Meta Ads Manager

Meta Ads Manager

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  • Current Version: 305.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Meta Platforms, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Meta Ads Manager App

Stay connected with your campaigns, no matter where you are. Create, edit and get insights from ads across Meta technologies including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and more. ● View detailed real-time insights from all your campaigns ● Turn campaigns on and off ● Get quick alerts to know what’s happening with all your ads ● Compare campaigns and ad sets using a side-by-side view ● Switch between Pages and ad accounts

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Meta Ads Manager app reviews

  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Danicphotography
    I have used Facebook ads 3 times and not once did I get a unique booking I am better off on my own. It’s all fake do not waste your money.
  • Linking accounts and pages beyond confusing 1/5

    By HodgesHodges84
    Manager is showing ads from my Facebook page but not the linked Instagram account. Support can’t seem to figure out how to solve the problem. The line between business manager and Ads Manager is confusingly blurry. more cumbersome than helpful.
  • Retrieving Leads??????? 1/5

    By Saleem Florida
    Retrieving leads is a nightmare
  • Facebook hates small businesses 1/5

    By 😄😃😊😜😘😉😳😀😙😞😉😊😳☺️
    They restrict your ad account for no reason and just say you broke a policy but refuse to tell you the policy or tell you what you did wrong. The truth is I did nothing wrong and I got restricted from advertising after one of my ads started doing really well. I don’t understand but it’s like they will only take your money if your ads are failing and ban you if your ads are doing good. Only huge billion dollar companies are allowed to make money with Facebook.
  • Facebook/Meta is ruining everything! 1/5

    By kassy0120
    Running ads used to be such a straightforward experience. Since meta messed with everything I can’t even delete old photos of ads were attached to them and there’s NO reason this requires an entire separate app! I’ll never run another ad again it’s not worth it!
  • Glitchy. Deceptive 1/5

    By Office-Work-2020
    There’s a glitch . The app is blinking . Aside from that, it tries to automatically increase the budget if you’re not paying attention. Why? I’m already happy to advertise. Why try to slip additional budget by me? Let me do it myself. This is like when Amazon try to trick you into joining Prime … or buying a product not once automatically every month.
  • Hard posting a job 1/5

    By Belducii
    Job don’t show up on marketplace but money is taken from you. I would prefer to be able to post a job offer on Facebook marketplace not on some other app that doesn’t work.
  • UI in zoom mode iPhone is ugly 1/5

    By Olоlо
    UI on iPhone 13 looks ugly, all buttons are under the notch! Test your apps in Zoom mode omg! No support iPad’s! Big canvas You should fully adopt this app for iPad 12.9 screen - which supports natively landscape orientation! Currently it’s portrait for iPad pro 12.9, omg, moreover you should use iPad’s large canvas to show more data!
  • شكرا فريق الاعلانات 5/5

    By elmisiri
  • Esam ibzae 2/5

    By Esam ibzae
    التطبيق معقد وغير سلس
  • Why promotion on insta don’t work 1/5

    By tres chic boutique
    I made a promotion on Fb & Instagram in same time for different posts in same period Fb working good , but in Instagram didn’t work or event start and I don’t know why !
  • I did not open an Ad Account! 1/5

    My account was hacked. I have continually reported this in multiple channels through Facebook and Meta Ads, but I get no response. Someone started listing cars on the marketplace under my account. It was a scam. I reported. I never opened this Ad account, but it now shows I have a balance. I get hourly notifications that I have a past due payment!! Facebook will not respond!!! This is ridiculous!
  • . 5/5

    By longballshoe
  • Not the best 2/5

    By Gmovie123
    I think if we had way better customer service this would be great.
  • Very easy and fast I’m enjoining Ivi 5/5

    By luxuryworld
    I’m enjoying it
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By arena1£:&:8
    This one of the most annoying and useless app I have seen so far you will fund uiir ads it will show successful but for payment to arrive in yoor ads account it takes 3 days or even a week this very shameful

    By apexpharaoh
    Facebook Ads are unreliable there it is.
  • Banned 1/5

    By 318jd
    Why is my account banned to do Ads?? I have never ads!! This is crazy!! Fix my account so I can run ads‼️‼️
  • Fb advertising is Lier and cheater 1/5

    By Starkids2
    Every time I get spend $20 and get $20 credit for ad, I never get one ! Just taking money no real advertising, I noticed exact one person joining group everyday while advertising, how is it possible , don’t spend money here.
  • No sound notification when receiving messages from clients 1/5

    By mghijfsxhufvrsz!!?.,
    No sound notification when receiving messages from clients-direct and immediate negative impact to both my job and the business I work for!!
  • Very poor and very hard to use! 1/5

    By PraiseJesus
    Very poor and very hard to use!
  • As isn’t playing 2/5

    By Teresalynb
    I’m unable to get my ad up and running. Not sure why.
  • My experience 5/5

    By Werrencap
    Making the whole ad publishing very easy
  • Ad not getting any traffic 1/5

    By dong bobbler
    This is the second time in a row I’ve run an ad and it doesn’t do anything. It says the ad was approved but it’s not getting any traffic? The first time it got 12000 views and the last two 0
  • Please delete my account I want to cancel it 1/5

    By dog&
    Please delete my account I have tried everything to cancel it.
  • Not Adding Up‼️ Noticed Daily Charges 1/5

    By WyteeBoyBobb
    Started comparing bank transactions against time set ads, for example $90 for 30 days! That months charge total $135 ($45 in total daily charged)
  • Problem 1/5

    By alightimole
    Pls how can I increase my spending limit. I’ve been trying to do that for some months till now. I haven’t get it. Pls lead me
  • It’s working well 5/5

    By Maxhollywood
    App is getting better
  • Permanent restriction for no reason 1/5

    By Chemicalmakeup
    I created a business page for the release of my first fantasy novel. I paid for ads to be made by a graphic designer, then started running them from the page. The ads consisted of modified versions of the book cover. The cover has a fully/modestly dressed woman and a spriggan (tree person, like ents). The title of the book “Starlight Jewel, Gifts of the Auldtree book one.” So nothing spammy or pornographic. Legit just nerdy fantasy book ads. Then my account was restricted. I hit the appeal button, thinking it must be some kind of bot mistake and once a human looked at it would get worked out. It did not. Apparently when you hit that appeal/review button, you forfeit all customer service assistance. No one can help you after you hit that button. My account was permanently restricted upon review and for “security reasons,” they wouldn’t even tell me what I did wrong. I wasted two weeks (during a book launch when I could have been marketing) trying to plead with their customer service for help. But they don’t care about the money I lost making those ads or about how I printed the facebook page URL in the dustjacket of my hardcover so I can’t just start a new page. They refused to help repeatedly, ignored my questions, and my Instagram account continues to be connected to FB meta in this app. So I can’t use the app. Meta and Facebook have no morals when it deals with small businesses. Their policies and practices make clear that they do not care about people at all.
  • Pointless App 1/5

    By Cyclelogicalgirl
    This app is stupid and useless. I was forced to download it on my phone and now I find I STILL cannot delete the ad account. I tried to get a review and the app told me I had to login on a computer. WHY WOULD THEY CREATE AN APP THAT MAKES ME ISE A COMPUTER?!!! My phone IS a computer. My ad campaign ended in 2014, 8 years ago! I never got any clicks. I paid them $15 I know I didn’t owe, just so I could close the account. I deleted it then! Now it’s back and I can’t get rid of it from my phone. How backwards are your programmers that they can’t put these features ON A PHONE SINCE THAT IS WHAT WE ALL USE NOW!!!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By kimby_cat
    After using the meta business suite I’m absolutely amazed that Facebook and Instagram haven’t had a class action suit on their hands. I have been using technology products for 22 years now and I have to say that this one is absolutely the worst one I have ever used.
  • McLean jewelers 1/5

    By Darius A 2002
    Very complicated advertising system it has the least effect on your online advertising.
  • Practico 5/5

    By 55679 los
    Es muy práctico me gusta
  • Difficult to navigate 1/5

    By kaimet
    Perhaps for someone who does this everyday all day long might get used to it. But for someone who only places a few adds once in awhile it doesn’t work.
  • Marking app 5/5

    By Ar Bao
    Ads is the best marking app
  • New Platform 1/5

    By DG&TG
    New platform constantly changes itself. I’m a local trade company and want ads in my area. Yet it doesn’t allow me to manipulate as easily to do so. Not sure why I can’t speak to someone in regards to this! Could just be a glitch with the continuous changes!
  • Won’t even load! 1/5

    By RobertZeBruce
    “App failed to load” Ad nauseum . . .
  • Super fácil y práctica 5/5

    By ghyyhgjbj
    Me encanta por que puedo hacer mis campaña desde mi móvil
  • Horrible app - slow, and mint intuitive 2/5

    By jbravo32
    You’d think with all the money they make from ads they’d make this app work.
  • Notifications don't work 4/5

    By DJ DJ 95
    I like the design of this app but because of the lack of certain key functions it ends up being something I use to view ads in the account, rather than edit ads or get key updates Some key things that are missing: 1) Notifications don't work properly. One of the key things I need to be aware of as a manager are: - Payment error alerts - Ad spend alerts - Disapproved ads The app says you can get notifications for these but they never notify me when this actually happens. So, I am forced to stay locked to my desktop Ads Manager + email to get these updates. And my notifications are on for the app. 2) I can't publish Instagram ads that are videos or Reels. Will this be available through an update?
  • App doesn’t work right 1/5

    By 444257544
    Can’t edit my page

    By 98ceo
  • I’ve had great results from using Ads on Facebook and highly recommend! 5/5

    By 001Bandit
    Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • My first post will get results ? 4/5

    By menoll apls
    I’m new to this I will start today and l will see if l can get results
  • Please always take me to potential customers that will buy from me not time wasters. Thanks 3/5

    By fft wears
    Please always take me to potential customers that will buy from me not time wasters. Thanks
  • Bishtat Sally 5/5

    By azawi35
    Perfect application ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • TBH for a billion $$$ company? 2/5

    it’s a pretty bad app for a fortune 500 company. billions of dollars to spend and this app doesn’t even work correctly. like it’s baddd
  • Limited Features 3/5

    By Infiniteyounggod
    I can’t edit the text of the ads.
  • This app has never worked 1/5

    By kCapsB
    In the years that Facebook has been trying to push me to use this app, I have NEVER even been able to login: “Login Failed:…unexpected error.” From new devices to new updates, it has never worked. Frustrating and ridiculous.