Mighty Party: Battle Heroes

Mighty Party: Battle Heroes

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  • Current Version: 3.70
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Panoramik Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mighty Party: Battle Heroes App

Mighty Party is a turn-based strategy Idle RPG that is an excellent example of combining action, strategy, battle rpg and turn-based roleplaying games. We took the best from different genres to create an amazing experience for you in the world of Massively Online Role-Playing Games. Challenge mobile gamers from all over the world, crush your enemies in battle arenas and rise to the top! We will change the way you think about Battle chess RPG games! Consider your own offensive and defensive turn-based strategy with thousands of card combinations, because powerful heroes alone can only get you so far. Use your wits, come up with tactics and strategy, use brute force and slay your enemies! Join other players in guilds and clans to crush opponents and bosses for the most valuable loot and to claim the victory crown of battle chess RPG! Download the game for free to experience epic turn-based strategy turn-based Idle RPG battle chess and embark on an exciting adventure of this battle chess turn-based strategy! Some Features: ● Challenge other players all over the world of battle chess! ● Join other players in guilds and clans to conquer everyone! ● Level up your hero! ● Gorgeous graphics and a wide range of locations! ● PVP battles in real time! ● You can try to be afk at any given moment - no problem! You can even try to be an AFK Hero in battle arenas! But will you be successful afk player? We don’t know. More Features: ● Turn-based & fast-paced innovative battle system. Real strategy and tactics! ● Infinite battle combinations from dozens of war heroes. ● Epic Warlords with unique battle skills. ● Captivating PVP (Ranked Battles, Brawl, Arena matches, Tournaments, Survival, Raids, Events etc.) with great rewards! ● Single player campaign with an epic story of through the realm. A true hero’s Journey! ● Turf Wars is a game mode where your guild alliance fights using their troops against opponents for the most valuable territories. Prepare the Guild for glory! Note: Mighty Party is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your App store. A network connection is required. Support: Are you having problems? Please contact us via e-mail: [email protected] or in-game by going to Settings > Support. Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mightyparty.game Join our Discord Server: discord.gg/mightyparty Privacy Policy: http://mighty-party.com/privacy_policy.html Terms of use: http://mighty-party.com/terms_of_use.html

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Mighty Party: Battle Heroes app reviews

  • Matching Flaw 2/5

    By kes0311
    So i have noticed that when you use boost or guild boost, you are then matched against clearly higher level opponents. So then it is pretty much pointless to use the boost in the first place on your heros… i would think the reason to have boost is to get a leg up on other opponents at the same level as you. Not the case apparently. Extremely frustrating and a waste of time thinking you are going to get ahead by using boost on your heroes, because more often than not, you will be matched with higher level opponents who have way better hero’s that just smoke you in a couple turns. Other than that the game is fun and addicting. Opponent matching is just horrendous.
  • Recent changes 1/5

    Recent changes to turf wars completely changed the game and only for the worse. The community this game was built on is quitting because of these changes. If you are a new player skip this game it is truly in a terrible spot from the great game it used to be
  • Good but could be better 3/5

    By lab named hgffhhfdvhf
    I can’t upgrade my cards and I keep losing
  • Misleading 5/5

    By Jazz islanders class disband
    So I love this game, it's a great game to play and it's challenging enough to actuallt make you want to play it. The only thing that actuallt bugs me is you advertise for a game that you play for the 1st 10 minutes of game. Change the picture to the game we're playing not the dog/bee thing or make the dog/ bee thing a daily game
  • GOOD GAME 3/5

    By FREEZE321
    it’s a good game a bunch of stuff to keep u busy but in the beginning of game before they started updating this game never crashed and like i said they hadn’t run an update for a good while then they did there first big update and that’s where the game started to crash. I hate when it crashes during a battle to improve tier u loose ur trophies and my by go down a tier u can guarantee about 95% of the time it will crash during a trophy battle but besides that good game don’t feel like spending money just do the daily activities and save up before u know it u got 2000 gems it been one of the games I’ve been playing for years
  • In Game Purchase Warning 1/5

    By FreedomFighters4ChickenRights
    Panoramik, the game developer creates new features to incentivize in-game purchase, and once operational, changes the features again eliminating any advantage to game play earned through in-game purchase. So if you play this game, make sure you do not spend to make progress, as you progress will be eliminated or made useless at some point.
  • Not as advertised 3/5

    By itzfluffboi
    The game is good just not what you’ll expect. It’s not like any of the adds
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By s1574367843
    Keep changing characters attributes. Very difficult to level up
  • They don’t care if you have an issue 1/5

    By HongKongFuy
    I have had 2 issues with this developer about money and they do not care at all. They just want to take your money. You spend money to buy a character in the game. You then spend more money to upgrade them. Then they change what the character can do and make them a lot weaker. I did not get what I paid for and they literally don’t care. Their email will say they are checking with their development team and you never hear back from them. The game has been deleted and I will never play it again.
  • Don’t waste your time / money here 1/5

    By Yoyoyiyoyoy
    It’s a great not original idea for a game. Actually it’s rather misleading combination of two games. However leveling system is totally unclear and not as friendly as you may think. Referrals are not working and of course there is no balance in this game at all.
  • 100% pay to win and cheats 1/5

    By stephen929
    You’re hardly ever playing real people and the game will decide when you lose. I started to get out a pen and paper to see how often I got screwed. There would be 1 out of 3 spots that I would need a random guy to spawn to be able to attack directly. For a 66% chance of it happening it preceded to not do 13/15times. You know when you’re playing a bot because they will attack and they I’ll spawn down every isle and I’m not exaggerating 6 of the 10 ‘random’ triggers ALWAYS hit the person in the back or someone who can’t be attack from the front or has spikes. I wish I could go to my credit card and dispute all charges to get my money back.
  • Rigged against you 1/5

    By abstepka
    It’s pay to win completely. But it gets worse…. They rig the pvp against you so even if you have a good squad you won’t be able to advance without paying. (Match you with significantly higher lvl opponents, give opponents extra hero slots filled with the perfect counter to your last move) If u do decide to pay and build up a hero, that hero will get significantly nerfed within a few weeks and you’re left with having flushed $ down the toilet. Their headquarters is in Cyprus. I hope someone burns their whole building to the ground.
  • Every one who wrote a good review for this game was either paid to do it or LYING!! 1/5

    By Parry 937
    This game is pay to win…the mechanics are awful and the game is glitchy…not only do they make it to where it’s impossible to win and you can tell your playing against bots but when you look at your opponents stats and the level of there deck it’s obvious that they don’t match up…panoramik is another terrible cash grab gaming company that does not care for the product or the consumer and should be sued and who ever owns this company is a cuckold
  • Stick wars seems to much of a hassle. 4/5

    By Bekki T.D
    Game’s good - but not good to get 5 stars, and once I’m finished with “Protect the Pet” which is, yeah a hassle.. but not that much because you’d actually draw a line protecting your pet instead of fighting of stick figures, right?
  • Fun with issues 3/5

    By Icymattv
    This game was and still is fun but the enjoyment has gone down steadily due to 3 main issues. Issue one is the game crashes a good amount and it’s frustrating having a win get ripped away from you by a crash multiple times, Issue 2 is the imbalance of legendary heroes I'm aware that they are supposed to be powerful but some just break the game and make winning impossible such as nevermore if you cant remove it instantly or the mad genius making someone potentially immortal, Issue 3 is the unfairness of facing heroes you cant unlock for another 10 arenas that are absolutely broken
  • Do not install this game 1/5

    By screw off son
    I’ve been playing for a year, this game is complete and utter garbage, customer support is trash, the developers of this game are too incompetent to fix a crash that has been happening for two months. Which results in you losing your gems/souls. If your looking for a game that will make you want to throw your phone and punch a wall, this is the game, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. You know it’s trash when they have to pretend to be a different game. The developers of this game only care about money, and I mean only money, screw the players, any event that you don’t have to pay for gets immediately nerfed. Higher ranked guilds have bots that can access restricted information so it gives them an advantage, customer support also refuses to acknowledge this.
  • Waste of money 2/5

    By Your mom21457
    Have to spend a lot of money to even try to enjoy it. Not worth it.
  • Good game. I have playing for a couple years. 4/5

    By Kinmarb
    The stupid stick figure intro has nothing to do with the actual game so try not to be put of by it. The game is a mixture between Cards and chess and apparently used to be called Brawlchess which is a much more appropriate name. The only reason it doesn’t get five stars is because of the constant moneygrubbing approach of the developers.
  • Loved it at first but then… 2/5

    By bbrriattt
    Game was actually super fun in the beginning. And then I realized, they make it so you can’t win in order to purchase a pack. Then it lets you advance for a few days and same situation. Like I said, fun to start, then started to hate it. Deleted it.
  • Won't recommend 1/5

    By NatigBaku
    Game crashes too often in the middle of battles. And it's almost impossible to play after you get to a certain level, where most of the other players spends tons of money. Chests and all that little gifts are nothing to compare with the power of other players who spends money, at least program the game so it'll much the players with the same skills and powers. Won't recommend
  • First time played crashed lost all progress 1/5

    By Winding down
    I should’ve known better was progressing nicely enjoyed playing, got sucked into the vortex and spent 60 bucks after playing for several hours. It crashed went to log back in all progress lost . Tried to go on website in order to get help is practically impossible. Have to jump through a lot of loops and hoops. Thank you for teaching me a lesson I’m not getting sucked into the vortex. GC id is A200
  • Where did the doggy go? 1/5

    By Jvest18
    The game was a lot of fun protecting the doggy. Now the doggy is gone and they just want me to battle with other people. Do not get the game if you just want to protect the doggy. I will give this 5 stars when I get the doggy back.
  • PAY TO WIN!!! 1/5

    By Mr Nope 43
    This game could be fun, but once you get to a certain level, if you don’t buy the overpriced loot packs, everyone that has is overpowered. I have better things to spend my money on.
  • terrible game 1/5

    By Te dark lord
    doesn’t let you do what you want, walks you through everything and your only option is to do what they say, can’t play the other games in the app, terrible. and the game isn’t fun anyway
  • Entertaining Game with flawed match making 1/5

    By Harold_O
    Three updates later and match making is still not fixed. Contacted them, and according to them the match making parameters are acceptable. Ones you reach level 15-14-13. It seems acceptable to them to pair a regular person in a fight against Mike Tyson.
  • Fake Ads 1/5

    By wizz is garbage
    i don’t understand what y’all get out of lying about the entire game…it’s corny asl and stupid just stay true to what ur game actually is, the ad i watched wasn’t EVEN CLOSE to what it actually is and i’m tired of u little bozo companies making fake ads to get players. u must’ve realized how pointless ur game actually is. DO BETTER !
  • Not being able to choose 3/5

    By Ashhhhhh💙
    I would like to be able to choose which mini game I want to play each time I go in the app and be able to go back to that page as a home page. It seems that I have to finish playing sticky wars before I can choose a different mini game?? Is this true?
  • Not balanced at all 1/5

    By Kolt7
    The game is extremely unbalanced. It started out fun but after less than a week it is imposable to play without spending thousands of $$$$. I regret spending what I did.
  • Terrible game and no support 1/5

    By Ksuwildcat123
    Game made errors and I lost resources. Support keeps sending same message in response of not their fault move on. Terrible game, waste of money and time, and support is not supporting. Don’t waste your time.
  • But what if I change my mind? 3/5

    By Us two
    I picked save the pet and then thought I would try a different game and it won’t let me.
  • Don’t download this game!!! 1/5

    By Ja-Kel
    This game is not what is advertised. Additionally, it has become a pay to win game. It used to be easy to spend $10-$20 a month and make good growth. Even as a FTP you at least had a chance for acceptable growth. Now if you are not willing to spend $100 a month to make decent growth you will be sorely disappointed. Every update the past year or so has curtailed a players ability to grow without spending outrageous sums of money.
  • Can’t get out of same mini game. 1/5

    By GK8149
    I recently downloaded 5 minutes ago and wanted to try out multiple mini games it has to offer. I chose stick wars first, but couldn’t get out of the game to try the others. I quit the game, restarted my phone, still stuck in stick wars.
  • Bait and Switch Pay to Win TRASH 1/5

    By Twistoffate021
    Downloaded this thinking I would get to play the dog and bees game. Got to play it a little then got bait and switched to this overrated pay to win RPG card game that is horribly balanced, unfair and not worth your time. AVOID!
  • Smh 2/5

    By ki1st
    Games not worth it anymore just keeps crashing and freezing when u play a battle and it takes away ur tries even if the game crashed like threw me out the app terrible game now used to be fun
  • Can’t turn off help 3/5

    By War_Space
    The help finger wont go away. It telling me where to place my characters to even where to go in the menu. It makes sense for it to be there for the tutorial but not through out the whole gaming experience, it’s annoying.
  • Application fell down 1/5

    By IrenaSeptember
    Your application doesn’t upload completely. Fix it please
  • Waste of time, money scam 1/5

    By Thithath
    Can’t progress after a while without spending stupid money on this, don’t bother.
  • Pay to win 1/5

    By stormchaser1291
    They start you off with perks and you win a lot at first then once you get to a certain point you have to spend money to get anything of benefit. I have been on the same level for 6 months because I refuse to spend money on a game. Don’t waste your time and money.
  • New update is bad 1/5

    By Bluewave audio
    Gem count is not working for purchases or level rewards. Customer service is now saying it will take 24 hours to look in to it, after sending screen shots and receipts. Time to dispute all credit card charges and see if that gets their attention.
  • I love it so much 5/5

    By Spammy Chicken
    I love it so much but it is too intinst
  • The more you spend the harder it gets. 1/5

    By MrMJ
    For some unknown reason after spending a ton of money all my heroes lost 25-30% of their life and attack power… support does not respond. However, I went back to play a quest level that I’ve been stuck on for some time and it is now much easier than when my heroes were much more powerful. The enemy starts with lower life and less attack power. So, spending money to become powerful to beat these levels is futile because they must be using some poorly written AI to adjust levels according to one’s strength level. Which is also offensive when you pay a lot of money to get through this thing only to realize it’s counter productive.
  • Hi everyone who likes chess and gatcha games. 1/5

    By smackmore
    Very fun in the beginning. Amazingly fun! Dynamic chess just give it that extra. But it’s a gatcha. You feel like you are just stomping through opponents. Then. You get to about league 15-14 and the all is lost moment starts to set in. I’ve put $100 easy down. Wasn’t even able to get past 14..have 335 health going against people with 400+. Meaning their “cards” are way higher lvl then mine, but I get the pleasure of being humped by people that use to play but because they don’t anymore I get to go against them because they aren’t there to maintain their league dropping them lower and lower to the point I don’t want to play anymore. a question I have for the developers..so I can auto play league fights? Meaning? They are bots?. but not auto brawl? Meaning that we don’t lose anything to a player? But we lose ranking to a bot? And more often then not a “bot” that shouldn’t even be close to my league.
  • Ridiculous challenges 1/5

    By ㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴ빠세
    This game is enjoyable however it has ridiculous challenges that I cannot pass without spending money. I understand but this developer literally made impossible to pass the level without spending actual money. I have to level up to pass the level, but just playing does not get you to level up. Frustration build up and I am deleting the app. I don’t know how much I need to spend to “enjoy” the game and feeling accomplished. Not worth my hardworking money on some just a game that I can never enjoy.
  • Bee and dog favorite part missing 3/5

    By Gabes3487
    The Bees and the dog part is my FAVORITE part of the game but it’s missing please bring it back after the update I couldn’t find the bees and dog button
  • New update keeps crashing 1/5

    By Ebogel
    New updates need to be better tested. The ads are more annoying and the game keeps crashing
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By e t s o
    Love this app. Have it on my android phone and my ipad. Ipad KEEPS CRASHING. All the time. Otherwise 5 stars. Friendly for casual players. Still enjoyable without spending money.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By 123ahdjfrm
    It is not a good game to play
  • It has the games you see on instagram ads!! 5/5

    By bbiiggbbooii
    At first I was like “oh great another card hero game I just got dooped!” But here’s where it gets real you can save the dog from the bees and the gameplay is awesome for main part of it I like seeing if I can match up against different people and if I’m not good I loose but it’s not just pay to win you can grind for the stuff you need and it honestly awesome!😁
  • Too focused on pay to play 2/5

    By Ramguy1988
    Just like a lot of games it has a large pay to play element to it, however there are a lot of times that pay to play element comes through too strong, otherwise game is fun