MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log

MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log

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  • Current Version: 1.60.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mobile Data Labs Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log App

Do you drive a personal car for work or need to track the miles you drive? MileIQ automatically tracks your drives and has logged more than 80B+ miles - that’s more than $10B reimbursed from the #1 trusted mileage tracking app. Features At-a-Glance: * Generate a mileage report for the IRS, your accountant, or for work. * Record your drives automatically - no more starting and stopping! * Classify your drives with a swipe! Right for business and left for personal drives. * Smart drive detection groups round-trip drives and auto-classifies frequent trips. Track Business Miles & Drives: MileIQ automatically tracks your drives in the background. MileIQ means you won’t have to manually log your miles or even manually start and stop recording. MileIQ creates a compliant mileage log for you. Replace Your Paper Mileage Log: Say goodbye to the messy paperwork! The MileIQ business mileage tracker frees you from the pain of manually tracking your miles for taxes or reimbursement. MileIQ is a mileage tracking app that will automatically log and track miles, and calculate the value of your drives for taxes or reimbursements. Prepare for Taxes: Our mileage tracker helps you easily organize your drives for your business expenses and tax refunds. MileIQ sorts your drives, keeping business miles separate from personal ones, which makes it simple to have a mileage log that will be accepted by the IRS or your business. Track miles and quickly get the reports you need to maximize your tax deductions and reimbursements without the administrative struggles. MileIQ is trusted by millions of users for billions of drives! Start Driving Now: Track your drives and log miles from your drives easily and accurately with MileIQ. Test it out for free and download your IRS friendly mileage log as a premium member. Learn More: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log app reviews

  • Good app for mileage 4/5

    By Working and selling homes
    I use to track my business miles. And I can get reports for year end
  • A great way to log miles 5/5

    By Bella of Bella Vista
    Great for tax purposes!
  • 880 Logistics LLC 5/5

    By Chiecostreet
  • Best business mile tracker! 5/5

    By Happiness For You
    App is really simple to navigate which makes keeping track of business miles from personal ones really simple. I get monthly reports and a yearly one for tax purposes. You should get it today!
  • App said it was tracking miles then stored nothing. Cost me $400 1/5

    By Garrett_nw
    Your app said it was running, but because I don’t check your comments section in the App Store on a regular basis, I was unaware that I needed to uninstall the reinstall the app. After using this app for over 2 years, you really expect people to do that be in the App Store comments? Try sending a g** d**** email since it’s not like you don’t have that info! A refund would at least reimburse me a quarter of what you cost me so how do I go about requesting one? I’m absolutely virtuous.
  • Most of the time works well 3/5

    By sandimascharvel
    Update 12/2021: Still, all too often ever since I started using this app 4 years ago, short trips of 1 mile or under in town don’t show up at all despite everything being set properly and going 30-40 mph (so they sure aren’t walks), so that can be frustrating and is my main reason for not giving five stars. The feature that lets you name recurring destinations is extremely helpful. The join drive feature is helpful if you stop somewhere along the way but sometimes I need to join additional drives that can't be joined. Year end reports are great. Please fix the drives not showing up so I can give more stars.
  • Inability to detect different vehicles & edit locations later on 3/5

    By FirstBrother
    I love the concept of the app, but it’s lack of ability to detect different vehicles via Bluetooth is inconvenient. It’s also very frustrating that a mistakenly identified location cannot be edited, afterwards. That’s why I turned off automatic detection of drives. Maybe I’m just too ignorant to understand that technology hasn’t yet progressed to that point, but when it comes tax time and I find myself having to go through every single drive just to make sure the proper vehicle was identified and the proper location was also identified, it almost becomes more trouble than it is worth, especially with the price of subscription. How difficult is it to fix these things?
  • Misses Trips 3/5

    By 11jak
    Mile IQ constantly misses trips. So if I do not review each day, I may not remember all the places I went. Very frustrating!11jak
  • Great 5/5

    By fbbulic
    Great app
  • Great Service! 5/5

    By Snowmantoo
    This app makes it very easy to track business miles!
  • Great for business 5/5

    By Dunks Doors
    Tracks every mile
  • Great app! 5/5

    By mac s..
    Excellent for tracking my personal and business mileage.
  • Great App 5/5

    By TheRealYoungFlakz18Hunnid
    I use it for work and it is a blessing 🙏🏽
  • Magnificent MileIQ 5/5

    By HolyCity23
    This app is absolutely Amazing, the accuracy of the calculations are on point. I will highly recommend this app even if you were not doing it for work. We can still just keep a count of how many miles you’re using on a monthly basis…..
  • Not so good 3/5

    By Km1404
    This app does not catch all the drives and when it does, it groups them together.
  • Lags in recording mileage 5/5

    By Redhead from TX
    Just went to the post office and it still does not show up.
  • Love it 5/5

    By swa401
    The ease of operation of this app and the automatic coverage of all miles without having to start and stop is amazing runs smooth in the background great app
  • Hit or Miss 2/5

    By AM75ID
    Randomly stops working.
  • Great App! Saves time and is accurate. 4/5

    By PrayingPaul
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Nashrunner
    I love that it integrates with Concur and also has rooms for notes that helps me keep my travel organized
  • Good but pricey 3/5

    By Rock.A.Sheema
    App works well, but it’s pricey, wish it was cheaper
  • Not very happy 3/5

    By JGD2021
    Not tracking drives at the moment.
  • hfsrhcd 3/5

    By hfdrhjfdr
    Love the app BUT Hate your billing through Apple
  • Good but pricey 3/5

    By Rahul2344
    I like the app. It easy to setup and runs behind the scene. However, $60 is very steep to pay for it when free alternatives are out there.
  • Trash 1/5

    By heywhatsupitsyaboi
    I’ve been paying for this service for over two years, but it’s suddenly stopped recording my mileage. I’m tired of dealing with these issues. The app should just work, without me needing to leave an angry review or send an angry email!
  • Not IRS compliant 1/5

    By lab7777
    Needs a lot more work! I got an audit from the IRS and they would not accept any of it. They said it needed my full name listed at the top, which I cannot find a way to do on the app, start and stop mileage for each drive, client name, which you can do, and a full description of the purpose of the visit or stop. If I need to do all this, why do I need this app? I might as well just create a spread sheet and log the miles manually on Google drive.
  • It’s expensive and unreliable 2/5

    By easy depoait
    I use this, can’t find a way to get rid of it. It works intermittently. Very disappointed
  • Love MileIQ 5/5

    By JLasater
    Makes it so easy to keep business mileage
  • Daily essential! 5/5

    By L8designer
    I use Thais app everyday to keep track of mileage. Gone are the days of keeping a paper mileage log.
  • Great Resource 5/5

    By Batkins13
    Absolute best way of tracking personal and business travel. #GameChangerStatus
  • App not working properly 3/5

    By JayBVG
    Up until recently, I never experienced any issues with the app. But over the last couple of weeks it is not recording all my drives and I’ve been having to manually record and add drives. Please check into the new Apple update and see if the app can become compatible again.
  • Tracy 5/5

    By TO%)
    yes and i’m actually sad that I’m going to have to cancel it because I can’t figure out how to change my email thus making it impossible for me to access my account or print reports for my work
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Maybaby5897
    I highly recommend this app for anyone that uses a vehicle for business travel.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By BlackHawk84
    I love this app for keeping track of my mileage. It greatly simplifies the process!!!!
  • No longer detects drives 1/5

    By Millenial2021
    The feature that automatically detects drives no longer works
  • Very efficient 5/5

    By caliqueen39
    Great for keeping track of your work mileage. So easy and hassle free. The reports are easily broken up to business and personal. Love this app
  • Very nice 5/5

    By Melon11
    Thank you
  • No longer recording drives 1/5

    By Dustin8201
    The last recorded drive for me was 11-12-21. Nothing was recorded on the 13th and when I try to add a drive manually, it allows me to do so but when I want to edit the date or delete it, the app almost like locks up. The last update didn’t help at all. Developers, please help because I wont be paying for an app that won’t record my drives like I need for work.
  • Missed mileage 1/5

    By kbalser
    This program keeps crashing. I am missing mileage that pertains to my business. Katherine Burnett
  • Works great no issues 5/5

    By Jbroussard55
    Excellent fir the last 3 years
  • Great business tool 5/5

    By OutwardBounder
    I had been looking for a convenient mileage tracking tool and found MileageIQ a couple of years ago. Very happy with the app and it really made a difference tracking business miles from what I was doing before. Turns out I’d been under-reporting my mileage for years.
  • Sales Engineer 5/5

    By whathaveudone4melately
    Simple to use
  • Works awesome 5/5

    By Erupert66
    Works great for me, been using it for 4 years now. Not just cars, it also catches my boat trips so I can calculate fuel consumption. The only thing I wish it would do would be to integrate with Expensify which my company uses. ( asked about this 4 years ago )
  • Mile IQ review 5/5

    By ranodom guy
    Great app for when you need to keep track of mileage for work
  • Really like it 5/5

    By dustim22
    I really like using this to keep track of all my miles. I would really LOVE it if it would also put the times of the drives. Then it would be even easier to match mile iq and my work time logs.
  • I 💜MileQ 5/5

    By Harpnpipes
    I have used this app for over 3 years. It works great for doing my tax return. It is simple to use and well worth the money! I am hooked... I had to update settings on my iPhone. After I did this, my MileQ app would not go to always in my location settings. I had to go to settings>privacy>location services and turn that on. Just a reminder to save some stress!!!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Nikkid2gn
    The app is no longer logging my drives. Who knows for how long now? It’s frustrating to pay $60 for something that doesn’t work just to be told that I can manually input my drives? Why would I pay $60 to manually input my drives when I can write them down for free!? Save your money people.
  • With the latest Apple update it doesn’t work in the background 5/5

    By Amy Pagel
    As far as I can tell this update has fixed the problem
  • Usually love it but hasn’t been working properly 3/5

    By Flying birds
    This app is great usually. For some reason, it has not been logging my drives which is important for my job. But usually, it’s great.