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MileUp App

MileUp™ — Free Safe Driving App with Rewards How’s your driving? MileUp™ tells you. Download the app, and your driver dashboard displays your driving stats, and compares you with other MileUp drivers, to give you an overall performance rating on your driving style. Plus, for every mile you drive, you automatically earn points to enter into sweepstakes for awesome prizes like cars, getaways, gadgets, cash, and more. Get bonus points for winning weekly challenges, giving feedback, sharing with friends, and submitting accident reports. But awesome prizes aren’t the whole story. For us (the company behind this app) vehicle and driver safety is EVERYTHING. So, by sharing your driving data with us through MileUp, you’re also helping us gain important insights to make driving safer for everyone on the road. Total “warm fuzzy” moment, right? Please note: due to the sweepstakes aspect of MileUp, this app is only available for those 18 years and older. For any questions, email [email protected] . How it works: Download the app and give MileUp permission to access your location and motion sensors. These are used to track your driving activity and give you useful stats on your driving behavior. Through your driver dashboard, you’ll learn how many trips you’ve taken and for how long. It also rates your performance in the following areas: • Handling — Tracks how much braking, accelerating, and cornering you do throughout your trip. • Speed — Determines how fast you’re driving relative to the posted speed. • Phone Usage — Measures how distracted you are by your phone, influencing your ability to spot hazards. Then, your driver dashboard does scientific number-crunching to see how you stack up against other MileUp drivers, plus gives you an overall driving style rating. Based on your stats, you can see where you rule behind the wheel and where you…ah, don’t. You can use this info to become a safer driver — which is a reward in itself. But here’s the cherry on top: For every mile you drive, you’re automatically earning points you can redeem to enter into sweepstakes for MAJOR prizes — from cars to cash. You can also earn points for:   Challenges — Win weekly driving challenges for extra bonus points Providing Feedback — Tell us what you love/hate about the app Spreading the Word — Extra points for referring friends or posting about MileUp Accident Verification — We’ll even help take the sting out of accidents by offering a $250 Amazon gift card for verified accident reports It’s simple: the more you drive, the more you earn – and help us make driving safer for everyone on the road.


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MileUp app reviews

  • Only app I’ve seen that listens to users 5/5

    By Kay952212
    They actually brought back the gift cards. I’ve never seen an app listen to its users before. You get points pretty quickly and can now redeem them for amazon, Nike, Walmart, etc.
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By Beachbum2020
    At one time you could earn gift cards for interacting with this app. At this time you can only earn points that can be redeemed for sweepstakes entries that your very unlikely to win. This app went from 5 stars to 1 star with this change. Don’t waste your time unless you like handing over your personal driving habits for nothing in return. There are better apps out there.
  • What’s going on with this app? 1/5

    By Samwin2010
    I love this app! But recently it’s not pulling or retrieving any of my miles/points. I know good and well that I’ve got more than 100 points...
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Shadowbnz
    To update on 2/27/18: I can’t even log in now. Deleted on the above date. Plus I also Never won the sweepstakes. Keep getting logged out and had to log in fresh. This keeps causing me to lose trips.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Luis R Alvim
    Collect points for NOTHING! No prove of real winners... I am deleting it now!!! Horrible! Useless!
  • Not happy 1/5

    By smiles28540
    Not happy with the newest update. Having a hard time fetching my data when I have WiFi or even on my own provider. It keeps giving me some api status 500 code. Please fix. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it. Also, I never win the sweepstakes I also have never seen a winners list sooo is this a scam?
  • Feels like a scam 1/5

    By teeAIRraaa
    Never won anything. Feels like a scam. My friend told me about the Starbucks and Target cards that she got. Just as I download it they changed it. So disappointing.
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By CynthiatDuran
    No more gift cards. All a lie.
  • ?? 3/5

    By HumbleWood
    App was fun, years ago. Now only a couple people win here and there. I miss the $5-$25 giveaways that many could get. Made it feel more worth while. Don’t know why it changed. It says that we spoke and they heard and that’s why we have the big giveaways. I hope they go back to smaller giveaways.
  • Not good anymore 1/5

    By Hooligan21
    Go back to offering Gift Cards, y’all lost me and many when y’all stop doing it
  • Used to work. Now it doesn’t 1/5

    By LauraD111
    This app was great at first. But it’s stopped recording milage and won’t give me points. So it’s pretty much a waste of time and space now.
  • Missing the gift cards 1/5

    By Ms. Angrybird
    When I first started using this app, I was all too eager to earn the gift cards. Now I have an accumulation of points that are useless for nothing the sweepstakes stink and allowing MileUp to continue to use my driving data is crazy. The feedback is not always accurate. I’ve been told I speed most of the time when I know that’s absurd. Bring the gift cards back and I’ll reconsider deleting this app.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Kraliksl
    Waste of time,scam to get your info
  • Better when we had reward options 1/5

    By Michelle Arlene
    The point incentives they give us for driving so many miles in a week are still nice, but what are they for? To be used in a cash prize drawing that we have lottery-like odds. Previously, we used to be able to choose to redeem gift cards. Why not bring that back? I’m questioning myself as to why I even still have this app, when it’s kind of a moot point.
  • Not what it says!!! 1/5

    First got the app and it was 1000 points for a gift card. Then within a week they changed it to 2000 points for a giftcard. Now almost a month and half in, another update and its now 4000 points for the same gift card. Seems like a BAIT AND SWITCH. Not very happy with this app at all. Also where are the list of winners for the sweepstakes? All dead links on the website
  • Fake promises 1/5

    By LonelyStoner0511
    I’ve use this app for months and not once have I won the sweepstakes. I’m contently on the road drive more then 200 miles. Have over 80,000 points and I’m about to delete this app. It’s starting to become pointless
  • Got worse 1/5

    By Spotty rocks
    Mileup used to pay you to drive which was amazing but now your points go to sweepstakes which is terrible. I already deleted this app because I disliked their new update very much.
  • Don’t Waste Your Time 1/5

    By ShelleyJ77
    Don’t waste your time downloading this app. They need to work on the rewards. No one wants these dumb sweepstakes.
  • Provided no value 1/5

    By UltDave
    Zero point to it. You earn raffle tickets, 2 get drawn every week. That's it. No progressive earning at all.
  • Was awesome with guaranteed gift cards, but they’re gone. 1/5

    By Sockhatguy
    I drive a lot for work, especially off-highway where traffic information is needed the most. When gift cards were guaranteed I was loving the app. Now it’s just a battery and data sucking leach with crappy sweepstakes that you can’t win. There is a section for “gift card” points, but after 10,000 miles I haven’t earned any yet. I have almost 40,000 miles logged, over 843 hours of having this app sucking on my phone in the background. We were promised money. It’s time to be honest and pay up. Bring back the guaranteed gift cards, nobody cares about sweepstakes. Right now there’s a sweep for 2 people to win $2500. There’s over 14,000 entries already, and the sign up ends in 3 days. Those are really slim odds.
  • Great app to complete waste of time... 1/5

    By rnlaurasals
    When I first downloaded app, I told everybody about it bc as a travel nurse , I would accumulate gift cards very quickly for driving! They changed app to entries into drawings... so nada but they take your info on car, driving, etc.. deleting the app!
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Yourmom426727
    I use to love this app when it first came out, who doesn’t want to get paid for driving when you already have to! I thought it was a little weird that it was basically rewarding you more for being in an accident though.. deleting it now though, as they took away all my points I had earned to use towards gift cards & have changed the rules to where you can only use your points to enter sweepstakes. Huge disappointment
  • Change it back 1/5

    By Metallico87
    I loved this app. I drive for Uber so I had no problem getting the miles in. Then I could get gift cards. Then it switched to multiple sweepstakes. Ok, not ideal, but surely I’d still win something. Nope. And now it’s one sweepstake, with a limit of 2 winners. And there’s no way to verify if anyone is actually winning these. I’ll give them a couple more months to get their act in order, then I’m deleting it.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By greenapplesgo
    This app used to be great, and it has recently taken a steep tumble downhill. I will be uninstalling. I used to redeem my points for a gift card every few weeks, and now all I can do is redeem my points to enter a sweepstakes?? No thanks. There’s no proof of people even winning these things. Why would I share my data with you to enter a sweepstakes? I can enter those for free. You really took a great app and messed it up big time.
  • No more gift cards. You’re just giving them free data. 1/5

    By Bddbddbtd
    This app was so awesome when I first downloaded it. I drive almost 100 Miles daily and was able to earn points toward gift cards. Now all of my points go to sweepstakes. I have so many points that I will never run out even if I enter each sweepstakes the maximum number of times. I’ve never won anything and if you go to the website to find out who the winners are each month, the links don’t even work. Overall this app is no longer worth it. They’re just collecting your data for free. I’m going to wait another month or so to see if they change anything, but then I’m deleting it. Don’t waste your time at this point. Don’t give your data away for free.
  • Get this App!!! 5/5

    By Caliosman
    It made me a better driver with app feedback which show my vehicle Handling, Phone Usage and Speed!
  • Was a HIT but now... I'm just disappointed 1/5

    By hanyaraye
    Like other users have stated, the gift cards were a major PLUS but this sweepstakes crap... No. I'm considering deleting daily and one day I will!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Supercalifraginatural
    I signed up not that long ago and hadn't gotten a gift card yet all of a sudden they changed it to points. Don't waste your time on this app at all!!!! Total and complete rip off I racked up a ton of miles and should’ve gotten a few gift cards actually put in for one and I was never sent anything do not waste your time with this crap
  • Gift cards 1/5

    By Jancoungfv
    Never win the sweepstakes wish they still had the gift card option
  • I use to like this app! 1/5

    By MissChanmarie
    They should really go back to the gift cards. I like that it keeps track of the amount of miles that I drive.
  • Who is winning all these alleged prizes? 1/5

    By foursixquebec
    I’m pretty sure this is a scam at this point. I have been using the app for months, and i was kinda shocked when they switched from a system where you could use your points to buy gift cards and things to a system where you HAVE TO spend your points on sweepstakes entries. But I went along with it. But now it has been many, many months of this, and every time i check their “winners” page, it’s a list of contests but no actual list of winners. It even says “click here for a list of winners” under every heading, but no winners are listed. Ever. Pretty sure that they’re just scamming people at this point, like I said. It’s been going on for far too long now for it to be legit. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. Oh, also, you should probably remove the part of the app description that says you offer a $250 gift card for accident reporting, since you say inside the app that you no longer accept accident reports.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By 2Royal2
    App Use 2 Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Now It’s Just Ah Waste Of Space, Can’t Never See Who Won The Sweepstakes Or Anything Smh
  • Kind of a joke 1/5

    By Teripzzzz
    I thought this was a great app at first. I was raking in all kinds of points for all the driving I do. Then, I noticed a bunch of my miles driven were gone, and a bunch of my points were gone also. And, the gift card thing will never happen, because barely any points can be used for gift cards. So what’s the point??
  • Not goodbye do we g rewarded in only sweepstakes. 1/5

    By Sterlingb12
    I hate that you only have sweepstakes. There’s a very slime chance to wooin. If you don’t bring back earning gift cards you’ll loose lots of us.
  • Not worth the effort 1/5

    By Csalty
    I liked this app initially when you could earn gift cards. Now, you can only earn points towards drawings. Most of the time there aren’t even enough drawings to be able to even enter. Also every time I log in, I have to revering my account by receiving a text and entering a code. They need to: add more drawings, bring back gift cards, or just shut it down. It feels like the developers are just desperately clinging to it.
  • Verification 1/5

    By Lynchmobsiab
    Have to re-verify each time I open up the app
  • Works whenever it feels like it 1/5

    By Leonard Mom
    I downloaded this last year & it was a great app. Tracked my miles properly... now every time I try to go into it, it just shows some random number & my miles have been stuck on the same number for a while.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    Very disappointed my friend told me about this app and you can earn points for gift cards. Well you can't anymore and I have no need to see if I might win a sweepstake.
  • Don't waste your time and battery life. 1/5

    By BlindSpider11
    The app has gone to garbage. Takes way too long to accumulate points and you can only redeem for useless 'sweepstakes'. Don't waste your phones memory or battery life with this joke of an app.
  • Zero 1/5

    By Jaxkillzz
    Zero star due to the fact that it will always reset! Never using again!
  • . 1/5

    By Babygirl148
    It was good at first when you could get gift cards with the points. Now you can only redeem points to enter sweepstakes. I quit using the app.
  • All good things come to an end. 1/5

    By Crimson626
    Loved this app because I drive so much that I was guaranteed to get a gift card every now and then. I felt like it was a equal trade off, my driving information for a gift card every now and then, but suddenly everything changed 😕. I have 0 interest in sweepstakes and would rather just have the gift cards. Big disappointment for something that use to be really good.
  • Eh 2/5

    By BaaShe
    I was looking forward to earning gift cards, but they eliminated them before I had earned enough points. Every week I have to re-agree to the user terms and then enter a code that they send me. It’s gotten old and I am pretty much over the app at this point.
  • Do you even offer app support??? 1/5

    By Samszies
    I have recently change my ph. # and I can’t log in now. Please help! How Can I get all my earnings back??
  • Disappointed with what the app has come to 1/5

    I have had mile up for a long time and it was GREAT earning points to spend on gift cards which were guaranteed. Now you made it where you can only spend points on sweepstakes which most of the time you’re not going to win. This app uses a lot of battery to run so I feel like it’s not worth using anymore because the likelihood of winning is basically none. I would’ve given it a 5 star back when we could get gift cards but not anymore.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Heavyt83
    Was good first month, was on my way to gift card. Then all of a sudden they changed to sweepstakes. Absolutely a waste of time now!!! Do not even bother with it. Fraud. Doesn't even work 90 percent of the time. Updates don't even help. Needs to be taken out of App Store!!! After a couple more updates, App is still trash and fraud. Needs to be scrapped. Deserves 0 Stars!!!! Deleted!!!!
  • Was great, now not so much! 1/5

    By Waldo found in FL
    As others have mentioned, I was nice being able to use points toward gift cards when I first installed the app. I also noticed that the challenges sometimes don’t award the points correctly. Originally I was recommending it to friends, but I would not now.
  • Missed the mark completely 1/5

    By USMike
    Took a 300 mile trip today. MileUp registered 13. 13. W.T.H. Uninstalling. This app needs some GOOD developer attention.
  • Not cool 1/5

    By LiLJoker44
    Even if I ignore how inaccurate the mile tracker is, it's pretty lame without the gift cards. I'm not sure why they make you physically join the challenges instead of making them automatic. I miss out on so many even though I drive a lot. Fix this and change the winnings from what feels like a fake lottery.
  • Just a disappointing shadow of what it once was 2/5

    By Kalaleia
    I seriously loved this app when I discovered it late last year. With working and going to school outside of my town, I drive a substantial amount almost everyday. It was great to be rewarded with gift cards for something I was already doing, and I was delighted by the selection available. I told tons of people about it. However, when MileUp switched to ONLY allowing new points to go towards their sweepstakes, my enthusiasm diminished rapidly. I enjoyed that getting a gift card was a sure thing--I have no desire to enter sweepstakes that I have yet to see any proof of anyone winning. I do appreciate the driving feedback (another recent addition which grades your handling, speeding, and phone usage compared to other drivers), but it's an incredibly small thing compared to how excited this app used to make me feel about putting more miles on my car. I really wish that MileUp would give users the chance to earn points towards purchasing gift cards again. Even if it occurred at half the rate of accumulation of sweepstakes points, I would be happy. I'm still providing data to MileUp for now, but I regularly consider deleting it entirely. I just keep hoping that the developers will listen to their customers and figure out a way to return, at least in part, to the gift card system.

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