Merlin: Find Jobs & Work

Merlin: Find Jobs & Work

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  • Current Version: 3.28.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ClassifiedJobs, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Merlin: Find Jobs & Work App

Find your dream job today with Merlin: – N.Y and Philadelphia #1 mobile job site - Search local job & career listings - Apply for work in seconds With real-time chat and the most up-to-date job listings in New York and Philadelphia covering hospitality, retail, sales and more, it's never been easier to get hired! ------------------------------------ WHAT OUR USERS ARE SAYINGS ABOUT MERLIN JOBS? ------------------------------------ Moises S. Installed app 2 days ago an i got hired today to start a job tomorrow that was super fast an super easy thanks merlin !!! You guys rock Marie J. this app really works i got a job within 2 weeks of being on. i been working for 3 months now and i make 17 a hour with almost 500 dollars every pay check i get. so this app i couldn't have done it without. Thanks Merlin Jacob L. Downloaded Merlin, clicked a bunch of applications, and had two employers reach out to me within 2 days... I got hired! I'm 2 months into a job at a food truck and I love it. Thank you Merlin!! A. Helped my disable partner find a job in no time Just as this title says, my partner is disabled with a hidden disability that make it impossible to stay on her feet for long period of time. Trying to find a job using other sites wasn't working, and she had been unemployed for about a year. I suggested Merlin to her after coming back to it after the overhaul you guys did, and she got a decent job within the week. It's let impersonal and things move much faster with your app and we can't thank you guys enough. We appreciate what you do. :) ------------------------------------ FOR JOB SEEKERS ------------------------------------ The job search process from start to finish is made to be hassle-free. Create your Merlin profile in minutes, find a job in the New York and Philadelphia area using a variety of useful filters and apply for jobs with a simple tap of the screen! Would you like to know more about the position? With real-time chat, you can communicate directly with employers and discuss all the details, eliminate any concerns and make the job search process less stressful. - Enjoy the full Merlin experience for free - Search careers and job listings in a wide range of sectors - Save your favourite roles for later - Search jobs by location & other filters - See comprehensive details of each job listing ------------------------------------ FOR EMPLOYERS ------------------------------------ Set up a company profile for free and enjoy a comprehensive range of features designed to streamline the hiring process. Forget about using your email to manage candidates. Forget about spending hours sitting on your desktop. Find the perfect candidate today and manage the whole hiring process directly from your phone. Post job and career listings in just a couple of minutes and receive applications from qualified job seekers without having to do any additional advertising. - Post and manage your job listings - Create your company profile in a few simple, easy steps - Engage in real-time communication with candidates to ask them anything you want - Schedule interviews from within the app ------------------------------------------------ SEARCH JOBS & CAREERS IN… ------------------------------------------------ Merlin has job listings in a wide range of different sectors, including: - Restaurants and bars - Hospitality - Retail - Logistics and transportation - Sales - General labor - Healthcare - Education - Government - Hourly jobs And many more! Whether you’re actively on the hunt for an exciting new job or career, or you’d like to keep your options open and know what’s available in the New York City and Philadelphia area, Merlin has new job posts every day across a range of sectors – your job hunt ends here! Merlin is only available in New York and Philadelphia. We'll soon be expanding to other cities across the US. DOWNLOAD MERLIN FREE TODAY – THE #1 JOB SEEKER’S APP FOR EAST COAST!

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Merlin: Find Jobs & Work app reviews

  • Great app but no one has responded to me yet 5/5

    By Bravo2278
    Basically the title of my review says it all would like some help
  • Fake 1/5

    By martinezalex
    Couldn’t find a job with this app there’s bots answering
  • That add it’s okay 2/5

    By katielove532
    It will continuously glitch out I would have to re- download it to use it
  • Looking for a job 5/5

    By Fantashia bourne
    Can 15 year olds find a job to work at over the summer?
  • Wow 1/5

    By 718kat3
    Okay I never wrote a review before but I’m getting so annoyed with the spam mails I’m getting. Literally 10same messages at once and they just keep coming after deleting the app. I tried to press unsubscribe button and it doesn’t work. Thinking it’s my phone I let it be until I just got 30 more emails. I click unsubscribe and nope, press it and click open link, nope nothing. So I try to click on reply button on the annoying spam message and wow, it works! I’m so annoyed. Please stop
  • No bueno 1/5

    By lexxxxxx1
    Horrible app
  • I can't write my phone number. 2/5

    By rhxdesia
    Hello, I couldn’t even try the app just because it won’t let me put my number. And it’s not because an error happened, or something like that. I’m Argentinian, and my way or idk of writing the number is different of how the app wants me to write it. I don’t know how to do it, but please help me in this. Thank you, I hope I can try the app!
  • Love it 5/5

    By yaey0
  • So far, so good! 5/5

    By Heatherrnicolee
    I'm loving this app already! I've gotten so many responses.
  • Merlin excelente 5/5

    By virginiawork
    Necesito trabajar urgente
  • It’s giving me a hard time?!?! 2/5

    By SauciB
    I didn’t have trouble logging in lastnight. but I woke this morning trying to check the notifications I got and it wouldn’t let me open the app so i reinstalled the app and now its not letting me log in ??? I tried recovery cause I thought it was my password but its the app itself it keeps reading error occurred during the recovery for your password please try again????
  • More availability 3/5

    By Kevin_Perez2184
    I wish u guys were around Davenport Florida
  • I’m not sure it’s worth the time to download this app 2/5

    By Aleah!
    This app applies to jobs on your behalf and it does not ask if you would be interested in those jobs to begin with. It is very frustrating. Also, I think the app has robots that pose as hiring managers and ask the same generic questions. The worst part is that you’re able to see the last time a hiring manager was online. Sometimes the person was online 7 days ago, yet you receive a message from them (2 days ago) asking about your qualifications. How? If they didn’t come online how can they ask. Extremely robotic. I’m not sure it’s worth the time to download this app.
  • Time 1/5

    By _.Mich_.Too._Litt._
    This app is horrible , yeah they give you at least a day to give you a message back asking about a simple question for you qualifying for the jobs , and you answer back.Yet they aren’t fast to write back once you’ve written them back,they take like a week
  • Quick and easy! 5/5

    By christopher1230
    Great app, really quick and easy, excited to apply and hopefully get hired!
  • Um...🙂 1/5

    By Leqalized
    Y’all not even in my area .... 🙃
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By D.Y.H
    This app sends job leads that are irrelevant and from very sketchy employers. Every interview I’ve gotten was a group interview with some questionable company or a staffing agency that I’ve already signed up with. I’m flooded with jobs outside of my requested field. Most employers send messages but stop replying. Frustrating.
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By 37848
    I can’t get a proper location for where I want to work. Also if you accidentally apply somewhere you can’t unapply.
  • Irrelevant alerts 1/5

    By nali79
    The constant jobs alerts being sent to me is it irrelevant to my interest. I’m yet to receive a job I’m interested in.
  • Best app for finding job 5/5

    By Riz1122
    I like this app . I share this app with my friends etc. and they get good jobs Really very satisfied
  • Jobs chat 2/5

    By andyredvest37
    How do you even respond to a employer though chat I tried many times
  • Delete 1/5

    By jmf8504
    How do I delete my account on this app. It’s horrible, applying for jobs that I don’t want to automatically
  • No use 1/5

    By togo ico k lvhtl
    This app doesn’t work! I waited for a week but i havent got any job recommendations!
  • Not as helpful as advertised 2/5

    By Alexis Mel.
    First let me start by saying that I downloaded this app on Tuesday (3/19) and since then I’ve had 28 employers reach out to me, which I think is really great. However I work in the Loss Prevention/Asset Protection department which is a complete different aspect of Security and unfortunately Merlin has no job description for this. Even when searching in the search section, Loss Prevention and Asset Protection both come back with “no results found” and that is extremely disappointing to me. The other thing I find incredibly annoying is that most of the employers that teach out to me have nothing to do with what I’m looking for. Because Merlin doesn’t have LP/AP as a job title, the only options I can put in the work experience section is either “Agent” (which is constantly getting confused for Telemarketing Agent or Sale Agent) or “Security”. And the last thing that’s absolutely infuriating is that once you decline or withdraw an application/chat with an employer you CANNOT DELETE THE CONVERSATION! So everything just clogs up your inbox and you have to scroll through conversations to find a new one once it alerts you. As much as I like the fast responses and the reaching out by employers, I’m disappointed about not being able to find my specific job description, because it makes it all the more difficult. But I’m even more disappointed about all the non-related offers I get because my job description doesn’t exists on Merlin which means there’s no real reason for me to continue keeping this app in my phone. Hopefully the Merlin team fix these issues and actually be able to help people in my line of work find a job. My advice is to use LinkedIn, Indeed or Monster.
  • Mi expectativa 5/5

    By wilfredo antonio aquino 041087
    Me está ayudando mucho
  • Time wasting!!!!!!! 1/5

    By sandrikia
    Just automatic messages from app. Not from employer!!
  • Misleading and robotic 1/5

    By dissapointed and broke
    Upon downloading the app at the great recommendation of a friend, first impressions were pretty cool. The idea of speaking directly to employers via a chat is a fantastic idea for people who cannot handle the pressure of phone calls. However that’s it. That’s all the good the app has to offer. There’s not an efficient way to tailor your distance so you could be living in maspeth or corona and you’ll find an overwhelming number of offers from New Jersey. Often times, I believe the creators of the app are the ones replying on behalf of employers because messages are the same robotic ‘Hi, Do you have the skills for this position? Let me know! Talk soon.’ And replies often go unread. Also, there’s the instance of automatically applying to jobs like what??? That’s unprofessional as hell and that crosses some major boundaries. Work out the major bugs of the app, Then release it.
  • Terrible App all around 2/5

    By ane716
    This app is horrible! It’s constantly sending me notifications and messages for jobs that have nothing to do with me and there’s no option to change your notifications for what you’re interested in. It also prompts you to apply to a bunch of jobs at once the second you open the app, and “applies” without even asking about cover letters, and when I first downloaded the app it “applied” to some without a resume. I guess it just sends them my profile? But I still think that is unprofessional. It’s so easy to accidentally apply to jobs, too. I was excited to use this app due to the numerous positive reviews I read but it sure seems like I’m using a totally different app than what’s being praised here. UPDATE AFTER THEIR RESPONSE: My problem with this app is NOT because I did not find employment on it. That’s the only thing Merlin addresses in response to this review. I said this app is so irritating sending so many unwanted and irrelevant messages to me. And not showing me the jobs I ACTUALLY clicked “apply” to in my applied section, and in screening section is a whole bunch of the jobs I did not apply to and have no interest in. There are no settings to remove those jobs from the section, no options to delete the messages from employers I am not interested in, no option to change the settings for the types of jobs that I want to be contacted by, ***those are the reasons for the poor review***.
  • Very frustrating for business to use. 1/5

    By FievelsMC
    It seemed good at first, but on our first day using the app, the system glitched and was sending me hundreds of duplicate notifications and suggestions of people that we had no interest in. I have it a try for a few weeks, and found that while easy, there were no quality candidates using the app. They then released a new feature, that to make it short, gitched and started sending out job offers to anyone and everyone on my behalf. I then spent a week trying to get a hold of support, notified them of the glitch, and rather than pausing the new feature, they let the glitch continue for another week before resolving the issue. The concept of the app is great, but I lost all faith and trust in the company. The support team completely understood why, but did nothing to regain my confidence. Even after 3 job postings, we had no luck and I finally had to remove my organization from their system.
  • Needs an update fix 3/5

    By iOnlyWish4Simplicity
    When I send messages to employers, it shows like I never sent a message, and prompts me why didn’t I send a message. When I force close the app and reopen, it shows that I sent the same message twice since it didn’t show me the first time I sent the message and even asked me why I didn’t send a message. Fix this glitch quickly, I need to find work fast, not waste time force closing the app to send a message every time.
  • No jobs in the Atlanta area at all 1/5

    By Pum pum conquerer
    Waste of my time
  • Overall great app but I have some concerns. 5/5

    By Chris😭😺😎
    Before I start I would really appreciate it if someone got back to me about this and helped out. But anyway if been on this app for a while now and yes it’s absolutely extremely easy to apply for jobs in no longer than 2 minutes. But my concern is that no one ever contacts me beck for interviews or anything really of that matter. I’m desperately in need of work and have found plenty of jobs I would love to work at but when I apply and send a text explaining who I am and etc., I never get a text back.... from ANYONE. Like how am I supposed to work and be of service if I can’t even get passed the first step. Once again can someone please get back to me on this? I really need help.
  • ??? 1/5

    By Sorikan
    If you’re on the West Coast this app won’t work you like Portland Oregon
  • Not in my city ): 4/5

    By Coooollcoookie
    Downloaded this app.. and made my account etc. my sadly this app isn’t in my area!! Can you make in it California 😅 would mean a lot!!! Would like to try it!
  • Does anyone know how to delete their account? 1/5

    By Edwin___xx
    I’ve been trying to delete my account and can’t figure out how to do it ?
  • Errors 1/5

    By ShaneJordan
    More errors. Messages not showing up. Not letting me view profiles when it said someone was interested in me.
  • Not getting an answer back 3/5

    By Bull-pig
    They message me first offering a job, i reply and they never answer back. What is wrong?
  • Super frustrated and annoyed! 1/5

    By KingKevin319
    I thought this was a good app, but I honestly apply too like 100+ jobs and the only thing I am getting is jobs declared “interested” and said “awaiting reply” I replied with mostly short text “I am definitely interested in this position, I hope to speak more” then get no replies for weeks.. am I doing something wrong, or are they not getting the text. I’m super confused.. I am about to delete this app, super struggling to find work.. :(
  • great app 5/5

    By Wtfangie
    easy way to apply to jobs! very stress free and simple to use. love.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By grimb05
    Used the app, yes I got leads and was great. But the app ALWAYS IS CRASHING . Deleted and Re-Downloaded 4 times, my messages never show up or they never send out because of the glitching. I know it is not my service due to the fact that everything runs perfectly but then I try to go into the app and it just sits there loading .
  • Bs 1/5

    By flaggederroridiots
    The app wasn’t even AVAILABLE in my city, I live in a pretty good sized city.
  • Crashing app 2/5

    By keeps crashing!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been using the app for about a month and for some reason it keeps crashing on me. I have updated it and still keeps crashing.
  • App Glitches 2/5

    By meowmeow8976
    The concept is great and very straightforward however the app glitches like crazy with jobs spamming they’re interested in me and then when I do reply, it says I didn’t reply.
  • spam or something? 3/5

    By janepeachdoe
    okay so i recently have been receiving tons the exact same messages however from every job i ever applied from on here should i be responsive or is it a glitch?
  • Pretty good!!! 5/5

    By Derekfilms
    They make it so easy to upload all the needed information and documents and applying to jobs are just a click away!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By indenticalpickle
    I went on an interview for what was supposed to be an admin assistant job. I ended up in the back if a laundry mat in the middle of New York City. It was almost kind of laughable. Save your iOS data space and just go to Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc to look for a legitimate and professional job.
  • Not the job app for everyone 2/5

    By purpleocean123
    The job posting Merlin can find and match are only service related job (cashier, guard, plumber helper, etc...). If you are looking for jobs in other industry (ex: financial service, banking), this is not the app for you! I can’t find any job that matches my background, don’t like it.
  • Jobless 1/5

    By Bamzitzrbd
    This app does not work!! Still jobless after 2 weeks using this app I’m in NYC
  • No Jobs 1/5

    By Leigh3333333
    There are no jobs available on their app to apply for. every time i search for a job there aren’t any.

Merlin: Find Jobs & Work app comments

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