Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator

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  • Current Version: 6.5.82
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Microsoft Authenticator App

Use Microsoft Authenticator for easy, secure sign-ins for all your online accounts using multi-factor authentication, passwordless, or password autofill. You also have additional account management options for your Microsoft personal, work or school accounts. Getting started with multi-factor authentication Multi factor authentication (MFA) or two factor authentication (2FA) provides a second layer of security. When logging in with multi-factor authentication, you’ll enter your password, and then you’ll be asked for an additional way to prove it’s really you. Either approve the notification sent to the Microsoft Authenticator, or enter the one-time password (OTP) generated by the app. The one-time passwords (OTP codes) have a 30 second timer counting down. This timer is so you never have to use the same time-based one-time password (TOTP) twice and you don’t have to remember the number. The one-time password (OTP) doesn’t require you to be connected to a network, and it won’t drain your battery. You can add multiple accounts to your app, including non-Microsoft accounts like Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, and more. Getting started with passwordless Use your phone, not your password, to log into your Microsoft account. Just enter your username, then approve the notification sent to your phone. Your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN will provide a second layer of security in this two-step verification process. After you’ve signed in with two factor authentication (2FA), you’ll have access to all your Microsoft products and services, such as Outlook, OneDrive, Office, and more. Getting started with autofill Microsoft Authenticator app can also autofill passwords for you. Sign-in on the Passwords tab inside the Authenticator app with your personal Microsoft account to start syncing passwords, including the passwords saved in Microsoft Edge. Make Microsoft Authenticator the default autofill provider and start autofilling passwords on apps and sites you visit on your mobile. Your passwords are protected with multi-factor authentication in the app. You will need to prove yourself with your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN to access and autofill passwords on your mobile. You can also import passwords from Google Chrome and other password managers. Microsoft personal, work or school accounts Sometimes your work or school might ask you to install the Microsoft Authenticator when accessing certain files, emails, or apps. You will need to register your device to your organization through the app and add your work or school account. Microsoft Authenticator also supports cert-based authentication by issuing a certificate on your device. This will let your organization know that the sign-in request is coming from a trusted device and help you seamlessly and securely access additional Microsoft apps and services without needing to log into each. Because Microsoft Authenticator supports single sign-on, once you have proven your identity once, you will not need to log in again to other Microsoft apps on your device.

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Microsoft Authenticator app reviews

  • No sense 1/5

    By WL405
    It makes everything complicated
  • Dark Mode 5/5

    By gladel
    Can we have dark mode, please?
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By saurabhsks
    Excellent application and easy to use
  • Works after second attempt untill now 2/5

    By Jacksolovey
    So this app worked fine but now it doesn’t send push notifications no more on my device. Is this microsoft MFA issue or this app?
  • Very helpful! 5/5

    By l🚄
    Simple and intuitive app 🔥
  • TERRIBLE APP for me 1/5

    By ramibagel
    I just want to get this off my iPhone. HELP! My email is shut down. Codes appear and change every 30 seconds— there is no apparent place to use the codes. No basic directions.
  • Worthless on Apple Watch 1/5

    By Eramz
    This app is worthless if you pair your iPhone with an Apple Watch. The issue has been known to Microsoft for a while since WatchOS 7/iOS 14 was released, but in all their laziness, have decided to do nothing about it. What can you expect from Microsoft!
  • HORRIBLE !! 1/5

    By YungHitta5
    I can’t get back to any of my Accounts because this dumb app is saying my Password is wrong !! All I want is to be able to verify it’s ME & log back into my hard worked accounts …!
  • The best of all 5/5

    By Bdnon
    Best until now
  • Like all products related to outlook.. 1/5

    By lnc1907
    Anything outlook related has an utter lack of user-friendly interface. This app is no different.
  • Very solid app 4/5

    By ajacks1234
    This app is very well put together and works exactly how you’d need and want ur Authenticator app too work! The only thing that could be improved to get a 5 out of 5 is fix the problem which is app would freeze for a split second and
  • Great app 5/5

    By dripdripdripx3
    Saves a lot of time not having to remember every password
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By 8v1c
    I’ve downloaded the app before and had zero problems after resetting the password and now that I got a new phone I can’t login. Like how am I supposed to approve my login when I’m trying to login to the app?? There’s got to be a glitch or something because that doesn’t make sense. To approve my login I have to be login to the app which I’m trying to do but can’t.
  • Wow go passwordless 1/5

    By jrhene
    So I was trying to reset my password but my gmail doesn’t work so I get this BUT I Need my password to get in the account to recover it
  • No Reply Tech support 1/5

    By Robbu 99
    I had a very important account that vanished. I have requested help through the app twice. I have received 0.0 replies. This is costing me big $ I’m furious. a I wish I could give the real rating. ZERO stars
  • MS Borked It 2/5

    By Snowman40
    Can’t have multiple entries for the same login without screwing up that entry.
  • Simple Authenticator 5/5

    By strikeright
    Other Authenticators require more steps and might be more secure, but convenient is nice. Just 1 more step type of Authenticator
  • Great tool, getting better 5/5

    By RaceH2O
    Use it daily to secure my access to online services. Would really rate it 4.5 stars. One thing I now need is the ability to search. Categorizing would be nice too, but need search first as my list of services has grown significantly. Maybe let us change the icon used (especially since some services have none) so it is more recognizable.
  • Keeps on asking for review 1/5

    By Fabriziomm
    Almost every time I open the app
  • Has a mind of its own 1/5

    By Poncheche
    When I tap “approve” it will either log in or do nothing at all. Super frustrating when I really need to log into my school’s portal. Worst Authenticator. Super glitchy
  • Great App. Missing one thing. 5/5

    By Scuba-Steve001
    Love the app. Please add a context search bar to the top. When there are many accounts it’s a pain to find the right one.
  • Poor logging in 1/5

    By ThePaulGomes
    Had to change my passwords numerous times to log in and authenticate.
  • Stuck 1/5

    By arronstone99
    Please wait while we sync your autofill data. Both on my iphone and ipad. Stupid app. I use lockwise that’s why.
  • Restore never works 1/5

    By Mocha-Iced
    I’ve had to uninstall this app to re-setup my phone. When logging back in to recover my accounts the app would never actually let me login, instead it prompted me to change my password (in which I then did) and then created a new backup right then and there… even with my iCloud sync on and making sure my recovery account was correct from the last time I had an issue where I had to restore my accounts I’d thought it would save this time around and well it just did not. Now I have to email support to various websites and companies as I’m not able to get into my accounts…
  • You are the absolute worst 1/5

    By the thing that faced :/
  • Absolute worst authenticator app 1/5

    By Avs0829
    This app is less functional than any other authenticator app I have ever used. This app is bugged and doesn’t work at all 95% of the time. You will open the app and it will say it is locked. You are then asked for either touch ID or passcode to unlock the app. After you attempt to unlock by providing touch ID or passcode, the app just closes. It doesn’t allow you to approve any login requests or access your codes. On top of that, this app has never worked with notifications. Any time you try to send a login request to this app it’s supposed to pop up a notification that allows you to quickly open the app and approve the login request. This has never worked.
  • Lousy watch app 1/5

    By Cop Rock
    Attempting to log onto VPN using this app for MFA with the Apple Watch app almost always fails. Very annoying, much worse than Duo Mobile.
  • I hate this thing 1/5

    By Muffin92656
    I can’t set up my account on my iPad because this stupid app keeps going in an endless circle of asking for passwords and then telling me to download the app (which I already have). It never gives me the chance to enter the Authenticator codes into outlook. And there is no-one to call for help, so I am stuck. I wish my company had never gone to microsoft 365.
  • 6 digit code 1/5

    By Farahnaz
    I have a iphone 11, recently changed the sim card after that the app stopped producing 6 digit codes I need for 2FA it only produces 8 digit Codes. I cannot access my account due to this. I tried enabling and disabling 2FA nothing happened!!!!
  • Why 1/5

    By The King of Norway
    Waste of space, shouldn’t need an all just to login to my email.
  • Great helps stay synchronized 5/5

    By 1800sparks
    Helps me with everything
  • Authenticator Crapp 1/5

    By lianne72
    I have been going in circles trying to figure out how to use this app. I am locked out of my email and can’t get in unless I sign in to the authenticator app. But when I try there is no way to sign in.
  • Working as designed 5/5

    By Z0MyG0d
    It is very good
  • Complete Trash 1/5

    By Claudesoph
    Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves. I have 3 authenticator apps. They all have the same name, “Authenticator,” and basically the same icon. How am I supposed to tell them apart? Why not use the Microsoft logo somewhere in your app icon, geniuses? Also, I literally never get a notification sent to my authenticator app when Microsoft says they sent me a notification. The notification never goes through.
  • Authenticator 1/5

    By fkurname
    Was trying to get a code for my laptop but when I opened the app it was asking for the code also
  • hackable 1/5

    By not-today-stalker
    my ex has been stalking me for years and it all started with microsoft.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By monseeeyyyy
    It just Never works
  • Guess 1 of 3 codes is that secure? 5/5

    By represent Cleveland
    Have a problem with app over app display when using one device to reset a password. Smart stay could be linked to google accounts as well. Need to use alias over phone number when resetting the biometrics and shared devices.
  • DO NOT USE!!!!!!! 1/5

    By requireddnickname
    When I first started using this app it was fine. It would spit out 6 digit codes. At some point there was an update that changed it to 8 digit codes. I’ve tried every way I could find to get back to 6 digit codes and I have been unable to do so. The applications that I had MFA set up on were setup to use the 6 digit codes and will not accept 8. That means no sign in. My crypto mining account will not allow me to make transfers anymore. This has obviously caused a big aid an issue since I can’t sell my crypto. From what research I’ve found, if you have an Azure account or an Android it’s no big deal, but iOS users and anyone who doesn’t want to subscribe to an Azure account are screwed. Do not use this app!!! The google authenticator app has no problems and that’s what I’ve switched to since it actually works.
  • Issues 3/5

    By the_first_grock
    Always fails to authenticate on my iPhone no matter if I restart as suggested or try again. Not very happy at the moment.
  • No customer service 1/5

    By andrea86.
    I’m not receiving a code and lost codes During a backup. There’s no one to call and get live real person help from!
  • lock 1/5

    By muhamadsarhang
    hello i have a android phone switch ti iphone my snap got locked i know the pasword but its locked by this up help my can get an code
  • Review 🤞🏾👁⚡️ 5/5

    By kkhfes dm jjjhg
  • This app trash 1/5

    By wresltewithjimmy
    It always tells you to put in a new password or something stupid like that when it doesn’t work and the fact that no one ever thought that it would get annoying after a while is blind
  • Ridiculously designed app that if breaks, it is almost impossible to reinstall it. 1/5

    By Kamerdracy
    I wish I can use something else to
  • Horrible Support Options 1/5

    By Riches1212
    Good luck if you get a new phone. There is no way to sign in with a new phone and they offer zero support to figure out how to change it
  • Version 6.5.80 1/5

    By Remote _worker1
    App was working great until the latest upgrade two weeks ago. Now the app will not open on my iPhone. So I cannot log in to my company’s VPN for remote work.
  • Be careful!!! 1/5

    By musezach
    This app has a tendency to completely lose your 2 step codes and corrupt the backups gotten locked out of this more then ones would not recommend for anything other then Microsoft logins
  • Don’t download this app 1/5

    By yourfellowweeb
    So I got this app yesterday, and when I opened it my vpn blocked a malicious website. Not only does it get worse but after I figured it was the app I deleted it but I still got notifications from my vpn.