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MICROS inMotion

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.31
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Oracle America, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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MICROS inMotion App

Oracle MICROS InMotion is a revolutionary app that provides restaurant operators with quick and easy access to real-time business analytics, anywhere and anytime. For single or multiple properties, view live graphs of today’s key performance indicators such as sales, labor cost, discounts, check count and ticket time. A built in forecasting engine allows for an overlay of both same day last week and last year comparisons, as well as a projected forecast for today and the trend for the next two weeks. Receive alerts and push notifications when key indicators fall outside normal ranges, or when critical problems occur, such as credit cards failing to settle. Manage your labor by viewing and ranking employee performance on all key factors, and be warned when an employee approaches or enters overtime. View a breakdown of checks by tender or discount type, including full check-level detail. The Check Lookup feature lets you retrieve individual guest checks by location, date or amount – and email a copy of the check instantly, right from your device!


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MICROS inMotion app reviews

  • Cannot even log in to use this app 1/5

    By briannatreat
    “The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format” Error message, have tried all I can, and not able to even log into the app.
  • App freezes. Way behind 1/5

    By Adolly89
    App freezes. Sometimes never works. Not real time. Frustrating.
  • Doesn’t work on iPad 1/5

    By Grammyword
    The app worked fine until the latest update.
  • Great job! 5/5

    By mlippman65
    The free download that is available with the paid subscription is a huge differentiator. The ability to see labor cost in real-time, monitor OT, drill down into checks to the line level detail and email receipts directly to customers is invaluable. I know that any problems with real-time posting and app refresh has long since been resolved. If you are in a weak wi-fi or cellular signal area the app won’t refresh as it is designed. The loss prevention alerts allows for real-time decision making and instant awareness to any potential thievery. This is a must have when managing multiple locations. You can even drill down into the individual revenue centers to micro manage the restaurants. Overall benefits are realized instantaneously.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Zaphod.beeblebrox.iii
    Being able to pull up checks and send then by email from my mobile device is very cool
  • App version is no longer supported? 1/5

    By Ryan5710
    Keeps telling me app version is no longer supported yet there is no update or new version... also other reviews are correct in saying that the app is always at least 2 hours behind. Micros is garbage.
  • Provides Nearly Realtime Info 1/5

    By Neather
    I am very pleased with this app and use it daily to monitor my business. I don't understand why some of the tracked metrics don't report - like ave. ticket time, but overall this app function as advertised.
  • Owner 1/5

    By No Oracle help
    Worst app in the history of apps! Pay them hundreds of dollars per year just so I can see what my business did yesterday. By "real time" they mean 30 hours behind what is happening.
  • Restaurant Owner 1/5

    By Teamfranks
    Always down or inaccurate. Don't waste your money on Micros.
  • Worst app for micros 1/5

    By Fcxcv
    Mymicros is never showing real time. For us is like 8 hours behind. Never accurate. Customer service horrible. It's like an app that was design for first iPhone
  • This app still not working 1/5

    By Treyj19788
    This app still not working
  • Cant get rid of legal term page 1/5

    By Adriannnnn89
    On legal page after downloading the app I've been trying to get to the login page and it goes away for a second then keeps coming back. Can't use this app at all!!!
  • Just terrible. 1/5

    By Sha coo
    The just doesn't work very well.
  • Total disappointment 1/5

    By Shirlington, VA
    When I first downloaded this app I thought "this is great I can keep track of sales when I'm not in the building without texting the MOD all day." Not so much the case. The app has been down for several days at a time. It inhibits the MOD from doing their nightly reports which let everyone who's not in the building know the weekly and yearly percentages. What a disappointment. This app could be so much better. Come on micros! Get it right! Update what you need to so we can do our jobs correctly!
  • Does nothing when you put in credentials 1/5

    By Radwommman
    What good is an app if you enter all your credentials and it does nothing. Then you open a support ticket and micros says they can't help you Hummmmmm
  • Great app...when it works 2/5

    By Louakame
    And when it's not down, and what it hasn't crashed, and when it's actually functioning properly.
  • Well? 1/5

    By Johnny number 6
    What did you expect? Will you guys do us a favor and either hire someone that has worked in the service industry or someone that works at Dinerware? The $3,000 upgrade that gave us the option to, pick up a check that has been paid and "hide it" is an insult. When I told our rep that Dinerware gave the option(2012) to push ONE button that hides every check that has a credit card authorization, she was BLOWN AWAY! That was a couple of years ago. You people have no idea. Even though I didn't pay for the "upgrade" it made me physically ill. Are you guys really seven years behind Dinerware? I'm just a bar manager and you really do have some great features on my end. I'm planning on opening my own bar sometime next year. From what I have seen you would have to pay me to use Micros. Thank you for nothing.
  • Doesn't download 1/5

    By Aha2312
    App stops during download
  • New version does not work! 1/5

    By Redgolfer456
    The new version crashes immediately upon opening! Please fix ASAP!!
  • None 1/5

    By Margareedaville
    Latest update is kicking me off every time. Guy's it's broke, please fix it!!!!
  • Crash and burn 1/5

    By LaBeba76
    The latest update kicked me off app. Keeps booting out to the screen page. Doesn't load. Weird thing is that the notifications portion of the app is the only thing that is working properly.
  • Useless 1/5

    By TheWastedWiener
    App used to work great now i can't even login timed out everytime. Get it together micros...
  • Invaluable 5/5

    By DigitalSynapses
    Although I agree there wasn't anything ground breaking in this update, I don't understand the animosity of my fellow reviewers. I personally find this app invaluable to my business. It's fast, reliable, and provides a great overall view of the metrics crucial to my daily operations.
  • Just awful 1/5

    By ByeByePost
    This app is nearly useless because it works only 10% of the time.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Toomanyouts
    This app has worked on and off over the past 1 1/2 years or so. This past update to the logo was worthless. Now I can't even get the app to open at all these past 3-4 days. Take the advice from some of the reviews below. Get it together for once, create an app that *top priority* at least opens and functions at the ultra basic level. Then start adding more options and functionality. Ever since the take over from micros I've seen nothing good come from it, in fact things even on site have become piss poor like technical support. It's all going down hill fast...FIGURE IT OUT please!
  • Horrible update! 1/5

    By Egosko
    Why do a update that isn't going to work?!?! I agree with others, I can't get past the agree to even see what's going on!
  • For a week it worked 1/5

    By Ryryryrytyry
    Please fix it so it updates. It's been 36 hours and it will not refresh.
  • Fix the App 1/5

    By Farrer cupcakes
    How long does it take to fix a bad update? App isn't working at all and can't get past the agree page. This should have been fixed by now!!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By dpbflo
    Micros barely keeps up with POS system. The app is a huge fail. Constantly logging you out and have not been able to log into the app for weeks because of an error message. Don't waste your time. Thanks for the update. Your app doesn't work but the new logo had to be done. Brilliant!! #priorities
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Ddgb bos
    New graphic, same app that still doesn't work. Very disappointed
  • Pointless update 1/5

    By ablair05
    Zero customers care about your 'new logo' update. How about a substantive change in this apps functionality. Your customers pay 12-30k for pos systems that are missing the basic functions that a $800 square terminal can do. Shame on you, oracle micros. Give us smart phone/remote access to: -adding/editing employees -goal setting reminders and targets -editing employee clock in/out information -running reports -refunding/processing transactions -remote access to trouble shoot tricky transactions -screen viewing/sharing options for real time pos monitoring and training -button, discount, or transaction modifications -transaction category modification features
  • Can't log in 1/5

    By josetoj
    With the new update. I can't log in. I can log in online with no problem
  • Look into avero 2/5

    By H0n3st R3VI3W3R
    Avero reports gives you more details. But i guess you guys have to figure out your pos systems still... Let me know i would love to use it for my company once its accurate. But for now there is nothing...
  • Absolutely Useless!! 1/5

    By Thumb addict
    My restaurant information has not been updated in 14 days!!!! The symphony program is just as bad! I am extremely disappointed in Oracle.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By 86dforlife
    Almost as useless as the Simphony software. Won't update anymore.
  • Useless now 1/5

    By cpalmerjones
    App is fine when it works. It hasn't updated my restaurants info in 8 days. Signed out, reinstalled app - nothing. Typical Oracle, Micros Simphony was the worst install my company ever went through. Continues to let me down and cause operational headaches at every turn. Thanks Oracle!
  • My Micros 1/5

    By Service Industry
    My app worked for 3 days then just locked up. We are a new micros installation and our tech rep told me to call the "MyMicros" team to try and fix it. Seems that no one wants to take accountability they just pass the buck .. Disappointing from Oracle. They are better than that !!
  • Update Fail 2/5

    By Amepe777
    After the update my sales, labor, etc are consistently 2-3 hours behind real time. Also, the app freezes or signs me out regularly. Please fix!
  • micros in motion 5/5

    By simphony oregon
    Please fix This app. After the update on March 24. It stop updating my sales, credit card , employee performance etc.. Please fix the problem. It been 4 days frozen.
  • Update 4/5

    By Cmdubya3
    After the last update, it will not allow me to log in even though my login info is correct. I can log in through the desktop but not my phone. Please fix.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By XtraMed
    Can no longer access the app, splash screen comes up and then it crashes
  • :( 1/5

    By DezDyl
    App times out can not login :(
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Trizzle6587
    They charge 600 a year for mymicros which is terribly designed and almost impossible to gain data from, and the app is very inconsistent and the data is unreliable. Do not waste your time with this app because it is very apparent that micros doesn't.
  • Micros app 1/5

    By Aledajane
    Marginal at best: no information regarding what "forecast" means- what is this based in? AND the Micros reps are zero help
  • Needs a little work 4/5

    By Dolohite
    Great tool that I use often. Having a history would be a huge plus. Weekly hours are often incorrect also.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By AnabolicRex
    Shows a lot of helpful information. Exciting cause I can see in time many useful tools coming to this app!
  • Could be better 4/5

    By daucella
    This app is very nice and I will give it 5 stars when they expand it's utility. A history feature is a must so that you can compare specific dates. That being said, I use this app several times per day and it is a must have. I encourage the creators to expand. Keep up the good work.
  • Director 1/5

    By TonyZ66
    we have been promised an update that will show multiple stores and deadlines came and have been gone for awhile and the app is still unable to show multiple stores. I have come to the conclusion that promises made by micros officials are empty and meaningless. After a huge investment we are still getting jerked around.
  • Where do you get user and password information 1/5

    By Faceeeeeeeeee
    This app is similar to those provided by your competition. Aloha has one and a few others. But however once I downloaded it there is no set up or walk thru. The user name we use as a restaurant doesn't work and you get sent around in circles trying to find it. The support to this has not been provide. You get sent straight to a web site an a page that has nothing to do with answering support. Please improve this app set up for a user.
  • Hmmmm 5/5

    By James alister
    I said no tomato

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