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Meta Quest

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 181.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Meta Platforms, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Meta Quest App

Manage your Meta Quest VR device, explore over 1,000 apps in the Meta Quest Store, discover live VR events and so much more. With the Meta Quest app you can : -Browse and buy VR games and experiences from the Meta Quest Store -Remotely install VR apps to your Oculus Rift or Rift S -Reserve your virtual seat for live events, sports and concerts -Find friends in VR and share experiences together -Get notifications about other friends in VR, events you’re into, the latest content, and more -Manage and monitor your Meta Quest devices, accounts and notifications -Cast what you see in your VR headset to your phone or TV so nearby friends can see what you're up to -Track your VR workouts by connecting Meta Quest Move to Apple Health

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Meta Quest app reviews

  • Need help 3/5

    By carterejdn
    So i just got a new oculus and it says i need a software update my phone is up to date but it still says this
  • Unable to add payment method 1/5

    By priahferguson
    Trying to buy bonelab but i can’t since it keeps saying “sorry not able to add payment method” it’s been doing this since yesterday PLEASE FIX YOUR APP.
  • Finally got the app to connect 5/5

    By benbird75
    To the headset by going to Bluetooth settings and selecting forget this device and then re adding it. Took a long time to find the solution but now it connects again and works great.
  • This app is a piece of garbage 1/5

    By Barrett463
    Not only is it full of bugs, but the layout could be so much better. Also, the addition of the parental guardian junk is a mess. The app constantly resets things, making me need to constantly bug my parents so that I can actually play any of the games I like.
  • Pair failed 2/5

    By Fierr012345
    Not allowing me to pair my IPhone SE to my Oculus 2
  • I can’t use my card 3/5

    By hfsuutdiy
    No matter want I use I can’t pay for a game it always say’s error
  • Please read!!! 3/5

    By hdhsjsyc
    I would rate this a five it it weren’t so complicated to transfer videos from the oculus to a mobile device. Why not just make the videos save on the app as well? it is connected to the oculus after all just have the videos both save on the oculus and the oculus app!
  • I can’t add a payment method 1/5

    By vendaela
    I tried to buy bonelab with a pre paid visa gift card but it wouldn’t let me add the card I tried different ones I did everything I could and I can’t buy my game and I got nervous please for the love of God fix this
  • Garbage app made by an awful incompetent company. 1/5

    By iPad mini can't play it
    Terrible store UI, PayPal just magically doesn’t work even though all of the information on a prepaid card is incorrect. These people are so braindead stupid that it hasn’t even occurred to them that… I don’t know, maybe something like a *gift card* specifically for Oculus might be a good idea? Crazy concept I know, it’s not like several other companies including Apple haven’t used this *revolutionary* idea for their multi billion dollar companies in order to streamline and make the process of people like me *giving them money* easier.
  • Synchronization is not working 1/5

    By Makaron_97
    It does not work for more than a 1.5 month at least!!!
  • Can’t put card on 1/5

    By vivid clapz
    Can’t put my card on
  • Horrible Console 1/5

    By RansomFazbearYT
    The quest is an awfully slow, buggy and low quality console. Literally Shrek 2 Beg for Mercy on the Gameboy Advanced works better. Nothing loads on the quest, it’s constantly messing up and clearing my Home Screen, and it doesn’t function properly.
  • fix it 1/5

    By Malak🌺
    fix the loging in thing you rats
  • why 1/5

    By MizzzzBytch
    I factory reset my quest 2 and now it’s essentially bricked because I cant get past the pairing screen I’ve tried everything Resetting my ipad and headset doesn’t work Reinstalling this app doesn’t work Factory resetting the headset with the volume buttons doesn’t work Resetting the internet router doesn’t work Updating the ipad doesn’t work Updating this app doesn’t work All because I couldn’t download bonelab
  • Every person who bought a Quest 2 in the last weeks CANNOT USE IT 1/5

    By Mike Genovese23
    Every person who bought a Quest 2 in the last weeks CANNOT USE IT!!! Software Update Required error makes the Quest 2 COMPLETELY UNUSABLE! They are hiding this flaw and still selling the headsets to unsuspecting customers!!! FIX the ISSUE!!!!
  • I hate Facebook and meta and suckerberg 1/5

    By Greenbeanie1
    I have to download an app and link it to personal info to use parental controls. If you haven’t bought an oculus yet, DON’T do it. Spend the extra on another brand.
  • Obvious grab for your private data 1/5

    By PrivacyCustomer
    Let’s just call this what it is: a thinly veiled excuse to make you install another app on your phone so Meta can connect more dots with the other datasets they have about you. Totally unnecessary for most people’s use of the VR headsets, of course they magically don’t just let you pair using the Oculus desktop app because that isn’t as juicy for data mining as your phone. I had massive problems getting this app paired with my headset to boot which wasted a ton of my time for something I don’t need. I wish Oculus was never acquired by this garbage company.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Mindless fan 4 ev
    When I first got my headset and app it worked great! But after 6 months I can’t ever link my phone to it. And trying to sync my videos take weeks to show up. (If it loads). I can delete and redownload the app I can never see the people tab to see whose on or even pull up anybodys profile. I constantly keep the app up to date. And still never loads it’s just blank. I also try uploading videos to Facebook to try and see if it will actually see it on my phone but never works and I don’t ever get notifications for it either. The headset and the app heavily flawed.
  • Can’t get my old account back 5/5

    By CashMoney121710
    I got my new iPhone and I can’t get back on my old account and wants me to use this meta account thing and I have tried to reach out to meta support I’m trying to change my payment method

    By Dval109
    This is good so far when it comes to casting, but ive read all of the reviews and it seems that everyone is having issues with the casting being upside down. with all of these complaints why not fix it to make it much better ?
  • Thanks a lot 1/5

    By idecanymore123
    Thanks Meta/Facebook for logging me out of all my accounts and locking it and making me not get access to the 100s of dollars I spent the last couple years on things. Appreciate it.
  • Bring oculus back! 1/5

    By dhenke1690
    Love that Facebook/meta is pushing VR forward but hate that they killed the oculus brand.
  • Bad service 1/5

    i lost more than 10 games, over 150 dollars on games with the new update were you have to link facebook, i did a report 2 weeks ago and nothing!!!
  • Worst Device Pairing App I’ve ever seen. 1/5

    By LucasM0726
    Even though I’ve already paired my headset, its making me do it again. Now it just doesnt work. It makes me unlock my headset IN THE MIDDLE OF PAIRING, and when I put in the pattern for EVERY ACCOUNT on my Oculus. Every single time, no matter what I do (check for update, uninstall/reinstall, sign out and sign back in) it always says “Something went wrong. Please try again.” If any developers give me actually helpful advice, I’ll change my review.
  • My password 2/5

    By ftuff
    My password doesn’t work
  • Doesn’t let me make a account 1/5

    By Eric Koll
    It’s not letting me create a account, so annoying
  • Casting 1/5

    By Jademator
    What is wrong with your casting??? It’s absolutely terrible and keeps disconnecting me!!!! You seriously need to fix this because I AM DONE!!
  • Brand New Can’t Setup 1/5

    By BrinaB.
    I opened the box and plugged in the goggles. Proceeded to the website which redirected me to download this app. From there I started creating my account using my email. After entering my name and dob it prompts me to create a password but as soon as I click in the box it tells me “something went wrong. Please try again. If that doesn’t work, please try again a little later.” This has been going on for at least 2 hours now. I should have purchased something else instead.
  • I can’t even sign back into my oculus 1/5

    By thomasdennis
    Can’t even sign back in myOculus because I don’t remember my password and it send me to loop
  • I forgot my unlock pattern and each time I turn it on it says unlock pattern 2/5

    By Brayden mx norame
    Something is wrong with my Oculus Quest 2.. you see when I turned it on and than I realized a forgot my unlock pattern and it tells me to unlock my oculus with the unlock pattern I was very sad and in tears I couldn't help it.I mean like why do I have to unlock my pattern when they already know that I own the Oculus? This is what a actually hate about the Quest 2 Fix your VR headsets or I quit!
  • Casting issue 1/5

    By JayDiebz
    Love the app. Makes it super easy to download games and share content. However I'm currently having an issue where I was able to cast/record game content and IRL content simultaneously. I could record the gameplay and the player playing but for some reason the option doesn't work anymore. It’s available, i see the button to click but it wont let me select it. Its really annoying because it once worked before and i used it to record a game or two of Onward. Not sure if its a bug/glitch and no help on the internet with this issue.
  • App won’t let me connect headset to Wi-Fi 1/5

    By Osufan77
    Thanks to an error in the app that support said “engineers were working on” for a while now, I can’t connect my factory reset headset to my app because it needs an update…but can’t update until I connect to the app and the screen inside of the Quest 2 is stuck on the pairing screen whenever I turn I on. So yeah, I have a bricked Question 2 essentially until this is fixed
  • I love it in all but there is a huge problem with it 4/5

    By s)jsj2mdkdmujddme
    😭 I want to sign in a easy way you expect me to use my email! I don’t appreciated that I’m so sorry for that nonsense but I will like to record myself playing in vr and put it in my mobile to show it to remember that and you expect me to use my stupid email!!! Why god why 😭😭😭
  • Cant connect 1/5

    By djrbjeidhchcd
    Oculus link doesn’t work to my PC tried everything
  • Can’t login 3/5

    By greendasher220
    I have changed my password and I have been trying for weeks and nothing seems to work.
  • Just horrible. 1/5

    By AubreeGarzaa
    You can’t even change your pattern or remove it without even knowing it, people can lose money and accounts to this. It really needs to change.
  • Straight up doesn’t work 1/5

    By Burgrrsslbc
    It won’t let me login for an “operation-specific error”. Making this whole headset useless with a capital Y. What’s the point? So frustrated.
  • Had to factory reset. Lost all purchases 1/5

    By Twwt
    Did a factory reset to solve pairing issues with replacement for a controller that never functioned properly. All my purchases on the quest and my previous Rift just vanished. Hundreds of dollars worth. Have exhausted everything online YouTube, customer support which offers no call option and if there’s an email I have yet to discover it. Beyond frustrated and angry. Do advise to wait till someone offers a better functioning product with more responsive customer services
  • Broken 5/5

    By Does Not Cooperate
    My oculus quest 2 is not connecting in the app and it is stuck on the pairing screen, (keep in mind I just got it) and it says it needs a system software update but I can’t because it is on the pairing screen!!!! Make a solution please Meta!!!!
  • The Meta account 1/5

    By xxcoolkidgamesxx
    So the meta account it’s dum it’s stupid like I’m not gonna do it so fix it pls I hate its the stupidest thing ever make it so just go to setting and update it man it ain’t funny and it’s a one star for the account once again FIX IT
  • Дичь 1/5

    By Olgesti
    После обновления очков просит зайти с телефона, я захожу и там при сопряжении пишет, обновите ПО, не знаю что делать. Ваш косяк, теперь это кирпич зависший на экране завершения настройки через приложение.
  • Not good at all 2/5

    By The Black Girl
    Miss the old days. Meta quest nice name!
  • Can’t even do basic job 1/5

    By waynechen0326
    Why does quest 2 must be connected to a phone? And when u pair it, it says “software update required” and can’t pass by. Even if u have the latest iOS and app, it still shows that. But if u want me to update my quest2 software, can u just that me into the system 1st? It’s a dead loop. U want to pair to app? Update ur system. U wanna update ur system? Pair to app.
  • It’s good but 3/5

    By taco dh
    The casting feature is not that good it does not work for me it says connecting but it never connects
  • I can’t purchase anything 1/5

    By PAJ157
    It’s been months since I have oculus and the oculus app. The one problem that is frustrating is that I can’t purchase anything! It keep saying that I need to update the card payment which I did and it still refuse to let me buy any games!
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By DanimoWells
    Spent 2 hours trying to get the device to connect and probably the same amount of time dealing with support. Will not connect to my phone and keep getting the same failed to connect with no help from customer support
  • Its ok 1/5

    By forkurds
    It dose what it should but when trying to re download the app it tryed to charge 26$ to my card
  • Impossble to pair 1/5

    By Homelesssss
    I dont know but it doesnt work… terrible app, software and device. I don’t know what to do and the support is useless
  • Not working/White screen 1/5

    By 0737863794
    The app doesn’t work, and hasn’t worked, on my phone for over a month now. A little frustrating, as no one seems to be able to resolve the issue