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Messenger App

Made for big screens and close connections. Get access to free* texting, and high-quality voice & video chat built specifically for desktop. NEW! GET THE GROUP TOGETHER WITH ROOMS Send a link to group video chat with anyone, even if they don't have Messenger. Host up to 50 people with no time limits. MADE FOR DESKTOP, MADE FOR YOU Type even faster, multitask while video chatting so you never miss a moment, and stay connected with desktop notifications. SPEND QUALITY TIME IN HIGH-QUALITY Host one-on-one meetings or bring the whole group together with free*, high-quality voice and video chat features. SAY 'HI' IN LOW LIGHT WITH DARK MODE Cut down glare from your screen in low light situations, so you can stay in touch no matter when or where you are. MAKE A STATEMENT WITH EMOJIS Tell your story with emojis when words aren’t enough. SHARE WITH FRIENDS Send photos and videos to keep your close friends up to speed. Receive files for even more productivity. *Calls are free over Wi-Fi but otherwise standard data charges apply. Privacy Policy: | LEARN MORE at:

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Messenger app reviews

  • MAC crashed right after 5 minutes 1/5

    By coderForFun
    I read thru all the other reviews here. And all of them are true. I did not even get a chance to measure the resource utilization before my laptop crashed. I am uninstalling this app right now. Whatsapp desktop app is so matured, why is messneger so bad?
  • Cannot see the ROOMS option 1/5

    By Slimberg
    I have uninstalled the mobile apps for messenger and facebook multiple times. phone is up to date. I am on android (mobile) and ios (desktop) and i cannot see the option on either platform… SOMEONE RESPOND TO ME AND FIGURE IT OUT!!!
  • Feels like second-class macOS citizen 2/5

    By nc.57
    I appreciate seeing Facebook put some work into creating a mac app, but this electron dependence feels rushed and cheap. Recently Facebook overhauled the iOS messenger app to be completely native with iOS frameworks, which significantly reduced the app size and improved performance. Please do the same with this app! It's dependence on electron seems to be causing several issues such as: • Heavy CPU and resource usage • A janky feel that makes it feel something like a web app and a second-tier macOS citizen. • Slow loading time (we shouldn't need a loading screen)
  • doesn't show message reactions 2/5

    By rebagel
    hi, just thought you guys should know since this is a fairly new app and i'm sure you'll update it periodically. all of the reactions to messages (thumbs up, down, etc) show on browser & phone, but don't sync to this app.
  • No End to End Encryption 1/5

    By erickmiclat
    This version on macbook has no "secret conversation" or end to end encryption.
  • CPU resourse eater 2/5

    By MTChen64
    Just want to put this up front I like that FB come up with this app so that we can have some clean dedicated window for messenger. But recently I found it gobbbles up my CPU resourse and sometime over use it making my computer hot and slow. It will be great if the IT teams from FB can resolve this situation and I will put my both hands up to download it back in my NB.
  • No notifications 3/5

    By cheli0007
    Notifications don't work for me
  • It's so bad it's not even funny. 1/5

    By Andronicals
    I will confirm that this app does indeed make the fans run like crazy. Not even a fully speced macbook touchbar 15' can handle the terrible software and memory leaks of such a rushed port. We should hold companies like facebook and their engineers to a much higher standard. Even my own attempts at electron wrapping their online app has yielded better results.
  • Messenger for Mac Not Working Fully 4/5

    By Evan Katz (Manhattan)
    Messenger for Mac bug reporting is not working. We tried to report a bug, but it will not let us upload the bug report. It keeps giving an error saying "Error Failed to Fetch". Please fix. Thanks.
  • no active contacts????? 2/5

    By moniker jones
    is there seriously no way to sort your messages list by active contacts? are you kidding me? caprine and the 4-5 other official apps for messenger ALL had this function. all you had to do was copy them. i am not sure how you can just forget about a feature like that.
  • Notifactions are not native & Memory usage bug 2/5

    By ZoraLink
    It is not a port at all of the iOS app as it is using the buggy Chromium based code and the RAM usage is over 1GB after an hour and over 5GB after about 4 hours. Reported the RAM usage bug months ago to Facebook. It is not using native notifactions so the do not disturb setting in macOS is ignored and the one in the app is broken.
  • Energy hog! 1/5

    By Esdras Lopez
    This app makes my mac's fac to run constantly when left open for too long.
  • Simply no sound notifcation 1/5

    By hihirsif
    Can't seem to get notification sound no matter what I try
  • Really not impressed... 1/5

    By Malkasian
    The app overall seems to work, but (as everyone else is mentioning), notifications don't work. It also seems to have issues if you minimze or "close it." Like it's still technically running, but I need to click the app a number of times before it finally opens again; sometimes needing to entirely quit the app and then reopening it. Not super impressed with how poorly it seems to be designed... Maybe give your apps a little more time in the workshop before releasing them, Facebook... I would expect better from a large company like them.
  • It works, but it'll eat your RAM 3/5

    By T. Nathan
    It's great to finally have Messenger as an app, the UI looks good and familiar, and it seems to be light on power usage (for me anyway). However, I can't consistently use it at this point because it has a constant issue with memory leaks; RAM usage goes from below 500 MB to well over 1 GB if you have the app open long enough, and it never goes back down. This, amongst other issues, shows it's not quite ready. Thankfully, developer support has been pretty good so far, so I will be interested to see how the app improves over time.
  • Performance Hog, use web client 2/5

    By Daniel Asad99
    This app is a total sink on your ability to get anything else done on your computer while it's running. If you can, use the web-client. It's easier on your processor and your sanity.
  • Video Chat super buggy 3/5

    By ankmathur96
    Very often, I'll click on the button to start a video call, but it just won't start one.
  • Doesn't Connect 1/5

    By Nemo_Perez
    Every time I click to join someone's room it doesn't connect. Doesn't work, plain and simple.
  • Complete dumpster fire 1/5

    By 0xcaff
    This app actively consumes system resources. I have a powerful machine, but it seems like any extra performance headroom which happens to be unused starts getting consumed by this app. Somehow it eats up large amounts of memory, cpu and disk. This is really disappointing Facbeook. Please build a native app or fix whatever RN stack you are using.
  • Memory leaks 1/5

    By SandroDz
    App has memory leaks, it racked up 5gb of ram on my macbook pro in just few days. Startup times are abysmal, even though it sits active in memory, It takes solid 10-20sec to open everytime. Very poor try from Facebook. EDIT: Startup times have been improved. Memory leaks remain.
  • Messenger Error 3/5

    By IT Consultant: Dev Morlan
    First of all -- it is amazing how I can use Messenger app on my MacBook because I wouldn't like to have an iPhone and laptop at the same time, since they are all connected to the same account where we can communicating like iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. Honestly, once this issues fixed for not receiving any notification (because I am deaf and i couldn't hear if it is ring me), for major issue is CPU and battery: my CPU is too high and battery went drain too fast, but my laptop isn't very old because I recently updated my new laptop since 6 months ago. By the way, it's beautiful feature when I can be able to enable dark mode to reduce my red eyes on the screen at night (still, doesn't help 100% due to screen). I would give three out of five, but this is still earlier verision of Messenger for macOS. I removed Messenger off of my computer but I will be looking forward to better-fixed version that come friendly support with our (in the world) computers' hardware. It's kinda funny when Messenger works like a charm on iPhone and iPad, but MacBook...
  • Very slow & nearly unusable 1/5

    By Davey719
    Unfortunately this version of Messengery is way too slow, even on the fastest MacBook Pro available. Surprised that Facebook didn't bring their (excellent and super fast!) new iOS app over to the Mac instead. It'd make for a much better app.
  • Very slow -Freezes on Mac Pro 2/5

    By SeaRose21
    I have messenger on my iPhone and t works well. The verison for my Mac book is awful, freezes or is very slow to sign in. In my opion not worth the effort. I was looking for a quick way to reply FB market place inquiries, this is not it.
  • Memory creep is creepin me out 3/5

    By Imgai6.9000000
    Memory usage of Messenger renderer creeps up to 3 or 4 gB if I don't restart it every day. Please fix! Because of this I always have > 3gB in my swap which really bogs down my machine. Works well otherwise.
  • garbage -- will kill your computer 1/5

    By spicysamyang
    my mind is kind of blown at how horrible this app is. i downloaded it and usually leave messenger open in the background at all times (in a tab previously) and my mac started getting insanely hot with fans blasting all the time. battery would constantly drain rapidly with fans running all night long. i thought my mac was starting to develop issues until i looked at activity monitor and discovered that this garbage app was the culprit. don't waste your time with this trash.
  • Eats the CPU 1/5

    By auorabearealis
    Have a 2019 16' macbook pro. This app causes the RAM to be ate up, and is notorious for making the fans spin.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By rollosaxx
    Never used it. Doesn’t even open. Just a blank screen. Don’t waste your time with this garbage. Whoever deveopled this must have had a $2 budget and dumb programmers.
  • Super annoying and very buggy 1/5

    By Worst_threat
    This was rushed and isn't production ready. It's super slow to load the app when clicking on a notification. The "bing" sound plays when i try to use my airpods to pause my music - it takes over the keyboard controls. Removed, i hope it gets better, but for now I'll stick with browser.
  • Not been for a new product 4/5

    By sm_biggs
    It would be cool if it had filters like the PC version.
  • Performance Hog 2/5

    By NedTheUndertaker
    My laptop has been struggling for a couple of weeks now and it took me way longer than it should to realize that messenger is using way more resources than it should be. Once i stopped the app, my ears finally fell in peace from all the fan spinning going on. Functionality wise it is similar to web dark theme, which is a good thing, but the app is unusable with this sort of cpu usage
  • battery drain 2/5

    By elbfmc
    It drains the battery so fast on Mac and heats up quickly. You cannot even reply to a particular post only on a group chat, unlike the app on mobile phone
  • notification sounds 4/5

    By erftk
    everything works perfectly for me with the new updates but please please please let me change the notification sound please I hate the default sound and wish there were other options
  • missing key functions 2/5

    By matt prigge
    cannot attach files that are not pictures, very limited functionality within chats
  • Major Battery Drain & Permformace Issues 2/5

    By p/jan.11
    I love the idea of a messenger desktop app, so I don't have to keep facebook open in a browser tab to recieve notifications. However, clearly no optimization has been done for mac. Not only is the app slow at times, but it also signficantly drains my battery (around twice as fast as normal). The battery drain was so bad that I noticed the issue less than an hour after installing. Messenger is great, but Electron is not a good permanent solution.
  • BACKSACE 1/5

    By darrinfrie
    Seriouslly. I have to wait 10 seconds before backspace or delete works. One more chance on update then I am done.
  • Laggy app 1/5

    By Chen_93
    It's very laggy takes about 2 sec every time I open the window from dock. Please fix this problem.
  • Rushed port 2/5

    By jayylmao915
    This was very clearly a port made to capitalize on the whole quarantine situation, as there are a couple major issues with it. First and foremost, the most important part, the notifications. They do not work at all, no badges, no banners. This is very detrimental to the experience, because that's kind of the entire point of downloading the app, which is to get notifications on your desktop without having to keep a browser tab or one of those browser wrapper apps (like Goofy) open, because they are fairly heavy on resource consumption. That leads me to my next point, which is that it consumes quite a bit more resources than I'd like. Overall, I'm glad it's here, but it could be WAY better.
  • Better than 5/5

    By Jonnythetanman
    I used to use in chrome on my Mac but this app is so much smoother and intuitive. No lags at all and it's been working perfectly!
  • Clearly rushed 2/5

    This long overdue release is appreciated, but like everyone else here, this app has caused considerable issues. There is no reason this app shouldn't have been developed far before now, and it is quite clear that it was rushed to market to compete with Zoom during the health crisis. On my new 16 inch macbook pro, I found that this app was using over 200% (?) CPU usage and was spiking CPU proximity temps to over 80*C on my flat desk. It's inexcusable that something with a relatively simple purpose is so poorly made by such a company with so many resources.
  • Eats all system resources 1/5

    By Ypryadko
    Messenger desktop eats all of the available processing power, however much you have. If you want to do work on your laptop, don't install desktop app, and use the web app instead.
  • Somehow substantially less performant than as inbuilt to the site 1/5

    By Well Then.
    Title. Slow to scroll, slow to load. Oh and also doens't handle .gifs correctly. There's no compelling reason to use this utnil they get a) feature parity and b) performance parity.
  • causes my mac to crash 1/5

    By Julianaboolean
    I use the web version of messenger to chat with friends on catalina 2018 MBP. I was happy to have a native app that I could run from the desktop, but saddened to find it caused my mac to have kernel panics randomly when I received group video chat requests. Uninstalled immediately and went back to the web app until things get more stable.
  • facebook should do better? 1/5

    By huangzonghao
    wth is this??? so many bugs & flaws. I can't even change theme to light. What's wrong with this group? you guys should really do better, or the entire group should be sent to PIP.
  • Need Copy-Paste option 2/5

    By Md. Siam
    Desktop copy-paste do not works. To send a file we have to attach it. And it do not SUPPORT M4A files. So, need more improvement. Need: 1. Sopport for desktop copy-pase option 2. Support for m4a files
  • Improved 3/5

    By Luhmann
    Still not as useful as using the page in the browser, but it is getting updated regularly and many early issues (such as notifications) have been fixed.
  • Notification sound not working 2/5

    By BenzTanakrit
    Notication sound does not work not matter what I do. I tried reinstalling the app, restarting my laptop, and all other methods I could think of. None seemed to fix the issue for me. Macbook Pro 13-inch 2018 with Mojave 10.14.6
  • Phone App has more Features... what a shame 3/5

    By kruegmeister
    The Phone App is more Feature Rich than this for Mac & the Windows Version. No Filters or other Fun Stuff. If you Programmed on this Consider yourself LAZY
  • Notifications do not work 3/5

    By Abstractt02
    Even though the settings say that notifications are enabled, they dont work and Messenger never asked my Mac to send notifications. Also it would be nice for the messenger to launch without opening a message, like on the iPad.
  • My fan hasn't worked this hard in a long time 2/5

    By emjaydee85
    If I have this app open, even without using it for a prolonged period of time, the fan on my MacBook Pro will spin up to full speed. There's some definite memory/performance issues with this app.

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