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Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams App

Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork in Office 365. All your team conversations, files, meetings, and apps live together in a single shared workspace, and you can take it with you on your favorite mobile device. Whether you’re sprinting towards a deadline or sharing your next big idea, Teams can help you achieve more. YOUR HUB FOR TEAMWORK * Easily manage your team’s projects with file editing and sharing on the go * Connect face-to-face with HD audio and video, and join meetings from almost anywhere * Chat privately or in groups, and communicate with the entire team in dedicated channels * Mention individual team members, or the whole team at once, to get your colleagues’ attention * Focus on what matters most by saving important conversations and customizing your notifications * Search your chats and team conversations to quickly find what you need * Get the enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Office 365 This app requires a paid Office 365 commercial subscription, or a free or trial subscription of Microsoft Teams. If you’re not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, contact your IT department. By downloading Teams, you agree to the license (see and privacy terms (see For support or feedback, email us at [email protected]

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Microsoft Teams app reviews

  • Have you tried slack? 1/5

    By Worst Awards..
    Use slack! Teams is way back in terms of UX.
  • Well and Good 5/5

    By Mark.Hyrum
    I like it real good. Yup it be real nice.
  • Confusing 4/5

    By LoMarilyn
    4 stars for having good call and meeting functionality, but navigating is NOT very intuitive. I’m often most at how to get back to a certain thread, meeting, or especially a certain file.
  • Match up to Slack 2/5

    By dP5410
    Please match up to slack. 1: Each message should have the timestamp. 2: The search needs to be better: provide filter for date/time, sender and keywords
  • Getting There 4/5

    By The Haupt
    Not quite as good as Slack, but it is getting there.
  • Microsoft Teams is awesome 5/5

    By bk1raider
    Microsoft teams is very powerful. I work in government lead 20+ people and create/maintain software for 50+ divisions. I have created multiple teams and channel for each division. Knowledge and information sharing has increased tremendously. It also has multiple cool apps/integrations like wiki which can be used to document important information and planner which can be used to log and track tasks. Go ahead and adopt teams it will improve your efficiency a lot.
  • Good but a couple big issues 3/5

    By Anthony11221
    notifications have trouble cleaning after reading. Also submitting review could not be accomplished with folio keyboard...required on screen keyboard.
  • A great step.. 4/5

    By BSharp223
    Teams desktop and iOS app are a great start in the right direction for collaboration and consolidation. Love the ability to click/tap thru my calendar to a meeting or file. I do think that it can use some help (or o don’t know how) I’m being able to jump between open content without walking the link chain. Like give me an open tab bar and let me swap between active things.
  • Teams Violating Permissions 1/5

    By InAnyEvent
    In settings you can restrict Teams’ ability to access your contacts list. I noticed today that Teams was continuing to access and sync my contacts, including new contacts, despite that I disabled that permission weeks ago.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Salinb04
    Works well on iPhone no problems for me
  • Declare War on Email! 5/5

    By b33lz
    Finally, a brilliant solution to a major problem we all face: too many emails! And better yet it slides on in to the Microsoft ecosystem which finally comes to life, thanks the addition of Microsoft Teams allowing you to basically do everything you need from a single app. You could essentially function without your computer as it can also interface with other known systems. If you aren’t sure what Teams is; imagine if you took Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype (Lync) and rolled them all into one. Amazingly simple and powerful, very easy to pick up and learn on the fly. Move out of individual data silos and into real-time collaborative document review and editing. This is the new standard communication of our times and it sees Outlook returning to its original purpose: event and time management, not real time communication. So wave good bye to those 20+ group email replies you receive every day that have nothing to do with you and utilize your time focusing on what really matters. There are many other benefits, such as never again having a discussion, or a meeting, where something is mentioned but never actioned. And other stand-our features include ability to communicate with people within, and external to your company, all in the same place. Simply put: this is a “must have” app in today’s world so do yourself a favor; stop reading this, install it and see what’s it all about.
  • Worthless, notifications DO NOT WORK 1/5

    By Neploxo
    One thing that seems to be constant across all platforms and products these days is that Microsoft can't get notifications right. The sporadic at best delivery of notifications from this app no matter how much effort I put into trying to ensure they're enabled guarantees the more important the message the less likely I am to see it.
  • Forced to use this 2/5

    By Joe Sxx
    Company switched over to this so I have to use it. Works OK for the most part but could be a lot better and how some things are organized. I did think it was a little dirty that it asks if you like the app and if you click “yes” Then you are redirected to the App Store to leave a review. How much do you want to bet that if you click “no” then it does not?
  • Almost great 4/5

    By emadrak
    They are actively working on making it better. Works really well.
  • 好用,值得推荐 5/5

    By 侧部测试
  • Good. Could be better. 4/5

    By TaoTKD
    Good and convenient, but needs ability to load files directly to file structure sub folders via share point. Big failing.
  • Back channel comms 5/5

    By lordgodkingbufu
    Teams allows a quicker way to communicate without using text or email.
  • Works 85% of the time 4/5

    By Schrammwow172
    Just don’t try to send images, that crashes the app on my 6+, even after reinstalls of both the app and iOS
  • Better than Slack 5/5

    By OmerZ
    Love it
  • Garbage notifications 1/5

    By Buyphone
    It’s ridiculously easy to miss notifications leading to dropped conversations that require pinging. The app has some dumb logic which decides to randomly not make a sound or send a notification because your desktop was in use 30 minutes ago. Slack works a lot better. Microsoft needs to focus on the basics not shovel in bots and enterprise PBX or other stuff before simple chat is fixed.
  • Microsoft teams 5/5

    By mrm4v3rick
    Microsoft did a really great job stealing this concept from Slack!
  • Lets you opt out of notifications but turns them on anyway 1/5

    By @sprucedbruce
    After downloading Teams, I turned off notifications because this is a secondary communication app for my team. Microsoft turned on notifications against my wishes. I’d be interested to know what other things they don’t care about users wishes.
  • Gifs 3/5

    By Afedrn
    I want an option to send pictures or gifs
  • Great collaboration tool 5/5

    By TheCarbonator
    This is a great tool for team collaboration and persistent chat. Lots of great features included depending on your agreement E3 or E5 etc you may have more or less. Good stuff.
  • Súper Teams 5/5

    By Mcocaaguila
    Llamadas súper claras, el compartir pantalla es un pro que permite las meets ser más completas y eficaces.
  • Testin 3/5

    By mindybobby
    I’ve started using Teams for a nonprofit we have a stab at 10 and it’s growing quickly. My only issue is really just trying to explain how to use it to others in and follow it through SharePoint. The mobile app continues to shut down on me out of nowhere that’s pretty annoying. But other than that I have to figure out how to teach my team how to use it also with ease
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By JM23325
    Great job! Makes my job easier!
  • Fun 5/5

    By 1Jamilah1
    gives me an excuse to send my boss memes☺️ woot woot
  • Like this, reminds me of aol IM. 4/5

    By robhokie
    Still in the early learning stage.
  • Great Tool 5/5

    By Rdb0724
    This is one the coolest networking tools out for our company since we have multiple campuses.
  • They keep sneaking in features 4/5

    By k-ledge
    Great work Teams team! I use this app every day in my job and it’s a critical tool for me. I still would love to see the ability to share screen without being in a meeting and blur background on video chat (I understand that this takes a lot of processing power to do and may drain your battery). Now that I can add a Teams meeting from Outlook on iOS, the value of these two apps together has increased.
  • Best thing since sliced bread!! 5/5

    By cleanphone
    Very easy to use love that you can reply without opening a new screen and share files super fast screen sharing is so useful!
  • Not built for iPhone 2/5

    By LADivePro
    If you are an iPhone user, you are going to be frustrated because the entire platform (whether on Mac OS or iOS) does not support safari. How, in this day and age, does someone build an iPhone app that doesn’t allow you to connect natively to the web? Guess I’m sticking with Zoom for meetings.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By k-reps
    Haven’t used the app long, but so far, it’s going good. I like the layout better than the desktop app
  • Not as good as Slack. No ability to mute channels. 3/5

    By Morac
    Our company recently migrated from Slack to Teams and I have to say Teams is not as good. The big reason is the lack of customization. For example, in Slack I can mute specific channels so even if they are mentioned I won’t get notified. Team has no way to do this. I joined a company support team and any time someone mentions a channel in that team I get a notification on my iPhone. That’s really annoying.
  • Cool app for communicating with team mates 5/5

    By Cric_Ron
    Nice communication tool for internal team members
  • Liking Teams, Needs Some Tweaks 4/5

    By EDC79
    My top gripe is the inability to partition access Channel by Channel. I understand this is highly requested feature and is on roadmap for short term release. Please let us know when this is coming!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Brian Ebert
    This application allows me to network with my coworkers faster and a sure business operations are maintained throughout their crazy business day. Thanks
  • Needs integration. 3/5

    By davelgreen
    The look and feel is good...but not great. Needs some work. What’s up with no Apple Watch integration. When is that happening?
  • Grate for office use 4/5

    By M.A.H
    I love it ... so grate and useful for active office. Only one compline I couldn’t make it to show the notifications on my phone’s screen.. it would send me an email but not show on my screen anything new.. The app will show me badges. I am not sure why.
  • Big Surprise 5/5

    By Stefa Kostolac
    I usually am sceptic when it comes to Microsoft surprises and most of them are not really pleasant. This time, with Teams, I am happy to throw in ‘high five’ for all work done on Teams. I love both desktop and mobile version. Oh, almost forgot I am Apple user in both. Amazing! Simple indescribable but very pleasant surprise. Thank you for Teams!
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Jeanziez
    So easy and nice to use, it’s actually fun! Love that you can’t tell I’m responding from mobile too! Thanks Microsoft!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Steve Rozi
    I am impressed by this application and how well it integrates project team members!!!!! In edition the online collaboration with office files is now to a point of being usable. We have had 50 to 60 people around the globe collaborate on one excel file during a brain storming session!! All at once!!!! Very impressive!!!!
  • Great for internal communication! 5/5

    By vleikvoll
    This app has been great for our small office and has really helped us cut down on some emails. Love it!
  • Excellent communication platform 4/5

    By BJD-UK
    I still do grasp the full potential of Teams but I like it so far.
  • Features needed 5/5

    By ckur13
    Need to implement timestamp and emoji in mobile ios version
  • Flawless experience across all devices 5/5

    By SabbyNet
    Attending meeting, pinging colleagues sharing content, video and screen is so simple.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By ryhoppe
    Only complain is the ability to create emojis and adding additional GIFs
  • Wish we had control over status 4/5

    By Wesley Raven
    Great collaboration app for my programming team, just wish we could have more control over our own status. Sometimes I’m not always using my main machine and hate it that my status gets set to away automatically making others think I’m not there. Let us control if we are away or not.

Microsoft Teams app comments

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