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Merlin: Find Jobs & Work

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Merlin: Find Jobs & Work App

Find your dream job today with Merlin: – N.Y and Philadelphia #1 mobile job site - Search local job & career listings - Apply for work in seconds With real-time chat and the most up-to-date job listings in New York and Philadelphia covering hospitality, retail, sales and more, it's never been easier to get hired! ------------------------------------ WHAT OUR USERS ARE SAYINGS ABOUT MERLIN JOBS? ------------------------------------ Moises S. Installed app 2 days ago an i got hired today to start a job tomorrow that was super fast an super easy thanks merlin !!! You guys rock Marie J. this app really works i got a job within 2 weeks of being on. i been working for 3 months now and i make 17 a hour with almost 500 dollars every pay check i get. so this app i couldn't have done it without. Thanks Merlin Jacob L. Downloaded Merlin, clicked a bunch of applications, and had two employers reach out to me within 2 days... I got hired! I'm 2 months into a job at a food truck and I love it. Thank you Merlin!! A. Helped my disable partner find a job in no time Just as this title says, my partner is disabled with a hidden disability that make it impossible to stay on her feet for long period of time. Trying to find a job using other sites wasn't working, and she had been unemployed for about a year. I suggested Merlin to her after coming back to it after the overhaul you guys did, and she got a decent job within the week. It's let impersonal and things move much faster with your app and we can't thank you guys enough. We appreciate what you do. :) ------------------------------------ FOR JOB SEEKERS ------------------------------------ The job search process from start to finish is made to be hassle-free. Create your Merlin profile in minutes, find a job in the New York and Philadelphia area using a variety of useful filters and apply for jobs with a simple tap of the screen! Would you like to know more about the position? With real-time chat, you can communicate directly with employers and discuss all the details, eliminate any concerns and make the job search process less stressful. - Enjoy the full Merlin experience for free - Search careers and job listings in a wide range of sectors - Save your favourite roles for later - Search jobs by location & other filters - See comprehensive details of each job listing ------------------------------------ FOR EMPLOYERS ------------------------------------ Set up a company profile for free and enjoy a comprehensive range of features designed to streamline the hiring process. Forget about using your email to manage candidates. Forget about spending hours sitting on your desktop. Find the perfect candidate today and manage the whole hiring process directly from your phone. Post job and career listings in just a couple of minutes and receive applications from qualified job seekers without having to do any additional advertising. - Post and manage your job listings - Create your company profile in a few simple, easy steps - Engage in real-time communication with candidates to ask them anything you want - Schedule interviews from within the app ------------------------------------------------ SEARCH JOBS & CAREERS IN… ------------------------------------------------ Merlin has job listings in a wide range of different sectors, including: - Restaurants and bars - Hospitality - Retail - Logistics and transportation - Sales - General labor - Healthcare - Education - Government - Hourly jobs And many more! Whether you’re actively on the hunt for an exciting new job or career, or you’d like to keep your options open and know what’s available in the New York City and Philadelphia area, Merlin has new job posts every day across a range of sectors – your job hunt ends here! Merlin is only available in New York and Philadelphia. We'll soon be expanding to other cities across the US. DOWNLOAD MERLIN FREE TODAY – THE #1 JOB SEEKER’S APP FOR EAST COAST!

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Merlin: Find Jobs & Work app reviews

  • Not for everyone 1/5

    By Caerph1lly
    This is app is just for people looking for jobs in the service industry, not for jobs overall. I have a 2 page resume and a graduate degree and there is nowhere to put any of that information, you Just put your most recent job. How is that helpful to employers? I’m not looking for a cashier or truck driver job. That should be explicitly written somewhere “Merlin, the app for searching for jobs in the service industry.” If you are, great, this is the app for you, but it’s not for everyone.
  • Useless app, waste of phone storage 1/5

    By katieww99
    The ad campaign on social media made me download this, it looked cute and promising, but warning: this is NOT for people looking for post-collegiate careers!! The jobs on here are all low level low pay sales and servers and Taco Bell managers etc. Nothing wrong with those jobs, but the whole dream job awaits you ad campaign is a lie lol. Couldn’t even search properly within the field I actually want even with all the SEO tags. Just stick to indeed or monster. They post the exact same jobs as this “special” app...
  • I HATE IT 1/5

    it dosent even load jobs in area... it says error every time
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Joffre Ordonez
    Excellent aplication
  • Easy to find jobs not so easy for employers 2/5

    By JVNewtonNew Jersey
    Merlin app is great to find jobs it seems. I am not however looking for a job. I am trying to find future employees. This app gives you to create an employee account only!!!! And to make matters worse, there is no way to switch accounts. And don’t think about trying to ask the administrators for help since THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT THEM! Unfortunately I will not be using this app, I will not recommend it to others, and I will have to continue to look else where. Thanks
  • Useless App 1/5

    By balboa skywalker
    Some java exception! Fix your errors

    By Jdksososndor
    I have been applying for jobs with a bunch of different apps putting my resume everywhere nobody would hire me. Until I downloaded Merlin. I got a job in under a week of using this app and it is the best job I have ever had. Thank you so much. I recommend it to every struggling student or unemployed person out there. You won’t be disappointed.
  • It’s best for people in service industry 1/5

    By sammie99.
    I love the design and functionality of the app but it’s not meant for people in fashion industry. Specifically, I’ve had people that own dry cleaners say they want an interview with me and clearly have not bothered to look at my profile. If one were to read my profile they would clearly realize what I am searching for has nothing to do with their business. This app over all is really good but it just doesn’t have enough employers I’m assuming.
  • Help 1/5

    By megrath7
    I signed up and now when signing in it says my email or password does not exist but when I go to keep resigning up with my telephone number it says I have an account. So there is now way for me to actually login in.
  • I updated my app 1/5

    By 3000grace
    After updating the app I can’t seem to get in at all I’m still receiving emails for jobs
  • Love it 5/5

    By Moises sanabria
    Installed app 2 days ago an i got hired today to start a job tomorrow that was super fast an super easy thanks merlin !!! You guys rock
  • Great 5/5

    By Cessca77
    I got a response after 1 day just be patient and you’ll find something
  • This app works ! 5/5

    By stephaniex24
    I was looking for a full time job I saw this app on Facebook and decided to download and give it a try I did my profile and add my resume and started applying to jobs & within 2 days I got a email for a interview I went and got hire the same day !! I already started working I’m going into my second week already!! I’m so glad I try this app !
  • WORST of it ALL- AVOID 1/5

    By suggahdaddah
    we tried really tried hard with this app and company! while app seems working fine sync with their data is bad not poor. overall company have issues for example we received 286 spam messages, emails from applicant that we blocked. not to mention a fact that applicants while we treat with 100% respect they have freedom to bash unexpectedly and unruly anyhow to the job posters. we cannot have ANY APPLICANT to under our umbrella with attitude bit here this portal allow anarchy and not freedom. company response is very poor 48h to initially respond and basically that means dead end. so yeah maybe we did not have best experience but we had brutal and unpleasant instead. AVOID - this is not worth trying.
  • Scammer’s Paradise 1/5

    By Seriously Not Amused.
    There are a few things that make me tic. One of those things is my time being wasted. Applied to a Job position “Marketing Assistant” the company is called “ANS Advertising INC”. I applied to the job Wednesday and by Friday they wanted me to come in for an interview. Ok great! Show up to the building, which looked like it was ripped straight out of Jeepers Creepers (skepticism 20%) but that didn’t sway me. Went to open the door to get inside and lo and behold the doors are locked (skepticism 40%). Great! Waited for a bit because I was early and to my surprise another candidate for the same job position shows up. She is obviously as puzzled as I am. She tries to call in to see if someone could open the door for us. It goes straight to voice mail (Skepticism 60%). At this point I try to inspect the surrounding and find that there is absolutely no indication that this run down place is actually a functioning work environment. Plus there is no sign for the company visible (skepticism full 100%). At this moment the other candidate and I stared at each other with the same disappointed look because we knew that this was just some prank or scam. We both wished each other the best of luck and left before someone came out and kidnaped us. Merlin you need to curate your job listings better before someone gets hurt. From reading the other 1 star comments this isn’t the first time something shady has happened. Don’t have people waste their time, money, hopes and whatever else that is required during a job search process. It’s disgusting and downright wrong.
  • Helped my disabled partner find a job in no time 5/5

    By slsonic
    Just as this title says, my partner is disabled with a hidden disability that make it impossible to stay on her feet for long periods of time. Trying to find a job using other sites wasn’t working, and she had been unemployed for about a year. I suggested Merlin to her after coming back to it after the overhaul you guys did, and she got a decent job within the week. It’s less impersonal and things move much faster with your app and we can’t thank you guys enough. We appreciate what you do. :)
  • SO AMAZING 5/5

    By marie.jaylee1231
    this app really works i got a job within 2 weekes of being on. i been working for 3 months now and i make 17 a hour with almost 500 dollars every pay check i get. so this app i couldnt have done it without. Thanks Merlin 💛
  • 🤷🏾‍♀️ 1/5

    By Neeka Shantoi
    How do I delete my account?
  • Merin 5/5

    By fortnitecarlos
    Great app for jobs
  • Recommend for people in NYC. 5/5

    By Njsksowobdkpajenfkk3
    I haven’t gotten a job offer yet, but I’ve interviewed with 4 people already and they all seem very interested. The app makes it so easy to know if a place is interested in you or not. GET THIS APP and make your job-searching a whole lot easier!
  • Needs work 2/5

    By pancakewife
    I really wanted to like this app, but there needs to be a lot of work done to improve it. Especially when it comes to distance, there needs to be a way to choose how far away from you you would like to be looking for jobs. I was recommended jobs that were not close enough to make it worth my time (New Jersey, Connecticut, as well as locations I’ve never heard of). Overall I’m a little disappointed with this app, especially since it was advertised as a “New York” only thing.
  • I LOVE THIS 5/5

    By aVicky101
    Easy to use and a lot of options
  • This app will make you suicidal!!!!! 1/5

    By Lostforwords530
    Worst job hunting app ever!!!! I hope the developers who have jobs already are more sensitive to those searching and can't find work. Here is an excerpt of an email I sent them...... And then some..... " the "unfortunately" notifications that pop up should be eliminated from notifications all together. When you job hunt and seeing a rejection like that in a notification can be discouraging and depressing. Also encouraging someone to chat with a potential employer, I did this and no one responded. Kinda discouraging too.... I deleted the app. It made me more depressed than I originally started out, job hunting is hard esp when you are getting no call backs, it makes you look at yourself and question if you are good enough or not good enough. It's so bad for the self esteem all together, I don't need an app to remind me of the rejection, also who came up with the idea of endorsements? Will Merlin endorse me?!!! Who in life gets endorsed when they are job hunting???! Employers only want to see your resume and maybe your photo.... ugh.... I want my time back that I wasted on this app.
  • Stupid service 1/5

    By Yfgdghf
    They deleted my account bc they didnt like my email
  • Pros and cons 2/5

    By sleepingmermaid3000
    While Merlin is simplified compared to other job search apps, it doesn’t show many relevant jobs and many of the options available are out of my area.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By largeyxx
    I’m really not impressed by this app. I have a few issues that I think they should’ve thought about before launching this app. I’m not sure when this was launched but someone asked me if I’d ever heard of this app which is why I thought I’d give it a go. When it comes to legitimacy I feel like they’re at about 30% if I were to compare to LinkedIn. My review is not a reflection on whether or not I was successful in my job search but small details that were very bothersome for me. I usually never leave reviews for anything but after reading some other folks’ reviews about potential scams I felt the need to address some issues I have. First of all, when you receive an email from Merlin there is no clear unsubscribe option. It’s available at the bottom of the email but the link does not work. There’s also not a clear physical address of where their place of business is, and both those things are actually violations of the CAN-SPAM act, under FTC regulations. When it comes to the app and applying to jobs itself I have an issue with being contacted by companies telling me I applied to a position when I didn’t. It’s fine if a company contacts me but when I’m told I applied to a job when I didn’t it makes me a bit suspicious of how my information is being handled. Also, I think it would be wise for there to be an additional step after pressing the apply button because sometimes you hit the button by accident while scrolling and as far as I could tell there wasn’t a way to withdraw from an application. Lastly, I couldn’t find a way to delete my account (it only lets to change the visibility of your account) and I did a google search, searched on their site, and also no clear option on the app either. I think it’s great that there are multiple platforms giving job seekers plenty of opportunities to find jobs to apply to. The app has potential, but there are a lot of little details they clearly missed making it not so user friendly (at least for me). I don’t plan on returning to the app anytime soon unless further in the future they’ve proven to become a more reputable source for job seekers.

    By nertoterto
    First they said “THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!” Now we say “THEY FOUND US JOBS”
  • Unknown 4/5

    How are you? Please call me at 347-299-6931.

    By MulanBarbie
    The app doesn't open it crashes after the welcome screen saying Merlin. Trying to hire a new employee. Oh well
  • Great app 5/5

    By J.slavinsky
    I just applied and they did respond me in 10-15 minuets for a job
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By this app is ama
    You want to get hired fast download this app, trust me you won’t regret it.I got a job in 7 days, love this app.
  • AMAZINGGG !!! 5/5

    By Aleem23
    This app is truly great, i get to see everything required for the jobs i’m applying to and uploads my resume perfectly. I get notifications about the jobs i had applied to if i got in or not but, after it says “worry not here are some related jobs u can apply to” it shows u other great jobs u can apply to. It’s perfect for me, u should try it too !!! HIGHLYYY recommend this app
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By sarahy.cole
    Told me that this program wasn’t available where I live so why even show it to me in the first place ugh
  • terrible 1/5

    By JadeeMcKnight
    i don’t ever write reviews but this was just.... ridiculous. I saw an advertisement for this application while I was on Snapchat. I have been diligently searching for a job within the past two weeks so I figured I’d give this app a shot. Whole app looks sketchy, I regret giving my personal information. Then I found that their job opening suggestions were just terrible I mean people use Indeed then maybe Glassdoor. this app was a nightmare
  • Creepy 1/5

    By Flwlssmny
    Not sure if this app is legit but after signing up and applying to just one job, the very next day I received multiple text messages from multiple different numbers, one number texted me telling me to meet them in a park for $700! What the heck!!! Another sent me a suspicious link. Another telling me my resume has been sent to the head department of Merlin which I did NOT ask for or agree to have my personal information sent anywhere other than the ONE job I applied to. I am uncomfortable using this app and will hopefully can remove all of my information off of here completely. Super creepy!
  • Merlin is Garbage. So is Monster 1/5

    By TheLateSneakerHead
    App is Horrible.
  • Real jobs 5/5

    By Ayaniix
    I love how they review and message you for a interview instead of you waiting days to hear from them, and it’s cool that you can talk to the employer live through chat
  • Error app 4/5

    By rocklee38
    Hey hola tiene arreglar la app ya no te deja ver la información de trabajo
  • how about hiring people who can act 1/5

    By Clashofclanrater
    ever since i downloaded the app i’ve seen the most irritating advertisements every time i’m on snapchat. hire actors and work on your marketing. it really shouldn’t drive people AWAY from your business
  • Super fast hire 5/5

    Well you need experience but they have jobs where you don’t need any and if you have they pay more! I LOVE MERLIN ILL INVEST INTO THEM
  • Merlin 5/5

    By djdanni03
    Great app
  • Unable to login 3/5

    By Edisonlau6389
    Pls fixed it
  • Can't even login 1/5

    By Oksit
    App crashed 15 times with FB login.

    By Weezy Fan six foot seven foot
    App crashes when I log in
  • App 1/5

    By Biancalul
    Hi i just downloaded this app for the first time if keeps crashing. I go to open it & than it loads & goes out of it right away
  • I love this app, it's so useful 5/5

    By Watchcollector22
    Okay so I downloaded this app at 3AM because I was suffering from "What is my life" sleep deprivation while scrolling through my Instagram feed. I started to use this app and it's really simple, you can apply to a job with one tap, and chat with the owner at any time. Super easy and super user friendly. Thanks to Merlin I have my first interview within just one day of using the app! Wish me luck!
  • I want to like this app, but.. 2/5

    By Hollypaw120
    The app keeps crashing every time I try to go to the "my jobs" tab. :( It says that I've been shortlisted but it won't even let me see which job shortlisted me.
  • I got a job less than 7 days after losing my previous job 5/5

    By Annooyyyyyeeddddd
    Endorsements are everything! Get as much as you can as it will help boost your visibility to employers. I was unfairly let go from my previous job and instead of fighting it decided to move in because I was already planning to leave because there wasn't much job security. Less than 7 days later I got interviewed for an amazing company that was only 15mins away from me, paid me double including commission and bonuses and the staff and office had amazing energy! I am super excited to start my new journey and it's all because of Merlin! Thank you so much.
  • Updated review 4/5

    By 0mar8a
    First review: Tried this app. What a waste. Updated review: “Can 10k New Yorkers be wrong?” I would use this if I were in NYC.

Merlin: Find Jobs & Work app comments

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