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  • Current Version: 45.2.16
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Microsoft Edge App

Introducing the new Microsoft Edge. It’s time to expect more. More privacy. More control. More productivity. More value. Browse anywhere with one continuous experience from your phone to your computer and other signed-in devices.Microsoft Edge gives you the tools to protect yourprivacy onlinewith features liketracking prevention, AdBlock Plus, and InPrivate mode. Organize the web in a way that cuts through the clutter, making it easier to find, view, and manage your content on-the-go.With world class compatibility, performance, and new features, the new Microsoft Edge is the only browser you’ll ever need.    The new Microsoft Edge features:     A more personalized browsing experience  • Your favorites, passwords, and other saved data are securely synced across your devices.    Take control of your data  • New! Tracking prevention blocks trackers from sites you aren’t accessing directly.This is enabled by default, so you don’t have to take any action to start having a more private browsing experience.    Browse InPrivate  • When you use InPrivate tabs, your browsing data (like cookies, history, autofill information, or temporary files)  isn't saved on your device after you close all your InPrivate tabs.    Block Ads  • AdBlock Plus helps block unwanted ads.  • Turn on ad blocking by visiting Settings > Content blockers.    Microsoft Rewards  • Earn rewards while you search with Bing and find shopping deals online and in nearby stores.*    Redesigned navigation helps you get to your Favorites, Reading list, and more in fewer taps.    *This shopping feature currently is only available in the United States.   

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Microsoft Edge app reviews

  • Favorite gets doubled upon sync 1/5

    By aseer_hameem
    It’s a good browser for sure. But recently the bookmarks are getting duplicated on mobile, but not on my windows pc. If i remove the duplicate from iphone, it gets deleted from pc. Very ridiculous and annoying. The problem is recent.
  • Simply awesome 5/5

    By Fioreb
    Wow...what a difference..syncing across all devices is flawless
  • chrome二十年老粉不请自来 3/5

    By asdfkkj
  • Looking to switch from Safari 4/5

    By Mr_Smash
    Loving the “New Edge” so far. It’s super snappy and looks great. My only gripe(and I may be missing it) is the tabs not syncing between my devices. I have an iPad Pro, iPhone, and Dell XPS. I want the ability to open a tab on my iPhone and continue where I left off if I switch to my iPad. Google Chrome has this functionality so I know it’s possible. Safari does this as well. Thanks in advance for your assistance. *I’ll up this to 5 if/when that’s fixed.
  • Major Annoyance 3/5

    By Xeraic
    Good browser, much better than the predecessor. A major annoyance for me is the inability to hide or change the pinned sites on the start page. I’ve experimented I settings and web searched for a solution to no avail. Very shortsighted to assume everyone uses and wants these sites pinned.
  • Causes iPad to reboot 1/5

    By alanpfmt
    I couldn’t even launch the app at all today. Every time I tried I’d get a black screen, then the Apple logo would appear, meaning my iPad was rebooting and I had to manually unlock it. This happened every single time. Looks like other reviewers are having the same problem. Please fix ASAP.
  • Web browser that doesn’t really work on their own websites 1/5

    By brynmin
    How does Microsoft make a web browser that doesn’t really even work on the Microsoft websites? Quite a paradox. Seems like you’d want your stuff to at least function with your other stuff. Kinda ridiculous.
  • News 2/5

    By Tommycolorado
    News feed options are horrible. Only see New York Times, NBC, AP, and the like... nothing with straight forward fact based news
  • Great browser but needs a Download manager 4/5

    By Didou Archer
    I have switched to the new chromuim edge on day 1 from release , i waited for that day for like 2 month reason being edge was so so so smooth on my PCs , quick to boot , ram and battery management was great its just the old edge was bad when it comes to youtube ( it wasnt microsoft fault thought it was google’s ) , but this new edge fixes that and more , i like the continuity on edge and syncing settings and the browser style and ofc the daily wallpapers , i m looking forward to make edge my main browser on my phone and tablets but theres one thing holding me back : theres no download manager , even safari have one , downloads are big deal for me and i cant use a browser without them so please microsoft make it happen 🙏 and thank you for this browser i really really love it .
  • Better than GOOGLE 5/5

    By NanaPaula
    I may be wrong, but it seems way more secure than GOOGLE. I like how easy it is to put a website in my favorites. I wish there was more area on the screen for website apps. I will continue using it.
  • Nor response 1/5

    By ShangOhio
    This and last versions are bad as it is very hard to load and type in some websites. Please roll back to the second last version.
  • Save Picture broken in 45.2.10 4/5

    By Seattlest1
    Recent update to Edge changed the buttons that come up when you long press on a picture, and now Save Picture does not work as Edge uses some cached version of the picture and not the picture you are currently looking at. 20200401: Still broken in 45.2.16
  • Cause phone to craah 1/5

    By Tech Ten
    Multiple times cause my 11 pro max to freeze then crash to a black screen with a circle on the screen. Then take minutes trying to force restart the phone and sometimes even hooking it up to Itunes for recovery mode.
  • Obnoxious and inferior 1/5

    By jaytothe^2
    It’s the web browser that feels cluttered, works slower and has never been something I want on my devices. Unfortunately Microsoft products seem to force the thing on you like a bad std. This is the only reason I would ever have this app on my iPhone as well.
  • I give it a five!!! 5/5

    By MDeter67
    The application is so reliable it’s incredible. Thank you so much for adding chromium to the browser. Web pages load in less than a second and I have no stuttering while scrolling through web pages. Also, I give it a 10 for haptic feedback. I would like to see them work with Apple to support a “default apps” section for iOS. That would be amazing. I’d also like to see Apple Pay, but I guess that’s up to Apple.
  • Edge is here 5/5

    By walter/sunny
    Edge has made web surfing and connecting so much simpler and more effective. From keeping the family on the same page to running office programs from my phone while running errands what more can they improve, cannot wait to see what’s up next.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Jwg38
    They think of everything
  • I use it on PC 4/5

    By Jtaran
    Like it. Just wish I could get dark mode for webpages like I can on my PC.
  • Edge just can’t stack up against its competition. 2/5

    By Wolf icefang
    Edge (insider) on desktop is actually really good now, and Edge for Android is stupendously impressive. Unfortunately, Edge on iOS just can’t compete against the unimaginably well-made Safari app. Why is this? Well, first, I think this version of the app got the short end of the stick. Animations are broken, missing or poorly timed. User feedback is limited to 500 characters per message. Bugs exist where there should be none. However, the challenges for Edge are far deeper than that: The built in Safari app is just too steep a mountain to climb. What are Edge’s natural strengths? Well, it has speech to text! Unfortunately, iOS has had an excellent system-wide speech to text system for years now. Well, edge has the Edge Hub! It combines favorites (bookmarks), history, and more into one convenient side panel! Again, Safari beat them to the punch. And then Safari went further beyond. Edge can’t run multiple instances for multitasking; Safari is deeply integrated with the feature. Edge has speech recognition, but that was already built into the Apple keyboard. Safari can instantly activate an “inking on webpages” mode, which edge does not. Safari has a share menu with quick actions, an ingenious tool that Edge does not have. The capstone to all of this is Safari’s fluid animations, which edge completely lacks. While pinch to switch tabs is an effortless motion in Safari, Edge can’t even get the order of tabs in their grid correct. yes, there are reasons to use edge instead of Safari. Edge on iPad can sync to edge on the desktop and edge for Android, which are top of their class apps for their respective systems. Additionally, edge has a fully fledged, “desktop-class” settings page with a focus on security and privacy. This earns the app 2 stars instead of 1. However, the bottom line is, Edge for iOS is the worst version of Edge available, and it’s up against one of the best browsers for any system. Could edge improve? Yes, if Microsoft put tons of money, developers, resources, and a Herculean effort towards the project. I’m keeping Edge on my iPad to see if that’s going to happen. But for now, Edge is just a way to get my saved favorites (bookmarks) into Safari.
  • No Customization 2/5

    By MoabEZ
    A huge reason Chrome is so popular is because of its customizability. The new Edge doesn't even let you set Google as your main Search Engine! As most people know, Bing is less than ideal, so I'd love to be able to remove it from my default. The base aesthetics of the new Edge are quite good though, but it's ruined by everything else. However, if you love Bing for some reason, this is the app for you.
  • No Favorites Toolbar on IOS 3/5

    By Br15527
    For IOS Safari is the only browser that comes close to the way browsers look on larger screens.
  • Said 3/5

    By tienosama
    Lumia 950/950XL not download
  • 😂 5/5

    By OrlandoPalacioOrtiz02
  • Crashing 1/5

    The last two updates unfortunately are causing the app to force close every time it’s opened.
  • More support for reading mode 4/5

    By Kenny Blue
    Support Reading mode on more sites
  • Great 5/5

    By Chad penington rox
    Believe it or not Microsoft didn’t drop the ball on this and the browser is functional. Works great.
  • Needs its own DNS server 5/5

    By mac miller grande
    Apple's DNS server has no privacy from my understanding
  • Just what I needed 4/5

    By jimmy tha kid
    I just got a brand new Microsoft tablet and now I can link my iPhone directly to my pad..
  • Good but... bookmark annoyance 2/5

    By jpcdeux
    When you add a bookmark it adds it to a mobile folder YOU CAN’T MOVE. Not until you get on a pc. Get on a PC and hope it’s there because sync is slow.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By F-16C A-10C Crew Chief
    Took away a nice easy app to search on and completely destroyed it. Now nothing but News from one network that lies all the time and is prejudiced. MSN. Take it back to original Bing. Microsoft continues to mess up Windows and continues to hurt their customers. Repeatedly forces Edge on computers. Deleted it twice. Now keeps coming back.
  • Will NOT Sync 1/5

    By Tybarton1
    Have been unable to sync my work account favorites & passwords. Syncs fine on Android & iMac but not mobile iOS. Completely unusable without this feature.
  • Please provide update 2/5

    By TubbyTiff
    This app maybe compromised to hackers. The search bar has redirected me to a suspicious google scamming website which has never happened on my phone. Please investigate and update app.
  • Ditched Chrome 5/5

    By Powertaurus88
    I ditched Chrome in favor of Edge for this simple reason: privacy. Even though Chrome allows you to choose privacy settings, Edge shows you exactly who is tracking you.

    By Sollaxe
    Abysmal browser just like every browser Microsoft ever touched. If you have anything remotely important, DO NOT USE THIS BROWSER. Get Chrome. Or a better phone. Not worth the 1 star.
  • It works 5/5

    By blackmatresscover
    Finally a Microsoft browser that works
  • 收藏夹同步 1/5

    By voozi5
    每次重启浏览器,然后想去使用Windows的收藏夹时,都要等好长时间才同步过来。这次同步好了,下次打开浏览器又要重新同步并等待,这样的使用体验很糟糕。 为什么不是现将同步的收藏夹保存在本地,下次打开的时候可以直接看到上次同步的并使用Google Chrome就是这样 体验很不错。而你们的却是每次同步完了,关掉浏览器后台后,再重新打开浏览器后却发现之前同步的收藏夹全部删掉了,又要等待重新同步到手机才能使用收藏夹。希望改进!
  • It's bad for pro users 5/5

    By MuhibM
    It's fine for moblie users and it is one of the compatable for IOS 10.0 which i use on my iPhone 5c Just do one thing make it faster
  • Not a bad browser 3/5

    By Roger Guillaumes
    Feature that I miss is being able to directly send an email with a link from MS Edge on IPad OS. I use this feature often. Sorely missed. Otherwise, it is a competent web browser.
  • Crashes my phone 1/5

    By frybaby613
    The latest update keeps crashing my phone whenever I use the app. This needs fixed!!
  • Almost 1/5

    By csgexec
    Great improvement over IE but it constantly locks up when trying to navigate back to a previous page, making it unusable. Too bad because other areas are great.
  • Crashes my iPad 1/5

    By Nao66
    This app doesn’t just regularly crash; it crashes my iPad (as in makes it reboot). Even when it’s to crashing, searching on it is ok but if you click on the searched pages, it’s done. Completely frozen. What’s the point of the search then? This is a browser and there are so many alternatives. Why bother with one that breaks?
  • Freezes phone 1/5

    By Fuse-01
    Been using this app for a long time, and the back button has always been slow, but lately pressing it is a good chance to completely freeze your phone. This has happened to me twice and each time requires a force restart
  • Tweaking couldn’t hurt... 3/5

    By KLP/KPGee9
    The only thing that confuses me is the “WHY” behind a company like Microsoft developing 3(that I know of) different browsers that pretty much do the exact same thing?!? OK, so Internet Explorer is pretty much outdated (why not upgrade it w/one of the daily updates Microsoft?) but there’s still programs that will only run right using it, Bing is wildly unknown unless you have a Microsoft running PC & want the assistant Cortana’s help but then you’ve also got Edge... a fairly new browsing option that will work w/Cortana & you’ll even earn reward points w/Microsoft whenever you search using it that you can use as “tokens” so to speak, at your Microsoft Dashboard (if you use the system) for chances to win different (& some pretty cool) stuff including gift cards, I’ve never won nor have I heard of anyone I know winning but you’ve earned them sooo... Microsoft Edge is the same exact browser as Bing only it feels like it’s still in the “development” phase and tweaks could be done to make it better like when doing an “image search” there’s only two options for getting results: search via barcode or text but I wanted to do an “image search” so for that you’ve got to allow access (of course and at this point who cares really?! As long as it’s only “when using App” I’m good with it... face it, they’re tracking everything we do anyway.) back to Edge: after the 2options of “barcode or text” come up, looking in the upper left corner you’ll see an icon for your photos and that’s when you start your image search, based off a pic you’ve either taken or dwnld’d. I’m not sure why you can’t... “long press the image & when the option, web search pops up, select it and your search begins” like you can do in Bing, and other browsers but, it’s fairly new still so I’m sure there’s going to be more tweaking done to it and then it’ll probably be very similar to Microsoft’s Bing Browser only I don’t understand why you guys keep creating “new” applications that do the same thing the “old” one did except for the fact that it’s more compatible with newer programming systems but, wouldn’t an upgrade have done the same thing for “Explorer”? As a member of the Microsoft Beta Testing team I don’t think Microsoft realizes the limitations of “storage” that the average person has to deal with so keep developing new applications and adding stuff to existing ones , which is totally cool only who’s got the space on their cellphone for 2-3 search engines that do pretty much exactly the same thing (& if they don’t, someone’s gonna have to explain the difference to me please??). As with anything new, tweaking couldn’t hurt but what’s the goal in the long run?? That’s my “baffled” point, lol. TTFN KLP
  • Way too much personal info shared 1/5

    By JPFizzle101
    Feels like being suffocated & trapped in a relationship you can never leave, way too many products & info being collected, like an abusive controlling relationship you have no say so about at all... Hate it...
  • slow 1/5

    By 😱耿
    It takes three or four times longer to open the YouTube
  • Refined 5/5

    By Tampa 111
    I’ve tried many browsers and can say this one has the best user interface. Very convenient to navigate utilizing the bottom half of your phone which makes it very user friendly. The design is sophisticated relative to other browsers that appear bubble gummish.
  • Automatically downloaded on my phone 1/5

    By Da T
    This app appeared randomly on my phone this morning without me giving consent. Second time this happened with an app. Kind of annoying.
  • Not worth dealing with 1/5

    By Combssl
    I downloaded this because I thought their Xbox live site would work better on a Microsoft app. NOT THE CASE AT ALL. their own site doesn’t work in their own app. Use Chrome. It works better.
  • Works exceptionally well! 5/5

    By Cesarlruiz34
    What a great improvement, go Microsoft from a google user!

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