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MetroLyrics App

The #1 lyrics site in the world! Get the official MetroLyrics app! LYRIC VIDEOS, millions of tracks, synchronize lyrics, scrobble to and much more! Find lyrics to all your favorite songs, and use the MAP CHARTS feature (populated by users) to see the most popular songs in your city and around the globe. Join a worldwide music community with the new MetroLyrics app. View music videos and enjoy all the artist info and pictures you can handle! Get exclusive access to the planet's largest, most concise and popular database of over a MILLION song lyrics from More than 40 Million people come to every month - now the fun of the world’s #1 Lyric site is available on iPhone and iPod touch. Key Features · Special MAP CHARTS to view what other people around you are listening to. · Find the most popular songs in your city as the charts get populated by you and your friends. · Watch music videos of your songs. · Exclusive access to over a MILLION songs from – the world’s #1 source for Lyrics. · Access to the Exclusive MetroLyrics music charts. · Sophisticated, search for songs – even by just a few key words from a song, title or artist. · Synchronize lyrics and contribute to the experience of others. · View galleries and info about the artist. · Add songs to favorites and see your history of songs listened to and heard · Easy quick navigation to the playlist menu

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MetroLyrics app reviews

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    By ggleisen
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  • Mary 1/5

    By Neme-sister
    Awful, can't look up any song. Is stuck on listen: stop/start.
  • Lake2002 1/5

    By tootsie415
    Need to update for iPhone 6 Plus new software. Please
  • Needs updated 5/5

    By Kathy Jenkins
    I love this app!!! But I updated my iPhone 7plus to IOS11 and it won’t work please update the app so I can keep it
  • A fair app but not great 3/5

    By Llyrin
    First. iOS 11 won’t launch the current version as of 24 Sep 17. So, the app MUST be updated or it’s dead. Secondly, it’s frustrating to have seen lyrics (and submitted requests for change) on the web site, but then the app says “No lyrics.” There needs to be a better link to the library. And lyrics are the only reason I ever downloaded the app. I like the ability to show currently playing content.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By skoggirl
    The app always crashes when I try to look a song up
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By the mike X
    Just downloaded it. Greeted with a prompt stating the app needs updating and it will not work with older iOS versions. Used the search feature, nothing came up looked for the songs that were in the introduction..still nothing.. thanks for nothing... delete.
  • Was good once 1/5

    By Lothospbg
    When I first got it, it worked great. But for awhile now, it just doesn't work. I enter a song title, or an artist, and hit 'search', but nothing happens. At first I thought it was searching and just taking time, but I left the app open 15-20 minutes and nothing ever popped up. I'm writing this review as I finally deleted it from my phone and went another direction. Hopefully, nobody else will waste their time trying this one.
  • This app hasn't worked right in a few years. 1/5

    By Doctordido
    Initially, by which I mean about four years ago, this app seemed to function just fine. But now the search function does not work at all. It simply does not perform searches. It's broken.
  • Used to be great... 1/5

    By Halicorn
    ...but now no longer returns any results when you try to search for a song or artist. No clue what happened but this app has completely crapped out. ::
  • Waste of space in phone 1/5

    By Aksonflower
    I downloaded the app wanting to look up Ruth B Lost Boy lyrics. SEARCH function doesn't work! What crap!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Pai$leypup
    It did not work when I tried to use it 😡
  • So much potential, wasted 1/5

    By Kilted Sionnach
    Great concept, terrible app, terrible website.
  • Can't search! 1/5

    By Travelingpunk
    Was looking forward to this app. But search feature will not work.
  • Please update 4/5

    By Sabelyne
    Best lyric app ever! Doesn't only work when music is playing but CAN work when music is playing. I can be singing with my band and looking at lyrics without worrying about the music playing in the background. The only reason for the four stars is because the app hasn't updated since 2013!!!!! Because of IOS updates, I can no longer search lyrics, only pull up lyrics I've already favorited. Please, please, please UPDATE the app. I need to search and add new songs!!!!
  • Used To Be Good :/ 1/5

    By anthonymillsaps
    This app used to be very reliable and could generate a good search of the song or artist with the first few letters. Now, this app can't even generate the song if you completely spell out the song or artist. I'm switching to a different app.
  • Mmm 5/5

    By Eesslllaamm
    Hhh nice
  • It's ok. 3/5

    By Anonymous 714
    The only thing that works for me is for songs I have on my device. You can use it while the song is playing. Not sure if it's exactly accurate but it serves my needs somewhat.
  • Seen better 1/5

    By JD13Cassis
    The app won't permit you to identify the song you're listening to (on iPhone, untested on computers); it interrupts the song to listen, and doesn't work. Upon searching for songs, the search function blatantly doesn't work (at all). Definitely recommend downloading other apps over this one. It was cool at first, because it would show the lyrics with the songs, but now that doesn't even work. Deleting off my phone as its a waste of space. If you want to know, just google the song; you'll find it faster and easier. As for identifying songs, I recommend Soundhound or Musixmatch.
  • Function problems 1/5

    By ReneeGB
    I've had this app for a while and it worked pretty well at first. Now? The search feature doesn't work, and half the time the 'song that's playing' isn't even the actual song I'm listening to. Or it gives the right title but the lyrics to Rolling In The Deep. Time to find a new lyric app.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Rex's Cousin
    This app used to be great. I could look up lyrics quickly and easily. No longer. It's been terrible for some time now. Please do not load this app until someone fixes it.
  • This is a Tragic fall from grace.... 1/5

    By Klaude Bawls
    I, being a professional musician, am always needing "Reliable" references to song lyrics sometimes in less than ideal settings and after doing ENDLESS research and evaluation found what I was looking for, an app that can supply said lyrics to a massive library of songs that are *READ* ACTUALLY OBTAINED FROM THE PUBLISHING CO. THAT HAS THE RIGHTS TO THEM. (Not some Mickey Mouse website built by pre-teens where the public is welcome to just submit their "interpretation" of the words. Usually have about 3 different versions per song!) I try and at least give the illusion that I'm a professional! Was ELATED when I found this app which works with Gracenote (publishing partner). Well after a few beautiful years together I'm going to have to break up! The main function (for my situation), the song search function just up and QUIT working a year or so ago I guess and I've hung on to it hoping it was just a hiccup or bug soon to be rectified but at this point I'm pretty sure they just don't GIVE A S***! So trust me, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!
  • Used to work; now can't search 1/5

    By Yonkers-Man
    So it's become pretty pointless. I'm only leaving it on my phone in the hope that they come along and update it so it works again.
  • Work? 1/5

    By quincydubois
    I type in the song title, hit search and get ... Nothing.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Codysmom913
    This app doesn't work at all anymore. Searching for a song never works, tap to find out the song playing doesn't work. I'm gonna search for a new app, hopefully someone will fix this since the last update was 3 years ago.
  • Worked great for awhile 2/5

    By Frustraighted
    But then it stopped working. Why?
  • Search function doesn't work since iOS 9 upgrade 1/5

    By Cooshlish
    I used to love this app. Now it's a colossal waste of time until the vendor fixes the search function. Thought by now this would be fixed. Nope! Don't waste your time.
  • Used to be great, but not anymore 2/5

    By buckeyeM
    I used to love this app and used it frequently. I've kept up on the updates, but now its search feature doesn't work at all. I've tried reinstalling, but problems aren't resolved. I have more luck just searching for lyrics on the Internet, so I've deleted the app from my phone.
  • Would not recommend 1/5

    By Natalie*Michelle
    I had this app for the longest and had no problems with it. About a few months back I tried to use the 'search' function of the app only to be met with NO results. I tried closing the app and restarting and nothing. I even deleted and re-added the app but still no results. I had used this app for about a year and knew that it had worked beforehand. I emailed about it only to be met with NO response. About two months after the email I tried to use the app again in hopes the problem had been fixed: NOTHING. I emailed my concerns and surprise, surprise NO RESPONSE again. In the end I just had to delete the app and would definitely NOT RECOMMEND this app to anyone. In fact I'd probably recommend just about any other app. Don't waste your time on an app that doesn't even have basic functionality.
  • Don't waste your time! 1/5

    By Videogr
    Terrible app
  • Useless 1/5

    By Martiniyum
    Over the last few years, due to music industry regulations or whatever, this app has decreased in usefulness. It can't find most songs nor display most any song.
  • Horrible😑 1/5

    By Cool person😋
    This app used to work so amazing and it was perfect. Until nothing would pop up when I typed stuff in. For instance, one day I was trying to search up the famous Adele song "Rolling In The Deep". But when I typed it up and tapped the search button nothing popped up. So I'm just thinking "yeah...I probably didn't type it in right" so I typed in "Adele" and again nothing popped up. Literally every time I try to use it it doesn't work.
  • MetroLyrics stopped working 1/5

    By Banjo duster
    I'ts been several months, but this app Stopped working. I had enjoyed reading the lyrics to the songs I enjoyed, but now nothing happens
  • Needs Improvement 1/5

    By Jesus Gualario
    The song ID feature is absolutely TERRIBLE!
  • Search issues 3/5

    By Gumafam
    Everything worked correctly until recently, now I can no longer search for anything (artist or song) the way I used to. I can still view the lyrics for songs saved in my iPhone but nothing else. I hope that this is fixed soon. I would've rated 5 stars before the search issue.
  • Hate it 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 1/5

    By Rustyredk
    It can't even search up any songs thats not from the 2000's I do not recommend it
  • Used to love this app... Used to use it all the time 1/5

    By Ridiboo
    For about 3-4 months, every time I would try to search a song it would not show any results and would boot me out of the app and give me a notice that it stopped working.
  • Makes me wanna take the app out and throw a brick at it. 1/5

    By Susan72ny
    First off, the search feature doesn't work. I typed in JUSTIN BIEBER, which everything can recognize, and nothing came up, even though I was on wifi! Second, the listen feature doesn't work either. I held my device to my radio and let it listen 5 times, and it didn't work! Third, it basically only limits you to what songs you own. Half of them might not even get lyrics loaded, and sometimes they're wrong! Lastly, it needs WIFI!!!! Why???? If you were in, for example, a road trip, the least you can do is get stupid lyrics!! Overall, -100 out of 10.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By _gabby_lol
    Doesn't do its job
  • I loved the app but... 4/5

    By Stampysbiggestfan
    I deleted it. The reason was because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't search any songs, whatsoever. It could be because I didn't get the update for my iOS. But I loved it when it did work.
  • Waste time! 1/5

    By Songmuc
    Dont get this app, it doesn't have any lyric song!!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By SLL515
    When I first downloaded this app, it worked great. I hadn't used it for a while & just tried to use it again. It doesn't bring up anything under the search function, it won't detect music that's playing... Time to delete!
  • App doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By Hrkdysfrkfuxrwbffuns
    This used to be my go to app for lyrics. The design was simple and was self explanatory. After a while of not using the app, and then going back to use the app again no lyrics while pop up when I type in an artist name or a song name. I uninstalled and then reinstalled but nothing works. Only thing that will work is if I play music already on my phone. Fix this and I'll use this app again and come back and adjust my rating. Until then this app is useless.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Yay524
    Finally found this! Thanks!
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Muahlee
    Is no longer compatible with the new update which is disappointing because it was such a great app. Please fix this!
  • so upset 1/5

    By Pandacorn_buddy
    i had this app for about a year, and it was doing great! i loved the layout, and the simplicity of the app. but now, i cant even search a song! if i type the title in, it's just BLANK. it only works for songs that you've downloaded on itunes, but i want the lyrics for songs i havent downloaded. i still havent found a way to fix it, and this is happening to my sister, too. i hope MetroLyrics does a bug fix!
  • Very surprising 5/5

    By manddsmith
    It is so amazing my little sister just thinks it's the bomb!! It's pretty amazing how whatever is on your music it's on that too. The only thing is like it isn't a problem or anything it's just you can't look anything up it has got to be on your music. But you know it's really not a problem I think it's great !! ;)
  • Not good anymore! 1/5

    By SST Sparkle
    This app use to be pretty good and fell in love with. Then one day it just didn't work anymore. I've tried to wait to see if it was going to comeback but it didn't . I'm sorry I'm going to have to give it a 1.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Gato1980
    It doesn't recognize anything....