Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa

Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa

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  • Current Version: 7.44.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MINDBODY Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa App

Searching for a new workout? Want to drop-in on a yoga class for less? Need help finding new at-home workouts? The Mindbody app can help you find the best place to get your sweat on & work on that beach body. Whether you’re looking for a beginner workout or trying to beat your 30-day fitness goals, you can find it all on Mindbody. Over 52,000 businesses offer fitness classes in yoga, Pilates, HIIT, cycling, barre, kickboxing, dance, weight training, circuit training, bootcamp & more! And for your post-workout recovery, book a massage, facial, acupuncture, or cryotherapy, & finish it off with a beauty appointment—all in one app. Download & discover why it's the best free health & fitness app for finding studios, spas, & salons. How it works:  * Download the top-rated wellness & workout app to create a healthy routine & set fitness goals.  * Find local workout classes, wellness services, & beauty appointments by location, time, date, & category with our easy-to-use filters. * Book drop-in classes at lower rates with our Last-Minute Offers or get new client deals to try a new studio with Intro Offers. No membership necessary. Invite your workout buddy to elevate your health & wellness together! * Stay motivated by connecting your fitness tracker to see calories burned, class performance, & more with our activity dashboard. Plus, Mindbody uses HealthKit to export your classes into the Health app and read biometric data, so you can view your stats across platforms! * Save your favorite gyms, studios, classes, spas, & beauty salons to easily book again. Why you’ll love it: * Variety: Yoga, CrossFit®, spin, barre, strength training, Pilates, dance, & more—discover what works for you. * Value: With Intro Offers & Last-Minute Offers, you'll get the best deals to try a new studio or drop-in on a fitness class without committing to a membership. * Verified Reviews: Know what people are saying about new workout classes or wellness services before you book with real reviews from verified users. Download this top-rated workout app to elevate your wellness & create a healthy routine! *Flexible Pricing available in the U.S. only *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

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Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa app reviews

  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Sugareee73
    Tried the app years ago and it was awful. I see nothing has changed. Much easier to just use the webpage than this app. Such a shame.
  • App Is FAULTY 1/5

    By Axellotl T 01
    This app is terrible!! Every time I go to cancel an appointment, instead of cancelling the appointment I have selected, it just cancels the one I have next!! The calendar never refreshes so I can’t even look for the next dates of my classes. Everyone in these comments is just commenting on their gym.
  • Kiss 5/5

    By dreakay81
    Simple to use
  • Updated App 1/5

    By Lost in App
    My Pilates studio evidently no longer exists nor does my pass. Unable to sign in even though it knows my name.
  • The gyms are great, MINDBODY APP IS TERRIBLE 1/5

    By truth_honesty_judgement
    BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: the gyms are great, BUT THIS APP AND ITS CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE TERRIBLE. I think this is important to note. My gym is great and most of the reviews here are about how awesome their gym is. If the app has not cause any problems for you, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones. However, if you’re one of the unlucky ones like me (and I’ve from of others with the same situation), this app has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT EVER. Not only have they been condescending, but my gym owners had to intervene to get me assistance only for th app customer support to drop the issue after giving a bunch of failed solutions that me and my gym both followed. HOPEFULLY SOMEONE CREATES A BETTER APP OUT THERE SO TERRIBLE APPS LIKE MINDBODY DO NOT HAVE MONOPOLY OF THE INDUSTRY AND LEAVE PEOPLE WITHOUT A BETTER CHOICE FOR SUCH FUNCTIONS.
  • Great app 5/5

    By MissyMe18
    LVL and Climb are great workouts
  • F45 Westport - AMAZING TEAM TRAINING 5/5

    By kristinajm
    I have had the pleasure of using MINDBODY app for my F45 Class Westport, CT location since 2020! Easy to use + only have amazing things to say about F45 Westport Training location!
  • Easy to use. 5/5

    By EatSleepCodeBreakRepeat
    App is user friendly and easy to use.
  • No business or classes shown 1/5

    By bugsfortheapp
    Had hard time logging in through Facebook before, now I can log in, but it shows there’s nothing available. No classes or businesses even though there should be.
  • Huge flaw-time zone 3/5

    By tamatha78
    I’ve been using this app since 2018 and it has a pretty major flaw if you travel. If you’re in a different time zone than the class you’re booking it shows the class time in your current time zone. Makes zero sense. You will not be in the current time zone when taking the class so why the extra step for the user to calculate or be conscious of the adjustment before booking. This is an easy fix for MindBody but for some reason they only added a warning instead of fixing the problem altogether.
  • No ApplePay Support 1/5

    By ransom22
    What a joke that it wants to store my credit card in their database instead of using applepay like every other modern app these days.
  • Love this place! 5/5

    By MackenzieT123
    This was my first time taking a Pilates course and I absolutely loved it! Cynthia is a great instructor. I would recommend Little Apple Pilates to anyone because there is such a wide variety of classes!
  • Can not log on… 1/5

    By Meekthefreak69
    Not only did I have a hard time locating businesses, now I can’t even log on. And if I try to co to ur as guest, I’m instantly kicked out.
  • When it works, it works well 3/5

    By Sweetwind
    This app is spotty. I didn’t get any warning about my credit card coming to its expiration date, I was just silently dropped from the Flex program. The app wouldn’t let me update the expired credit card, or re-enter it as a new credit card either. I had to enter an entirely different card and manually re-enroll. That was in October now here it is February, and suddenly all the Flex program indications have vanished. I put in a ticket, but right now I have no idea. Maybe Mindbody has decided to give up the Flex program without telling anybody? Or maybe it’s just a really big bug, who knows.
  • Classes for strength and balance / Chair aerobics 5/5

    By Ya Ya Nita
    So motivating and with Lexi explaining what muscles you are working and everyone talking while exercising 1 hr seems like 30 minutes . It’s a great workout 👍🏻
  • Location settings seem off 2/5

    By saddydumpington
    When I first got this app a few years back it worked great, but now it doesn’t work at all. I just put in a search for yoga classes in San Francisco tomorrow (Sunday) and the app came back with a message that “no results” were found for yoga classes in San Francisco but that i can try their recommended classes 40 miles away in Morgan Hill. It’s impossible that there are absolutely no classes in my city on a Sunday. I went to settings and it’s seems to be turned on. I’m mystified as to why this app has been virtually unusable in the past 1-2 years
  • Kailey D 5/5

    By kaileyd24
    Since I started going to Lotus Loft I’ve noticed such a difference in my life in such a positive way and I couldn’t thank Lotus’s team more for that. I really enjoy how each instructor is in tune with each and everyone of us during our classes no matter how many of us there are. The instructors have such amazing personalities and are super accommodating during our classes! Such kind people! It’s a such a great experience and I recommend to literally anyone that has an interest!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By WellWithRisha
    This app used to be great and now it’s terrible and unreliable. It quits constantly and takes a long time after opening to show the list of booked appointments. Sometimes it doesn’t show them at all. When trying to open individual appointments to look at details, it almost always quits. It’s becoming nearly impossible to use. For an app that so many businesses use and rely on, it’s really unfortunate that the software is so poor. I hope there will be updates to these issues!!
  • So many pop ups 3/5

    By ThatGuy000
    All the pop ups are so annoying, asking for location every single time and kept on trying to upswell every moment in the app
  • No apple pay? 3/5

    By cfgr43nn
    The major reasons I would want to use an app like this is to be able to do 2 things: pay with my apple pay wallet directly (removing the necessity of pulling up my payment information, entering it in, etc) and being able to click a button that sends the event to my calendar. The second part is covered, but the first part is not. This pain point is exacerbated if you are using the apple card and have any sort of advanced security on your card set up (change the cvv automatically every so often, for example), or have to change the card number. It also reduces the cashback rewards I get back from purchases (pay with card #, only get 1% cashback. pay with applepay directly, get 2% cashback :)) It would be a huge improvement to be able to use apple pay in app, but I'd also take paypal, or amazon pay, or plaid maybe (idk) or literally anything else besides entering my card and billing address into yet another site/app Otherwise app is fine, some weird design quirks but I don't need all my apps to look the same, ydy!
  • Could use improvement 1/5

    By Jmc2015
    I love the convenience of booking classes through the app, but I feel like it could use some tweaking to make it more user friendly. Also the app is definitely glitching right now in that I booked and cancelled 2 classes (within the required time frame so I wouldn’t still be charged for the class anyway) and now it’s saying I’ve used 2/3 of the passes I just bought last Friday. I’ve bought 2 bundles for the same business and booked/cancelled in advance previously, and I’ve never had this issue before. Only giving one star until I hear back from support, which is also frustrating you can only contact them via email (unless you’re a client on the app it seems).
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By Certified Morganic
    Each week I waste my time with this app. One is supposed to use this app for signing up for classes and appointments at my gym, the Olympic Athletic Club in Seattle, WA. Each week the gym releases lap swim times that one must reserve in order to swim at a given time the next week. This app does not work for this purpose, always giving an “oops, something went wrong” message when trying to reserve a time. I login to the gym website and make reservations without any issue. Each week I give the app a try and it never works. I will no longer waste my time.
  • I love Pilates with Niki! 5/5

    By SkipAppleton
    I started to take Pilates with Niki last Summer. I have been exercising for 54 years.(I am 68 years old.) Pilates is now my favorite form of exercise! I am a Substitute Teacher. I try not to sign up to teach on Thursdays. Thursdays are my favorite days, because of Niki’s 12:00 Class! She is the most amazing teacher! She’s is in the moment, warm, kind, knowledgeable and overwhelmingly helpful. I am handicapped, because of having five hip surgeries and with her help, I feel normal. I am so grateful for Niki and this fantastic Pilates Studio!!!
  • No chronological order! 1/5

    By Wolfpackattack
    Why can’t I filter by time? My app is updated and I have to scroll through all classes even if I filter by time period. The classes listed are NOT in chronological order… why?
  • My review 5/5

    By Bride2B!2020
    This app makes it incredibly easy for me to schedule classes with my favorite yoga studio! It’s very user-friendly and organized. Love it!
  • Poor filter 1/5

    By jerk32
    You should be able to filter by something greater than 15 miles. The only option is to filter by greater than 50 miles, which is the entire planet. So unless you’re willing to go overseas for a fitness class by lunch, you can’t filter anything greater than 15 miles away from you.
  • review!! 5/5

    By samstpdd
    easy to use, convenient to navigate!!!
  • Stop removing me from classes I didn’t cancel! 1/5

    By alexmac30
    This app is aggravating because it constantly removes me from classes that I don’t want to be removed from, if I remove myself from the waitlist for a different class on the same day. I will clearly be on the time I want to cancel and it will remove me from a class I have booked earlier in the day instead. This happens frequently and it’s so frustrating- I wish my Pilates studio used a platform that actually worked to book classes. I’ve also heard from friends this happens to them too, so it seems like a pretty common glitch that should be fixed….
  • Good app! 5/5

    By BrookMC
    I have really enjoyed using the app. I use it mainly for my cycle class, but it’s nice to see what other classes are in different studios around me.
  • This app is a mess 1/5

    By ajfred17
    Why does this app still glitch and randomly lock me out of my account? How long has this app been out and it’s still riddled with bugs and glitches.
  • Used to be better 1/5

    By Pseudonym available
    This app was great until they took away the ability to book virtual classes.
  • Most Garbage Software 1/5

    By TotsDash
    I would give NEGATIVE stars if I could! They lock you into [email protected][email protected]$& contracts you can’t get out of! Your clients will have a miserable time figuring out how to book! Do NOT USE THEM!!!
  • Stupid service fee 1/5

    By Qertiyivncndnfjbkvjd
    Basically I pay a service fee for them to provide zero customer service. What a ripoff. They charge the facility for the app and then the client as well now. Greedy wankers.
  • App not active. 1/5

    By Thelunchlady68
    Says the developer knows of the issue. Please fix app so I can manage my account. Thank you
  • Can’t write reviews 1/5

    By Dg3314
    I haven’t been able to write a review for the past three weeks. Just says to try again later…no matter what. Update: Still can’t write reviews. All my private sessions give a “visit does not exist” alert. My abs beg to differ. Hate that this affects my instructors’ business when I’ve been emailing and contacting on social media to have MB fix it.
  • Unclear privacy control 1/5

    By LeslieLBJPhD
    This app won’t let me change “data preferences” so I can’t see or control what information MINDBODY is collecting. It also won’t let me disable background app refresh and I can see no reason why that has to be on if I don’t want it! These are NASTY Also, every now and again it loses my username and password so I have to login again. Navigation is terrible, the UI is far too cluttered.
  • absolute terrible user experience 1/5

    By shree33
    this app barely works - I can’t sign up for classes at all. i’ve gone back and forth with support multiple times.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By thaley27
    I love this app and it’s soo easy to use and sign up for yoga classes!
  • Please delete 1/5

    By safe driver69
    I was trying to get information on ninja nation, from an email that I thought was going to be fun activities for my son. Then I was directed to get information about that through the mind-body app and it has nothing to do with what I was trying to find and now they’re making it very difficult to delete the account. Scary phishing type stuff I am so regretting downloading this app and clicking on the clickbait.
  • Website/App not sync 1/5

    By Play On 04
    I signed up on the website. Then I downloaded the app. Some of the information I provided didn’t sync over. It’s almost 2023 and we have apps and websites that don’t work together. Invest in your technology and fix it asap.
  • UPDATED REVIEW 12/10/22 5/5

    By Ghibellina
    12/10/22: This app is now perfect. You can filter by virtual and search by distance (50+ miles). Super easy to find all types of classes all all over the country!! Thank you MindBody developers. 9/23/22: After updating my 2 star review to a 5 star review below, we’re now back down to 1 star. ALL the stuff I raved about is gone again. BRING BACK ABILITY SET SEARCH FILTER TO 50+ MILES. Please! 9/21/22: My original 2 star review is below, which I am updating to 5 stars. THEY ACTUALLY LISTENED AND FIXED IT! The new customizable search feature is SO much better. You can now filter by type of class, distance, virtual, etc. Thank you! Now if they could only fix the freezing that occurs 100% of the time when you click Favorites (at bottom) - Classes - and try to change date. 8/20/22: Original 2 star review: Disappointing update and customer service. For the past 2 years using the app, I have been filtering my search distance to “50+ miles.” This provided results all over the country and world, including hundreds of virtual class options with just ONE search. Since the most recent update, the app defaults to only search within 25 miles from the user’s location or the manually entered location. This means that to find virtual classes farther than 25 miles away, you have to MANUALLY SEACRH EVERY CITY IN THE COUNTRY one by one. Please add back the option to filter search distance to “50+ miles” or let us know how to change that ourselves.
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By Soitsme
    Current version not showing my passes.
  • app doesn’t work half the time, even with LTE and wifi 1/5

    By littykitt
  • Fast and easy to use 5/5

    By Uthemanmains
    Can’t beat how easy this AP makes it to book appointments.
  • Is there a way to export? 5/5

    By Mountaineer00
    I like the app. I like I can sign up for a class and it’s synced to my calendar. It would be nice to be able to export classes attended for a certain period of time. Like export the previous months classes to show what I’ve done. This would also help if someone needs verification for reimbursement through an employer. :)
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By imnatthomas
    Bugs and issues once a week. Almost comical how badly programmed this app is. But forced to use it because I love my classes
  • Falls Way Below Expectations 1/5

    By sophchanel
    I am a Glow Sauna member and am ready to end my membership due to the fact that I haven’t been able to book a reservation through MINDBODY for months. And when I send a note about an issue, it takes MINDBODY weeks if not months to respond, and then it’s generally to tell me it’s not their problem. The current issue is that the cabin calendar dates never populate, much less show what times are available to select, ending with the message “oops, something went wrong.” (And of course I have deleted and reloaded the app multiple times). I also have an automatic monthly subscription to another business that previously used MINDBODY but switched to a different platform given all of the issues/customer complaints they experienced. The owner relayed they couldn’t be happier with their decision to switch. So….the message to other business owners is that despite their pitch MINDBODY is not a strong platform, their customer service is non-existent, they are costing you money through dropped subscriptions, and there are other options out there to better service your business needs.
  • Great idea, execution has a few flaws 3/5

    By samplesizematters
    In general, I love this app because it makes it easy to book classes online. However, occasionally when I cancel a class in the future, it cancels for the current day instead. I talked to others at my studio who have also had this issue, so I know it’s not isolated. Would be great to prevent this glitch, if so then I’d give mindbody 5 stars
  • Hawaii to NY and everywhere in between 5/5

    By Joy...full
    Love this app. Greatest invention for keeping your fitness and practices going while on the road or at home. Also makes trying new things so easy. Love the specials too. My favorite gyms and studios are using it now and it allows them to offer more competitive pricing and more package pricing.