Microsoft Edge: Web Browser

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser

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  • Current Version: 108.1462.77
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Microsoft Edge: Web Browser App

Choose the web browser that puts you first. Microsoft Edge is the fast and secure browser that helps you protect your data, and save time and money. Browse the web anywhere with one seamless experience from your phone to your computer and other signed-in devices. Tracking prevention, AdBlock, and InPrivate browsing are available to help you stay safer online. Organize the web in a way that cuts through the clutter, making it easier to find, view, and manage your content on the go. Microsoft Edge is the only web browser you’ll ever need, with features to help you get more done online, stay protected, and built-in tools to give you the best online shopping experience. Microsoft Edge features: A more productive browsing experience to help you get more done · Securely access your saved information like history, favorites, passwords, Collections, and more across your signed-in devices with the Microsoft Edge web browser. · Search the web on the go with visual and voice search powered by Microsoft Bing. · Browse the web and quickly find your favorites, history and more with a redesigned navigation. · Enjoy a streamlined reading experience with Immersive Reader. It will remove ads and other distracting content from articles and blog posts. Stay safer online with our secure web browser: · InPrivate tabs won't store your browsing data (like cookies, history, autofill information, or temporary files) · Use the Microsoft Edge web browser as your autofill provider so that you can access your saved credentials in other apps on your phone like Instagram, Pinterest, and more · Tracking prevention is enabled by default, so you don’t have to take any action to take control of your data. · Ad Blocker:• AdBlock Plus helps block unwanted ads.• Block ads by turning on ad blocking by visiting Settings > Content blockers. Organize & Collect: productivity on the go • Collections makes it easier than ever to collect and organize content you find on the web across your signed-in devices. Save time and money · Microsoft Edge is the best browser for shopping, with built-in tools to help you save time and money. Our coupons feature makes finding coupons faster and easier, helping you easily apply to your order while shopping on Microsoft Edge. · Earn rewards while you search with Microsoft Bing and find shopping deals online and in nearby stores.* Get the Microsoft Edge web browser for a fast, secure, and productive experience every time you browse. *This shopping feature currently is only available in the United States.

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Microsoft Edge: Web Browser app reviews

  • Unusable, constantly crashes. 1/5

    By mnctahoe
    Edge has been my go to browser for sometime. Much better features than both Chrome or Safari. But now it just crashes multiple times a day.
  • Frequent crashes 1/5

    By marcelof.BH
    Frequent crashes on ios
  • Not so good now 3/5

    By FL.Ron
    I’ve been using Edge for quite some time with no real issues until yesterday. Yesterday Edge seemed to @[email protected] and lost all my tabs. Today it froze and went nowhere. Time to change to more reliable.
  • Latest update causes repeated crashes after navigating away from app 1/5

    By HittheRhod
    Since the latest update, the app keeps closing all my open tabs with “Microsoft Esge has closed unexpectedly”, despite me having maybe 4 tabs open. It used to handle 20+. If I keep losing tabs, there’s no point in having it anymore.
  • Nope 2/5

    By Gabbz91
    In the beginning this was my go to browser. But now?? Yea it doesn’t load, it crashes, and my sites that are bookmarked doesn’t load anymore. It keeps telling me to update but there’s no update available so instead I have this glitchy app to work with. Saved passwords don’t save properly so hopefully memory isn’t an issue. Other than that the app opens sometimes it’s just junk now tho because of all the issues that come with it. Please fix!
  • Treated me well until recently 3/5

    By MyNutsHurt19
    I have had little to no issues until recently. Now every time I open a new tab it prompts me to sign into a work/school account that I don’t have.
  • Review 2/5

    By The Christmas marshmallow
    Microsoft is good but I wish it had less inappropriate stuff
  • Crashing unexpectedly 1/5

    By sjrash.lists
    I love Edge. Use it on all of my devices - MacOS, iOS, and Windows. I thought the “crashed unexpectedly” thing was just me but reading recent reviews it’s not just me. Seems like a pretty serious bug that you would have fixed quickly. What gives?
  • power 5/5

    By ,Panda
    should i be concerned when my bed feels heavy with nothing but the rails
  • Acc locked FOR NO REASON 1/5

    By mfl573 add me on roblox
  • Keeps crashing unexpectedly 1/5

    By jollyshroom
    Maybe since the latest update, Edge keeps “crashing unexpectedly” and losing all tabs. I love the Edge browser, please fix it!
  • Overall really good could use some features and fixes 4/5

    By Jacob Waller MN
    Overall this is my main browser. I use it as my go to now. On the iPhone I don’t think I have ever ran into an issue at all. On the other hand on my iPad some changes could be used to make it great. On the iPad when I close the last tab it doesn’t open a new tab automatically like it does with the iPhone. On the iPhone this works great and I love that I don’t have to click the open tab button again and again. Another issue just specific to the iPad is when I come back to use it I get an error message that says tab closed unexepectly and a restore button is available. I hit that it opens a new tab and I keep moving. I wouldn’t say it happens every time but happens enough to be annoying. If those two iPad specific issues get resolved then it’s for a sure a 5 star browser. I think it’s just a little better than Safari and better than firefox and Brave.
  • Annoying news alert and becoming google 1/5

    By UB-1002
    Latest update started giving me news alerts which I never opted in. MS is becoming google in browser race. Each new release on non mobile pushes annoying news and other crap and now same on iOS app. I deleted the app and back to safari.
  • Potential 4/5

    By ccoltmanm
    I like this better than safari in every way but one, the tab bar. The url bar. The search bar. Whatever you call it, move it to the bottom or have another setting to move it to the bottom. There are so many settings available, add that one.
  • No Favorites/Bookmark bar 1/5

    By NanoRon
    I will use Edge on my iPad once I get the option of a Favorites/Bookmark bar at the top. Until then I'm sticking with Safari.
  • Keeps closing all my tabs 1/5

    By bill stidham
    every time i open it, it says it closed unexpectedly and if I miss the opportunity to click “restore” all my open tabs are gone forever. this behavior is recent prior to the last update and was not fixed in the last update.
  • Me 1/5

    By Dod tired
    Horrible.. I can’t even do a search. It is stuck on games and cannot delete.
  • 頁面中尋找功能失效 4/5

    By YsssYuu
  • Articles full of TDS people and GOD haters 1/5

    By Charmyfan
    Articles full of TDS people and GOD haters avoid this LIBERAL app at all costs
  • 占用空间大 1/5

    By chowen9
  • It’s truly pretty good. 5/5

    By AdamL222
    Edge on iOS is clean, pretty, and easy to use. You can enable tracking prevention and ad blockers. I like the tab quick actions by swiping down. I also enjoy using Bing and having the weather available for free. It’s pretty nice.
  • Work 2/5

    By Ryan Rampersad
    I have to use this for work. I use a lot of large web apps (think, DataDog, visualization tools). Edge just keeps crashing on me all the time, usually right after navigating from one page to another in these larger more demanding apps. It’s a hard crash too, causing me to restore my tabs. As a browser, it’s fine, but there are missing quality of life features. CMD+L should focus the address bar for a CMD+C but does not. There’s no support for multiple browser profiles (enrolled in Multiple Microsoft 365 Orgs). I hope it improves.
  • Does not allow you to change new tab page 2/5

    By mynameiskyle1
    Forces you to use built in new tab page
  • Best Internet Browser 5/5

    By JamesRERIC
    Everything you need: user-friendly, backwards compatible with Internet Explorer, and can save auto-fill data for log-in and personal info. Fast, easy, simple.
  • Microsoft Edge closed unexpectedly. Restore? 1/5

    By DDT1345
    The title says it all. This happens to me multiple times per day. Going back to Chrome, or maybe I’ll give Safari another try.
  • what a sham 1/5

    By Iorderedicecream
    You call this a browser? I don’t know how you store info, but after a few back to back searches, the tab stops responding. you have to close the tab, close the app and then reopen. can’t even load my profile to sync across devices.
  • Recent changes cause crash on EVERY open 1/5

    By vaulter78
    I have used Edge for iOS since it came out and have liked its speed, sync to desktop, and overall integration. Sadly it’s no longer usable to me since it crashes EVERY time it’s opened. Not sure if it’s an app update or system update but until it’s fixed I’ll go back to Safari.
  • Accessibility of Immersive Reader 4/5

    By danw00
    As an autistic man, I find the bright white background of webpages to someone uncomfortable to look at. Using Microsoft’s Immersive Reader, not only am I able to space words and paragraphs out, but it allows me access to page colors which I find easier. Personally, I am going with either the soft blue or legal pad-like yellow, but to each his/her/their own. Thank you Microsoft for being conscientious of neurodiversity. 🙂
  • Blind me much! 1/5

    If you can’t even get the screen appearance to go to system default or dark screen to protect the eyes of customers who don’t want to go blind using your search engine then you are worthless. Even the most backwards, primitive search engine have that these days. Sorry I can’t use your search engine because I never got past trying to turn on the dark mode, you may have a great search engine but I’m not willing to damage my eyes to find out, just too many search engines out there to be bothered with one as substandard as this.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Derekshreds
    Full of ads. Doesn’t support extensions or password managers.
  • Slow website 2/5

    Takes ages to load bruh like been waiting for 2 mins dawg
  • Best browser I've used but some glitches 3/5

    By Chiu4302
    It's fast and highly responsive. So for the performance, there's nothing much to complain about, but the translate feature is a bit annoying. It auto-translates the page as it completely loads, but won't let you undo the translation.
  • YES YES YES!! 5/5

    By mochi <33
    i literally love’s amazing. The security & privacy is amazing and there are many benefits!
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Adskps1980
    New technology of any kind is usually a struggle for me in general. This App changes all of that for me!
  • No internet 1/5

    By Leo189011
    App stops working saying no internet while everything else on same phone can connect (including safari). Removing and adding it back makes it work again but stops shortly after
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lucajus
    This app has so much features and is lightweight too
  • Robot 1/5

    By ct.nv19
    I’m just trying to make an account and no matter how many times i try it says im a robot ived done those little puzzles about 50 times already and it still saying i have more like what.
  • Works Great! But 4/5

    By Uneffable mr9
    I use it all the time, very convenient & pleasant to use. The only hiccup is while using whatsapp web on ipad……it doesn’t support unlike many others (safari, chrome, firefox, opera-they all support). Can you fix this??
  • Terrible for online shopping 2/5

    By SingleMaltShot
    Great browser, until recently. Tried to do my Christmas shopping from various sites, and each time Edge on iOS blew away my shopping cart right before I could pay. I also had issues signing into PayPal. The same sites on Safari worked flawlessly.
  • One significant issue 4/5

    By shaneinww
    If you go into adblocker settings and "whitelist" a page (let a certain website show ads, in my case after being beaten over the head with Admiral pop-ups) then ads begin displaying on ALL sites. In other words, the whitelist doesn't work at all and trying to use it disables ad blocking entirely.
  • Worthless with IOS 1/5

    By tames48
    When you can make this app work with IOS, let me know. In the meantime I’m done being frustrated with the crashing, freezing, failure to cache and overall slow performance. I have deleted the app and will get my news elsewhere,and use DuckDuckGo for browsing.
  • defaulting to google search from home screen 3/5

    By gamblepants
    seems to be an issue when edge is set to be default browser and you click on edge search results from the iphone home screen. it defaults to a google search within the edge app. default search in edge app is set to bing. am i missing something?
  • Pls toys 4/5

    By Thank you god 12345
    It is sooo cool and it helps me find pls toys😃
  • new home page is HORRIBLE 1/5

    By | TJ JR |
    If image of the day is turned off, you have to look at a huge microsoft logo with several inches of gray space above and below it. it takes up half the screen. this isn't 2007 guys. who designed this?
  • Good app but.. 4/5

    By Matthew757AU
    Would love to see the option to add a work and school email. Not just one or the other.
  • Clear recents from under Address bar wth 1/5

    By GambleWorks
    Why cant I turnoff the suggested or recent sites under the address bar. I dont want that there and its an eye sore!--- is it possible that when we click the address bar absolutely nothing else is on the screen besides my text in the address bar -would that be the worst!?!?!?!?!?! the "suggestions" are forced as there are no options for their visibility so your SUGGESTING I not explore other sites and stay in the same spaces........ This is the WORLD WIDE WEB and your DEMANDING I KEEP every site I frequent. Its questionable!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By RayBubba7
    Another review deleted after I listed the details. The app keeps freezing up when I use the search bar!!! Now it signs out everyday for no reason and I loose my saved Website what junk!!! Contacting the company doesn’t work!!!
  • Solid 4/5

    By gonca
    Good app. Please consider moving the search bar to the bottom of the phone screen
  • Bad UX 3/5

    By The333x
    Learn from safari. bring down the search bar please.
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