Miga Town: My World

Miga Town: My World

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.20
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: XiHe Digital (GuangZhou) Technology Co., Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
1,941 Ratings
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Miga Town: My World App

Look for hidden treasures, change your face from tens of billions of face elements, and try dress combinations as you wish! This time, we have prepared a number of collections, including everything you may want! ========================================== To explore new cities is the beginning of creating your own world. =================Latest plan================= At least 70 locations, 140 characters, 150 pets, 700 sets of clothes and more accessories will be launched; the game will be updated every month, or launched more locations, so that you can create your own world! Fully customized clothes, hairstyles and magic makeup allow you to customize your true self and create a story that belongs to you! There are no rules and no scores in the game. Apartment: You can come home anytime and invite a large group of good friends to dinner or a party. Restaurant: Located at loft downstairs, the hidden chef can cook a variety of delicious foods. Convenience Store: A 7*24 store, with a large number of goods to meet any needs of your daily life. Toolroom: When you clean up your space, you can store your precious things in it! --Give full play to children’s creativity --Tens of billions of customized modes --No third-party advertising --No time limit or score ranking list contact us:[email protected]

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  • We’ve seen everything 1/5

    By lovemypopeyeeeeeesssss
    Y’all need to realize that there are a lot of kids that there are a lot of little kids that really enjoy playing these kind of games and creating there own story. Y’all need to at least add a new town or city so that they can have even more fun while playing the game. Then this might bring your star ratings up to a five or a four just listen this is what the people are asking for so just give it to them who knows y’all could probably be better than Toca boca world. So please I want my child to enjoy these games and everyone else’s too. Thank you Just make free please please please please
  • Having a problem 3/5

    By Stelly_beans
    While my daughter loves this app we seem to be having a problem purchasing the mall. We have made purchases before on the map without a problem but, every time we try to purchase the mall the app goes to the next screen where you put in a birthdate, we enter the birth year and the purchase seems to be complete but we cannot open the mall. We’ve restarted the app and everything... Please help?
  • I hope you understand 2/5

    By cloudicorny
    Some of us are not able to afford everything the same with Toca .these are really good games but I just wish you guys can make everything free
  • Todo con dinero 4/5

    By chocolatito herchis
    E n la foto se ve increíble pero después todo es con dinero y solo le dan unas pocas locaciones todo el juego es de dinero en ves en los demás si te dan todo el paquete completo le dan todo en este no .Recomiendo que instalen miga vacaciones y miga apartament en esos si pagas te lo dan todo le doy cuatro estrellas por que me gusta el juego pero háganlo como los otros pagas y te dan todo
  • Creepy.. 2/5

    By Donuts yee
    This game is ok like every thing load good and it quality but it is pretty expensive for the places. And you do not get a lot of characters and the characters are really really creepy and you only get one baby like ugh! There is really nothing to do and don’t waste you time and go play a actual good game called toca world.
  • I hate it 1/5

    Cause y’all copy toca world and toca starts you off with a whole city and you can build your first house 😡😡😡😡😡 SO STOP COPYING

    By martin its me
    Idk why it has a bad rate bec this game is the best game ever I nine year old big right, BUT I STILL PLAY BEC ITS THE GOOD!!!!
  • What is wrong 5/5

    By ghgrgfyghj
    Paying for the app I can’t anymore please fix this problem of payment do it for free
  • This game is so good I do roleplay with this game a lot 5/5

    By junebegood
    It’s a good game
  • Cool and great fun game 5/5

    By animal jam great
    I just love this this game it so fun and you can’t believe what I got I just got all the thing and all the buildings free so well I think it very fun not like the others they don’t even know what bully and kind is meant and I wish the people that did bully and no good game I wish then can be stop because if you guys the people that have a commit like this game is so dumb and why can’t the game be free well I want to ask this person this game is free so you guys can see he or she is a child I want to know do you even have a mom because that is not okay child can’t have commit if they don’t ask they mom because he or she was just a child if this child keep doing this then when he or she grew up he or she don’t like to talk and nobody want to be he or she’s friend and do you know that if you are the people that make this game and I’m you and I commit like eww this game is gross why can’t all the things and buildings be free that is so unfair I’m going to gave you one star gross game then if you see this commit what do you think about it are you sad or happy think about that guys did teacher even teach you about it if the one that make this game is your teacher and he or she see it what would he or she do think will he or she still let you stay in 1st grade and your mom will say why are you still in 1st grade did you do something not good so think that is not okay to say that mean word he or she is not a animal even that animal have feelings too guys I wish you guys say sorry to he or she that is not right. And I like this game well can you add like a island that teach child be kind and nice don’t be bully so that will teach them what kind it is :< and I love this game thank you for making it and don’t forgave them if they don’t say sorry 😐 Love. The kind person
  • It’s OK... 1/5

    By itt ok
  • I kinda like it 1/5

    By )3$$;7jsjjx
    This game is fun but we have to pay for everything and that’s so dumb

    By bdudnskd d
    U only get 3 free things but on Toca boca u get a bunch of free stuff
  • Why i dont like this game 2/5

    By hello i need you to read this
    This game is fun and all but i dont like that there is barley and places to go to
  • The game does not work 5/5

    By G-Nasty38
    I should’ve make this game five stars but I know it’s a glitch in the mega town game when you tap in a location the game crashers and it just pops up a shop but does not open up a tab please make sure your storage is full or I may not fall so bad that if your storage is too full or has too many apps or Clock apps or anything like that please make sure thanks
  • Discuss with the person who made the game 3/5

    By grfgtgy
    Make it free bc people can’t buy it 😙
  • the girl 3/5

    By hd hd yxv
    yeah stop
  • Bad news 1/5

    By wdsxccc V
    I didn’t like it it’s a bad game
  • Miga 4/5

    By gameforus😝
    Miga world is amazing but I think they should have more spaces open for people who don’t pay.
  • miga town 4/5

    By Natnie
    I love this game I got it like 1 million times and I can’t stop obsessing with it I like to get to but this miga town series is really good so people who like it I really like so I love this game just like the fans I’m one of the fans I can’t stop obsessing it’s just the best game ever so people hate it I hate when people love it love do you hate it?
  • 🤩 5/5

    By gdhshshy
    I really liked the game it gave you a lot of characters. Ithnik it is why better than tocaboca.
  • Why is the stuff not free 3/5

    By whgoxbeh
    I am really said that you have to pay for all the stuff and a of the stuff is really nice that you have to pay for I hope that the person who made this will see this and make a lot of free stuff because the game is getting a little boring so I hope you see this
  • Cost a lot of money 4/5

    By caroltwopointo
    It’s a great game but literally everything costs money I bought a couple of things but they were all like 4 dollars so I would appreciate it if you could make some things free.
  • CANT USE IT 2/5

    By mari1001001
    I tried it out looked at but when I started to play I couldn’t even get any where I tried to go in the free places DIDNT work
  • Toca life world 2/5

    By EthanOnTop11
    Toca life world is better because the stuff is cheaper and there is more locations
  • Toca verses miga 3/5

    By kali jada
    Ok, don’t get me rong this game is great. In some ways it is beter then toca boca , dut i prefer toca boca. The reson i prefer toca boca more is becuse when you start you get a city, you get to design a house in a vary cool way . I would love if you could add more free locasons . I understand you have to make money but i think pepole would be more incoreged to buy this game if that saw how cool some of the cooler locations
  • Please Add bundles 5/5

    By Cat Zing
    Why I am asking is because I have too buy everything separately😫😫😫 I mean it is fun☹️ Also one more thing PLEASE add more places😢😢😢one tiny thing when I put it nighttime and I go some where and it is daytime please fix that
  • Great but... 5/5

    By Gbaby ❤️🥰
    This game is great, but I also think you should be able to add the other apps into the game.
  • This game is hunted 1/5

    By barbara poop head
    This game is!!!!!!!!! Hunted it looks at u when move so don’t the Miga games there’s was a old person watching me
  • Please read! 3/5

    By Maddiemac20
    I think you should make more things that are free. Also I think things should not be as much money. I got A LOT of the parts of the game you have to buy..... and I LOVE them, but I have to use my own money.... so please just make them a little cheaper. And you should add a crib to the furniture store so that if you have the hospital you can take the babies home and put them in a crib! Also you should add a school for the older kids and there should be teachers..... also in the little kid school I think you should add a couple more beds! Also... whenever I hit restore purchases it doesn’t work! You make people think that they can buy the games and then restore purchases if they don’t like it... but you can’t! You NEED to make that change!!! 😡 you should also add masks to the stores! So it’s more like real life! Also.... the there should be at least one free HOUSE, not apartment! And the apartments should have more rooms and beds!!! 🙂 ALSO!.... in the stores.... there should be clothes for the little kids! I REALLY hope you can make these changes! Thanks!😁 Ps. I love this game SO much I can’t stop buying more parts of it!! 😂
  • -1 1/5

    By Glamma KC
    Seriously one building!? This is 🤬.
  • I love this game but a few suggestions 5/5

    By mary sewnadr
    I think there should be more people there are a lot of people that specialize in different things and I think there should just be more regular people also I think the toddlers should have more clothes and definitely more houses also maybe you could be able to get a job in the game and you could get paid with special game money and use the money to unlock new things thank you for reading this it would mean so much to me if you would make my suggestions come true
  • Is this free 4/5

    By rhi pei
    Umm a lot of things aren’t free in this game is the new update free?I’m a kid and I can’t get these things for free and I just wanna know if the update is because if it’s not I won’t get to enjoy it because it’s not and it’s not like I’m an adult with my own money or credit card and can buy anything that I want.Some kids have that problem two they wanna do other things to but they ask their parents and if they say know you can’t just enjoy all the other activities.I think all the activities should be free because I also want to enjoy them but I can’t cause it’s not free at all and I think you all should make at least 7 or 8 free Thank you please add suggestion Thank you
  • It’s not that good 2/5

    By @princexx_fox99
    Tbh this is a nock off of Toca world witch is so much better and a lot of things u have to buy to unlock and I’m not made out of money so I recommend just searching up toca world because it’s so much better and it’s free to download
  • Horrible 1/5

    By SpongeBob SquarePants1015
    You only get about 6 out of 30 things.And it happens with the other ones to don’t buy it or you will have to pay money.
  • These is scary 1/5

    By Attic fox🙈🦊
    You copyed Toca live these game is scary if i can give you a 0 I would but I can’t pls tack these game of is scary and my freind don’t like it
  • Better than the others 5/5

    By sambru123
    You get to get more rooms for free! Better than toca boca!
  • I hate this 😡 1/5

    By D🤪✌🏻
    I think that is toca boca copy and I hate the characters
  • It won’t let me in 5/5

    By love dog 123
    It won’t let me in it just keeps on loading and it say it need wif
  • Please make free! 4/5

    By Dumbo :>
    I love this game but I don’t really play anymore because it’s boring with no new places please make everything free because I never can roleplay and have fun because I’m always having to use the same places!
  • Please lower the cost 3/5

    By money stupid
    I know that you need money but some people can’t afford buying this like at least lower than down to one dollar and let you at least do two things instead of one because sometimes children’s parents don’t like them buying stuff online because it could be a scam so just please lower them down to one or two dollars like the other person said
  • I dont like it👁👄👁 4/5

    By knolgege
    Ok its cute but it shod be free plzz
  • No 1/5

    By jms1408
    This game is bad , it’s free yeah but so is toca world and toca s prices are WAY lower than miga I say just get Toca instead
  • Your game is so fun! and all!❤️✨ 5/5

    By Day And Dan<
    Whem I got on miga world I told my mom that I can buy something in miga world my mom and dad say yes I was happy😉 It was fun! All!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By fuidckyfe
    I tried to get my money back and it won’t let me horrible
  • Remember 2/5

    By farida fashwar
    Remember that we need new places for free don’t do it all for money pls thanks
  • Ok 5/5

    By Warrior Fatima
    So this game is awesome but I just don’t like that u have to buy some of them
  • The worst game ever 1/5

    By f c jgdfhvcxch 3:,)
    It’s horrible
  • 🦋🦋🦋 4/5

    By payten111🦋
    I like it. I was so excited. Why do you have to pay for it. All the extra stuff you have to pay for it’s fine but it will be even funner if I had all the stuff. I love it🦋💜💜💜💜💜🦋

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