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Microsoft News delivers breaking news and trusted, in-depth reporting from the world's best journalists.   - Our editors curate the most trusted, important, interesting and trending news - You choose which topics matter most to you. - Microsoft News updates you with notifications of breaking news, quickly and accurately, 24/7 - Sync your preferences across the app and the Web.   Microsoft News works in partnership with hundreds of publishers in dozens of countries globally. Select from editions in more 20 countries, carrying content from 3,000 top brands.   Microsoft News makes it easy to for you to keep informed, to intuitively move from story to story, and from section to section. Our clean design lets you read articles without clutter, with useful features like a dark mode for nighttime reading. Add our widget to your home screen for easy access to breaking news. The app is free to download and use with no limits on how many articles or videos you can view.   Here's what fans say are our best features:   - ""Get all your news in one place good job Microsoft for making it simple yet useful."" - ""Meaningful news. Well organized. Easy to use."" - ""Excellent range of trustworthy sources."" - ""Awesome app which syncs across computer, mobile and tablet."" - ""Best news app out there when it comes to topics and content."" - ""Great all-around news app that collects articles from sources you want."" - ""The only news app I use.""   Among the top news providers partnering with Microsoft News:   News, politics and opinion: The Washington Post, USA TODAY, CBS News, CNN, The New York Times, FOX News, NBC News, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, BBC News, The Federalist, The Week   Entertainment, celebrity and gossip: People, Wonderwall, INSIDER, ETtonline, PopSugar, Entertainment Weekly, TheWrap, Variety, Inside Edition, The Hollywood Reporter   Lifestyle: Readers Digest, TODAY, The Daily Meal, GeoBeats, Eat This Not That!, Delish, Good Housekeeping, PureWow, Cheapism, Hello Giggles   Money and investing: Business Insider, CNBC, Bloomberg, 24/7 Wall St., International Business Times, The Wall Street Journal, Money, Lovemoney, The Motley Fool, Forbes   Sports: Larry Brown Sports, For The Win, Sporting News, Sportsnaut, USA TODAY SPORTS, Sports Illustrated, theScore, 12up, The Big Lead, SB Nation, Yardbarker, The Drive

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Microsoft News app reviews

  • Needs editor 3/5

    By eric324
    Too many repeated stories, editing could trim a lot of fluff.
  • Great App 5/5

    By David Lorden
    Best News consolidator out there.
  • Left Leaning Propaganda!! 1/5

    By bebetter69
    The articles do not report the news. The Company/App is a left leaning biased anti Trump propaganda machine. But I do enjoy the sports articles!!
  • Rob Roy 5/5

    By Rob Roy Connecticut
    I like your app very much. I also use other news apps, but yours is the best.
  • Love this App 5/5

    By Smsooner
    I love the articles featured from various news sources on this app. I also like the user experience.
  • Last update ruined the performance 1/5

    By slnh54
    About a week ago the app got extremely slow. Many times, when I select an article, all I get is the spinning icon and I finally give up. Used to load the article in an instant. If it’s not quick, I can’t use it. Deleted the app, but will reinstall and try it again after I see the next update posted.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By realitycheckinc
    Thanks for the 6/6 update. Golf news still showing 2 week old news. Update: missing topics are back, but updates are sporadic. Golf hasn’t updated since before the Women’s US Open started. When I click on a Federer article in Tennis, I get a Pliskova article. Can't re-sort order of favorites anymore. A 5-star app is now trash. I used this app for awhile on my iPad and it was great! It stopped updating last week so I uninstalled it and reinstalled. Now Science news is no longer available. That was my favorite section. And My News includes news that I did not select. Sadly another app that has lost functionality on update. I guess I have to find another news app.
  • Must have app on iPad 5/5

    By MSBrandon
    Best news app on every device
  • Broken 3/5

    By xaxx.
    It just says “An error occurred. Tap to retry” and tapping to retry just gives the same error. Force closing and reopening doesn’t fix it either. Edit: deleting and reinstalling the app fixed it. How stupid
  • GD advertising is insane 2/5

    By losmanios
    Makes people crazy, more news real in the ads.
  • Up to date and on time 5/5

    By Charlie 1957
    It’s very important in this age to get information accurate and timely. When I am looking for the most important news article. I choose the best.

    By Classymar
    I have found that the articles that are shared with readers that deal with political issues are expertly presented by The Washington Post (TWP) Not just the content is exemplary, the speed at which the article is presented to readers is of substantial desire. Being interested in our political address at this time takes me to many sources to make a determination of a total knowledge base. Readers will find that a significant number of media sources make “small talk” to attempt to draw the reader into thinking they are receiving a complete source for understanding the legal and political state of issue. Reading TWP first saves the reader time by it not being necessary to media surf to feel the information is complete and correct. In this Age of not having time to waste, readers will find that TWP is the TOP FLITE of communication. This eliminates the necessity to “speed read” and possibly miss important and imperative points to know they have the perfect understanding of the subject. Readers expect to receive the Best of the Best in many tangible services and products and find TWP to be the Best of the Best in media communication.
  • Clean 5/5

    By Tim Uzzanti
    Enjoying this more than Apple News. Apple trying to monetize everything in iOS is getting old.
  • Better than Apple News for so many reasons 5/5

    By JonPaul2
    Great layout, night reading & topics. Can’t follow individual sources but it’s not too bad. Not sure about the data collected, but the news works, so that instantly makes it better than the buggy News App that Spams users with its Plus service.
  • Good, balanced, news app 5/5

    By Create Nickname ;-P
    I feel that there is a balanced perspective shown in the articles chosen.
  • Sounds 3/5

    By Hfcsdg
    Be nice to have some sound when notifications arrive. Other than that it’s a good app.
  • Bad 1/5

    By tgwp99
    Your to one sided
  • Fix me, please!!! 2/5

    By rokaso
    Site crashes frequently, hard to believe Microsoft hasn’t fixed this. Much potential for this site of attention is paid to it. Thank you.
  • My account 4/5

    By stellacole
    To the unauthorized users I take my account back
  • Basically extreme left leaning news aggregator 1/5

    By MichaelDV81
    I actually like the app but I can’t stand how it overwhelmingly selects far left topics and pushes them to the front. Would be nice if it were more balanced. My comments come after using this app over several years. Used to be more balanced.
  • No custom feed 1/5

    By Eric A Dad
    Can not customize feed. Mostly leftist news opinion pieces. Don’t bother installing.
  • Will it ever notify? Nope 3/5

    By Evilion
    The notifying button on this app doesn’t work. Although it’s says it will, it doesn’t. The notify switch actually turns itself off as soon as you leave system screen. Otherwise pretty solid app. Is there a solution for this?
  • Captivating Articles 5/5

    By ParkerPowersIV
    There’s always an abundant amount of new and intriguing articles that are well written to keep even the casual reader up to date on current events.
  • Last update 1/5

    By Loveewe
    Ever since the last update I can’t get any news at all. It just tells me to tap to try again. What a crock! Had no problems before your update.
  • My appreciation! 5/5

    Thank you for the personal interest headlines. :)
  • Suddenly Filled With Ads and Clickbait 1/5

    By mrAlek
    This app used to be ok. I’d use it daily to follow up on news. Suddenly though half of the articles are ads, spam articles, clickbait, and other useless posts. I’ve switched now to other news apps.
  • Best news app. 5/5

    By Ajin Appleguy
    Great news app and dare I say even better than Apple news which tries to sell news for a Subscription
  • Worthless 1/5

    By BionicSnoopy
    Very liberal spin, usual msn, msnbc lies, I only use to see how stupid they can be
  • Where is Arabic? 3/5

    By afshahda
    You mentioned that it supports Arabic, but I cannot find it.
  • The very best news app there is. 5/5

    By Hazeldad
    I have used them all, but this is now the very best one out there. The latest version allows you to select from three different views: the standard view, compact, or text only. This is really an exceptional feature. They have recently added a dark mode as well, which I quite like. The strengths of this app is that it collects news from a wide variety of reputable sources, including both conservative and liberal perspectives. You can also add your own topics, and you can put everything in whichever order you prefer. You can scroll from article to article without having to go back to the main menu, and these articles will fill almost the entire screen. When you’ve read to the end of an article, you can swipe forward through headlines to skip articles you don’t want to read. That makes it easy to use and efficient on one’s time. Very nice. This app strikes the right balance between text and pictures for the top level menus. The pictures are helpful because they quickly identify what the topic is, but they are small enough to make scrolling quick and easy. The headlines are detailed enough to identify the topic as well. The scrolling both within and between articles is very smooth. The font in the individual articles is consistent throughout as opposed to mimicking the original source. Personally, I think this consistency is a plus. Text is in a clear, bold and easy to read type. (Size is adjustable, but only with three options.) Finally, it is reasonably uncluttered as far as advertisements ago, and that is always a big plus. There are advertisements, to be sure, but they are clearly marked “sponsored“, and when you are scrolling through the articles in order, they are skipped. The only way you see them is if you click on them from a top level category or inside an article. Typically, there is only one per category or article. This seems reasonable to me. Overall, this latest revision is really well designed, and is now the very best news app available for those who are looking for reliable information from a variety of sources in a well-designed package, IMHO. Developers also appear to be reading the reviews, and responding to them when they can. This is my number one news app these days. Tip: When organizing your favorites, you will have to put your finger on the selection icon and hold it there for a second or two before you can move it. Another Tip: If you are really interested in international news, you can just change editions. For example, changing to the Canadian edition brings up a great selection of news from across the country within a couple of seconds, much more than you would see simply by adding it as a topic. Very impressive. One improvement: Having the ability to select news sources rather than just topics would be great, but given that there is a good range of perspectives included, I don’t think this undermines the five star rating. Second improvement: it would be nice to have the option to not have to see the “my news“ section or to place it where I want. Third improvement: they can eliminate either the top or bottom menu bars. There’s no need for more than one.
  • Does not work after latest update 2/5

    By tbone100
    Please fix ASAP!
  • Tested? I think not. 1/5

    By nickelspit
    This is bad. I guess the developers are on Spring break?
  • Latest update broke app 1/5

    By GJCrawford
    Worked great until updating to the latest version. Now it will no longer open on any of my ios devices.
  • Upgrade not working 1/5

    By pfs0164
    Horrible QA check on the recent release. Total fail.
  • Update 1/5

    By Dime Boy
    New update does not work.
  • Latest update = broken 1/5

    By leedr74
    The latest update has now crippled the app to local news only. It’s a shame as I really like the good news feed.
  • Nice update! 1/5

    By Windmill326
    Now your app doesn’t work at all! Was better with the bugs, at least it worked!
  • Junk 1/5

    By JackJ
    Latest release shows the lack of Microsoft interest in their own app as it constantly crashes and gets worse each time another update is released.
  • It worked until this update.... 1/5

    By eber2970
    Everything was fine until this last update , now all you get is error code...please fix your app
  • New version doesn’t work 1/5

    By B. K. I. E.
    Installed new version. Total fail.
  • Last Update Broke the App 1/5

    By JBrownz
    Good Job on ruining the app. Typical Microsoft update - apply, congrats it now won’t work.
  • Won’t load articles 1/5

    By mesja
    I signed in. That worked fine. Then clicked in the home page and it says there’s an error and to retry. Couldn’t get it to work after multiple attempts.
  • Terrible idea 1/5

    By upsetyou bet
    It appears that the Safari browser on my ipad no longer works. It seems that apple is forcing everyone to the new msn ap. Bad idea—-I don’t like it
  • Mr 5/5

    By timtaichi
  • Great news aggregator 4/5

    By Namyawon
    Great news aggregator. Great widget. Save to read later. Curation is good but would be better with more control of which news sources to block.
  • Horrible scroll lag 1/5

    By Audya121
    What kind of iOS developers is Microsoft hiring ! The app has horrible scrolling lag and frames drop left and right on iPAD. I reported this bug multiple times but see no improvements. The app code is not optimized probably for scrolling. Pocket app had a similar problem and they fixed it in the major update that they released. So the issue is definitely fixable. Reason for one star when the entire app is pretty decent. The scrolling animation is an integral part of the app and whole app experience. If they cannot get simple scrolling right on an iPad then according to me they deserve on star. Otherwise in general the app is quite good. Clean magazine like interface. It is worth downloading for sure.
  • Good coverage 5/5

    By Sanford80
    I enjoy your wise and fair news coverage!
  • Not great 2/5

    By !!!!!nonameplease
    Old recycled news and often the same story appears twice. Format doesn’t allow you to see the whole headline unless you open it up. I want to know what I’m going g to read about and not have to open the entire article beforehand. Disappointing and not my first choice for up-to-the-minute news
  • Scrolling is horrible 3/5

    By stevej01a
    I like the customization but would like to have each category broken down further. The most annoying thing is some articles down scroll completely down in order to read it’s entirety. Otherwise, better than most news apps. Regarding the politics comments from some of the flash...they are all politics driven!

Microsoft News app comments

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