks
    Most useful to me identifying sounds. I've gotten false negatives though with color ID and where seen. Yellow bellied sapsucker in feeder was no match, but in trees got me a match.
  • Bird ID 5/5

    By The photo girl
    Love this app!!! Thank you!! It is very helpful!!!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Bill in Walla Walla WA
    I really love this app. I have queried birds and the app always finds my bird. I have used the bird calls to bring in chickadees so I know they are accurate. The photo ID is amazing. I have taken pics of birds with my cell phone that were not that great and it still ID’d them accurately. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Merlin App 5/5

    By autrain river
    Works great!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Lily Winter
    This app is very user friendly, and fun to use! 10/10 would bird watch with this app again.
  • I love it. 5/5

    By BrunoGF87901
    Great app although it has some limitations. For example: I once saw a yellow-rumped warbler in one of my feeders. I decided to test the app with it, but if I chose “eating at a feeder” the bird would not be listed as one of the possible options. Other than that I really enjoy features like how in ”exploring birds”, the app shows the birds’ distribution over the year.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Shagolf
    Easy to use. Quick. Informative.
  • Practically Perfect In Every Way 5/5

    By Ordinary Wonder
    Thank you. The app gets better each and every update. Thank you for updating the bird packs FOR FREE! It is rare to find an app developed by people who know a field of study and have it be useful yo such a wide audience. Well done you.
  • Birding 5/5

    By R Maris
    For my basic understanding and identification this app provides all I need. Very beneficial and informative. A concept to be enjoyed by all for a lifetime.
  • merlin keeps getting better 5/5

    By vyifscg
    I use it as a reference when I have no internet access— which is pretty standard in the field. I especially am happy with the additions to the sound files
  • Weird bug in updating bird pack Panama 5/5

    By Whitepelicsn
    Hi I am having a problem updating my Panama bird pack whenever I try to update it says error all the description for Panama is Mexico’s bird pack description is this and can it be fixed in a future patch Thank you for your time.
  • So great! 4/5

    By CL41RE
    I love this app! I’ve discovered so many kinds of birds with it, and have come to enjoy birdwatching. I like how there are multiple pictures and sounds. I have some suggestions for improvement. The “likely birds” list is often inaccurate, which is understandable if it’s ranking the likelihood based on how often users report seeing the bird. People would be likely to report it if it were a new or interesting or “unusual” sort of bird, not the same old ones they see constantly. This results in the very common birds being lower down the list than some of the less common birds! Also, I think people sometimes misidentify the birds. For example, I often see Song Sparrow at the top of the list, when in fact song sparrows are not very common here, they’re only here part of the year. I think they’re misidentifying female House Sparrows. And then house sparrow is very far down the list, but they’re everywhere. Also, there are occasionally missing birds. Hopefully those can get added. Southern California is currently being invaded by Japanese Whiteeyes, and those aren’t on the pack yet, resulting in people misidentifying them as Orange Crowned Warblers and artificially inflating the commonness of that species. Sometimes the bird ID fails to find a bird simply because of the environment it was seen in. For example, I saw a bird on the ground, but the species didn’t show up when I put “on the ground,” only when I put on a fence or tree. Maybe this can be optimized by showing which categories the bird matches with, and lower down the list showing similar options that may not meet all the criteria. It also sometimes happens that the bird, if it is listed as “rare” in that area, doesn’t show up as one of the possible birds at all. But just because it’s rare doesn’t mean it’s not possible to see it! This often happens with certain owls. I had to put the wrong city once, to get Barn Owl to show up on the list.
  • Really helpful! 5/5

    By Jackster847
    While it hasn’t been able to identify every bird, it has been very successful on a number of bird identifications and I’m sure will get better with time.
  • Really awesome app 5/5

    By Flu17
    This extensive app is absolutely incredible. I have always been able to identify birds with no issue (mostly Northeastern US states). It has extensive bird packs that you can choose to download so you only use space for the relevant species near you. And it’s all free! Way to go Cornell!
  • Merlin Bird ID 5/5

    By pfotocat
    I just submitted 3photos and got identifications — it was that easy!!! I love this app!
  • Great app 5/5

    By PhxCentralPark
    I always find my bird, and very educational.
  • Essential! 5/5

    By profdmr1
    I love this app and use it often. Easy to search, lots of helpful info, including lots of audio. Excellent!
  • Outstanding bird photo ID 5/5

    By Sac bob
    The app does a great job of identifying birds.
  • Supports growing love of birds 5/5

    By Chela Mae
    “Some of my best friends are birders.” True statement. I’m nowhere near that, but I love the varieties of birds who visit my neighborhood. The Merlin Bird ID app enhances this love with its easy-to-use identification filters.
  • More help please! 4/5

    By .grampa
    This app is usually very useful, but I would like to be able to indicate where I saw the color, such as “a yellow breast”or “ white edges on tail feathers”.
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Vivemoire
    Have been using this app for years! Insanely accurate, love it!
  • Excellent App for Quick Field ID 5/5

    By Nancygroove
    Great App for Identifying birds quickly in the field. Especially useful when you have no idea of the bird species but you can identify the color, size, habitat, activity, etc. I love the 'Explore Birds' feature, which allows users to view a ranking of most likely birds for a selected location and date. Recent update which incorporates eBird life list is also a great feature!
  • Super useful 5/5

    By Dakota Dawn
    A huge boon for trying to figure out a identification if your don’t have a field guide on you
  • Useful 4/5

    By Carmelbirder
    I really enjoy the app and find it helpful.
  • Best Bird ID App 5/5

    By OnlyDavid
    The picture ID is fantastic.
  • Only Everyday Birds Listed 2/5

    On the list for my area there seems to be your everyday robin, blue jay, chickadee, sparrow, etc. even when I take/submit a photo the App cannot identify the bird. It’s the “passerby “ I have trouble identifying. I have even submitted bird’s that migrate through yearly (ie: flock of snow bunting) - still not added to the the ID list. I have never identified a bird since downloading the App for 3 years! Bye byes
  • Helpful! 5/5

    By coast2coast traveler
    This is so helpful when trying to identify a species.
  • Great but not real specific. 4/5

    By TosaNorth
    I saw a bird with an orange streak on its head and I think it might have been a female flicker or a female red bellied woodpecker. But I did not see a picture of either female species in the pictures the app brought up. This bird was at my suet feeder in Northern Wisc in October 2018. Need male, female and young pics of all the birds!
  • Indispensable 5/5

    By Jasonmsaul
    I use this app all the time, and tell just about everyone I meet to download it.

    By Roflazerz
    Catered to my every bird need!
  • Excellent back up in search of identification 4/5

    By Quebec43
    I enjoy checking often if I m right, Easy to handle Wish there would be one similar in international birding ... keep up the good work
  • Amazing 5/5

    By birdsoflife:)
    I was looking for a bird I’ve never seen before and this apps was so much more helpful than Google.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Myh77
    I love this app and use it all the time to identify birds using my feeders. It would be nice to be able to store birds I have identified so I can build up a record of what I have seen
  • Lost and Found 5/5

    By Creative Fingers
    We found this little guy on the ground at a local strip mall. He was curled-up on the cement ground and almost walked on. He let my husband pick him up... so we brought him home. We didn’t want him crushed or someone’s diner. We made a little make shift cage for the night. Wasn’t sure if he was going to make it. Gave him water and some seeds . Next day he was more active. Thank goodness. So I went to our local pet store and bought a small cage and some food.. We had no idea what kind of bird he was. I finally found this app and put his photo in and “ Wal-la” he was identified. We’re having a nor’easter so tomorrow when the storm is over we will set him free. Thanks to this APP we found out he was wild not domestic.
  • Very Good 4/5

    By Dragonz are cool!
    I definitely recommend this app.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Sue Woods
    Being new to the USA, almost every bird is new to me. However, gone are the days when I spend hours thumbing through bird books to try to identify what I spot on my feeders or on trails. Now, quickly and easily I can narrow down the options and even confirm sightings by listening to the accompanying audio tracks of bird calls. By far one of the easiest quick-reference apps I have ever used.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By bpequine
    I had a different bird if app but it was not easy to use and I could rarely I’d the bird I was seeing. I’m just starting out watching and feeding birds and this app gives me the correct bird every time. I love it!
  • New at this... 5/5

    By Tobynal
    I’m new at using an app to identify birds, have been old school w/ a book til a young friend showed me this app. So far so good and I’ve found it easier than another app I tried first.
  • Essential Bird App 5/5

    By Terra Ignota
    Not only is it free, but it is one of the only bird apps to expand beyond a single continent. Curious about what birds in southeastern Brazil are like? Download the free package and you have them. This is also one of the only apps that will give range maps for the entire annual distribution of North American birds. No longer will you see the map arbitrarily cut off at the southern tip of Mexico. There are limitations to this app, but it’s broad scope is not to be overlooked.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By purduealc
    So helpful for a new birder.
  • Good for birds in 45 states! 5/5

    By zombykate
    We have traveled by Motor coach in & thru 45 states including Alaska. We have used this app for three yrs of traveling. It’s great! We love it and would be list without it. It’s important to be an active user so the bank of birds grows. Thanks for this wonderful treasure trove of information especially the bird songs & calls.
  • Great field guide. 5/5

    By DAP1000
    Great field guide that makes it much easier to identify birds. The photo I’d feature is awesome.

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab app comments

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