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Microsoft OneNote

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  • Current Version: 16.38
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Microsoft OneNote App

Capture your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas and simplify overwhelming planning moments in your life with your very own digital notepad. With OneNote, you can plan that big event, seize that moment of inspiration to create something new, and track that list of errands that are too important to forget. Write memos, make a digital sketchbook and save notes right on your phone. Sync your notes via OneDrive to access them anytime, anywhere. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, your notes are available to you across all of your devices. Get the complete Microsoft Office experience when you sign in with your Microsoft Account. Take notes, share ideas, organize and collaborate when you download Microsoft OneNote today. Capture Anything: • Capture your thoughts, save discoveries, share ideas and simplify planning moments with your very own digital notebook. • With OneNote, you can plan that big event, save ideas to create something new and track that list of errands that are too important to forget. • Save pictures of whiteboards, photos or printed documents in your notes with Office Lens. Quickly take a picture, automatically crop and insert the image into your notes. • Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, your notes are available to you across all of your devices. Organize, Search and Secure: • Quickly organize your notes in a way that works best for you with powerful organizational tools. • Create, rename, search, sort, and copy pages, sections, and notebooks. • Find your most recent notes quickly and pin the pages you use most. • Secure your notes with a password and use touch ID to quickly access them. Sync your Sticky Notes: • Quickly save your thoughts and ideas with colorful sticky notes on the go. • Sync your sticky notes to access them from anywhere on any device, anytime. • Organize your ideas with simple and smart sticky notes. Collaborate and Share: • Share ideas and your notes with your friends and colleagues, whether you're planning a party or a working on a school project with your study group. • Collaborate and work together in a shared notepad. Save and Share Ideas: • Access your notes on your Mac, iPhone, iPad and other devices. • Your notes are synced to the cloud (OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint) making it easy to access your recipe notes on your iPhone at the store, your homework on your Mac in class, or your itinerary on your iPad during your travels. • Achieve more with OneNote when you log in with your Microsoft Account. Make a Check list: • Create to-do lists to keep track of your daily errands, groceries shopping, or travel planning. • Write memos and quick reminders whenever you need them. Write & Draw on iPad: • Take notes at a conference, write math equations in class or sketch your ideas. • Use a variety of pen colors and settings to create beautiful handwritten notes and drawings. • Draw with confidence with "Convert to Shapes" mode: OneNote will automatically convert hand drawn shapes into crisp, perfectly regular polygons and circles. • Use a stylus or the touchscreen to write notes or use OneNote as a sketchbook. OneNote is free on iPhone and many other devices. Get started today! Download OneNote and sign in with your Microsoft Account or the account assigned to you by your work or school.

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Microsoft OneNote app reviews

  • Recently started acting up. Super laggy. 1/5

    By MaphewMo
    Freezes and lags far to frequently. Furthermore, when it lags it does so for minutes at a time. Before the app started acting up, this app was my favorite note-taking app. I use this app on an iPhone 6S.
  • Sync errors that never go away 2/5

    By DudeImSoKool
    I want to love this app. The web version is great. The UI is great. But I am incessantly faced with "Couldn't sync" errors that have left me with lost work countless times, despite uninstall/reinstalls, logout/logins, and every other fix I could think of. It's just not worth it to me - I'm resorting to using default Notes and then copying them to a messenger app to get them into my OneNote on PC. This is about as unideal as it gets for an app whose purpose is to sync with its other versions for seamless notetaking and creativity. Bummer
  • Parameters 4/5

    By pgarth
    Still working on reframing the various parameters - notebook, section, etc to how I already do my work in other apps.
  • The Lynchpin of ALL Organization 5/5

    By Mtcst
    Title says it all; I’ve used them all and this app knows all, integrates with all, including Apple Pencil. Enough said.
  • Handwriting is laggy with Apple Pencil 1/5

    By aculus786
    In comparison with other note taking apps the Apple Pencil does not write as smoothly.
  • Iphone download 3/5

    By Catymart
    The download from my Samsung to my iPhone was incomplete. I loose some important information
  • Bizarrely slow in iOS 1/5

    By North pine
    Great app for desktop and enterprise. However for unclear reasons it is often unusable as a mobile app due to lags of seconds to input even brief strings of characters. I presume there’s a bug regarding syncing or security. I will continue to use Evernote for personal use for the time being.
  • On1e note 5/5

    By Joanet86
    I love one note where can keep my thoughts and misc infor for future use. I just wish I could save it on a flash drive also.
  • Could be great 2/5

    By jane1695
    The app constantly crashes, so I’ll be working on something important and then the app will randomly close. It takes forever to load between picking a color to write with and the eraser, even doing this will sometimes cause the app to crash. The features are also very limited on the iPad, compared with the desktop version. The developers really need to work on making this app better on all devices. I still can’t believe it’s not possible to record audio while writing or typing. The iPad version is so outdated, it’s sad.
  • User experience 4/5

    By Jack Duan194713
    User experience is always our unremitting pursuit!
  • Great app 5/5

    By longbowDMR
    Works well and very stable. Haven’t experienced any issues. Synced across all of my devices. Very useful and easy to use.
  • One Note 4/5

    By Taintlikiu2b
    Great app.
  • swansbriledalorsdc 5/5

    By ivca luxvchumk
  • Tasks 5/5

    By Org 1
    Tasks need to be added back to OneNote for coordination with Outlook.
  • 学习的好帮手 5/5

    By boboxi2
  • crashes on startup every time iphone 1/5

    By stoliosoda
    ios 13.5.1 iphone 8plus onenote v16.38 (20060800) tried clearing credentials and re-adding them, no change. turned on logging in preferences....but how do i send them? as if anyone would use them on a support case anyway
  • Best Application ever 5/5

    By tukanga
    I use this every day, and I love to collect information by subject area.
  • Fine if you have 365 from work or school 3/5

    By Carlemagne93
    It’s a decent note-taking app with some good functions. I have two main gripes: Wildly inconsistent syncing, and a bug that randomly scrolls the page to the very top while not-taking. Every study session, a gray bar pops up that says it couldn’t connect to the server and my notes aren’t syncing. Also, forget about syncing large notes on a single page - I had two pages that had a chapter’s worth of notes on each page that ON would not sync at all. It was only when I meticulously copied and pasted sections of those notes one by one that I could access them on my other devices. As for the scrolling, any accidental touch of the blank space in the ribbon will send you back to the very top of the page, very frustrating to have to scroll all the way back to the bottom when all you wanted to do was change the pen. Fix these issues and add handwriting recognition and you’ll have a 5 star app. If you get office 365 for free from work or school I would use this app, otherwise notability or GoodNotes is probably the move.
  • Needs outlook reminders 2/5

    By OrderPlacer
    Cool program but kinda useless to me without reminders
  • Feed Back 5/5

    By MohamedAliAfa
    Very easy to maintain Book mark and notes
  • No handwriting recognition for iPad 1/5

    By bcgoose1
    Severe shortcoming. It means that future searches are not viable
  • Only App I’ve found that works for me so far 5/5

    By slz4417
    I really enjoy doing handwritten journaling, and this is like a real journal. There’s individual pages that you can categorize in folders ( like I do a folder of the month and just add a page when I want to write) and can find past entries easily. I also like how I can comfortably write like on real paper because the screen will ignore my hand. Also the different pens make it more fun and the pages can be as wide and long as you want them to be. I really do recommend this app for people who enjoy journaling or prefer to keep hand written notes but also want to be eco friendly and organized.
  • Spinning on sync or loading page with OneDrive 1/5

    By AndreNY
    Spinning on sync or loading page with OneDrive
  • Needs work 1/5

    By hellagunz
    Can’t even sign in needs a lot of work
  • Needs better audio recording functionality 4/5

    By baxappreviewthing
    OneNote is pretty great. It even has the option to record audio, but you cant use the app at all while you are recording. So no recording a lecture or a meeting while still taking notes. This would be such a helpful feature. If it would also allow you to replay your notes, or add in some kind of timestamps or something. Also make Printouts searchable please? Importing a pdf as a Picture just strips it of its usefulness.
  • Syncing once again unstable... 1/5

    By Ask;kdjhgf
    For awhile One Note could not be trusted to sync across iOS and MS platforms, then magically about two years ago the problems went away. Now the PROBLEMS ARE BACK :( Really stinks since I migrated over from Evernote, but now might need to move my work back there. Pages at some point become unsyncable with the server, but can’t tell that has a happened unless do a meticulous page by page search - all you get a useless grey warning at the top “warning sync error”. No guide as to which pages are the issue. Tried MS tech support and they said without paying more to them, they won’t help. New problem appeared today in that some pages appear to sync (title change appears), but then when I click on them the page title immediate reverts to old page name and updates don’t appear. ON need to be compatible across MS and iOS to be useful. Thought MS got that and had invested to make it so, but apparently not any longer... sad as this was an app I used to sing the praises of.
  • Forces me to repeatedly sign in 1/5

    By Peacemel2
    Long time user, first time caller here. I’ve been using this app for years; however it has been forcing me to sign in multiple times per day, for weeks now. I’m on the most current version, and this problem has spanned versions.
  • Sign-In Issue 1/5

    By alexturnerfanaccount
    The app simply will not let me sign into my existing OneNote account on my iPad. After searching online I’ve noticed this has been an issue since 2017 and has not been properly addressed. I’ve been using OneNote for a year on my Mac and was excited to sync it with my iPad. Downloaded Notability instead.
  • Decent? 3/5

    By AStrangerYouDontKnow
    It’s a decent app, but the bar with the date and time of creation is so annoying. I hate it.
  • Perfecto 5/5

    By PR 2022
    Muy buena aplicación y gratis.
  • Wish it had all the features of 365 3/5

    By TreasureLife
    So frustrating when you’re favorite features don’t work
  • Amazing for organization 5/5

    By Natividad groupie
    I love this app! Works great!
  • Accessing friends one note sharing 1/5

    By NIB786
    Can’t access shared one note from friend
  • Sync Error 2/5

    By abeja750
    The app itself is good, took me a little bit to get the hang of it but after watching a few tutorials on line, it was easy breezy. Now that I have all my stuff here, I can’t sync my phone with my computer and the troubleshooting refers me to my IT department....but there is none in my house. So I’m frustrated with it.
  • King Kong of Organizers for small business 5/5

    By IT Czar
    I can post schedules, supply lists and job assignments and employees can view and add notes. Great for contractors!
  • IT Director 4/5

    By qinnuuq
    Well I am trying to get it to work for our org but it keeps asking me for admin but we don’t have access and need help setting it up? 907-442-7097
  • One Note, simply awesome! 5/5

    By mpbinocente
    I love this app! Convenient, user friendly, great for note taking!
  • Hi 5/5

    By omeralihassen
  • Useless 1/5

    By Boilermakergal
    Have a one drive account that app works fine on laptop and desktop, but always says i need to set up an account when try to use app on iPad.
  • Perfect for writing 5/5

    By Jsjzjzsbsksbfjc
    I’m into writing scripts so this is where I put all my ideas at. Works perfectly for me!
  • Can’t even start 2/5

    By manimoo24
    Completely unable to login, what’s up with this? Too many bugs
  • Need to work on syncing large note pages 2/5

    By lee-hee
    Large note pages consistently get errors when syncing if there is a lot of handwriting. What is the app for if not for syncing handwritten notes?
  • The BEST Note-Taking app EVER! 5/5

    By AA07092009
    OneNote has changed my whole complete life with notebooks because I used to use paper notebooks but I moved to a different school, they used technology and I was so glad we didn’t waste a lot of paper, and we used Google apps. Sadly, Google did not have and app in 2020 for a virtual notebook. When I realized about OneNote, I was like “Let’s give it a shot”. It was SO cool.I just wish that it was in an actual notebook format with a table of contents and when you click on of the things on the table of contents, it takes you right to the page. I was also surprised by the support of iOS 12 and it isn’t even slow or laggy.
  • Love the app, BUT... 4/5

    By Hillyroad
    Love this app but for some reason the latest update to IOS has not allowed this app to work. I depend on it for WAY TOO much and it’s a huge inconvenience that it is down right now. Limited to my laptop for use... PLEASE FIX!!!
  • Slow and Useless compared to Windows 10 version 1/5

    By Dr. Robot [001]
    As a developer I know how hard it is to build these things, but guys, this is just awful. Why are the Office apps so neutered on iPad OS? This platform has so much potential, but apps like this just ruin it. Is this done on purpose? I love Windows 10 and how Office is implemented there, why can we not have the same experience here? There is no reason. I have a 15 year old IBM ThinkPad X41 that runs Windows 10 1709 with OneNote and all the other Office apps flawlessly… beautifully compared to what ever MS is putting out here on iPadOS. It’s really just such a shame. Kind of makes me just want to switch to a Windows based 2 in 1… is that the plan Microsoft? Moving/resizing an image in a note is a slow choppy mess that feels like I’m on a computer from 1991. There’s no Ink to Text? Seriously? Step up your game Microsoft. Please. You’re doing such a great job on your own platforms, but here… having no Office apps would be better than this.
  • Stick note function is NOT working properly 1/5

    By xiaoxuli
    Stick note function is NOT working properly!! It lags a lot!
  • Love it & Hate it 3/5

    By Pastureprchr
    This one app does so much for me, I really like it. But recently when I moved several items at once, it lost them all - stuff that took lots of time & research to gather. It seems to me that such a thing should never happen when you tout your product as so special for such features. There’s not adequate words to describe what I feel.
  • Not as good as older layout 3/5

    By medstudent00
    I use this app in college & Med school for notes. It’s a good app but overall I wish it had the old layout
  • Please bring back integration with Outlook 5/5

    By ChuckFairOaks
    Need the Outlook integration again

Microsoft OneNote app comments

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