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  • Current Version: 2.18.6
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Sgrouples, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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MeWe is the uplifting next-gen social network with awesome social features and No BS. No Ads, No Targeting, No Newsfeed manipulation. MeWe has exciting, easy-to-use features for authentic connecting with friends, family, and common interest groups, including: dedicated newsfeeds for close friends versus all contacts; private and open groups; fan and business pages; great chat features for both 1:1 and group chats; disappearing content; fun custom camera with cool tricks and GIF creation; live voice and live video for around the world connections; next-gen voice messaging; personal social cloud; custom member profiles for every group; and more. MeWe members enjoy total control over what they share along with full ownership of their content and data. The next-gen social networking platform has no facial recognition, and no newsfeed or content manipulation common on other social media platforms. MeWe members see every post, chat, comment, etc., made by individuals, pages and groups they are connected with, in true timeline order. MeWe members own their data and enjoy the protection of MeWe’s Privacy Bill Of Rights. MeWe is advised by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web, and MeWe's CEO, Mark Weinstein, is a world renowned privacy advocate . Premium sticker packs are available in the MeWe Store. Copyright JoyPixels Inc. 2019. Privacy policy: Terms of use:

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  • On Request ... 5/5

    By KeithP69
    Love this app SO much but PLEASE tell us when our friends are online... It can’t be rocket science and it would position MeWe to be the number one place to be!!!!
  • You open your door them wont let me in. 5/5

    By Brbagain
    We want and there is an almost desperate need for an open safe Reliable dependable &secure alternative platform to socialize. Your learning curve is perhaps to steep, convoluted or withheld to learn your platform quickly. By all means suggest how either i may learn it quickly or better because the hordes that need your offerings are ge, hungery and waiting to pounce.
  • What am I doing wrong? 1/5

    By Kimberlee Slavik
    See my wall for what is going wrong. Network is not growing. Groups spam way too much. Anger is rampant. It’s no better her than with fb.
  • Crash 3/5

    By From classy to ugly
    I enjoy the app when it’s not crashing, which happens a lot
  • crashes a lot 2/5

    By Jedmayo18
    any time i try to open photos in the app, it either takes a really long time or it crashes. i loved the app up until now. please fix
  • No censoring here, thank God. 5/5

    By doncow
    I so appreciate that I am not censored and that anything I want to post can be posted here. And I’m thankful that so many others are of the same persuasion.
  • Not really like G+ 1/5

    By AngieTsukiko
    So it’s been a year or 2 having MeWe, and a person who used Google+, expected a bit more since it was highly recommended for people who loved Google+. It’s an okay app to use, but depending on which device you’re using, if you’re trying to look at a person’s profile, I use my iPad Pro to go through but when I try to look at people’s profiles it glitches and the profile never shows up. But when I use my phone I can see the profile just fine. This is just one small thing, but again I was expecting more from the app.
  • Sad but True 1/5

    I got MeWe when it first came out. I was on Facebook chatting with a buddy of mine and he told me about MeWe. I downloaded the app and started using it. Since it was new then, it wasn’t used much. I quit using it. I just tried to login and couldn’t. So, I change the password and tried again. I still could not login! I tried my email address and phone number, same thing! Facebook, actually FascistBook, is really getting controlling if you are a conservative! Their “community standards” GESTAPO are all islamists that are anti Americans, so all posts that are pro Western countries or anti islamist countries are are considered violations of community standards and the person is put in FascistBook “jail” or “time out”, whatever you want to call it. Yet, pro islamist posts, such as, how to attack IDF personnel are okay? I tried to log in to MeWe and was going to notify my friends, BUT, I CAN NOT GET LOGGED IN BECAUSE MEWE SAYS MY EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER OR BRAND NEW PASSWORD ARE WRONG! But, THEY (MEWE) IS WRONG. I JUST READ THAT MEWE IS STARTING TO ACT LIKE FascistBook! I am not going to change and will delete the app after I post this!
  • A thing of beauty 5/5

    By Lukeis4u
    What a wonderful social media platform where your information isn’t sold!
  • Love my MeWe 5/5

    By shittyaccess
    Being real big on the 1st & 2nd Amendment‘s, I’ve made MeWe my go to social media. No worries here unlike facistbook where your content is deemed worthy of their narrative along with unwritten standards. Here I can be me without fear of my information being sold to the highest bidder. I’ve been with MeWe since 2016
  • Difficult 1/5

    By Grateful Gert
    Too difficult to understand how to use properly. Looking for something similar to Facebook where one can fully use freedom of speech rights.
  • Freedom of Speech 5/5

    Thanks for not censoring freedom of thought and other health and science experts opinions on this controversial issue. Everyone has a right to be heard not just what they want us to hear. Honestly the more they censor it... the more I want to watch it :)
  • New to this 5/5

    By RonWR
    So far so good!
  • Hard to navigate 3/5

    By TJDespres
    I like that MeWe is an alternative to FB , but it’s kindof hard to navigate.
  • Replacement for FB 1/5

    By bonniefromFenton
    I can’t find anyone I know . Can’t get signed on
  • A little disappointed 2/5

    By Nappolisgirl
    So I was pretty stoked about a new social network platform that wasn’t under the thumb of well you know.... this app is really hard to follow. I can’t manage Messages. I was communicating with a person and one out chat only shows up now and them. I don’t se to be ther only person confused. I feel like we’re back in 2000
  • Love it. 5/5

    By Gordon LaMaster
  • No interaction with friends 1/5

    By preacherrcr
    Trying this app as a way to get away from Facebook. But it definitely lacks the connection with friends that FB offers.
  • I worship Asian feminine beauty 5/5

    By davejb3
    I worship Asian feminine beauty
  • Better than F**kbook 5/5

    By Bobby B baby, Bobby B
    No ads, no BS...I’m free.
  • Ease of posting 3/5

    By Magoob4u2
    My main problem is ease of sharing stuff. With oftentimes no direct link I haven’t figured out how to do it
  • Invisible 3/5

    By 007 snd a half
    Never did hear back a couple times when contacted admin with problems. Still a mystery.
  • Review 4/5

    By glittermama1102
    Nice layout. Very difficult to find any friends
  • Unusable when searching 1/5

    By OneMan_John
    For some reason when I search for keywords, the app will freeze when I click on posts that have a key word listed and it’s frustrating. I have updated the app twice now, rebooted and restarted the app multiple times with no success.
  • So far... 5/5

    By Synthiab69
    So far, so good.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Sherazabe
    In the beginning all is free then they push the people to get a suscripción to get money If we do not get the suscripción many things desapear even the profile photo. Pushing the people to go back and suscribe. That’s unfair Once you get the suscripción they took the money monthly from your account on apple They still doing this, bad very bad
  • Collins 1/5

    By pamzco
    Hard to use !
  • My Preference 5/5

    By DDee333
    I’m happy using MeWe and have fun chatting with old and new friends. As far as I’m concerned, I feel it’s the best social site on the internet. Love you, MeWe!
  • No support, impossible to register. Hoping for fix. 1/5

    By mdbookworm
    I was getting fed up with Facebook, and started asking for recommendations on alternatives. Loved the idea behind MeWe, not selling data, privacy, etc. BUT. I have now tried over several days to register and start a profile with them and despite trying many times with the app, different browsers (Safari and Chrome), trying vérification by email and by phone number; all I got time after time, day after day, was a generic “Something went wrong” error message. I could find no way to contact customer support on their website or through the app. Left messages on their FB and Twitter asking for help, but got no answer. MeWe, please fix your registration issues and get some customer support staff! It sounds like you have promise as an independent social media platform and I’d love to join! Rating one star because at the moment the platform seems to be completely broken.
  • MeWe 4/5

    By nowupset
    I find it vert difficult to navigate around in this site compared to like Facebook and Twitter!! It makes me very frustrated. I have also seen on post other people asking how to use this app so I feel better knowing I am not the only having this issue. Please make it more friendly useable for all of us that find it hard to use. Thanks 😊
  • How do I unsubscribe? 5/5

    By Mimi Morfey
    I went through the process to join this and then realized there was a monthly fee... I want out! Michelle
  • Wrong language 3/5

    By mjtcolo
    Why does the app/website display everything in a language other than English which is what I understand
  • Videos 3/5

    By Empath Warrior
    Unless I missed it, I see no means of adding a video to the platform straight from the device or computer. YouTube and fb have been a censoring anything that leads to critical thought and or away from official narratives. Are there ways to post videos on MeWe in the same fashion as Fb and YouTube?
  • Newbie Big T 5/5

    By Georgia Deplorable
    It’s taking a little bit to get used to the platform but everything seems alright so far. Such a good break-away from Facebook. No more political BS!
  • Not worth the price 3/5

    By Johnnygbassman
    I enjoyed keeping up with and chatting with friends from afar, most if not all of them use the app for free. For me, that options not available costing me around $5+ per month. Not really worth that cost. I will sure miss my friends...will just have to use FB.
  • Crashes 5/5

    By Tom night
    Every time I try to open it it crashes. Every single time. Worked fine then I went and did the update now it doesn’t work
  • Worked fine until I updated it today 1/5

    By Boo, Vudu!
    Just crashes. Won’t open at all. What happened, guys? Seriously, do you not even bother to test?
  • “No BS,” huh? 3/5

    By Anon from Chitown
    So “several bug fixes and small enhancements” means ‘we slapped on a full screen ad for MeWe Premium when you launch the app now.’ Come on! This is why I stopped updating apps with generic update notices that don’t tell you what’s actually been changed or added.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Drj2011
    App just crashes. Can’t get it to open at all. 😟
  • Very confusing 1/5

    By qbanboi84
    The app is trying to do too much. I think they need to focus on what works. Also please separate private messages from groups chat! It’s so easy to lose track of them when the groups are usually more active.
  • Add post 4/5

    By Lindaphs
    I have yet to be able to post a comment. I have tried 3 different times and ways but it never posts. Any suggestions on how? It’s in farm and livestock.
  • My name is spelled wrong! 1/5

    By Mary Knopp
    Just signed up and used my email, never typed my name, and when I logged into mewe my name is spelled wrong. And I don’t see anyway to change it. Please help admin!
  • New Member to MeWe! 5/5

    By BumpyHurdle
    MeWe is awesome excellent great super fantastic terrific very cool App!
  • Horrible 5/5

    By Timmy t
    Your iPad app is horrifically bad. Did you hire Facebook programmers. Worst UI. Ever. You should be embarrassed to release such utter garbage. Works ok on an iPhone, bad on a desktop and unusable for iPad. Fire your programmers or get ready for total failure.
  • MeWe Administration 1/5

    By Elkwoodland
    PLEASE FIX THE FORMAT ON IOS FOR IPADS!!! We try to read a note added to our posts and it looks like this! It C O M E S O U T L O O K I N G L I K E T H I S So you really call that a "professional " format for business or pleasure for your users??? Really Not Professional.... Please fix that format for us. We do not need to spend our hard earned dollars on a Lousy Unreadable Format!!!
  • MickeyMo 5/5

    By The Mick 1776
    With all the spying and censorship on other platforms I find MeWe a fresh change with their privacy policies and the fact that they don’t sell your info to third parties. It can only get better as it grows.
  • App won’t open! Crashes before opening! 1/5

    By Frustrated In TN
    This app was great, but now there is no way to contact them and the app won’t even open, it crashes before opening and is useless! I attempted to update and nothing helps
  • It’s so excruciatingly, glitchily SLOW 2/5

    By Eastm4n
    Slow, slow, slow. Like dial-up internet slow.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Clenny1995
    App has not been working for me for about a month! It crashes before it even fully opens!

MeWe Network app comments

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