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MiLB First Pitch

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  • Current Version: 15.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MLB
  • Compatibility: Android
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MiLB First Pitch App

MiLB First Pitch is the official mobile app for Minor League Baseball and 120 clubs, from Triple-A to Low-A. Follow the top MLB prospects from every club and watch more than 6,500 games live or on-demand with your [MiLB.TV subscription|], with more than 95 percent of games now available in high-definition. **** NEW FOR FIRST PITCH IN 2022 **** - New and improved team page scoreboards - Updated team branding for the 2022 Minor League Baseball season, including the Aberdeen IronBirds, Beloit Sky Carp, Midland RockHounds, and Sugar Land Space Cowboys - New live MiLB.TV streaming support for the Vancouver Canadians, St. Lucie Mets and Visalia Rawhide Terms of Use: Copyright © 2022 Minor League Baseball. Minor League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are the property of Minor League Baseball. All Rights Reserved. Blackout restrictions: Blackout restrictions may apply for Lehigh Valley IronPigs home games. Other restrictions may apply. Visit MiLB.TV for details.

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MiLB First Pitch app reviews

  • Glitchy, glitchy, glitchy! 1/5

    By Decypher44
    Opened up the app today to watch a playoff game, and the Home Screen where the current/next game of a favorite team was….BLANK. Couldn’t see the score, couldn’t watch the game. Really?!?
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Jriiiii342
    Keeps telling me I need to subscribe even though I have active subscription
  • Update 15.4.0 1/5

    By BBH lp
    You broke the app with this update. And it’s the playoffs. Please fix.
  • Kinda good kinda not good 1/5

    The app sometimes exits out on its own
  • Notifications 1/5

    By mrski22
    It is 2022. I’m not sure why you guys would’ve offered notifications and then taking them away from the app that is incredibly silly and makes the app almost useless. Navigation is clunky at best and it’s very hard to use the app. App updates are supposed to make it better, but this place seems to get continuously worse, it’s sad because I have a local team I’d like to follow, but it ain’t even worth the headache of the app
  • Needs lots of work 1/5

    By Jakle North
    I bought an MiLB subscription this year but had so many problems with it I will not be getting it again. App kept logging out, there is no MilB app on Roku, Apple TV or any streaming device. Bad layout on the app. Bummer. This is the future of baseball and they can’t even make it usable. I guess they pay minor league players barely anything so if they don’t care about them why would they care about the app.
  • Poor time to crash 2/5

    By PAyscue
    Previously sung the praises of the app despite many poor ratings BUT unstable performance beginning with unusable/crash on the next to last day of regular season and consistently failing during opening round of playoffs earns 2-star rating. Gotta do better at crunch time, will reduce to 1-star (unless zero star measure becomes available) if does not improve before Championship round.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Faithgal220
    This app has been fantastic all season with hardly any issues, but now that teams are going into playoffs, I cannot get any game day stuff to work. I cannot even see the scores or box score, or watch games as they happen. Absolutely ridiculous timing.
  • Latest update leaves the app broken 1/5

    By AnITGuy
    The latest update as of 9/2022 leaves this app only half working. The Home Screen doesn’t show a game in play for my selected team and it’s the playoffs. Before this I had to delete the app then reinstall it as it would crash when opened, every time. Also, if I’m a paid subscriber to, I should not see ads. The ad placement in the app is terrible, clunky, and ugly. When I pay for a service related to an app, I expect to be spared from ads.
  • Crashes immediately 1/5

    By FoulHook16
    App will not open and crashes every attempt. Removed and downloaded again with same issue. This is not a free app and totally unacceptable. I will not be continuing with this app after this month is paid for.
  • App won’t open 2/5

    By Di-ster
    Here we are at the end of the season and the app has quit working. Is it being addressed?
  • Crashes 1/5

    By GarrettMcGowan
    The app doesn’t even work anymore! It just crashes before I can even do anything on it!
  • App crashes on opening 1/5

    By MuddyHands
    App crashed (two separate downloads) soon after opening. Specifically it crashed after I rejected the MiLB premium game streaming offer. The app crashed, then it repeatedly crashed when I tried to reopen it. As stated, this happened two separate times. Very disappointing …
  • Needs to be held to a higher standard 2/5

    By Hoss Grizzly
    I haven’t been able to get on this app since last week Thursday. I pay a subscription fee for this app the last few years to watch my son play in the Minors, and sometimes there is no feed or the app doesn’t work. This app needs to be held to a higher standard just like your MLB app. Stop treating this like a step child. I haven’t been able to get on this app since last week, and couldn’t watch my son last Friday on this app pitching his last outing of the season. Every time I click on the app, it blanks out & disappears. At this point, you should be giving me some kind of credit. I would send you an email, but last time I sent one, you never responded.
  • App immediately crashes 1/5

    By AM0X
    App immediately crashes. Reinstalling doesn’t help. Can’t stream anything, so my subscription is wasted money. Pathetic. You would have thought someone at MiLB might have tossed a few dollars into this app during the pandemic so fans would have a way to keep up with their teams, and yet it’s now unusable. It worked fine in the 2019 and prior seasons.
  • Crashes every time I try to open it 1/5

    By HG123#*
    App is worthless if it won’t open. I paid to watch the minor league games but app will not open just crashes after tapping it. I can only listen to games. What did I pay for? A faulty app that won’t open.
  • App crashes and will not open 1/5

    By Coolstylez
    Please fix the app. Keeps crashing on open. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app with no success
  • Terrible 1/5

    By SarahChiro
    Crashes regularly, hard to navigate, AirPlay to my TV is glitchy and unreliable. All of this for an app that I PAY a yearly fee for!
  • App crashes 1/5

    By sailorwc
    The app crashes when I try to look at 2 different teams
  • can’t even open the app 1/5

    By theresa35677
    The app is now crashing every time everyone I know and I try to open it. The streaming hasn’t been available for Single A games at all the past week (the last games of the season, which as family of players is super frustrating). It just says “reconnecting” with the MiLB logo, I recommend MiLB puts the money they aren’t paying their overworked players into app improvement. MLB & MiLB, you’re really making sure America doesn’t care about baseball anymore, get it together
  • Lag 2/5

    By Haydensmommy2012
    When I go on Wilmington Bluerocks it takes me out of the app
  • I cannot download this ! 1/5

    By S813
    What happened! The playoffs are next week! My grandson pitched last night. I had to go on line to the web site and then it wouldn’t cast to my Apple TV. I’m paying for this!
  • App Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By BG464216
    The App starting today keeps crashing. Can’t use the app at all right now. It won’t stay open.
  • For years this app and have been awful. 1/5

    By Chris Ashworth
    This, just like either crashes or doesn’t work fully. I have to open this app twice to get to work. Do the developers or the IT department ever actually work on the app or It’s definitely frustrating. You would think that after years of bad feedback and “ratings”, that this app would be fixed or improved. It is currently crashing as I’m trying to check scores. Please update this app. So much potential but so little care it seems.
  • Version 15.3 will not allow Delmarva Shorebirds to open. 2/5

    By Eturek
    The latest update to version 15.3 has broken the ability to open the Delmarva Shorebirds page. When I try to switch to them the app closes. No box scores from the Scores page? I am going into the Scores page and then am trying to click on the Box Score link and nothing happens. Very bad. And why haven’t you figured out how to allow your app to rotate into landscape mode after all these years? This is on an iPad Pro with the latest iOS.
  • App has mind of its own 3/5

    By ea9g7le
    Until today (9/10/22), the app would open sometimes no issues and other times I’d have to close/reopen because it wouldn’t move from the white screen. Today it has decided to auto close when I tried to open even after uninstall/install the app and shutting down my phone. Not sure what update happened over night but now the only way to access my tickets is the web.
  • Dogcrap 1/5

    By Billjoee
    Ok if it works. Half the time it doesn’t.
  • App was working. Now…not at all 1/5

    By BusinessLeader23
    Loved watching for a couple months and now it won’t even open. Shuts down immediately. My subscription and login won’t even reset. Issues galore!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By toillet bowl
    I don’t know what they did to this app but it’s basically useless. If I go to highA the app closes. Same with Low A. If I’m looking at the box score and want to go to a player’s page I have to close the box score and go to the roster page. This app doesn’t rate a star
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Zzztaco
    On the iPad app, you can’t view any box scores from the Scoreboard screen. You can tap on it but it never loads anything. Viewing box scores on the scoreboard on the iPhone app does work, however. Selecting the Greenville Drive to view their home screen crashes both the iPad and iPhone apps (!)
  • Worthless 1/5

    By duckdog060480
    Wasted my money. Never can watch games because the app doesn’t work.
  • Takes a long to load 2/5

    By Octotrader
    It’s a good app when it comes up. But it takes forever to work just to see the first screen and every time u want to look something up. Other than that it’s just like the official MLB app. It’s super annoying.
  • Glitchy and poor UI 2/5

    By markbyrn
    Had to uninstall and reinstall in order to fix some glitch the the live view buttons unresponsive. The UI is confusing.
  • Still terrible 1/5

    By AT in Korea
    You’d think someone would manage to make this app usable after all these years but no it’s still a piece of garbage. Can’t someone hire a competent developer? If you can’t afford it crowdfund it
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By DHirschfelt
    Video quality of the Buffalo Bisons stream is great. Unfortunately, app doesn’t support Picture in Picture, Chromecast or Airplay if the app closes or the phone goes to sleep. There also isn’t an AppletV app (like the phenomenal MLB.TV app for AppleTV). How exactly am I supposed to watch this? I likely won’t be renewing again which is disappointing as I would likely renew at full price, year round if I could actually watch games on my TV.
  • MILB.TV subscription 1/5

    By 2382Atlas
    I paid for one month subscription. Why doesn’t it work?
  • Atrocious 1/5

    By angry tides fan
    Hope you don’t want to watch any games. Countless deletes/re-installs/logins (per suggestions from phone help). App does not work to watch any games
  • WTH? 1/5

    By Kimpy5
    My son in law plays minor leagues & we depend on MILB to stream his games - have not been able to watch anything so far because of glitches. Can’t even open app to see stats. This is ridiculous!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By 5User555
  • Trash 1/5

    By Luckydawg 63
    App will not open. Don’t waste your time!
  • So…. 1/5

    By HillbillySid
    Downloaded the app. App won’t open. Pretty poor way to attract fans. Thanks for nothing.
  • Works great as of 2022 5/5

    By Vector954
    I can’t honestly compare the app to previous versions but I can say that from my experience the app works very well. I remember reading previous reviews where certain aspects of the app were difficult to get to, but now it seems as though most of the things that you want to do are at your fingertips. The use of schedule banners and drop downs seem to be more logical. There are good similarities to the MLB app as well. As far as I’m concerned I think they listen to all of the previous complaints and address them.
  • Very buggy app 1/5

    By Baseball Mandy
    This app is virtually unusable. Try to launch it and you get a white screen with the Milb logo and nothing more. I deleted the app and reinstalled it…same thing. All I want to do is check box scores and stats on a couple players. Please fix this.
  • Constant Issues 1/5

    By Garbage123642
    I don’t know what’s worse…… me paying for this or the fact that the video never freaking works. Garbage, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Terrible App.
  • App doesn’t open 1/5

    By Jamesb9942
    When I try to open it it doesn’t load
  • Absolute Dog Fart of an App 1/5

    By Mshreve
    Should be offered free of charge. Because the idea that one would pay for this app and be rewarded with multiple days of complete non-function, white screens, and non-launch capability is astounding. The white-screen launch phase - meaning frozen - has been on display since 7/5 with zero app updates or response from cs is a truly incredible misfire on my part - to think I would get what I paid for.
  • Doesn’t open 1/5

    By loveuverse
    Paid for the season, can’t watch games. Strange. Calling for a refund tomorrow. App opens and their is the MiLB logo and a white wave that goes up and down again and again. Over and over. And nothing ever happens. These developers are very talented.
  • No Push Notifications 1/5

    By Dodgrdog88x
    I used to love this app to follow the Dodgers minor league affiliates but at some point either last season or this seasons (2022) they removed push notifications and now the app is pointless and useless.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By jgufvg
    This app is troublesome; often have to delete then reinstall to get it to work. It’s great when it works, however it’s a crapshoot. Unreliable.