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meterUP Parking App

The Philadelphia Parking Authority has partnered with Parkmobile to provide a convenient way to pay for parking using your mobile phone. Registering with Parkmobile is free, and it takes less than two minutes to join. The meterUP App takes the stress out of parking. No more searching for coins. No worries about an out-of-service parking meter. With meterUP, starting your parking session takes just a few seconds. You can extend your session on-the-go (where permitted), stop your session early, as well as save “Favorite” and recently used zones. Customers may register up to 5 vehicles to one phone number, and if you’re driving a different car, you can quickly change the license plate number within the app. Users can also opt-in to receive notifications prior to their parking session expiring. About Parkmobile Parkmobile, LLC is the leading provider of mobile payments, with offices and a call center here in the U.S. Parkmobile is offered all over the country in on- and off-street spaces, with millions of registered users. Registration with us is free, and you’re under no obligation whatsoever to use Parkmobile once you join.

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  • What a Hassle! 1/5

    By MobilePhoneBill
    Using the app seemed simple enough - enter the zone, enter the duration, click pay and done. But, as does happen, I received a parking violation (I can maybe chalk that up to first time use). Okay - should be just as easy to file a dispute from the app - right? NOT!!! The app’s ‘process’ (and it is a process) to dispute a traffic violation is extremely limited, immediately pushing you off into the City Parking Authority’s process (that’s always fun). The links to file a claim in the app are difficult to find (found them in FAQ - so apparently I’m not the first one to ask). Once arriving at the linked website it is practically impossible to use from an iphone. You are connected to a ‘full size’ website, with tiny fields to complete that spill off the screen on either side. Receipts (evidence to support a dispute) are not convenient attachments, so iPhone screenshots are easy enough to produce but are png files by default. The claim process requires pdf or jpg files. Thus, a number of additional conversion steps are foisted upon you for that. Ended up switching to the Mac, registering with their provider - ParkMobile (who are they and why do I need to work with them?), converting the screenshots and receipt files to PDFs, and then filed a claim directly with the Philadelphia Parking Authority - which, as one might imagine, was a wonderfully bureaucratic nightmarish process. I would have thought MeterUP would have taken the burden and complexity for issues like this out of the equation - somehow. Apparently, this what you get when tech meets city government. At this moment, I’m not certain why I should be using this app since it is so much more hassle (and potentially more costly) than promised.
  • Ticket 1/5

    By durkdk123
    I got a ticket bc for some reason the app failed to work. I called and called, as I’ve used the app so many times and was sure they could at least see the attempt and help me in some way. Nope, they could not have cared less. I lost the 6 bucks for parking and got a ticket. BS.
  • Confusing, Clunky, Not Intuitive 2/5

    By Drachenschlaeger
    Amateurish but ultimately effective...
  • NICE!!! 5/5

    By susieo66
    I really like this app I can see that they did a lot off detailed work on this app. at first I didn’t think it was really going to work I put it to the test when I was at the hospital with the birth of my grandson at a center city hospital where parking is very costly! So I put in a few coins knowing my time was limited so I took down the codes that’s on the machine and when I knew my time was up I told my daughter I’m going to give this a try but I told her I bet when I get to my car i’m going to have ticket. I left the hospital and walked up to my car and to my surprise no ticket!!! sweet!! I been using this app every since. it will only charge you for the time used. nice addition I do have one problem I don’t like is the FEE!!! really...🤨
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Leo814
    Very user Friendly
  • Parking 4/5

    By not a techie(2)
    Seems easy
  • I just got a ticket! 1/5

    By ripped off in philly
    We paid for 2 hours 45 minutes at 5:15 PM The city of Philadelphia then issued us an “expired meter” ticket at 6 PM. Rip-off!!!!
  • Doesn’t save your payment method 3/5

    By Johnny Drugs
    For some reason, the payment method needs to be input repeatedly- not every time, but most of the time. Very frustrating
  • Too long to set up quickly 5/5

    By ADE112233
    Too long to set up quickly for an appointment
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Aebp6
    Paid for parking with the app as I was leaving my car (read the kiosk number from the sign posted above). I happened to see police notices taped over the kiosk payment area restricting parking. Called customer service and told no way to get refund for my payment even though I had to move my car and pay to park elsewhere. Would give negative stars if possible.
  • Setup issue 2/5

    By Joe92352
    Had to add my cc 3 times to get it correct. I can only assume I had some data entry error, but could not view or edit the card. Also since I was recreating the same card, the reference of the last 4 numbers is the same. Typo is a common failure, should be less painful to address

    By amanda_philly
    The app itself works well but the Philadelphia Parking Authority doesn’t look at the app at all. Have used it 3 times and gotten 3 tickets that I have had to dispute. Not worth the 2 minutes savings.. go use the meter instead!!!
  • About time PPA 5/5

    By About time PPA
    Extremely convenient.. I love it 🥰
  • Mrs.Alvarez 5/5

    By Johanaarevalo
    I love this application this is so easy I love the fact I don’t have to look for quarter no more or my credit card
  • This App Gets Worse and Worse 2/5

    By Nadine52
    I like the idea of using an app to pay for parking but these developers are the worst. I used it on Wednesday then tried again on Friday and all my info was gone. I wasted 10 minutes trying to set things up again and finally realized the app had randomly signed me out. It didn’t ask me to sign in the way a normal app would. I was late for an appointment and ended up just paying on the street

    This is a GREAT way to save money & time! This app alleviates my anxiety of getting a $35.00 parking ticket and I no longer have to run back to my vehicle like a maniac 🤪 to deposit money in a kiosk that ‘might’ be accepting cash that day‼️😒🤷🏽‍♀️ This app adds up in my favor...everytime‼️💰👍🏽
  • Full of bugs that cost you money 2/5

    By AdventurousChemist
    DONT RELY ON THIS APP. The concept of this app is great, but the implementation is full of bugs and those bugs may cost you money. My buddy took me to Philly and used this app to put money on the meter so that it would notify him when time was almost up. His phone was on and operational the entire time because he was looking up where to get food right before it expired; he revived no notifications from the app about the meter expiring. Later the same day he tried to pay for parking in a different zone: he set the time and tapped to pay and put it in his phone and put it out of his mind. He goes to check how much time is left ~20 min later and sees that his payment didn't seem to register and the app has no record of the activity. Now he has over $70 in traffic tickets. Save yourself the money - just use the kiosk.
  • 20th and JFK BLVD. PHILA. 4/5

    By iPhone2U
    After trying times to use the credit card reader on the city’s parking kiosk, I downloaded this parking app. The darn thing works. Now I can park without a ticket. Yay!!
  • Get over by hospital 2/5

    By presby15
    This app doesn’t let you do a 2nd set of hrs so if your not close to the meter after the 1st 2hrs you will get a ticket if you don’t physically put quarters in..
  • Double and triple charge for no reason 1/5

    By DaveW1976
    Good for one use per parking instance. If you have to extend the meter, this app, for absolutely greed-only reasons, charges double and then triple the charge compared to just going to the meter. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
  • Works great 5/5

    By therealgjo
    In Philadelphia. Works perfect.
  • Can’t pay 1/5

    By gyeghyrchdd
    This app doesn’t accept debit cards. Not convenient as of now.
  • LOVE IT!!!! 5/5

    By kend318
    I love this app!!! It’s so convenient and I can track how long my car has without even walking outside. The best app ever created!!!
  • Great parking app! 5/5

    By DeverySheffield
    Easy to use and I save money because I can terminate the parking session and only pay for the time used. You can also set favorites for the spots where you frequently park which makes setting up a session even easier.
  • Use the app, get a ticket anyways 1/5

    By DaveSRCA
    I’ve gotten 2 tickets while using the app. Second ticket was written 3 minutes after starting an hour and a half parking session. This means now I have to spend my personal time fighting with the parking authority for two tickets I don’t deserve. Do yourself a favour and just get a roll of quarters to keep in your car.
  • No more worries that I won’t make it back to the car in time! 5/5

    By Wazer020362
    How many of us have run back to the car, only to find a freshly-laid ticket on the windshield, or worse, a meter person writing a ticket as you are standing there? With Meter Up, you get an alert when the meter is about to expire, and can add money from your location without breaking a sweat. Its awesome!
  • never works 2/5

    By if I could give zero I would
    every time i’ve tried to use app, whether i’m running late or have no cash, it never works. says there’s no connection (have full service) or it doesn’t let me sign in. so then i have to rush to the parking meter to pay before train comes. i wrote to them before and they said make sure app updated. well it is, still doesn’t work.
  • too expensive 1/5

    By Quest?
    too expensive
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mijajoe
    Haven’t been to Philly in a while. Parked and saw the meters didn’t work but had instructions about the app. Super easy and convenient!!
  • Extension 1/5

    By Walk queen
    I thing is horrible how it is not clear that you are charging double to extend the parking
  • Decent - could use a few tweaks 4/5

    By Baf143
    Overall a good app, but the interface could use a little work - not as intuitive as it could be with the number of screens required to kickoff a session - the button locations could be better too.
  • Be Carefull 3/5

    By Frankie the wanky
    While it is convenient be aware that if you use it to pay the first 2/3 hours in Philly. Hours 4-6 are double the price and triple after that. Also it may limit you to only the 2/3 hour period and you will need to move out of the zone. Best advice is to pay using your credit card for the first 2/3 hours. Take a photo of the zone number so if you need to extend you can pay remotely. Also if you get back to your vehicle you can stop the meter and pay less than the original amount. The catch with that is if you “stop” the meter but then try to restart it it won’t let you and you again need to move to a different zone.
  • If no ticket then cool 5/5

    By NissanAlex
    Let’s see how this goes! I just signed up and used it so let’s see if I get a ticket.
  • Best in class 5/5

    By Mikenise
    I appreciate giving me my money back for unused parking
  • Finally Philly provides something Superb! 5/5

    By handsugar
    I was a little skeptical with this app when I first used it a few weeks ago because I was not sure whether the parking authority will still issue me a ticket even though I have paid via this app. They have been issued wrong tickets before with the paid receipts sitting on my dashboard. Anyway, this app is very easy to use & turned out fine. It even returned the time/money when I leave easily. A little extra processing fee though. A total peace of mind.
  • Mr 1/5

    By joseberrios
    Too much hesitation to make the meter app work.
  • Worthless-You will get ticketed 1/5

    By Captainforever
    Was at a concert in Philly, and it only allows you to add up to 4 hours of park time so I set up a reminder alert to add more time/funds to my meter. When I went back on to add more time and pay, it gave me an alert saying I could not pay for back-to-back parking sessions and I would have to move my car. Obviously I was unable to leave in the middle of a concert, and I came out to a $36 parking violation. WORTHLESS
  • 5 Star !!!! 5/5

    By LCCoffey
    I think it’s excellent! I should have been using this all the time!
  • New download, very impressed!! 5/5

    By ILoveDorian
    Just downloaded this app for the first time because parking meter did not print my ticket. Signing up, adding my card, and paying for my parking was so simple it was ridiculous. I look forward to using this app again
  • App states that 2 different zones that I entered don’t exist. 1/5

    By 123deb123487
    Then, the app states that my Visa was not acceptable and then it responded that PayPal was not accepted. Very problematic today!
  • Ticketed any way!! 2/5

    By Donjunito1
    I paid using app thought it was fine. Arrived to car with a ticket. It’s been weeks still trying to fight this. And there websites looks like you can add pic to summit proof for argument. Website doesn’t work. It doesn’t let u add proof.
  • Great app 5/5

    By toyoava
    I love this app. I don’t have to carry around tons of change anymore or park and realize I don’t have any change. You can set alarms that let you know when the meter is about to expire. You can add money enjoying a drink instead of running back to the car. I am looking forward to it being available in more areas. Great app!!
  • Has Flaws 3/5

    By 930driver
    The app is inconsistent... I just received an email stating my time was about to expire 10 minutes AFTER it expired. I feel this was one of its greatest features- the ability to be notified and add time. This has happened to me three times in the last two weeks(I use it almost daily); and once I got a ticket!!
  • Need for an update 3/5

    By Prince Diii
    Although this app is quite convenient, It does not allow users to park in the same zone consecutively. I should be able to park in the same zone for as long as I can pay for it. I have received several tickets because I could not get to my car in due time and the app would not allow me to park in that same zone. The error message is usually “you cannot park in this zone, find another zone”. I hope this is fixed. Other than that, I love the app
  • I could not cancel the meter 1/5

    By Starnon
    I could not cancel the meter and it will not notify me!! Something is wrong with the app
  • Five Stars 5/5

    By Rayyymoany
    Great parking app. Very easy to use. Love it.
  • Ticketed 1/5

    By Satatref
    I keep being ticketed when I have increased duration from my location. I have tried to get help and no one responds.
  • Duration 3/5

    By Bobolink74
    Wasn’t able to change duration at this zone. 1103
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By Timbalimba
    Way too expensive transaction fee!!! Almost 40%

meterUP Parking app comments

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