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Migraine Buddy App

▶More than 1 million downloads and rated as the #1 Migraine App◀ according to both patients and doctors, with advanced reporting & exports, automatic tracking of weather pressure and sleep! ▶ Migraine Buddy is an advanced migraine headache diary and tracking app designed with neurologists and data scientists. ▶ More than a migraine journal, Migraine Buddy will help you quickly record and identify all aspects of an attack, including migraine triggers, symptoms, medications, frequency, duration, pain intensity, location, and other lifestyle factors so users can improve their migraine condition. It will also help you track the impact of your migraine condition on your daily life. ▶ Migraine Buddy also provides an easy to read summary report for users to send to their doctor, employer, or insurance company, or simply for better personal understanding of their migraines. “It’s like a personal doctor who’s always there and whose questions are easy to answer.” - Migraine Buddy user ▶ Migraine Buddy also features an intelligent sleep diary that allows users to see the correlation between their sleep and migraines via a newly introduced sleep graph. ▶ You will also be able to track the impact of weather pressure variations on your migraines and can be alerted by a notification of the next 24 hours forecast in your location. ▶ For chronic and high frequency migraineurs, the Migraine Impact Buddy will help you track on a daily basis your pain, symptoms and the impact of migraines on your life. RECORDING AN ATTACK ◆ Easy to use, beautifully designed interface and icons with wizard style questionnaires that guides users through the recording
 process ◆ Personalize every questionnaire screen by adding more icons, delete the ones that don't relate to your migraines and reorganize them all based in any order you want. ◆ Record ongoing and past migraines with an interface specifically designed to be used during an attack ◆ Quick access to skip and record entries at a later time
 if a migraine has made normal functioning impossible ◆ Notes section to add additional information such as food, weather conditions, barometric pressure, mood, etc. ◆ Reminders to finish recording A WELCOMING COMMUNITY ◆ Add a "Buddy": share your migraine status with your "buddies" within the app. Let each other know when you're migraine-free, having a migraine, and how you feel. ◆ Share advice and feelings with other users ◆ Stay informed of a loved one’s migraine condition A PERSONALIZED INTERFACE ◆ Add custom fields to the questionnaire so it becomes a permanent option for users ◆ Customized reports including frequency and duration, pain intensity, pain location, migraine triggers, migraine medications, migraine symptoms and helps to understand the effectiveness of medication and other migraine relief methods ◆ Calendar option allows users to measure the impact migraine has on their life ◆ Geotargeted local weather and pressure ◆ Track your sleep patterns nightly ◆ Data is secured and protected by HIPAA-compliant cloud TOP-RATED BY DOCTORS AND PATIENTS ◆ Over 1,000,000 users worldwide and rising - Recommended by top neurologists


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Migraine Buddy app reviews

  • The best thing ever 5/5

    By Renee"blessed1"Crawford
    Love love love it
  • Migraine buddy 4/5

    By klemmerich
    Very thorough, usually to much to fill out in midst of a migraine but easy enough to go back to.
  • Great and useful but maybe too many questions for an entry. 5/5

    By Bmarie826
    I really love this app and it’s helped me so much with identifying triggers for migraines!!!! My only critique is that there is kind of too many options for each entry. If I have a throbbing headache I may not want to sort through everything in each entry. I wish there was a way to remove certain triggers or meds that I’ll never use. Thank you for making this app !!!!
  • 0 if I could 1/5

    By bbrvr
    Since using this app I have gotten many info calls for migraine medication and migraine pain.I assume they’re selling information. Terrible way to help anyone with a migraine.
  • Combine account!!!! 5/5

    By lisa/jordyn
    We love this app!!! My 14yr old daughter has had migraines for 10 yrs we both ate in the same account so I can log them when she forgets or is too sick to do it!!! Her neurologist loves that we have so many details when we go in for her appts!!!
  • Very very useful!! 5/5

    By TLor68
    I use this app everyday. It has really helped me track my migraines. I share the info with my neurologist when I go in for visits. I check the barometric pressure almost daily as it is a major trigger for me. I have learned more about my triggers. I highly recommend! I tell all my friends with headaches about this app!
  • New look on my pain 5/5

    By LauriesTwinsis
    Thank you for just being able to hit a button. When my pain is bad the last thing I want to do is think. I love the picture multi choices. Thank you many times o can’t remember when my Last migraine accrued.
  • Best app for migraines!!! 5/5

    By migraines4days
    I have been with migraine buddy since nearly the beginning of my migraine journey! The enhancements made over the years has made it simple to properly track every aspect of my migraine experience! The only thing missing I see is a way to record when doc visits are and any changes to care that happen at those points but that can be added in notes section of an attack anyway.
  • Migraine buddy is a great tool 5/5

    By Mi chula ct
    In just the short time I have used it, it has been so handy to keep track of my head aches. I just hit a button to start when it hurt. I have told other about this app. Give it a try
  • Can you help 5/5

    By hopepulse
    We need you to add Arabic language if you can . amazing app helpful for lot of people and there doctors , please well you be training Thank you for make it easy for lot of people
  • There’s a few things that I would change... 3/5

    By Auriella
    Overall it’s a pretty good app, but there are a few things that I would change. For instance, the sleep tracker never gets my actual results correct so I have to adjust it daily. When I do have a migraine attack the pain level doesn’t stay the same the whole time, I should be able to show how it fluctuates. For example, just because it starts at 4 doesn’t mean it stayed that way. Maybe put in a graph that I can adjust once the attack is done to show the flow of the migraine. Also for the time thing, correct this, sync it to the phone. It’s annoying.
  • Great App 4/5

    By ShannyO7717
    I really enjoy using this app to t ask my migraines. I wish there was a “woke up with” and “went away while sleeping” option for the start and end times of the migraine.
  • Easy headache tracker 5/5

    By Demcho
    I was struggling to keep a headache diary on paper when I found and downloaded this app. Migraine Buddy is an easy-to-use tracker. It has all the detail I need and allows for some customization. I like that you can set up a reminder to close out a headache when it resolves. The headache log is easy to export so that I can give the information to my doctor. Highly recommend!
  • so helpful! perfect 5/5

    By Fulfill_One_Wish
    its much easier to use, especially during a headache/migraine. i almost wish there was another like this for mental health, as im currently trying to find a way to document that as well and love the simplicity of pressing different buttons on this one versus proper journaling
  • Great tracker 5/5

    By csrob
    Great app to track migraines. Super easy to use
  • Great for keeping track ! 5/5

    By bralliwalk
    And for understanding/realizing your triggers! Is also handy to communicate with your doctor. The detailed questions it asks when logging an attack are terrific because it puts all the info into graphs, which for us visual learners is very helpful!!
  • Very in-depth 5/5

    By 4dminer
    Easy to use. In-depth questions to track migraines and sleep.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By LouieNYC07
    Migraine buddy is now part of my daily routine. I’m so glad to have something to keep me organized and see what the actual results of my migraine are—instead of just guessing. I like that it analyzes for you. And is easy to use even when you’re having an attack. For those of us living with migraines on a consistent basis I would HIGHLY recommend.
  • Exceptional features and connect-to-provider lists 5/5

    By Reviewed4You
    This is the first app review I have ever slowed down to contribute. Working in healthcare it takes a lot for a health-related app to impress me and I have been extremely impressed by Migraine Buddy. I like that I can add in my sleep time rather than rely on the overnight feature, which may be great I just have not tried it yet. I downloaded this app while visiting a family member who has pets and triggered ongoing migraines for me. I love that I could use the connect-to-a provider feature to locate acupuncturists nearby. There is a lot of flexibility within this app that makes it very easy to use on the go, during an attack, and to catch up with after an attack. I really like that I can add notes to the day because I personally like to include what I’m eating especially if it’s something unusual or new to me so that I can see if it makes a difference in the coming days. At this time, if I made a suggestion it would be to offer a food journal as a complement to the app that can be used along side it for tracking and reporting. I really look forward to seeing how the predictability alerts will help me gauge and treat my migraines. Life should only get better using Migraine Buddy!
  • Amazing! Easy & helpful! 5/5

    By Cata32
    This is the first thing that makes it so easy to track my migraines which I get almost everyday. I used to do it on paper, but it was very laborious and inconvenient. This app records important data for each migraine that I can share with my doctor. I like that I can record a migraine has started and choose to fill out the rest of the info later if I don’t feel up to it at the time. Please keep this app free. It’s a lifesaver!
  • Tracking intensities 5/5

    By dgd0460
    Love the app! I would love to have an ability to track the intensity of my headache. My headaches fluctuate when I get them, 2 to 3 times a week, they start differently and then go throughout the day changing intensity. Thanks.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Stellarnariousnic
    I love this app. I also like I can share it with my doctor super easily. My only wish is that I could sync my sleep info from my Fitbit to the app. Still a 5 Star product!!
  • Easy to use and immeasurably helpful 5/5

    By RoshniB
    Tracking triggers, areas, etc. is so useful. Great app to help understand migraines.
  • Surprised this is a free app...but very grateful! 5/5

    By MicGrant
    I am usually the person that continually presses “no” when an app asks if you’ll rate it. But this app includes sooooo much for being free. I love all of the different factors that it takes into account and also allows you to add your own symptoms and possible triggers. The reports are amazing- it basically gives you statistics on your top triggers, average headache duration, average sleep before a headache and on non-headache days, etc. The amount of information it allows you to track and then gives you feedback on is astonishing. It’s easy to use and extremely helpful for someone who has no idea why they’re getting headaches (like me). Thank you so much for this app and for not making me pay!!!!!!!
  • This has everything 5/5

    By Bonnajean
    Migraines are relatively new to me. I’d get them whenever I was pregnant. My youngest is 4 so this time of pain is something new I have to adjust myself in order to win. I stumbled across this app when I was in the the throngs of a full blown migraine. It helped me measure my symptoms.
  • Great, useful app 4/5

    By Absdefg
    I find this app very useful. It’s easy to use and helps me track my migraines. It has a wide variety of options to choose from when trying to record the symptoms you are having. Very user friendly, would def recommend.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Mcgowse
    My doctor showed me this app and asked me to use it. It is easy and helps to track patterns. It also helps my doctor to continue to justify my migraine treatment with the evil insurance company Still not sure how I feel about the moves to try to track sleep. I guess I would like to opt out and get rid of daily notifications on that as I do not want it although I think it could be useful. It does make me wonder what will be tracked next
  • Covers it all and easy to use 5/5

    By James0026
    The feature that lets you start a migraine a return to finish it later makes it easy to keep accurate records. Great app.
  • Indispensable & Invaluable!! 5/5

    By Mockingbird Girl
    I've been using Migraine Buddy for over two years, and am *finally* writing a review. In short, MB has become an indispensable & invaluable tool for me in not only basic tracking the occurrence of my migraines, but in also being able to: • see the efficacy of my "reliefs" (specific med, eye mask, sleep, caffeine etc.) • look back at potential triggers, pain location on my head (I tend to get them more on the right.) • provide reports that I can share with my physician etc. I also like being customise each of the tracking fields to suit my need. So, yeah... 👍🏻💯🙂
  • Helps you get a grasp on your migraines 5/5

    By Tay99ZZ
    My neurologist suggested using this app since I was horrible at marking my migraines on my calendar. I was sure I only had a few each month because that's all I could recall after not remembering to write stuff down. I was way off. With this little tracker I discovered I was having many more. We found a pattern for when the migraines would hit, the top triggers and the meds that were helping me. I've been using this app for nearly a year now, tracking every migraine and I finally feel I've got some control. Not completely obviously since in never know how intense it will be or how long it will last. But I know about when they may hit and how best to deal with it. I've also gotten some new ideas for prevention/care and the data has helped my neurologist, she has been able to better diagnose me and find the right treatment path. Love my app!!!
  • So helpful 5/5

    By Kirrahe
    This is such a great app for tracking migraines. Many others expect you to pay a ton of money, and this one hasn’t asked me once to pay for it. Love the way it offers different migraine selections and the different options you can create to help you track triggers.
  • Good work! 5/5

    By Marykeeper
    I get a lot from this app. It also helps me with other health issues. I look at the barometric pressure and also some things related to fibromyalgia. Good work!
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By rain11782
    This app is easy to use, especially when you’re already in pain and don’t want to deal with a complicated way to record the event. The graphs are accurate and easy to read, and the app gives great tips and encouragement! Definitely recommend this app!
  • Validating and encouraging 5/5

    By Katieclosterwilkerson
    When I’m having a migraine attack, and I select my aura symptoms and pain level on this app, it reminds me that I’m not crazy. Migraine is real and it’s terrible. Migraine Buddy helps me feel more proactive about my health.
  • Highly recommend! Solid migraine tracker 4/5

    By ArmyWifeyMommy
    I’ve been using this migraine tracking app for going on a year. I’ve tried a few and I keep coming back to this one. Here’s why.... -It’s intuitive and easy to use -It does NOT have a white background ANYWHERE! When you have a migraine, the last thing you want to see is a white, back-lit screen or bright color of any kind really. -you can customize each category to fit your personal needs and uses and I like that you can see how many other users have added the same item when I’m searching for a symptom, relief, trigger, etc... to add to my list. -the developers are continually making improvements adding features. - I appreciate the ability to wait till later to input the details. - it’s easy to go back and edit as you remember information even for migraines you already closed out. You don’t have to delete and start over. - many more reasons!!! THANK YOU for the NEW impact calendar! This is a really useful feature. I love being able to see my month at a glance. Super helpful when I see the neurologist. I rated this 4 stars instead of 5 because there is still room for improvement and However, these aren’t major issues for me. - SLEEP DETECTOR. It takes a really long time to load data from my phone. So long, in fact, that my phone sleeps before it can even finish loading. But it’s not a very helpful feature for me because I DON’T sleep with my phone on the bed and the data is very inaccurate. I used to spend a fair amount of time every day editing/correcting the reports. It was a frustration. I’ve turned this feature off. *I would like to see the option to record my own sleep. Perhaps with a standard expected sleep schedule that the user can set up then modify on a daily basis as needed. -PROGRESSIVE PAIN SCALE- I’d like to have the ability to show the progression of my pain level for long duration migraines. Sometimes it starts moderate or mild but becomes intense then moderates again. When you have a migraine that last 2-3 days one number on the pain scale just doesn’t do the trick. I know that we can make notes on the note pad. I do that, but the visual would be nice. Migraine coach had that feature and I used that app for that feature (and that’s about all I used it for). Now, the app is gone. It’s not a huge deal, but It would be a nice feature to have. OVERALL I am very thankful for this app. The developers do a wonderful job and I highly recommend it.
  • Confusion Reigns 4/5

    By NolaGirl18
    It’s a good app but difficult to navigate while migraine impaired. Thank you! (i.e. “Nickname”)
  • Intuitive and easy to use 4/5

    By Rgb91
    So easy to use and has been so helpful. Only wish there was a way to track if medication has helped a migraine but not totally relieved it. For example, if I have gone from an 8 to a 4, I could track that Advil helps do that. Otherwise really like this!!
  • Phenomenal•So Helpful! 5/5

    By Olympic Migraine Team-Captain
    Amazing app! I’ve been getting migraines for 40 years and working with a headache clinic for 20. This app has simplified recording all the info they ask for and need, let alone all the new things I have learned since using this app!! I’m more knowledgeable than I’ve ever been about auras, triggers and pre/postdromes than I ever thought possible. Humidity and pressure is a HUGE part of my H. aches! All my meds, even my homeopathic meds are registered. ‘She’(next I’ll name her, lol) even tracks my SLEEP! The dark screen- awesome during my blackout times, I just can’t rave enough. Being able to go back in and change or update an entry? Great feature!! Because let’s face it, my IQ is about 32 during one of my a—kicking migraines... thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By RomeoandJulian
    This is an amazing app to record my migraines, my triggers, and how often my episodes are happening, I absolutely recommend it for tracking headaches and migraines.
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By Pisces in march
    I’ve had migraines since I was 7 I’m 44 now and to see out on paper is eye opening! This app is wonderful and makes my life easier when I need tracking!! Thank you!
  • Five stars 5/5

    By dchshcneh hencbft
    I get migraines all the time and this is a helpful tracker to find out the cause of migraines and prevent them in the future
  • 5 Star for sure 5/5

    By rac234
    I absolutely love this app! It has helped me so much with being able to track my migraines. It really lets your track every possible detail of your migraine from aura, medication taken, where the migraine is affecting you, etc. I appreciate the darker interface as well. I would highly recommend this application. The only thing I wish it had was integration with the Fitbit app so my sleep tracking would carry over.
  • Sluggish sleep recording on iPhone 4/5

    By justatadjudgy
    I love this app. If I still had my Android this would be 5 stars. Since I switched to an iPhone, it takes several hours after I wake up to register my sleep where it was almost immediate before. I’d love to see that recalibrated for iPhone.
  • Great tool 5/5

    By Monieca28
    I love this app and I am very excited about it. It will be valuable when talking with my doctor about my headaches. I needed to be recording my headaches and I thought I wonder if there is an app? I downloaded a few free ones and I really liked this the best. This app has options to select multiple “attacks”in a day and why/what brought the attack on, what helps, where you were when it started and what/how the attack is affecting you. I love the detail that it provides that I wouldn’t have thought of writing down. I love that it is on my device and I can start the info and come back to finish when the attack is over/ended.
  • Perfect App - Needs better reporting 4/5

    By Krobz2
    The app is perfect with the exception of the reports not including the weather
  • Easy and useful 5/5

    By DK A
    My migraines came back after many years. I knew my doctor would ask me all sorts of questions about when, how often, etc. This ap does it. If there is anything extra you want to track you can use the easy to use notes feature. The sleep feature doesn’t work real well for me. It puts multiple sleep episodes for one night if you wake up in the night but only asks for confirmation on the last. I use my Fitbit to track sleep so I haven’t put much effort in seeing if this can work better for me. Everything else is very very easy to use and that’s what we need during an attack!
  • NOT the best app as claimed 1/5

    By One-handed
    There is no landscape orientation support for tablet devices, thereby making it nearly impossible for disabled people to use this app, or users that have tablet cases to function in landscape mode. Works okay on smart phones which typically use Portrait orientation, but no support for tablets. A BETTER app that does support landscape orientation is HeadApp and is highly recommended. My doctor is considering converting his patients to the HeadApp because it is much easier to use, and DOES support tablet devices in landscape orientation.
  • Well done. I am really using it. 5/5

    By lady gidiva
    And I can give this accurate info to my doctor.
  • THE BEST 5/5

    By JLM1127
    I’ve tried countless migraine apps in the past and kept returning to this one-it’s hands down the best. Period.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Paradise_City
    I have been using this app for about a week now and found it very helpful. The various prompts really allow me to think about my migraines in a new way. My only complaint is with the “notes” section - in general I really like it and like that it creates a time stamp. However, the text as I am writing is so tiny that it is hard to read. I already have vision issues with my headaches so then trying to read the tiny type is a challenge. Perhaps there is a setting that I don’t know about that would allow me to change that?

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