MINDBODY: Fitness, Salon & Spa

MINDBODY: Fitness, Salon & Spa

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 5.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MINDBODY Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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MINDBODY: Fitness, Salon & Spa App

Your world of wellness, in one app. With MINDBODY, tapping into the best fitness, wellness & beauty services has never been easier. Whether you’re searching for a new spa or scheduling your go-to workout, find and book classes or services where you want, at the price you want. DISCOVER INTRODUCTORY OFFERS Searching for something new? With Intro Offers, you can save on the best in fitness, wellness and beauty. FITNESS AND WORKOUTS All the classes in one place. Whether you want to get into better shape, lose weight, try something new, or just have fun in a group fitness class, MINDBODY has workouts that work for you. From Pilates to HIIT, Zumba, barre, yoga, CrossFit, dance, cycling and more, quickly discover classes in your neighborhood based on time and availability. Browse by businesses or classes to find thousands of fitness options, and book them instantly. FLEXIBLE PRICING Get started with classes that fit your life (and work for your wallet!). Use the Flexible Pricing filter to find and book fitness on the time and date you want at the best price. WELLNESS Whether you’re looking for a nearby acupuncturist, guided meditation or a massage, find the wellness you want and easily book appointments on the go! BEAUTY Step up your self-care regimen with thousands of beauty businesses! Make time for you – book a visit to the hair salon or spa for a haircut, manicure and more. SET YOUR SCHEDULE Busy week? With MINDBODY, you can quickly find the classes and services you’re looking for in real time. An updated dates and time slider allows you to slide, tap and select workouts that fit into your calendar. RATE & REVIEW Trying out a new class or service? Know what to expect with community reviews from each appointment, instructor or class. Once you’ve tested out your favorites, rate and give reviews of your own – you can even share with friends to plan your workouts together. Download MINDBODY and let’s get you moving! Fast Company's World's Most Innovative Companies 2018 * Flexible Pricing is available in the U.S. only. * Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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MINDBODY: Fitness, Salon & Spa app reviews

  • Was a good app 3/5

    By I'm confused by BTWB
    Now I can’t get it to skip or be done with the intro of the upgrade. 👎
  • Stuck in the intro screen 1/5

    By itskellyday
    Hey! I’m also stuck in the intro screen. Neither Skip or Done buttons work! Please fix ASAP!!!!!! (iPhoneX)
  • Bug with new update 1/5

    By Kathlyn33
    There’s something wrong with the new update. You can’t get past the introduction screen. When you hit skip or done nothing happens. You can’t go on to the actual app. Hope this gets fixed soon.
  • “Binding Arbitration “ 1/5

    By billev2k
    The app recently added a binding arbitration clause. The only point of those is to cheat customers out of any right to redress if the app harms us. Well, to heck with you, mind-body. I’ll just use my clubs web page.
  • Can’t bypass onboarding 3/5

    By Lrnmn
    Your new features and redesigned app sure look cool but unfortunately I can’t bypass the onboarding as either the skip button nor done button takes me to the main page, I’m just stuck in a limbo between the 4 onboarding screens.
  • Nice that it aggregates different studios 5/5

    By tima919
    The app is easy to use, fulfills a real need in the market, and works quickly.
  • A good consolidation of choices! 5/5

    By Viviancik D
    I enjoy the app because it is so convenient to use, makes it easy to find places and special deals. I’m sure small businesses are happy too! :)
  • Can’t connect to Fitbit 3/5

    By ssusanh_64
    I can connect to FB easily enough but this app for some reason says it will connect to Fitbit, but it does not.
  • Unable to Access the App After Latest Update. 2/5

    By p59
    I'm sure everyone else is experiencing this too: you swipe through all the WONDERFUL changes to the app, but of course you can't access them because once you press the "done" button...NOTHING happens.
  • Don’t update 1/5

    By carolinee2
    The newest update has the app freezing up at the “new features” tutorial. When you click skip, nothing happens. When you scroll through each page and finally click done, nothing happens. I can’t access my class to cancel it and will probably be charged for not showing up. Also won’t be able to sign up for any upcoming classes until they fix this. I keep clicking over and over, closing the app and reopening and still the same thing. Don’t bother updating if you want to be able to use the app!
  • A Must Have Fitness App 5/5

    By Suespirit
    I have used this app for years in my hometown of New York and also in cities all over the country. I love taking classes in different places, particularly yoga classes and this app is the way that I find my way to the best studios in each town. For me this is a must have app. Can't figure out how I do without it. Very user-friendly. Easy to navigate. Easy to make reservations as well. And I am also yoga teacher and this is the app that my studio uses to keep track of his teachers, and classes and who is teaching what class so this app is also how I get paid! So all in all this app works well on all sides
  • Can’t get past welcome screen in latest update 1/5

    By kitkatlanta
  • Worked until update 3/5

    By Oblong22
    I liked this app until this update. Now it’s stuck on the intro screens with no apparent way to use the actual app.
  • Opening this app makes me happy 5/5

    By namasteLA32
    I love this app. It has all of my wellness spots on it and is so easy to add a class or cancel without putting in any credit card info. It makes me happy just opening it :)
  • New app 1/5

    By twarren021
    Completely locked out! Such a bummer, just the new advertisement for the updated app. Can not connect to anything
  • Poor Technolog 1/5

    By Ali Ronca
    I was really excited to download this app - I go to a couple studios in my neighborhood and loved the idea of being able to book and see my schedule all in one place. About five months ago I stopped being able to see my schedule in the app. I re-sent my email verification code multiple times, deleted and re installed the app, unauthorized Facebook, changed my password - nothing worked. After a few months of frustration from going from such a great app to a dud, I emailed the company who said my lack of schedule was due to a glitch on their end and it would be resolved within a month or so. It was never resolved, and in the meantime I spent a lot of my time trying to troubleshoot the error. It would have saved a lot of my time if MINDBODY had proactively let me know that they were experiencing some issues that were having an impact on the customer experience. It would have been good to know before wasting my time trouble shooting, and putting my credit card details into an app that clearly has a lot of errors to be worked out.
  • Unable to use after recent update 1/5

    By trsgtrsgtrsg
    I updated the app on 4/18/18 and am now unable to use the app. Please fix.
  • Latest upgrade renders app unusable 1/5

    By Enroby Alk
    The app won’t let me past the four “what’s new” screens. Whenever I push the “Done” button (once or a dozen times), it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t take me into the main screen. The app WAS convenient until the most recent update. Please fix this. Thank you.
  • Don’t update to 5.0 4/5

    By markaceto
    Until they release a patch. Otherwise you’ll get trapped in the intro with no access to the app.
  • App updated now not working 1/5

    By kimitae
    Can swipe through all the great notifications of changes but then the screen freezes.
  • useful 4/5

    By zachisverymodest
    occasional issues, but overall very helpful
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Billiam45
    I love this app! Makes it super easy to manage all of my wellness classes and appointments from one location. Easiest way possible to sign up for classes and look for new things to try
  • Time saver 5/5

    By briniB
    This app treamlines all gym sign-ups, making it a one stop shop for schedules and studios. Saves time and effort! I love MINDBODY!
  • I love it! 5/5

    By poppopboat
    Although initially I was a little hesitant to download and use the app, as it just seemed like one more thing on my phone, I'm really glad that I have it now. The app makes it really easy to discover new studios and deals. It's also nice to be able to view your upcoming schedule, especially if you train at multiple places. It's also kind of cool to see your class history, especially if you have a teacher you would like but later can't remember his or her name.
  • Easy to schedule classes 5/5

    By Cr333333
    I use the app to schedule spinning classes and it works great. Much easier than calling gym.
  • Wow 1/5

    By BrobuhFett
    Nothing like all of MINDBODY including the business side just going down for almost 10 hours now. Plus rude people on the phone. Great job MINDBODY. Took a not so awesome product and made it even worse. Thanks! 👇👇👇👇 lol “we all came out on top” you guys for sure did. Wonder how all the businesses like us that couldn’t make sales all day feel about it. Thanks for that heartfelt cookie cutter response to a negative review!
  • Quick and simple 5/5

    By Franicky
    App is very easy to use and have you registered for you fitness class in seconds
  • Thank God for this app 5/5

    By muffinsequoia
    This app has bettered my life in soooo many ways. It’s brought into my world awesome business that enrich my life. Easy to use and consistently helpful. Easy to navigate and user friendly. Thank you Mindbody!
  • Completely UNRELIABLE 1/5

    By LGLG631
    This app crashes and ceases to work more often than it actually works. You never know which part of the app is going to decide not to work that day, from my “favorites” list not showing up to studios’ schedules failing to appear, when I know they have a schedule and classes that day. Or any day. It’s insanely frustrating. I really hate this app but it’s the only thing out there that all my studios use so I keep having to try to use it and hope it works but I swear it’s a complete waste of time. Usually I end up having to look up a schedule and book a class online, or call them and do it over the phone (!!! outrage), which completely defeats the purpose of this app and apps in general. My friends have the same issues so I know it’s not just me. Someone PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!
  • Now App won’t open 1/5

    By LuvF1
    I have been using this app for a while and it was closing down mid use, and now it wont open at all. Just sits on its orange home screen. Also I was in a business’s schedule and trying to switch days to see the different classes and it got stuck on the one schedule. Like I was on April 1st and went to view the 2nd and it kept all the 1st schedule. Same for when I switched to any other day, it kept Apr 1st schedule on the app. If I did t catch it, it would have really screwed up my appt time, class passes, and possible made me ride to a class that wasn’t even happening. So please fix this app!!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Carileefox
    This new update doesn’t show any classes and keeps showing an error when you try to search
  • Keeps Crashing! 3/5

    By westbrookatie
    Please fix, super annoying!
  • So terrible 1/5

    By ijustloveflaminghotcheetos
    I don’t know how MBO has conned so many businesses into using it. It’s a terrible service that is bug-ridden and labyrinthine. They frequently have issues with crashing that make it impossible to see schedules, which I’m sure costs companies a lot of business, and it makes those companies (wrongly) look incompetent. Furthermore, if you work somewhere that uses mbo, you’re basically screwed. The desktop platform becomes unusable and you’re stuck using the deeply hit or miss mobile app. We should all just get rid of mind body.
  • Terrible ! 1/5

    By diannnef
    Terribly disappointed !!!!!
  • Useless app 1/5

    By OneMoreOLO
    What a pain in the arse! If this were the design for apps in general, the entire app concept would have fallen long ago... I won’t waste my time.
  • “Update” erased everything 1/5

    By casadour
    Your “update” erased everything in the app. All future classes signed up for, payments, passes and favorites. Maybe test your updates prior to releasing them and causing people a huge headache 👍🏼
  • The update just crashes 1/5

    By Maryjane31
    Whatever you guys did was a waste of your time. It worked fine before. I have a brand new phone fully updated??? App won’t even open. Onwards and downwards I suppose????
  • It keeps crashing and won’t open. 2/5

    By Flipudey
    It keeps crashing and won’t open. In the past when it has opened and worked fine I loved it though.
  • Constantly logs out 2/5

    By Parker4fm
    App is great when it works. Constantly logs me out. Often won’t remember my favorites.
  • Great app 5/5

    By HannaGMpls
    This is a genius app. Love having the ability to book classes at multiple studios and pay and track my passes and love that I can easily add to my calendar. Also love the last minute offers/deals! Great layout and format.
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By Grmxt
    I really love the search options for studios in any particular location and have used it to help others find classes in their areas. The orange color is great - easy to spot on my cluttered screen. Those who don’t like it might want to turn down the brightness on their screen. Or, in a future issue, you may want to consider allowing users to choose their own color scheme. I like to schedule classes a week in advance, and it’s a little clunky in that regard...but still way better than not having the app at all. Also, I have a problem scheduling a week ahead on the app if the days cross over into the next month, which are not paid for yet by the studio’s automatic draw on my account. A bit of a nuisance. Overall, a useful app! Thank you for developing it.
  • Useful 4/5

    By Vileana
    I use this app regularly. It gets the job done.
  • Easy to see my schedule 5/5

    By milenalea
    It allows me quickly to access my every day yoga schedule and i love it . It doesn’t load forever and i have all the information in one place . Love it.
  • Forced update, locked me out 1/5

    By Newsjunkie91
    So... the app forced me to update, logged me out, then after I reset my password, it provided a link to log back in - but Safari popped up a security warning (not good guys). So I went back to log in with the new password, and it locked me out. What a comedy of basic app development mistakes.
  • Promo code? 1/5

    By Teufelein
    Needs a place in the checkout screen to enter promo codes. Seriously, should have been a no-brainer.
  • Love MINDBODY! 5/5

    By Afgrguftihs
    This app is brilliant! I book my yoga classes on it, easy to use, easy to check how many passes you have left on a class card, you can also see specials and deals being offered.
  • Technical difficulty 1/5

    By ellenajsmitj
    The concept is awesome. If only I could get it to load. I’ve been waiting over 14 hours.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Aviana22
    I love the conveniency of this app! From yoga, cycling, cardio this app has access to it all. It’s nice to sign into one place and have access to all of the studios instead of making an account for each one. The app allows you to purchase packages/classes easily and gives you the option to add it to your calendar with their address so when it comes to the day you’re good to go!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By paniolo girl
    User-friendly. Helps me commit to a regular yoga practice. Haven’t had any issues with it. Namasté!
  • Great for Scheduling 5/5

    By _sammm
    I don’t currently use the explore feature on the top left often, so it’s kind of taking up space and I end up ignoring most of the screen besides My Favorite Place, but really, it doesn’t matter. Everything is there for when I need it for the future. I use the app daily to check the classes offered by my favorite place (I don’t go to many different places). It’s really helpful for knowing a daily or weekly schedule. Thanks!

MINDBODY: Fitness, Salon & Spa app comments


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