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Messenger Kids — Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. Parent Dashboard: Parents can manage their kids' contact list, and monitor messages on the Messenger Kids app. When kids block contacts, parents are notified. Fun Filters: Kid-friendly filters, reactions, and sound effects make video chats with friends and family even better. Worry Free: Parents can set usage limits when it’s bedtime, and there are no in app-purchases or ads. Creative Convos: Stickers, GIFs, emojis, and drawing tools give kids more ways to express themselves. Easy Start: No phone number required. We’re always working to improve Messenger Kids. If you’d like to share any feedback with us or for more information, visit

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  • Who your kids have talked to... 4/5

    By DigbyDiggs9999
    There’s a button/option where it says you can view who your kids talked to most last week, which would be great. However, when you click to view it, the landing page is way too busy, it shows a million other things/options. It’s not clear at all. Less can be more especially in an App like this. Parents are not looking for a million different options, but rather a simple view of who their kids are talking to. Please consider it for kids safety. Thank you!
  • Please add the music video option to Apple users 4/5

    By Ep1K_Kiwi
    All my friends have Samsung phones so they have the music video option but I have an iPad so I don’t have it. Please add it to Apple iPads or just apple devices in particular. I have been waiting so long for it to get added and I am starting to become disappointed. Please add it.
  • Messenger kids 5/5

    By jhjbgnh jnhnhn
    Messenger Kids are super fun that’s why I give them five stars because it like has so many filters and there’s so fun and like every week there gets a it gets a new filters so it’s so fun
  • Download this app 5/5

    By i love my mom so much
    It’s awesome PERIOD
  • Really good for kids 4/5

    By laura ella drawer
    This app is really good for kids to chat to their friends and family but I have some things to say: so first to all the people that are frustrated because when they call they hear a beeping sound, it’s because the internet is low. So I like the face filters but it’s like they change every time but I don’t really mind this. The first time I installed this app was at the start of 2020 and it helped connect with my friends all quarantine and still does so I recommend downloading for your kid! Also you can see what your kid sends to other people and it may glitch from time to time but doesn’t every app? Well that’s all I really had to say 😁
  • Good job messenger kids 5/5

    By the nickname of a person
    I think messenger kids has done a great job keeping people in touch even children
  • Very glitchy 2/5

    By repulsive rat
    I use this app to call my freinds and it’s glitchy. Sometimes it spam mutes and unmutes and we have to recall and overall it can be glitchy sometimes. I would use something else sometimes as this app can make me frustrated. I hope this review helps, bye
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Nikkayy55
    Great experience!
  • Good app! Scary glitch... 2/5

    By KK :3 ;)
    So this app is amazing to keep in touch with your friends, but me and my friend found a scary glitch while messing with the camera. You have an option to take a photo, but if you are off of messenger kids, it SHOULD say that the camera is off. So, one of us took a photo while the other one’s camera was off. We took the picture, but it showed what the person was doing, even though the camera was off. So, of course, we were scared out of our pants. Someone turned off there iPad, yet it still took the picture of what they were doing. I do not feel safe with this, please get this fixed!
  • Great concept 5/5

    By Baniaz_zee
    Nice app and interactive 👍🏾
  • Good but ... 4/5

    By gffgjvhg
    My kids friend cussed on it and cussing should not be allowed
  • Feedback messages 3/5

    By irritated mother 2
    I have received 2 messages back stating my child has sent something that goes against community policies and standards but never disclosing the message sent. If you are going to automatically delete a message, I need to receive a message back stating what the message was. I cannot talk with my child if there is nothing to talk to them about. I am beginning to get disgusted with the messenger app.
  • Messenger kids ruined my life 1/5

    By Lila is 10
    Hi there. This is my review for messenger kids: Messenger kids ruined my life. I just don’t know how to explain it, it did. Sorry if this wasn’t helpful, it just ruined my life.
  • I love Messenger kids 5/5

    By jangaroo10
    I love messenger because I can talk to my family and friends and FaceTime them all at the same time
  • My kids love it 4/5

    By wiscochix
    Kids messenger was how we survived this pandemic. It allows my kids to video chat and play games with friends and family that we weren’t able to see in person. I do wish they were able to connect with friends without me being Facebook friends with their parents, however.
  • Kids Messenger 5/5

    By I ❤️ being a Mom!
    This is a great app! My daughter loves it! She can talk to her friends! I truest recommend this app if you are a parent in need of some quiet time!
  • it’s great 4/5

    By Leynes5
    great for kids! Great way for my kids to keep in touch with their cousins.
  • Needs a smidge more work 3/5

    By lcreed12
    I love messenger kids it’s just every time me and my friend call it mutes on and off for me and her. If you could fix that that would be great. Thank you!
  • fun 5/5

    By jenny Jin D
    My kids love messenger kids
  • Love it 5/5

    By PiclkeFace
    Love it
  • Love it 5/5

    By whitmannathan
    Son loves talking to his friends on here
  • Good for children to keep in touch with family and friends safely 5/5

    By Mrs.Sheppard
    It’s good for my daughter to keep in touch with her grandpa and her cousins it’s also very safe and effective❤️
  • Fix this bug 1/5

    By stuck on create account screen
    I was stuck at the Create Account screen please fix this bug I don’t know why it does it but please fix this.
  • Safe 5/5

    By Tmlrn61
    Very safe way for kids to interact !
  • Awesome but needs MAGER bug fixes 3/5

    By wertyuo12
    Some times it mutes and then unmutes randomly
  • Bad 1/5

    By bader ba ba bad
  • Love it but there is one thing... 5/5

    By unanumuse
    This app is rlly good. U can monitor the kids account and take fun videos. I love the feature share a song. But it used to be able to take it to 120 seconds long but now it’s only 15 seconds. Can u make it longer agian? Besides that it’s a really good app and I recommend downloading
  • Djdkdkkdkd 5/5

    By Alexplayzoffical
  • Kids 5/5

    By Thuylen
    The best app for communicating with your kids!
  • Lisa Blake 5/5

    By big house of 12
    Messages kids is like a a fun app for my kids and they still get to chat with friends during Covid-19
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Fjeivme
    I love this app. It lets me chat with my friends all the time. And it lets you connect with your friends if they move away. One of myself friends moved to Florida and I’m all the way on the other side of the country. But on Messenger Kids I can still talk to her whenever I want. My point is that you should definitely get this app!
  • Awesome!!!!!!😁 5/5

    By Taco Lion
    I love this app! I’m moving so it will really help me stay in touch with them plus I can also talk to my brother in college! It is awesome!!! So it is by far my favorite even though my phone is so old that I can’t play the new games unless I update it, but besides that it is the best game by far!
  • I love the but I have a suggestion 5/5

    By Reagan_8
    I LOVE the app but I think there should be a button to turn off your camera so if something happens like a sibling is getting dressed in front of the camera you can’t see it it has happened to me multiple times and I always have to end the call and my friends don’t know why and they turn off their devices and walk away and they don’t respond to my texts until the next day
  • They don’t deserve 5 stars 😡 3/5

    By Just Another Texter
    This is really a great app for kids. It’s super fun and helps children of all ages stimulate their creativity. But I have a few things to say. 1: No goals set When I first got this app, there were missions that you could complete like taking a picture or editing the picture with stickers and stuff. When I finished all the missions, it said, “Come back later to complete more missions!” I have read other reviews and according to most people there haven’t been any missions IN THREE YEARS!!! So we’re still waiting for more missions to complete, Facebook Inc! 😡😡😡 2: Logged out Sometimes when I go into one of my friends’ account’s, the connection is really slow. And after a while, the app just randomly logs me out! In the next update, please fix this bug. Also, I think the connection is slow because the person sent a ton of pictures, so maybe THAT will help you fix the tech problem? 3: “Are you okay?!? I can’t hear you! You’re frozen! What just happened?!?” So sometimes when I do video chats with my friends, I can JUST BARELY hear their voice, and sometimes their screen freezes up. Another thing is the call randomly ends because it logs either them out or me out 😩 4: Disappearing act So a long time ago after I got Messenger Kids, two of my friends’ accounts disappeared off my phone! I have one account back but the accounts just randomly went away. 🧐 Besides those things, Messenger Kids is a wonderful way to communicate with friends during corona virus without a phone number. There are fun little features where you can have a fox face or you can be 3 dancing fruits. Facebook Inc. also added a new thing called the Activity Center where you can play 1 or 2 player games, like Cat Toy Shop (1 player) or Friend Quiz (2 player). Before that, Messenger Kids was SUPER boring. Anyways, thank you for reading my review and have a great rest of your day. Bye for now! 😇😜🤓 UPDATE: Okay so now there’s another problem. 5: Erases drawing, but sends?! So there’s this thing called Play a Drawing Game, and yesterday I drew a camera and for some reason it said, “Poor connection try again later!” And then everyone was sending me messages that said, “A camera.” So basically I’m saying that the phone KINDA LIED! 🤥🤞And then today I drew a cloud and the same thing happened! Anyways that’s all the problems I have been experiencing. So bye for now! 😇😜🤓 P.S. I am a kid UPDATE: So I would like to make a request. Can you please delete the filter that has a girl with pink hair that likes sweets and when you click on her she changes to a girl with green hair that is a rebel? Because that one has been there for, like, two months now and it’s getting REALLY boring. So please read my whole review thank you so much bye! 😇😜🤓 UPDATE: Please change the pet thing I finished growing my pet. 😇😜🤓 UPDATE: Okay so there’s this game in the activity center called Mad Lab and for some reason it just freezes up whenever you drag an ingredient into a box and it doesn’t build the robot so please fix this glitch in the next update. Also I just read some reviews and a lot of people mentioned that for when you change the color of your app there aren’t many choices and a lot of people like dark colors so I just wanted to mention this. Also I just wanted to say when I try to do a filter and it’s dark out my phone says “Find a face.” It’s really annoying. Please fix this by adding a flashlight mode so people can still do filters when it’s dark. Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your day! 😇😜🤓 UPDATE: Thank you for fixing the most recent bug but there are still a few more problems. 6: Can’t Send Message Okay so this morning I was on Messenger Kids and I sent a question to my friends but it didn’t send. I checked my connection but that wasn’t the problem. Now there are so many problems on Messenger Kids that I have to change my rating to 3 stars bc all you people working over at Facebook Inc don’t even read our reviews and you don’t fix most bugs. So you don’t deserve 5, even 4 stars. Also, I just noticed that you deleted the missions tab in the app! Very frustrating. I will still use Messenger Kids, but when it gets to the point where I have to give y’all 1 star, I won’t be back for a long time. This is your chance to impress me, Facebook Inc. Give it your all and earn back your 5 star-rating from me. I’ll be waiting to see if you fix these bugs and actually listen to some of our reviews. I’ll be watching 😑 UPDATE: So I just noticed that when you click on app support it just takes you to Facebook but that’s it. 😇😜🤓
  • This app is so amazing 5/5

    By but I will Arella
    This app is so amazing I can stay in contact with everyone right now and it just takes a few controls to do it it’s so good you can text call and even make a group so I recommend let me say that one more time I RECOMMEND to get it it is FREE
  • Great App 5/5

    By MamaOfThreeGirls!
    Allows my children to communicate with family and I don’t have to worry about strangers being able to contact them.
  • ... 5/5

    By Ms_Wheezy
    Child friendly, love how parents can keep up with who their kiddos are talking to!
  • Great 5/5

    By Nilly21
    This app is a great way for my kid to communicate with friends and family. The adult decides who can befriend a child. No random request. And I can see who he has contact with and how often. No need for a cell phone.
  • Caitlin 5/5

    By hannabrewer
    We love it
  • Fun but, 4/5

    By aldkdisjsmen
    This is a awesome thing for kids! But my updates don’t come, even when I press update it doesn’t work, but I love this app because I think they should make more kids stuff that grownups do to! Like a kids tik tok or kids Facebook or kids snap chat or something!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Cindy. heck
    This app is so fine you can call your family or friends all you need to do is take a picture sign up and that’s it you can play games with your friends or you can play by yourself so download now for free!!
  • No. 1/5

    By kkkiujsks
    I cannot get on a call I updated and all that jazz but still don’t work
  • I 🖤🖤🖤🖤 messenger kid 5/5

    By 2011
    Ok so I love messager kids cuz I get to talk to my friends and I miss them so much I could cry and I can call them with a special code... and we can hangout on call
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Isabella Riley 427
    This app isn’t so bad, but it’s not the best either. I’ll start with the con. So, the only problem I have with this app is you have to chose your contacts. I feel it’s weird to chose the people you have to talk to. But, enough of that, because next I’ll be talking about the pros. I think the app is pretty fun! It has activities to do, and a video chat option! So the app is pretty nice!
  • Conquer rat 5/5

    By counqer rat
    Great app I get to talk to my one friend French rat and we get to talk to demons and teletoobers we also get to speak with shronky drek
  • It is okay 3/5

    By 1yhhhh
    It is okay they took away the good filters I still get to talk to people though
  • Iove it 5/5

    By Mase 2021
    It is amazing! Finally they made a app so kids can talk to friends. I love talking to my friends so much.
  • Great but 4/5

    By Dole le Fruit Cup
    So I dislike the boxes with the messages and the FaceTime buttons at the bottom I liked the version where it was more similar to Facebook messenger. That’s all pls pls make it like that again
  • 😃😃🤩🤩🥳🥳😁😁🤗🤗😺😺😸😸❤️❤️ 5/5

    By [email protected] tooimperfect *@ ##
    Best app on the iPad!! (Squeal!!) I literally just talked to my best friend 👭like a day or two ago, about a pretty personal topic.(!) 1 question!. ;) Can you send movies/videos to a friend? I really want to send a certain 1 to my best friend 👭!📺🎞📽💿📀💽🖥 please, please, please,please,please,please,please,please ,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please respond. With a 🍒 on top!?