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Microsoft Edge

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  • Current Version: 45.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Microsoft Edge App

Introducing the new Microsoft Edge. It’s time to expect more. More privacy. More control. More productivity. More value. Browse anywhere with one continuous experience from your phone to your computer and other signed-in devices.Microsoft Edge gives you the tools to protect yourprivacy onlinewith features liketracking prevention, AdBlock Plus, and InPrivate mode. Organize the web in a way that cuts through the clutter, making it easier to find, view, and manage your content on-the-go.With world class compatibility, performance, and new features, the new Microsoft Edge is the only browser you’ll ever need.    The new Microsoft Edge features:     A more personalized browsing experience  • Your favorites, passwords, and other saved data are securely synced across your devices.    Take control of your data  • New! Tracking prevention blocks trackers from sites you aren’t accessing directly.This is enabled by default, so you don’t have to take any action to start having a more private browsing experience.    Browse InPrivate  • When you use InPrivate tabs, your browsing data (like cookies, history, autofill information, or temporary files)  isn't saved on your device after you close all your InPrivate tabs.    Block Ads  • AdBlock Plus helps block unwanted ads.  • Turn on ad blocking by visiting Settings > Content blockers.    Microsoft Rewards  • Earn rewards while you search with Bing and find shopping deals online and in nearby stores.*    Redesigned navigation helps you get to your Favorites, Reading list, and more in fewer taps.    *This shopping feature currently is only available in the United States.   

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Microsoft Edge app reviews

  • Fatal Flaw 2/5

    By Luminax the ChargeKeeper
    Until you offer the ability to have the browser clear cache/history on shutdown like the desktop does, without having to be in private mode, it’s worthless.
  • Worthless buggy junk 1/5

    By poopery
    If it wasn’t for Microsoft Rewards, I wouldn’t use it it all. It’s slow and buggy, even on Microsoft’s own web pages. I have no idea why they bother. Avoid at all costs - pick up Brave or something useful instead.
  • Can you even change font size? 1/5

    By RyzenGurl
    Cant even find a font size setting. I try googling it but there is not much help. Compare to desktop and android version, edge iOS version is very lacking.
  • Done with Chrome 5/5

    By its_brainwreck
    I’ve been using Chrome for probably about a solid decade now. I am really surprisingly loving the new Edge. It’s a solid browser.
  • Tabs Free 1/5

    By trevjc18
    Whenever I scroll down my tabs list, the app freezes and crashes ok me
  • Good Browser 5/5

    By RedWood87
    Cool interface. I like the layout. Easy to navigate. Was using Safari for the most part but now I don’t use any browser except Edge. I was skeptical at first too, not anymore. If you’re looking for a secure and easy browser to use, Edge is the solution.
  • So good 5/5

    By lionkoicdjsc
    Really perfect 👌
  • Freeze 1/5

    By changliao1025
    Recently it freezes after displaying the first page.
  • Great Browser!!! 5/5

    By Todor Papazov
    Microsoft Explorer is happy looking down from the heavens
  • Doesn’t sync passwords 1/5

    By kf5646
    Passwords on new desktop edge don’t show up here.
  • Adblock not working well & we need adds-ons 5/5

    By Edward Mulberry
    The Adblock feature in not working as expected. Many webpages go complete blank. Can we just install our own extension like mobile safari and desktop edge?
  • It’s fine, but it caches Email logins for webportals 3/5

    By DonBruno408
    I haven’t really checked the latest update, but previous iterations, if you cleared history, with cache and all that good stuff, it closed all the tabs. Unlike just closing a Edge and reopening, you COULD NOT Restore from last session, everything is just gone. If you were working on something on the interwebs, so sorry Charlie. On occasion, I check 3 of my SBCGLOBAL.NET email accounts with EDGE. Once I’ve cleaned one, I’ll sign out. I’ll close that tan. I will then open a new tab. Several things can go wrong. 1. As soon as I click on the email icon on the Portal interwebs page it will go directly to the account from which I just logged out. 2. Sometimes, even if I type in the correct credentials, it will STILL take to the account from which I just logged out. 3. More rate, yet infinitely more annoying, after typing big in the correct credentials, it will actually take me to my third email account, whose credentials I have not yet entered.
  • History sync and timeline 4/5

    By MustBeColin
    As soon as we get history syncing and timeline support this will be a 5 star app.
  • Looked good at first 2/5

    By Wayne-Griffin225
    Just switch to new Edge from a home. 2nd. Day Disappointed. Won’t let me log in to Home Depot site and others. There is no Go or start button. It just sits there. And unlike other App support. MS doesn’t have any avenues to report app issues. Back to Chrome I go.
  • Wow 1/5

    By MisterShock
    I can’t believe Microsoft is making me download this just to sign on to my computer.
  • Made the change on i phone and pc! 5/5

    By Hydranox
    Not disappointed in the switch, works fast, very snappy, can send files to my pc on windows to microsoft edge and i enjoy the Ui, everything is very refined
  • Title 4/5

    By Jabocles
    Just recently switched from google chrome from Microsoft edge because why not, and it’s pretty good.
  • Best iPhone browser no question! 5/5

    By JasonTyo
    I love it. I use PCs and being signed it I edge on both devices makes everything so easy. I love the new edge.
  • Lost tabs 1/5

    By LordRahl007
    Being able to send websites to my PC is convenient. But I had several tabs open, and the next time I opened Edge they were all gone. Safari keeps all my tabs no matter how long I leave them open. If Edge can't keep tabs open it's useless to me.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By shiftedtoCAPS
    The changes they’ve been hammering out back to back is a big credit to their company and how they have evolved. The read out loud ,collections and chromium extensions make it my daily driver
  • Impressed 4/5

    By GovnCheese
    I really like the way this is designed, however I think tabs should be changed, I like easy access on safari where it’s just touch of a button and then swipe, I don’t like they you have it all the way the top left of my screen.
  • best 5/5

    By amirhossein mohseniiii
    best for cl window
  • Videos randomly play in background 1/5

    By JPenarrieta
    Many times a video from a tab I’ve closed will start to randomly play in the background and there’s no way to stop it, even if I force close the app when I reopen it comes back. Very frustrating!!
  • Disgusting 1/5

    By jahcraft
    Kids can find nude photos by hitting two buttons.
  • Terrible I used it to get points to claim a gift card but it banned my account for no reason 1/5

    By Thirdthekng3
  • Cut 1/5

    By Raccoon Bruhh 21
  • Constantly deletes all open tabs 1/5

    By blarg101
    If you sign out and sign in again all your open tabs get deleted without notice. If you clear history all your tabs get deleted without notice. If you use open tabs to remember things this browser is not for you.
  • Works great! Fast response and keeps data out of Google servers 5/5

    By mwibbs
    So far this has been a terrific change for Microsoft. The browser is fast and stable and works with many more sites that used to struggle with Internet Explorer. Love being able to search and research information without it being tabulated into my profile for the G company to sell.
  • 💚 5/5

    By Blacklisted X
    Thank You. Sincerely & Best Regards,
  • New update, amazing browser 5/5

    By JaredRamm
    After this recent update the crash on startup bug has been resolved and some other issues fixed as well. Microsoft is surprisingly back on top with this browser and I couldn't be happier. It's fast, sleek, and functionally pleasing. Great job guys!
  • Crashes my iPhone regularly 1/5

    By Twopercenter
    This app freezes when I try to go back to the previous page I was on. Then if I don’t exit out of the ap it crashes my phone and makes it soft reboot. I’m really getting tired of it. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
  • Edge now has an Edge! 5/5

    By Ayenwatha
    The Microsoft Edge Browser is now a competitor. It used to fall miles behind Firefox and Chrome, but with the new browser using might be the top dog in my opinion. It is super fast, lightweight, and sleek. It has everything that IE has been missing for YEARS! Kudos Microsoft.
  • Very good 5/5

    By James1156
    Quick service and great graphics
  • Please add extensions to edge app 5/5

    By Red Majestics
    If you add edge extensions I would 100% recommend very well done on the website though 🔥🔥🔥
  • The i-phone version is great, the i-pad version, not. 3/5

    By Anonymous Mark
    The i-phone version works good and looks good. The i-pad version is pretty much just Bing. Hence a 3 rating.
  • Universal clipboard clipping coming when?? 3/5

    By Sagnik Datta
    I look forward to ably copy paste things from my iPhone and push it to a windows machine. When is the universal clipboard clipping feature coming? Says coming soon on phone but no update. That was the main bait promoted on MSFT landing page which led me to download this app.
  • BAD IDEA 1/5

    By tasin tanim
  • Changing Review 2/5

    By D3C3
    The browser now is crashing frequently. It happens often when using the back arrow to return to previous page. The crash automatically causes IOS to reboot. Highly frustrating. This makes me avoid using it unless absolutely necessary.
  • Buggy since they changed to chromium 2/5

    By Fp728
    Not sure what the issue is. Sporadically freezes and I have to close it and then reopen the app to get it to reload. Some sort of memory issue as pages do not load in full, or go blank as you scroll, and take forever to show back up, even if refreshing. Been that way for several versions of the browser, and through several versions of iOS
  • Really fast browser 5/5

    By call my but duty
    This app was absolutely amazing
  • Cool 5/5

    By zak_zale
    Amazing technology
  • FINALLY! Edge FINALLY beats Chrome! 5/5

    By Leerice1
    Microsoft + Chromium have provided the most powerful, customizable, and user-friendly browser available. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you’re using other Microsoft applications, the browser of choice is finally a no-brainer! Thank you again.
  • This ain’t Internet Explorer... 5/5

    By sjrash.lists
    Switched from Chrome and love it - I have never looked back. Particularly love the desktop “collections” feature (supposedly coming to ios soon) and the ability to create websites as apps. Runs SO much lighter than Chrome. Uses less resources. And honestly- I feel like Microsoft is less evil than Google. Try it out, you’ll be surprised.
  • Fahad_241 5/5

    By Fahad_241
    ☝🏾️ الخيال
  • Runs quickly and smoothly 4/5

    By Quehijo11
    Microsoft has done much to improve their Edge app. I quit using it before when every search took about 5 seconds longer than its competitors. Now it seems to run about as fast as Chrome, Opera, and Safari on my devices.
  • fast 5/5

    By kojack1944
    very fast browser
  • Terrible compared to Edge desktop 1/5

    By hairtux
    How is this mobile version so bad? It hangs on every other page it seems. When I try to login to some sites, it hangs, and then goes white and reloads the page. When I open multiple tabs, the switch to tab bar at the bottom gets stuck even when I close all the tabs, and then it hangs and crashes again. Edge is my main browser on the desktop side so it’s disappointing this versions so bad. Mobile Firefox and Safari give me none of these issues.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Catsatch50
    Won’t recognize my password on my iPhone, don’t need it that bad
  • Keep crashing when hit and hold to save photos. 1/5

    By RTUSe
    I am trying to save some photos to my phone. However, it keeps crashing when I press and hold to save photos. Microsoft needs to fix this problem

Microsoft Edge app comments

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