Metro-North Train Time

Metro-North Train Time

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  • Current Version: 3.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Compatibility: Android
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Metro-North Train Time App

The Official Metro-North app includes real-time train status and track information, links to MTA eTix to buy electronic tickets, trip schedules and fares, and detailed station information including Grand Central. Features include: - Link to the MTA eTix app to buy and activate electronic tickets - Access real-time trip information directly from Metro-North including train status, track number, and the latest service notices - Save favorite trips for one click access to daily schedules, status and track number - Get schedules that update in real-time — no need to download new timetables every time you open the app! - Find out trip details including duration, transfer details, Peak / Off Peak, fares and station stops - Browse the new “Discover Grand Central” page to see the latest deals from Grand Central shops and restaurants, check out upcoming events, and explore the directory map - Look up station information including location, parking, taxis and connecting services - Find Grand Central Terminal information, including deals, events, and directories - Easy access to accessibility details including ADA compliance and elevator / escalator status for all stations Whether you are a daily commuter looking for up-to-date information on your usual trip or an occasional traveler trying to find the best trip option, the Train Time App is the most convenient and accurate way to plan a seamless trip.

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Metro-North Train Time app reviews

  • Gets the Job Done 4/5

    By torixo18 well for departure times but not does not have arrival times. The train disappears once it departs meaning you cannot even check tracks after the train is gone. MTA should invest in one good app instead of several OK apps.
  • Slow 2/5

    By Jshedjxjbsjdjvdjwjsjs
    I tried using this right after it came out and found it slow. Few years later, still slow. I don’t know why they do t simply cache the schedule like the onTime app does.
  • Correct schedule but wrong ETA 2/5

    By Vault Guy
    The app is good for knowing schedules but is consistently wrong with the ETA.
  • Beyond frustrating 1/5

    By Epb193
    When it works, this app does less than the printed paper schedules. This from a state agency. Not surprised. Take and waste taxpayer and commuter money. Why should I expect more?
  • Okay, but could be improved 3/5

    By Apple-squire
    This app does its basic job okay - I can search for upcoming trains, both departing and arriving at whatever station I’m interested in. That said, it could be improved by allowing you to see a train that just left, in the event you’re on that train, without having to do another search for same train by looking up trains arriving at your destination. It also could benefit from more up-to-date information about any delays, although I can’t really fault the app for that since it’s usually not just the app but also the boards at the station that don’t always have the current info about delays. Additionally, this app does not fill the screen completely on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, so some cosmetic updates would be great. But, all that having been said, 99% of the time it works just fine for me.
  • Bad Interface 3/5

    By Ilovequirkysqid
    I’m not sure why the train schedules come up in a tiny window on the bottom, while obvious information takes up 4/5 of the screen at the top. It could use some design work. I still use it, it just feels outdated and difficult.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Brad Walsh
    After the trains depart they are no longer visible on the app so you can’t tell any information about the train you’re on or what time it will stop at another station. I downloaded this app to find out arrival time so I could pick up a friend. Information not available.
  • Can’t open 1/5

    By Kimbellamoir
    I loved this App but since I have upgraded to the iPhone 11 the app won’t stay open
  • Use to be great 1/5

    By lifeisshort23
    I wish I could give no star’s. The app use to be as good as the MTA BUS TIME app. Both of which operate by GPS, supposedly. The former use to, the latter does and is GREAT. This is nothing more than an electronic schedule to replace paper ones. Guess they don’t want anyone to use it to monitor OTP. Which I really couldn’t care about. All I care about is when it’s going to come in real time. This app doesn’t do that.
  • Functional but static. 3/5

    By Biggpoppa1
    The app is a convenient way to purchase railroad tickets and works well for that. Suggestions: The Train Time section of the app could use real time count down clocks; A real-time ETA for late trains; and real time Service Advisories.
  • Very Useful App - Tweaks Would be Great 4/5

    By cyber553
    I struggled with major glitches when I upgraded to v3.0.3, but after deleting the app and reinstalling it, it has worked almost flawlessly. It’s a very useful way to get quick info on the trains I care about. One annoyance I hope they can fix is when trains are delayed, say an 8:00 train has an ETA of 8:05, if the schedule is refreshed to get an updated ETA, it works fine until the scheduled arrival time (8:00). If I refresh the list after 8:00, the 8:00 train disappears from the schedule that is shown, even if it hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t get an updated ETA. Ideally, the app would continue to show a train on the schedule until ~30 secs after it DEPARTS the station (should show “departed” as status). If this minor change is made, the app would be a perfect 5 stars.
  • Missing critical feature. 2/5

    By xsoundgardenx
    Why can’t I change the departing time of my favorite trips from “now” to some other date on the same screen. Currently, I have to go back to the homepage, create a brand new trip, add the destinations and pick a time. All that just so I can plan my usual travel at a different time of day. This is a huge inefficiency that is easy to fix. I really hope you correct this inconvenience.
  • On par with entire mta 1/5

    By ESP nyc
    Please make it easier to search for future schedules.
  • Not accurate. Out of sync with the real status 1/5

    By todd999
    When you are at the station and the sign shows your train is running late that app does not show this. When the time is past your train it disappears from the list. No way to see status. Even though it has not yet reached the station.
  • Never Wirks 1/5

    By rdpdt
    What a joke. Horrible app. Was this paid for w taxpayer dollars???
  • Definitely needs improvement 2/5

    By Raedelle
    I totally agree with the above review, and would add that when I select a favorite trip, I often get only the trains leaving THE NEXT DAY!!! It can be evening rush hour at 6, and the only trains shown will be the train leaving at midnight and 4 leaving in the wee hours tomorrow morning!! It happens all the time!!!
  • The worst! 1/5

    By JessicaPimenta
    MTA needs a competitor, it’s getting absolutely ridiculous!
  • Does not provide accurate etas 1/5

    By Jonb11
    Train delays are never properly reflected here. If they publish the train delay to stations, why can’t they publish to app? Defeats purpose of a “train time” app. Have emailed MTA customer care many times on this topic and they frankly don’t seem to care.
  • Awful 1/5

    By licmoores
    The app NEVER lists the correct track for a train. Once again, I hustled to a track only to find out that the app did not list the correct track. What good is the app if it directs you to the wrong location?

    By mschultz
    The number one complaint, and the feature that makes this app utterly USELESS is the inability to scroll backward in time to see the arrival time of train. WHY DOES THE MTA REFUSE TO ADD THIS SIMPLE FEATURE?! Why is this important? Because if you’re on a train and you want to see when it’s scheduled to arrive, YOU CAN’T! That’s right, you can’t. USELESS. It’s clear that the product manager, the app team, the testers, and the QA people NEVER ACTUALLY USE THIS APP FOR COMMUTING. If they did, they’d see how useless this app is. Utter and complete junk. WHY DOESN’T ANYONE AT THE MTA CARE ANYTHING AT ALL?!
  • Missing some obvious information 2/5

    By Seanburban
    Overall the app works fine if you want to find a train departure that gets you to a specific statio at a specific time. But the app falls short in providing some basic information if you deviate from that singular use case. For example, I’m on a train to Stamford and want to see what stops it’s going to make to determine if I could get off at Cos Cob — the app does not make it easy to search for the train I’m on (ie- I can’t search for a train departure in the past, so I can’t repeat the search I used to find my current train) and even if I could find the specific train I’m on, the app does not list all the stops the train is making, so I couldn’t easily determine if the train goes to the additional station.
  • Icon design confuses with LIRR icon 3/5

    By Tina M24
    Please adjust design so that LIRR & Metro North Time apps’ small icons look different. I use both and always click on the wrong ones.
  • Default Schedule when No Service 3/5

    By greg31415
    When there is no service, this app is useless. However, why not default to the scheduled train times when there is no service, with a disclaimer that it is not updated with delays at this time?
  • Half of the time it won’t even load train times 1/5

    By qwer-mm
    What’s the purpose of this app? It’s used for checking train times. Surprise guess what? Half of the times it won’t even load the time and it keeps showing me next departure 12:01am. I just have to rely on the website or memorize train times. I don’t know who wrote this app but this is worse than some college projects.
  • Late train every single day 1/5

    By jmwu91
    Commuting out of Stamford CT to Grand Central for 3 years I have notice the arrival times are more of a suggestion than holding any accuracy. Being late was a rarity a few years ago. Now being on time is a rarity. I am always 10-15 minutes late from any posted arrival times. Frustrating how the service is on the downhill all while ticket prices are increasing.... what gives?
  • Shows no one senior checked it carefully 3/5

    By fairfield metto uset
    2 Basic flaws 1 Once the train has started, the app disables the journey and cannot check when you are going to reach 2 Often it shows times from 4 am or so and I am unable to see the current train times. Why not at least let flipping through the pages or best show times from 1hr back onwards and that way the 1st flaw will be covered 3 It does not show the latest status of train times accurately, which is misleading. Not sure if this is difficult to get, although I feel this is programming error.
  • Simply Worthless 1/5

    By 000KK000
    I just don’t understand it.... this app serves no purpose at all. Updates are supposed to improve... not worsen app features. Who approved this for release????
  • App is broken 1/5

    By Jhelpme
    Does not show local options, only express.
  • Awful app - Designed without knowledge of the users 1/5

    The designers have no understanding for the ways in which users need to check a train schedule. App seriously frustrates me 50% of the time Conduct a survey and fix
  • Needs monumental improvement 2/5

    By 0ph3lia
    Relying on this app for train information on the go has caused me to miss or be late for countless important appointments. Gives you no updates about changes, and if a train is late arriving it doesn’t show in a list of trips, tricking you into thinking it isn’t coming at all. Has caused me to miss dozens of trains
  • Not Even Close 1/5

    By Scuba_Steve13
    The times were way off. We thought we got there early (45 mins before the stated departure) because of the app but ended up just missing it. Wish I could give 0 stars.
  • Lacking! 1/5

    By Fi -red
    Can't tell you anything about the train you are travelling on!
  • YOU BROKE IT 1/5

    By ihate3.03
    this app worked fine for years until the latest update.
  • Why is it so hard to serve up MNR status data that’s available on station boards 1/5

    By thesonicbloom
    The latest update broke everything for me, on iPhone Xr running latest iOS. This appears to be the case for others as well, based on recent reviews. I need the app twice a day—when I’m en route to the train station during morning and evening commute—to view upcoming local and express options plus on-time status, and to decide if I need to hustle or can I walk. There are numerous boards at the station which could tell me these things (if I was already inside the station)... how could it possibly be so hard to push that data to an app!? The other “MyMTA” app is also useless for this purpose, somehow. At this point it would literally be easier for them to just post a webcam in the middle of GCT, pointed at the video screens, and let people login to watch it if they need to know train status. Because apparently in 2019 this agency can’t seem to figure out how to send a series of numbers to two places at once.
  • Soooo bad it hurts 1/5

    By Freezala
    Did our taxes and fares go to pay for creating an app this awful? Or is it that no money was exchanged? Makes me want to cry. Why? I mean. Seriously. New York should have a world class train app, not a third grade mess. It’s embarrassing when people visit from other civilized nations and this is the app for our NY trains. Ugh.
  • Only show schedule from midnight 1/5

    By Patrick2005
    So disappointing. Pls fix the bug!
  • Buggy and unreliable 2/5

    By Niccimo
    This app was buggy to begin with, crashing sometimes and freezing and saying I wasn’t connected to the internet even though my WiFi connection is strong... but now?! The app doesn’t work 75% of the time, crashes constantly, and it like to only show me train times for midnight rather than my current time. Just now, the app told me that my 8:40 train, which is 10min late right now, has an eta of 12:47pm. Like, WHAT?! Yeah, why am I using this MTA failure of an app again?
  • Needs Work 1/5

    By TakeAHike99
    This app often fails to display a requested schedule. Make sure you carry a paper copy of the schedule.
  • Update broke the app 1/5

    By Davidiling
    Only good thing about this app is instantly show current train schedules for your saved line, but that is not the case any more the app only load all time from midnight! What a crappy job, and poorest release!!!
  • Crap 1/5

    By MM6000and50
    Symptomatic of MTA’s inability to provide a 21st century level of service this app is useless by virtue of the fact that on occasion the platform noted for departure is incorrect. This particular piece of information happens to be key if, like most commuters, you are timing your travel to the station to roughly coincide with the departure of your train. Even in the event that you are not doing this, arriving early to validate the information provided within the app defeats the purpose of it wholly. I strongly urge the MTA to re-evaluate how it conducts its business more broadly and to secure software developers that actually understand how to code.
  • One of the most useless unstable apps 1/5

    By LustHope
    Provides incorrect, outdated information, full of bugs, crashes constantly.
  • App is not showing correct info anymore 1/5

    By phormyka
    App not working properly since the latest update...
  • Latest Update broke the app 1/5

    By Miels Deals
    My assumption is that they didn’t test the update before releasing it because now not only does it not show train times for the time you’re searching for but it also shows the incorrect ETA on just about everything
  • Wrong info displayed 1/5

    By blackmirrorXTR
    Since the latest update, the wrong gate information is displayed. This had never happened before, and is extremely bad since now i know I’m at risk of taking the wrong train and I’ve pretty much lost my faith in the app.
  • Last update broke the app 1/5

    By Lamelizard101
    Last update broke the app. No longer loads the train times for the current day. Useless until it’s fixed.
  • New version is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By dmcohen
    New version does NOT work properly. Terrible vapor ware. Bring back the prior version!
  • Latest version released broke the schedule of times 1/5

    By Richbrink
    Latest version broke the schedule of times doesn’t start the list at the current time. So if it is 5pm it shows trains at 12pm which already departed. You have to keep scrolling down pressing more options to get to the correct stuff.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Beautiful921
    Most recent update messed things up. It now only shows me past trains not trains that will be arriving soon which is useless.
  • Bug gives wrong schedules 2/5

    By AlyCat09
    On the new haven line if you search for a train with destination Grand Central in “search for upcoming trips” instead of using a favorite stores route the train schedule provided gives different times. Really unhelpful when planning a commute.

Metro-North Train Time app comments

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