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Microsoft SharePoint

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  • Current Version: 4.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Microsoft SharePoint App

Find files, news, sites and people - personalized for you and your organization. SharePoint infuses AI into the mobile app experience to keep you focused and productive while on the go. AI builds an understanding of what you work on, how you work, and how your colleagues' work relates to you. When you need expertise, content, or resources when you're on the go, SharePoint is a great place to start looking.   · Browse your sites, files, people and more to get back to what you were working on  · Use search to find and discover important content · Access your personalized view of team sites, communication sites, and news posts  · Tap on a user to get to their contact card and see who they work with and what they are working on · Create news posts on the go and share your updates, reports, status, and experiences with your team · Sign in to your SharePoint sites, whether they're in the cloud or on-premises. The app works with SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server versions 2013 and higher · Add multiple accounts, and easily switch between them   What people are saying:   The SharePoint mobile app has been featured in TechCrunch, The Verge, ZDNet, PCWorld and Computerworld.   Over 2 years of app store reviews: "making collaboration easier than ever!!""" "keeps me connected with my office documents and coworkers" "seamless integration with other Office apps" "it's so easy and simple to use!!"   Note: To sign in to SharePoint, your organization needs to have an Office 365 subscription that includes SharePoint Online or an on-premises SharePoint Server. This app is provided by Microsoft. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft and transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or its affiliates maintain facilities.

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Microsoft SharePoint app reviews

  • Bug in adding a calendar event!!! 1/5

    By justemu
    You can’t create a new calendar event with this App, because the format of Start Time and End Time fields is not compatible with the server!!! Please fix it!!!
  • Not friendly for marking favorites 1/5

    By CKM at QV
    I have found no way to tag frequently accessed. The frequently accessed section does not change, useless items just show up in Quick Access. Seems to be no way to add items to Quick Access. Android version does not show lookup columns.
  • Sync Issues 1/5

    By $ony
    Doesn’t sync with corporate account. Worthless app.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By atprn56
    Poorly written. Difficult to navigate. Stick with drop box or any other cloud app.
  • FS 5/5

    By Rodbone
    So far it’s great.
  • Can’t access sharepoint 3/5

    By VP-marketing
    We’re having issues accessing sharepoint sites on a desktop.
  • 4.5.0 continuously crashes 1/5

    By Ed8029
    App has been unusable since last update. It crashes as soon as I open it. I have deleted and reinstalled thinking that would help. Please fix
  • Crashing 1/5

    By The Dreaming Fish
    This app will not open after the update.
  • Display issues 1/5

    By d1118364748
    Can’t zoom out to see the document!
  • Can’t open files on iPhone 1/5

    By AlexandriaChick
    Fairly useless. No files will open...
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By 610412
    IOS 12.1.1 on iPhone Max keeps crashing. Tried soft reboot as well as hard reboot without success. App crashes right on startup. Please fix this. We need this app to work for vital company documents.
  • Finally!!! 👏🏾🙌🏾_but needs more. 4/5

    By Heck No!!!
    Update 1: I now use the sharepoint app as a viewer. I enjoy the recent update of being able to create folders. It is about time. Can we also get more editing features for our sites instead of going through the browser?? This will truly make the app better. It is about time the Sharepoint team made the app useful. It made absolutely no sense with what they had before. Needing two apps just to use one partially? Seriously whoever came up with that idea needs to be fired. You should have always been able to view files within the native app. Again, now you can use the app. It would be great if they added editing features to the app. Do that and this app will become what it should have been all this time.
  • Pretty good, but still some kinks to be worked out... 4/5

    By 0987654321234567890987654321
    I use this SharePoint extensively to manage a series of community sites that I run for clients. Unfortunately, while the site works perfectly through a browser, the comments section at the bottom of my sites cannot be seen through the mobile app. Until that’s fixed, I can’t recommend my clients use the mobile app, which seems like a missed opportunity.
  • Really bad 1/5

    By MTmovie
    It is a pity that Microsoft has spent and is spending so much money on this and it turns out to be really bad. Badly thought of, badly planned, not at all a user friendly app, confusing, any logical move the user makes turns out to be a disaster. It doesn’t take you where it should.
  • Great for working on the move! 5/5

    By RayDTay
    SharePoint mobile is a great app for working on the go. I use it regularly to be able to view documents and work on tasks while I am I on the move.
  • Segregated from OneDrive 1/5

    By DZL99
    Need to be able to save files from emails and other apps directly to SharePoint.
  • Lack of guidance 1/5

    By Yitz5571
    There’s no walkthrough for the app. I’m trying to upload my transcript but I can’t find a way.
  • A Communication Binder in the palm of your hand 5/5

    By OJMolinar
    Back in the day companies had communication binders and File cabinets fax machines to send you a copy if you misplaced a form and you were screwed if you had a deadline and the office was closed. This stores and shares and keeps your company communications policies and procedures in one place 24/7

    By melia witch
    make a required tutorial i am failing school because i CANT FIGURE THIS AP OUT
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By LovebUgfg
    The glue that keeps Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, and Delve together - makes entire 365 suite feel like a seamlessly integrated platform. Documents mount with brilliant resolution taking full advantage of iPhoneX+ screen capability. If you use other 365 apps that link to documents stored in SharePoint then you should absolutely get this App.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Tchow99
    Not sure which is the problem? IT or the site? Either way I am frustrated and wasting time
  • Troubleshooting 1/5

    By erin boeckman
    We can’t get one of our files to open on all iPhone devices
  • Epic fail last 2 updates 1/5

    By Mr Jaam
    I’m an electrician and I use my iPad the update cads that my company uses to wire houses. Just over the last two days of updates all of the things I was using to make changes are gone. Is there any way you guys can fix this. You asked for more information. Before the update there was tab that would drop down and I would pick the pen thing and that would drop down a list of things I could to my cad, like installing text or I could write on the cad like a pen. This is now gone after the update. It’s putting me in a real bind right now as I’m in the middle of 3 projects that needs this program. Can you guys please fix this.
  • College students 1/5

    By Hellboy+6868
    Highly unreliable, bugs , crashes
  • What happened to this app? 1/5

    By Volterha
    The ability to upload/edit/annotate is gone. What happed? What is the point of this app or SharePoint in general if I’m not able to do any of these things? My entire company relied on these things and now no one can accomplish theirs task on iPhone and iPad. Now I need to move my entire company to something else more reliable? So much money wasted!
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By get_that_4_kitkat
  • Bristow portal 5/5

    By cajun top dog
    Just getting to know the system may take awhile ,time wise. Thank you !
  • SharePoint pages are not responding to touch 2/5

    By DOCrj-beau
    I have been developing a SharePoint site in our organization for the last 3 months, optimizing it for a small group of 50 people within our organization. Through the desktop version of SharePoint I create pages on which I’ve added links. These pages are available through SharePoint App in an easy to read way. Since upgrading to iOS 12, those pages are not responding to touch. And if they do it’s very intermittent. I have a few pages that I created that just load and I cannot touch passed that page despite those links working on the desktop version. Please help!
  • Not a full replacement for website 1/5

    By Thaddeus Phoenix
    Really disappointed that I still have to use the “home” page inside of the app for many of the resources that HR ties to SP.
  • Lovely story 5/5

    By a nickmane that was not taken
    This is a review
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By beachmamma6
    I love the accessibility from home to documents needed.
  • Mobile is more user friendly than using on official laptop 5/5

    By Vinod-Omaha
    Great experience
  • Latest update not good! 2/5

    By Jimbo36115
    The new design has slowed the app opening to a crawl! By the time it opens I’m frustrated and close it...please fix this!
  • Keeps asking for a review 1/5

    By Daniel R LA
    The app keeps asking for a review interrupting my work.
  • Portals not accessible 2/5

    By SilverMystic
    Can’t access the portals to complete task when off site
  • SharePoint list view unusable 1/5

    By sw11th
    I have a list on SharePoint that I can only see dates but not titles and the filter does not give me the option to select either. Very frustrating as I thought I would be iPad friendly....
  • Horrible App. 1/5

    By Lorbrow7635
    The app itself constantly freezes and then reloads which takes me back to the group page. Anything I try to click on won’t load either. In fact I don’t get as much as a buffering bar. It will keep the document or link highlighted but no change to take me to the document. I have to be honest, I’m not too overly surprised considering it’s Microsoft. Their stuff NEVER works. I wish my company would use Apple instead so we could be more productive.
  • A bureaucratic mess 2/5

    By Stinks.
    Microsoft is the global business platform. But Sharepoint is a miserable bureaucratic mess that offers a woefully inadequate experience for users, admins and designers. What a sorry platform solution. Imagine what Microsoft could be if they had a bigger vision, was customer centric and really cared
  • Workday 3/5

    By Workday Joe D
    I can’t find Workday on this app.
  • Very difficult 1/5

    By 27" Office Mac
    This new SharePoint tech is not user friendly while traveling and accessing by phone. Tells me to enable pop ups, I get repeated “spinning wheel” lack of connectivity, especially with travel net, I and have to repeatedly exit and enter the travel app when changing travel queries, anytime I try to edit itinerary in the app, travel net freezes. Also frequently get “too many requests” and app locks me out
  • Worst experience yet 1/5

    By shairpointfailure5
    I’m not understanding the high reviews for this junk app. We have E3 licensing through Microsoft, which includes using SharePoint online. The site works fine through a PC or mobile web browser. However, using the app is a terrible experience. We literally can’t do anything other than view a document list. Opening and downloading documents fails. Seriously, MS if your OneDrive and sharepoint apps want to beat out Dropbox, they need to be functional
  • Getting better and better 5/5

    By Marissamoody7
    This app is finally becoming a serious tool for increasing productivity.
  • It keeps crashing 3/5

    By Warthog007
    This is a great program when it works, but when I try to click on a document it crashes.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By file paths are confusing
    File paths are long and confusing
  • Login functionality is terrible 1/5

    By EngineerShorty
    The app is almost unusable due to the ridiculous login procedure. Every time I log in, I have to enter my password. Then I have to get a verification text and type in a secret number. Then I have to enter my password AGAIN. it's pretty silly and clearly not properly thought out. An obvious example of an IT group doing things for their own convenience and laziness rather than to do it properly.
  • What’s the point of an app that functions like a desktop site? 1/5

    By Iviviviv
    This app won’t let me open any of my files because when I click on open or download, it gives me the same menu as when I’m on the desktop version, and doesn’t even fit on my iPhone screen enough to click on. What’s the point of having your work files on a mobile app if you can’t even view them, let alone edit?
  • SharePoint Online 5/5

    By Mr.Johnson 112233
    The best new addition to Microsoft Apps
  • Unreliable connection between devices 1/5

    By polmgjttt
    I can’t login with iphone or iPad, just PC
  • Needs streamlined conversations integration 3/5

    By aserna nyc
    My only issues are that SharePoint app doesn’t support classic Yammer! Feeds and there is no way to click through to open the Yammer! App to get to those feeds... while is does support the new Yammer! Feed, it doesn’t let you directly comment in the Sharepoint app- instead it automatically opens your Yammer! App for comments.

Microsoft SharePoint app comments

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