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Microsoft Teams

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  • Current Version: 1.0.42
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Microsoft Teams App

This app requires an appropriate commercial Office 365 subscription. If you are not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, please contact your IT department. Microsoft Teams is your chat-centered workspace in Office 365. Instantly access all your team’s content from a single place where messages, files, people and tools live together. Take it with you on your favorite mobile device. ONE PLACE FOR YOUR TEAM’S FILES AND CONVERSATIONS: - Work with your team’s documents on the go - Move seamlessly across different team projects and topics - Mention individual team members or your entire team to get attention STAY CONNECTED WITH CHAT AND MEETINGS: - Chat privately one-on-one or have instant group conversations - Chat with your entire team in dedicated channels - Join your meetings with HD audio and video, and view shared content - Connect face to face using HD audio and video QUICKLY FIND WHAT YOU NEED: - Quickly search through your chats and team conversations - Find a contact through name or email address search TAILOR YOUR WORKSPACE: - Customize alerts to get notified when you get mentioned or get a message - Save important conversations to quickly access them later SECURITY TEAMS TRUST: - Get the enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Office 365 - Enhanced security with multi-factor authentication By downloading this app, you agree to the license (see and privacy terms (see To learn more, please visit For support or feedback, email us at [email protected]


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Microsoft Teams app reviews

  • Great to keep connected on the go. 5/5

    By Digital MacGyver
    I have been very impressed with this first generation of this app. The key is your organization needs to be using Teams effectively to be successful. Would be nice if the Connected Apps on tabs were available. Also a bit interested if this app will evolve now that more Skye for Business features are being introduced.
  • Awesome XU 5/5

    By sloanam2010
    Easy to use and love that the push notifications are accurate and come in real time. Helps me be more reliable and responsive.
  • Decent so far 4/5

    By dre2082
    I’ve only spent a couple of weeks using it but the app has worked very well so far. My only gripe is that you currently cannot delete message threads. Not sure why that isn’t available as it seems like a pretty standard feature.
  • Bad document sharing and no searchable history 1/5

    By Amit Sharma PB10
    The mechanism Team uses for sharing the documents is pathatic, skype is much much better than team No option to search history
  • Guest access? Skype and Teams in same meeting? 1/5

    By vtjoeh
    This is almost a great app ... except for some major flaws. I try to use Teams with different companies and guest access is a nightmare! Also, Skype for Business does not integrate with voice video calls in a meeting. There is some cross launching - it it is confusing. Now I have email, Skype account, Yammer, Sharepoint, Skype for Business and Teams - and that is just my Microsoft tools. Skype for Business integrates with email presence, Teams does not. And we now have an overpriced Polycom video system that can’t connect to teams. Do not use teams if; 1) you need B2B company or customer communication. It is an internal tool only. 2) you need to integrate high quality video endpoints like Polycom and Cisco. Microsoft Teams is a desktop client, not for conference rooms. 3) you want to learn yet another Microsoft collab tool. Use teams if: 1) you like ‘50s era comics 2) love integrations like Giphy 3). You’ve overpaid Microsoft on Office 365 just to find out you only use it for Email and AD and need to figure out how to justify your investment 4) Everyone one of your customers and partners have standardized on Office 365 and they all have IT staff willing to take time to setup various guest access. They don’t and you will fall back to email. I do like the 50’s and Giphy, and my company overpaid Microsoft - but still I need better guest access. For those of us who loved Yammer and Skype - we have no confidence in Microsoft’s roadmap.
  • Good 5/5

    By Keithhalldesigns
    Great app can’t wait for future updates
  • I like team very much 5/5

    By Bashar Tahsin
    We can manage team Need to include security leave like share point read/view Thanks Bashar
  • Works great. 5/5

    By Mr. M General
    Very robust. Has considerable parity with desktop app. Works great for basic text and voice chat. Access to collaboration content is a huge bonus.
  • Needs the ability to record during meetings. 4/5

    By Volleyball I
    Needs the ability to record during meetings.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tseuqnoc
    Only thing I wish is it would keep u logged in 24/7 unless u requested otherwise
  • :) 5/5

    By XXStraightKilla420Xx
    V cool app and v good :)
  • Teams is great! 5/5

    By Hendo319
    Polar bears aren’t as chill as the new Teams app. Make a Team and communicate and collaborate with team members or friends
  • Obsesssd with TEAMS for work collaboration 5/5

    By ChrisAndrewsGibby
    I can literally multitask with my team via my phone at the gym (if need be). This app completely changes how I do and view work.
  • Teams works for our small business 5/5

    By Jxff
    Teams is amazing, just wished it had read only / write permissions so I can build a wiki without using a shared resource.
  • it’s come a long way. 4/5

    By TCanDaMan
    i’ve been using teams since alpha. it’s definitely increased our teams productivity and the built in collaboration and communication tools are great. what drives me insane are the notifications on macOS. please make them native. i’m at the point where I mute every conversation, defeating the point of teams.
  • Well done, please fix X button 4/5

    By phole314
    I like the app, it’s pretty seamless when I switch from PC to iPad, which is really useful when I have to travel light. I wish documents could fill the screen...sometimes I have to zoom in and out as I’m reading a document - I don’t need the left pane at those times, I’d like to be able to hide it. One more thing that would be great - can you make the X button work when you’re viewing a file? I keep having to use the left pane to go all the way home, tapping X doesn’t do anything. Thanks for putting this together; I appreciate that there is an iPad version.
  • It’s good but doesn’t work smoothly on VPN on Mac 3/5

    By macuser6
    Has issues on VPN
  • Really great except for late/missed notifications 4/5

    By Jeremiah Greason
    Only issue I’ve had with this app is sometimes I won’t get chat messages until hours after they were sent. Other notifications get delayed as well but it’s much more frequent with the chat notifications.
  • Microsoft is making really good mobile apps 4/5

    By dasmart
    I’ve been using the whole suite of office 365 apps, and I gotta say, they’re really good. Teams makes it easy to communicate with my colleagues when I’m on the road, and it’s connected to all our other office apps.
  • Loved the ease of use 5/5

    By Maneeshr
    Teams a perfect rip off slack. App is well executed
  • Works super well 5/5

    By David Het
    One of the better apps Microsoft has produced
  • Incomplete, Lots of missing features on iOS 2/5

    By 123jimmy
    We’ve started using Teams in my office. Overall it is a decent product, but has some huge glaring holes I’ve noticed for iOS and MacOS users. For example, I cannot edit the timing of a meeting on the iOS app, even if I am the meeting creator. Also, links to new teams or folders are not supported. How the heck am I supposed to join a team if the link to it doesn’t work??
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By agoree407
    First price of software from Microsoft that I've enjoyed using in a LONG time.
  • A lot of video issues 3/5

    By xrodarte
    A lot of video issues
  • Love it 4/5

    By RainbowStephano
    Easy to connect to my work and teams while out of the office. Just need to get everybody on board.
  • Good 4/5

    By Tim Uzzanti
    Not as good as Facebook Workspace but does the job. Occasionally out of day notifications. Needs to support multiple Office365 accounts. We have multiple companies.
  • Great but missing key features 4/5

    Teams has been great for our company. We’ve been able to increase communications between typically unlinked groups and increased understanding. Two missing features that should be a MUST: 1. Private channels within a team, especially for managers 2. Scan directly to a Team Folder
  • Editing documents 5/5

    By raneeappleby
    I wish that when you edit a uploaded document it change the original as well. Or at least changed it within other teams. That’s if the document is another team folders.
  • Great for collaboration 5/5

    By erc88745
    Great app. Use it extensively in our company. No more internal mails. Would love if there is an option to add reminders / tasks from the conversation
  • Need date and time stamp 2/5

    By ttay8603dj
    Would like to see more useful items when it comes using this product. For example.... I would like to see date and time stamp on each message. I would like to see a way to have this use within outlook. There could be more great tools if Microsoft would look at other collaboration tools from other companies and use them with Teams.
  • Good features 5/5

    By Cassondra Smith
    Would really like the ability to change font size.
  • This app does nothing but crash 1/5

    By Chris_DeBlois
    Why does this app not work consistently? Every time I try to open it it’s a crapshoot. I usually just get a blank screen and then I have to kill it and restart my iPhone before it works again. Will this be fixed?
  • Latest UI update a step back 5/5

    By Turismon
    A few updates ago the chat and team chat views and replies now take up the whole screen removing the tabs from the bottom. This forces you to use the top left back nav consistently and not an improvement over the previous version. Please revert this change my home button and thumb thank you. 4 stars instead of 5 now because of this awful change ;).
  • Not a native app 1/5

    By fllnstr18
    In a team channel, most of the tabs open in a web browser. What’s the point of a app if everything opens in the web browser?? Functionality is too limited...
  • Great app for collaboration 5/5

    By Tried it, needs improvement
    very good app to use if you're already on Office365
  • Does app store reviews even work? See no new reviews since Jan 5/5

    By Olk buddy fix it
    Does app store reviews even work? See no new reviews since Jan
  • It works! 5/5

    By Mrbusdriversir
    It works!
  • Amazing for collaboration 5/5

    By VictorMH01
    Well thought out. Can be made little more better I am sure Microsoft is on it. Excellent app.
  • Slow 1/5

    By Qirat767
    I really don't get Microsoft at all, they take any concept and will try to implement it, but it will always be worse. This app is no exception, didn't load the conversation and files. Takes forever to load any project.... Am using iPhone 6s plus
  • It’s a good app. Heading in the right direction. 4/5

    By Jacco O
    I really like this app. Despite my title. It tends to work well. And the features are pretty good. Even though I’m kind of new to the app. I expect the development of the app to be further then it is. As it is a business class app. It has some little quirks with file sizes. And notifications. Ones you know how to work around those quirks. You will be happy about using the app. And get your team to integrate in in to their work flow.
  • quiet time for notifications 3/5

    By cxristopher
    I work overnight (and sleep during the day) so i would love to be able to have a setting to not get notifications during certain hours. I have this set up in slack but corporate is having my team move from slack to teams and i would love if this feature was implemented
  • Great collaboration tool 5/5

    By ChadPaculba
    In our Microsoft environment, it allows us to collaborate easily.
  • Getting better 3/5

    By elnad
    Just wish there was a way to schedule meetings from within the mobile app. You can do so from the desktop app, but not mobile.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By icuragoose
    This app is looking great! My team uses this heavily each day. We're looking to implement this for our entire org. I also successfully use this as my soft-phone. They have highly improved responsiveness and design. This is an excellent and reliable service and not only that, but this app is very well-designed.
  • No auto sync between PC 2/5

    By ClassicsRox
    Are notifications syncing between PC and the app too much to ask for in this day and age? Should be like push email. Read notifications on PC should be read in the mobile app automatically.
  • No PDF Editing 3/5

    By JoenKim01
    Good concept but my team needs to be able to write on PDFs. We can get to the Team files through OneDrive to write on them, but that defeats the purpose of have a Team app. Please add tools similar to OneDrive to annotate on PDFs.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Nsjub
    Our team lives on Teams. The conversations sync so well with other devices and it so quick to start a voice call when needed.
  • Works for me most of the time. 4/5

    By Michael gateway
    Participation is key! Oversight by product managers or people in the know helps!
  • Way better than Skype 5/5

    By The Essence
    Teams is super smooth and flawless. I can’t wait until they introduce the call feature and Skype is no more!
  • Pretty good but sync is broken 4/5

    By DzmitryB
    Not bad but the sync doesn’t work properly with the desktop app.

Microsoft Teams app comments


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