Metro-North Train Time

Metro-North Train Time

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  • Current Version: 3.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Compatibility: Android
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Metro-North Train Time App

The Official Metro-North app includes real-time train status and track information, passenger crowding, links to MTA eTix, trip schedules and fares, and detailed station information including Grand Central. All information can be viewed in 6 Languages. Features include: Passenger Crowding: View where each car will stop on the platform to proactively position yourself to find a seat before the train reaches the station. Trip Planning: Trip details including duration, transfer information, fare information, and station stops. Real-Time Train Tracking: Follow your train, in real-time, throughout your trip. Seamless link to the MTA eTix app to buy and activate electronic tickets. Service Status: View planned work and branch level service alerts. Stations: View upcoming departures, ticket office hours, accessibility details including ADA compliance, as well as escalator and elevator status. View the app in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Yiddish, Portuguese, and Italian. Bookmarks: Save and quickly access favorite trips and stations Real-time schedule updates — no need to download new timetables every time you open the app! Browse the “Discover Grand Central” page to see the latest deals from Grand Central shops and restaurants, check out upcoming events, and explore the directory map. Whether you are a daily commuter looking for up-to-date information on your usual trip or an occasional traveler trying to find the best trip option, the Train Time App is the most convenient and accurate way to plan a seamless trip.

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Metro-North Train Time app reviews

  • Cool.....sarcasm. 1/5

    By ahammer24
    Yet again, I’ve had 2-3 additional 10 min train delays and the app says the train arrived and left. No update to the census. This app is literally only useless for the name in itself.
  • Prior app edition was better 1/5

    By Jensandy05
    App does not show active delays and updated arrival times— requires you to click more to read messages without actual arrival times. Also, when searching trains “arrive by” and “depart by” produce the same search. App could be much improved
  • Screenshots are straight-up faked, no crowding data 1/5

    By Eli Naeher
    The MTA has put out a bunch of PR about how they added real-time crowding data to this app. The release notes say that they have added this feature. The screenshots portray such a feature. And yet, in fact, there not actually any crowding data of any kind anywhere in the app. It is mystifying to me what they hope to accomplish by making this claim that anyone can see is false in ten seconds of using the app.
  • New update is fantastic 5/5

    By thepatellife
    The old version was Web 1.0 nonsense but with the upgrade it has become an irreplaceable tool
  • White screen of death 1/5

    By C-L-A-R-K
    Don’t know what might have happened, but now when the app opens (after the mask advisory) it goes to a white screen. iPhone running all the latest. App now dead to me.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Eyk-03
    Since the update, this app doesn’t work on my phone anymore. The screen comes up white, and I have reinstalled the app multiple times.
  • APP Unusable after update 1/5

    By Felixthecat0267
    App crashes all I see is a white screen worst update ever!!
  • Nice when it works 1/5

    By Eughey
    Every time I go to use the app, the yellow mask screen pops up; I close it and my screen goes white and that’s it. I have to delete and reinstall the app. Been like this for 2 weeks.
  • App 3/5

    By hfcjhdcjjf
    The screen goes a blank white a lot of times when I try to look at the schedule
  • Improvements not working properly 1/5

    By alemos2611
    For some reason, iPhone 11 and iOS 14 does not show the data once you pass the first screen. Maybe some minor fix to be done, but makes the application not useable at this point. Please fix.
  • White screen 1/5

    By drmii
    App doesn’t work at all after last update. Can only see a white screen
  • Doesn’t tell you when a train is delayed or late 1/5

    By cheryl-mg
    The new version is constantly bringing up a blank screen and does not have information on late trains like it used to, only when there’s an issue on a particular line but scarce on details and no time given for predicted arrival. Definitely not in synch with the stations or trains active.
  • Keeps CRASHING! White screen upon opening!! 1/5

    By iLOVENYCgirl
    What is the point of getting an ‘upgrade’ when this thing keeps crashing?! I now have to look up by going to the internet and doing a search? Such a waste! Bring back the prior version that was there 6 mos ago. Worked far better than this current version. I have to delete and reinstall this app several times a week! C’mon; fix it for good!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Luthienj
    Newest update shows only a blank screen after entering search criteria. Not very useful...
  • Crashes 1/5

    By rastare
    Every time I open the app there’s a white permanent screen. I tried everything from reopening it back to uninstalling to even restarting my phone. I gathered enough thought that this app has a bug, I’m not sure why and what’s going on it’s not a difficult app to understand you guys should invest more time in making it better. Train times also doesn’t show delays and sometimes I search 4:30 a 4:29 train would be at the station and the app shows a 5:00 train very odd.
  • App loads up fine and then screen goes white 1/5

    By I lovethis app!!!
    Worked fine until the other day, screen goes white after covid warning screen, completely useless.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Xendd
    Crashes on start
  • Screen keeps whiting out 1/5

    By John Dounders
    I just downloaded the latest update (as of nov 6 2020) and it broke the app. Whenever I do a search and enter a time the screen out and I can’t look at the schedule. That’s a pretty killer bug for a train schedule app

    By ionmas
    Cant use app FIX ASAPPPPP
  • Blank white screen 1/5

    By JubbaTheHott
    Every time I use the new version of this app it ends up switching to an all-white screen and I have to close and reopen it several times to get even the most basic functionality back. This update has completely broken what should be a relatively straightforward app. I just want to see train times, why is it so hard?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Appuser5482
    New version is a white screen
  • Blank white screen shows up after starting app 1/5

    By AppUser121210001
    Blank screen showing up after launch, does not work
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By haigmonokian
    Cannot access any information through the app anymore, tells me how to cover my face, I press close, tries to load up train schedules and then screen goes white and freezes. Tried to reinstall, no luck. Pretty useless.
  • Awful 1/5

    By NiCJC
    I finally decided to update from a much older version and this app is utterly broken and useless. Launching it flashbangs me with a permanent white screen that I cannot progress through. Reinstalling the app did not resolve this issue. Avoid. This. Trash. Fire. App.
  • Improvements made 5/5

    By cashmoney22
    Looks much better now and gives me the info I need
  • No more tracking 1/5

    By lava/snow
    Why does the app not tell me if my train is delayed anymore? This recent update has removed this feature just before winter so now I’m forced to stand in the cold when my train is in fact delayed 15 mins.
  • Update ruined app 2/5

    By loshshavwksg sla
    New app update is worse than the original.
  • New update is a great improvement 4/5

    By Bef with an F
    On the old version of this app, we only used to be able to search for trips happening right away with your saved stations. Usually I plan my trips going out of town a day or two in advance, so it took forever to scroll through all the little menus. With the update, you can save your favorite stations (I have about six) and search for future trips much more easily.
  • What happened?! 1/5

    By agxoxo_157
    Just opened it this morning and missing the old user friendly app! I can’t scroll through all the train time choices. What if I want see a departure times past a certain time?? Graphics bad; words and lines seem to be on top of each other almost overlapping, it’s hard to read! Change it back!
  • Wow! The new app looks great! 5/5

    By Richbrink
    I can’t believe how nice this version is! Real-time trains and ticket price information listed! Good job to the team that made this happen!
  • Improved by very laggy unpolished 2/5

    By Yankees368
    This is a welcomed updated but it really looks weak when compared to the polish and features offered by the sister LIRR app. I'm seeing trains listed out of order, the map defaults to who knows where and takes a few seconds to scroll to the trains locations every time, dark mode is incomplete and it's missing a ton of grrag features that LIRR includes, like your location in the platform and real-time location of trains.
  • New update not working 1/5

    By Tatizny
    You can’t pick a date or time. Please fix
  • Future dates and times 1/5

    By Saryax0
    I can no longer view the future dates and times to plan my trips, I can only view the departing now feature which isn’t really helpful. It’s been like this for awhile, please fix it.
  • Train time app is worst app 1/5

    By mttappnogoof
    The find trains doesn’t work. I was hoping bug fix would work, but it’s the same. I can’t see dates or times or am or pm to choose a desired time of travel. Is MTA IT as bad as their service ??
  • Not working 1/5

    By MiMo_49erFan
    The app does not load any train schedules for Metro-North. Future dates and times are missing in the scroll for date/time. This has been going on for weeks. Please fix it!
  • Useless 1/5

    By KyKitten
    Can’t even select a date/time.
  • While I wait 1/5

    By Vegeta-013
    Generally bad ratings tell the whole story. This app said my train would arrive at Harlem-125 at 2:56 on track 3. I got on the train that arrived Harlem-125 at 2:56 on track 3. It was not my train.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By stupid 62929;&4901
    Why doesn’t this app tell you the delay times? Waiting an extra 10 mins makes a huge difference when standing on the platform in the blazing heat or freezing cold. I basically don’t know the train is delayed until I get to station which then I have no choice but to wait outside.
  • If a train is delayed 2/5

    By buildwall
    If a train is delayed it a flip of the coin if the schedule is issued a notice. It’s to bad the people who should push an update to the app don’t respect their colleagues or customers enough to push an update.
  • Gets the Job Done 4/5

    By torixo18 well for departure times but not does not have arrival times. The train disappears once it departs meaning you cannot even check tracks after the train is gone. MTA should invest in one good app instead of several OK apps.
  • Slow 2/5

    By Jshedjxjbsjdjvdjwjsjs
    I tried using this right after it came out and found it slow. Few years later, still slow. I don’t know why they do t simply cache the schedule like the onTime app does.
  • Correct schedule but wrong ETA 2/5

    By Vault Guy
    The app is good for knowing schedules but is consistently wrong with the ETA.
  • Beyond frustrating 1/5

    By Epb193
    When it works, this app does less than the printed paper schedules. This from a state agency. Not surprised. Take and waste taxpayer and commuter money. Why should I expect more?
  • Okay, but could be improved 3/5

    By Apple-squire
    This app does its basic job okay - I can search for upcoming trains, both departing and arriving at whatever station I’m interested in. That said, it could be improved by allowing you to see a train that just left, in the event you’re on that train, without having to do another search for same train by looking up trains arriving at your destination. It also could benefit from more up-to-date information about any delays, although I can’t really fault the app for that since it’s usually not just the app but also the boards at the station that don’t always have the current info about delays. Additionally, this app does not fill the screen completely on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, so some cosmetic updates would be great. But, all that having been said, 99% of the time it works just fine for me.
  • Bad Interface 3/5

    By Ilovequirkysqid
    I’m not sure why the train schedules come up in a tiny window on the bottom, while obvious information takes up 4/5 of the screen at the top. It could use some design work. I still use it, it just feels outdated and difficult.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Brad Walsh
    After the trains depart they are no longer visible on the app so you can’t tell any information about the train you’re on or what time it will stop at another station. I downloaded this app to find out arrival time so I could pick up a friend. Information not available.
  • Can’t open 1/5

    By Kimbellamoir
    I loved this App but since I have upgraded to the iPhone 11 the app won’t stay open
  • Use to be great 1/5

    By lifeisshort23
    I wish I could give no star’s. The app use to be as good as the MTA BUS TIME app. Both of which operate by GPS, supposedly. The former use to, the latter does and is GREAT. This is nothing more than an electronic schedule to replace paper ones. Guess they don’t want anyone to use it to monitor OTP. Which I really couldn’t care about. All I care about is when it’s going to come in real time. This app doesn’t do that.
  • Functional but static. 3/5

    By Biggpoppa1
    The app is a convenient way to purchase railroad tickets and works well for that. Suggestions: The Train Time section of the app could use real time count down clocks; A real-time ETA for late trains; and real time Service Advisories.