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Microsoft Authenticator

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  • Current Version: 6.5.87
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Microsoft Authenticator App

Use Microsoft Authenticator for easy, secure sign-ins for all your online accounts using multi-factor authentication, passwordless, or password autofill. You also have additional account management options for your Microsoft personal, work or school accounts. Getting started with multi-factor authentication Multi factor authentication (MFA) or two factor authentication (2FA) provides a second layer of security. When logging in with multi-factor authentication, you’ll enter your password, and then you’ll be asked for an additional way to prove it’s really you. Either approve the notification sent to the Microsoft Authenticator, or enter the one-time password (OTP) generated by the app. The one-time passwords (OTP codes) have a 30 second timer counting down. This timer is so you never have to use the same time-based one-time password (TOTP) twice and you don’t have to remember the number. The one-time password (OTP) doesn’t require you to be connected to a network, and it won’t drain your battery. You can add multiple accounts to your app, including non-Microsoft accounts like Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, and more. Getting started with passwordless Use your phone, not your password, to log into your Microsoft account. Just enter your username, then approve the notification sent to your phone. Your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN will provide a second layer of security in this two-step verification process. After you’ve signed in with two factor authentication (2FA), you’ll have access to all your Microsoft products and services, such as Outlook, OneDrive, Office, and more. Getting started with autofill Microsoft Authenticator app can also autofill passwords for you. Sign-in on the Passwords tab inside the Authenticator app with your personal Microsoft account to start syncing passwords, including the passwords saved in Microsoft Edge. Make Microsoft Authenticator the default autofill provider and start autofilling passwords on apps and sites you visit on your mobile. Your passwords are protected with multi-factor authentication in the app. You will need to prove yourself with your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN to access and autofill passwords on your mobile. You can also import passwords from Google Chrome and other password managers. Microsoft personal, work or school accounts Sometimes your work or school might ask you to install the Microsoft Authenticator when accessing certain files, emails, or apps. You will need to register your device to your organization through the app and add your work or school account. Microsoft Authenticator also supports cert-based authentication by issuing a certificate on your device. This will let your organization know that the sign-in request is coming from a trusted device and help you seamlessly and securely access additional Microsoft apps and services without needing to log into each. Because Microsoft Authenticator supports single sign-on, once you have proven your identity once, you will not need to log in again to other Microsoft apps on your device.

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Microsoft Authenticator app reviews

  • Use it 5/5

    By jon jt
    I love the app it is useful and keeps my account safe
  • Will not work on Apple Watch 3/5

    By Scrib40
    Always works when approving on iPhone, which is why the three stars. Get a message that it “Failed to communicate with phone” when trying to approve from Apple watch. Wish this would get resolved.
  • Cant use another auth 1/5

    By pasalazar
    I dont want to have multiple auth apps and microsoft doesnt support other apps like authy.
  • user unfriendly 1/5

    By unfriendly2019
    get something else
  • Beware! Does not work with iCloud 2/5

    By your shames
    This is a good Authenticator app. But if you are going to rely on using iCloud when transferring to a new iPhone, this will not work. You will find that all of your accounts are gone. So do not wipe your old phone before transferring these accounts like I did.
  • Works wonderfully 5/5

    By email ghgdhjfdj
    Easy to use and helps me feel more secure online.
  • Locked out of my accounts. 1/5

    By TheNardDawg
    So I got a new phone, and I tried to download the app. When I tried to log into the app, it said, “We need to verify it’s really you.” So I proceeded to let them text my phone number. When I got the code to my number I entered it in. And it said, “We need a little more to verify it’s really you signing in.” So when I tried to send a code to my email instead, it said. “You have exceeded the maximum attempts allowed for today. Please try again tomorrow for another code.” Thank you Microsoft for locking me out of my accounts. I will not be using this service after I remove all of my Authenticators from it.
  • Apple Watch functionality is broken 1/5

    By Balderdashing
    The phone app is reliable and I seem to always get the push notifications when expected. However, a recent update has broken the authentication on Apple Watch. The error is a “failure to communicate” after trying to approve on the watch. This is a “must have”feature, and it’s a disappointing regression. Update: Apple Watch functionality works the first time after a phone restart, and then not again until the next restart. Very frustrating.
  • Apple Watch, malfunctioning 1/5

    By real1kk0
    it doesn't properly work, THANKS
  • SJG.23 4/5

    By SJG.23
  • Can’t sync to iCloud 1/5

    By BlarphNibblet
    With the latest version of the app it says “unable to access iCloud”

    By MexicanNeymar
    I had the authenticator app and its always worked decently. When i switched phones the transfer was smooth and everything was working. Then all of a sudden after i sold my old phone, ALL MY PASSWORDS AND ONE TIME CODES WERE LOST. Still trying to access my accounts after almost 2 months and microsoft does nothing to help me. Don't download this app. All it takes is one bug, and youre ****ed. theres multiple reports of other dealing with the same issue and microsoft doesnt do anything about it.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Cookie19972002
    This is genuinely the worst app I’ve ever used. I can’t access any of my school data because I can’t figure out how to work it. Microsoft is the most unintuitive platform I’ve ever used. I can’t set up the app because I can’t log into my school account and I can’t log into my school account because I can’t use the app. I’m in tears of frustration. There is a feature where you can bypass using the app by verifying through a call, but it doesn’t always work and there’s a limit to the amount of calls you can request.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By konandai
    Like most things Microsoft it is perfectly counterintuitive.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ReasieTye2914
    This app is horrible and would not recommend for anyone to use it. It’s delayed, slow
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By drineer
    Great app love it helps a lot with everything I need handled
  • Asking me to log into authenticator app while signing into authenticator app 2/5

    By miekwave
    Jumped through lots of hoops to log into here to get auth app up but I wasn’t able to log in because authenticator app required authenticator app to log in, luckily I had backup email recovery
  • Not working on Apple Watch 2/5

    By StormRaging
    Love the app but can’t get it to work on my new watch. I click get started and then it takes me to a screen that says I need to add a Microsoft account to my Authenticator and there is no way to go any farther even though I already have a Microsoft account set up. I have watch 7 with most recent software.
  • No 1/5

    By hknox96
    My Microsoft email tells me to open Authenticator to log in, open Authenticator where it asks me to log in…..then open Authenticator….which I’m already in. Obnoxiously frustrating just trying to check a work email on a device
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Thgr8PiCasso
    This app usually works flawlessly but it will not generate a code for my email address anymore
  • Excelente!! 5/5

    By Manuel2277
    El mejor Autentificador
  • Woo 5/5

    By Xanmeth
  • User friendly 5/5

    By DarthSuture
    Easy to use safe and ready available what more can you ask for.
  • Needs to rehire code 3/5

    By Asdf1963
    Once you select a code it is visible until you manually hide it. Need to auto hide and/or pressure sensitive and show as popup
  • Great App 5/5

    By TheArchitect06
    I use the other Authenticator and this one works as well or better than those do. It does seem to notify me faster if Microsoft specific authentications as well.
  • Extremely buggy, can never clock in on time! 1/5

    By Coolout
    I can’t believe this is what my company uses. It takes FOREVER and sometimes doesn’t work at all. Instead of saying there’s an update, it just won’t let me log in so I have to be late. If you use this, start 10-15 minutes early so you can be on time because it has never ONCE worked right the first time and I’ve been using it almost a year now!
  • Authentication Loop 1/5

    By aanne9
    There is a major flaw with Microsoft and it’s apps when it comes to authentication. I was logged out of all of my Microsoft work accounts (outlook, teams, calendar), and in order to log back in I need to use 2 factor authentication. However, because I recently got a new phone, I had to also log into my authentication app on my new phone. To do this, the app asks for a verification code, EVEN THOUGH THAT IS WHAT I AM TRYING TO LOG IN TO. So, now I am stuck in a loop where every sign in asks for a verification code, yet I am unable to obtain one because my authenticator app also will not work.
  • Requires excessive storage! 1/5

    By S70home
    For what it does, this app takes up too much storage space! Microsoft needs to make a leaner version of this app!
  • Good app but bad for me 1/5

    By CODZombiesNerd
    I almost locked myself out of my accounts.
  • Love this Security App 5/5

    By percamelo
    With all the scamming going on I just love to have this step added. Thanks.
  • Microsoft is garbage 1/5

    By DP1980
    They say they send a code to my e-mail, code never comes. They say they it to my phone, still doesn’t come. Their products are always full of glitches and errors. I’m done trying to use MS.
  • Help 5/5

    By connie romain
    I can’t use the Authenticator at all please help me I need to check my gmail account and my outlook account
  • Customer service 1/5

    By JenniferMarie83
    Worst costumer service. My account got hacked 3 weeks ago and the only answer I get is please be patient.
  • Backup/restore 1/5

    By Mike_az
    Works great until you have to move to a new device. What a joke. Google authenticate is the way to go.
  • Unnecessary, glitchy, and dumb app 1/5

    By **mm** :-)
    This is the most useless app I’m unfortunate enough to have on my phone. When trying to sign into the app for the first time, it requires you authenticate it through the app … that you’re trying to sign into for the first time. Not only is that frustrating enough but there’s no way to get around it and I’m completely locked out. Plus when you can actually use the app (if you’re lucky) it locks every 2 seconds. Big f u Microsoft im literally just trying to get my taxes from my college.
  • Great App, but... (bug) 5/5

    By absant
    Update: Updating my rating back to 4 star. Ok, the option to hide the input form now has a 5 second delay to allow me to see the number. This works out, but a second or two delay before the form pops up in this particular scenario would have been ideal. The app is great and does what it exactly what it is suppose to do. However, there is a bug in which our company login policy requires a number to be typed in. When the number shows up, it gets immediately blocked by the input screen, with barely a glimpse or no time to see what the number was. I'll update the review once this bug is fixed.
  • Flawed tech 1/5

    By Priceee Check
    Hey, nothing dumber than the Microsoft Authenticator app requiring you to use the Microsoft Authenticator app to get inside of it. Lord forbid you get a new phone. How did this make it through a QA tester? Oh yeah… because majority of them are fresh out of college kids with the Cs get degrees type mentality.
  • Why? 2/5

    By nca23
    How is two factor identification not enough? I have dozens of these downloaded, all for different sites & logins. It’s not helping either because when these get messed up, they’re nearly impossible to fix. It’s all too much, just use Face ID.
  • Your app is crap 1/5

    By madmadam12
    Every time I open it I have to login. When I do get signed in it tell me to open the app and sign in. Because of this the last week with getting in school work done has sucked because I can’t get in to even do my class work. So thanks for the F in my class. Y’all need to fix this or take your app off the market.
  • Can’t use AppleWatch anymore 1/5

    By Lucky5555
    Before changed, I can simply accept or deny on watch. But now because asking to enter number I have to open phone.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By FerryJohn
    One of the most smoothest authentication experiences ever
  • Ok 1/5

    By Skyy913
    I only use this app to log into my email for work, but ever since I downloaded it my phone has been acting up. Constantly asking for my Apple ID and or password. And it does the same thing to my Apple Watch. Like is that normal?
  • Please fix 1/5

    Every time I login I have to use this app. And the 15 day thing does not work at all
  • Nightmare updates 1/5

    By Tree Moneypenny
    Went to sign on my computer after an update and the nightmare with Authenticator software started and has not ended
  • Lol 1/5

    By gohomeyouaredrunk
    This app was great.. until you can’t recover your password or change it .. unless you use the Authenticator which you forgot the password to. Lol
  • Reporting to BBB 1/5

    This app is so bad I am reporting it to the better buisness bureau. It’s so bad and so hard to get help it makes one wonder if the company set up the “suspicious activity” to get one to buy this app.
  • Passwords 5/5

    By Judy&girls
    We will see- I actually trust no one
  • Doesn’t generate 2/5

    By green bow
    This app won’t generate any passcodes for my apps, has no support options for help either.
  • Love the App! But could use some improvements 4/5

    By ryanack24
    Overall, I love the app. It does its job and I can't argue with its functionality. However, I give it a four star because I do have a few concerns and complaints I'd like to see implemented. Its the simple aesthetics of the design of the authenticator. I would love to see folder/group settings implemented where you can group codes together under a drop down menu, instead of just having a whole spew of a list of random codes you have to scroll through. Something similar to the functionality of 2FAS Auth. Another thing I'd love to see would be Icons used instead of a boring, plain grey, busthead (maybe use the MS MFA logo?) When a logo isn't supported. Which I would like to also see more support on is icon support from various different services. I find only few companies like FB, Gitbub, and a few others are on the app. Again, I think my biggest complaint is to make it look more sexy of a design and UX. It's kind of boring at the moment. But overall, great app!