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Minecraft: Story Mode - S2 App

Now that Jesse and the gang have vanquished the Wither Storm, saved the world, and become totally super famous heroes, life has gotten a bit more...complicated. With more responsibilities and less time for adventure, old friendships have started to fade -- at least until Jesse’s hand gets stuck in a creepy gauntlet that belongs to an ancient underwater temple. Together with old pals and new comrades alike, Jesse embarks on a brand new journey filled with tough choices, good times, and at least one temperamental llama. Includes Episode 1 of a 5 part series in this brand new season from the award-winning studio, Telltale Games. ***PLEASE NOTE: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DEVICES BELOW iPhone 5S and iPad Air 2. The full list of recommended minimum devices for the best gameplay experience is as follows - iPhone 5S and up, iPad Mini 4 and up, iPad Air 2 and up, and iPad Pro - also requires iOS 10.0 and up.***


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Minecraft: Story Mode - S2 app reviews

  • Good game 5/5

    By Ali_konan_33
    Good and nice game for everyone
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Elaina Korea in a hamster
    I’m a 10 year old reviewing this game and I think it’s great like some people said a lot better then the first season. One more thing if the editor sees this PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 3 I LOVE THE STORY MODE.AGAIN PLEASE MAKE A THIRD SEASON!!!
  • Good but.. 3/5

    By INeedMehCheese
    Jessi isn’t a good hero. Jeez AJ from A new frontier The Walking Dead is a better hero. Also I not the only one to recognize that Petra secretly is pregnant and doesn’t know how to tell Jesse, so I think she’ll just hang herself. Also I suggest to make Jesse more horny and recreate 50 Shades of Gray with Norm the villager. Also Ruben was named after a sandwich.
  • Ok it’s good but hard 5/5

    By alex pickle
    Ok I’m on the level where it has the big human guys i did it eight times and died!!!!😡😡😡😡I even put the mastery level at 1 and it still was hard and it won’t let you continue until you kill the guy if you die it won’t let you continue you can’t even walk away from it you only get to fight and roll that’s it!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡!!! This game is probably a rip off because when your at the level of Minecraft story mode and you have to fight the huge guys it doesn’t let you continue the game until you kill the bad guy and I’ve tried 13times and still haven’t kill the guy and you only get like five tries to kill the guys but the guys get like ten tries even know it a new game it a rip off you can get it but you probably won’t get past the big human level😐
  • Scenes are cut 2/5

    By 7XSteelers
    Every time I say something pretty much after that a little bit of what they say glitches out and they don’t say anything besides what they previously said! Plz fix this!!!!!😫😞😩😔😢😭
  • It’s Better Then Season One... 4/5

    By Greywolf36
    Minecraft Story Mode: S2 was a pretty decent game that I was excited to see what it had to offer, after its predecessor. The story was much slower paced compared to the first one, and took a long time to download on WiFi on the I Phone 6s (I tried downloading on several WiFi’s). Episode one was decent, I liked all the things you could do in beacon town, and the more decisions you could make. Episode 2, 3, and 4 were very well also. There were fun mini games in episode two- fun things to explore in three, and episode four had more action and fun cutscenes that were interactive. Five was badly paced in my opinion- and I liked how your decisions from the previous episodes could change who could live or die. ——————————————————— PROBLEMS - Episode four was very glitchy- and I ended up getting my character stuck into a corner, making me restart the entire episode. Voice acting was pretty poor at times, and I could barely understand what Radar was saying when the main group was in beacon town at the end of episode 5... (Possible Glitch?) The interface was pretty hard to use when fighting monsters, maybe make it like the GUI of Minecraft Pocket Edition? _____________________________________________ Overall- I’d give this game a 4/5- it was amazing, and much better then season one... Just two things... please bring back Axel and Olivia- and I’d love another adventure pass!
  • Cash=Buggy Fun? 4/5

    By Minecrafter of TNT
    This is the PERFECT game for Minecrafters and adventure lovers but there’s 2 problems. The first problem is the speaking. Sometimes the people don’t finish words and sentences. That is a big issue. The second one is cost. This problem is for both seasons. You have to buy for the more exciting adventures and there’s only ONE free episode for both seasons. (I have only played episode 1 of both seasons because cash). I think Mojang is ripping us off a tiny bit because TWENTY DOLLARS?!?! I know it’s for all episode for season 2 but still. If you still want to disappoint the more poor adventure and Minecraft lovers, you could bring the price down around $5-$11. P.S. I also can’t be able to afford the rest of the episodes. Each problem is worth one half of a star.
  • It’s stupid 1/5

    By Nobody__games
    If you think about it I actually like these games the wolf among us, the walking dead, batman etc but this is just sad if you think about it they could made so much better things but what can I say that’s just my thought.
  • The best game I’ve played 5/5

    By Sasha_6655r
    MCSM 1 and 2 were very fun. I’ve played all episodes in both games and I didn’t get bored at any of them. There are so many emotions packed into these games. The last thing I want to say is that MCSM 2 needs a 6th episode just staying in beacon town or going with Petra doesn’t mean the end, you can basically make two episodes, one for people who chose Petra and one for people who chose beacontown
  • It is a very good game but just a problem 5/5

    By denerbone
    Its very annoying that you cant play while you are downloading an episode it might take hours to download and an episode and I really get bored it will be perfect if you fix this
  • DA BEET GAME EVER JUST LIKE ROBLOX!!!!!!!! But only one problem 5/5

    By 😑😡👎👎👎👎👎👎
    On episode 2 it kinda lag when the giant says un ugh hold on then it freezes for one hour 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • My opinion 5/5

    By Ryan asadi
    I like this game but I just finished it so please make a season 3
  • OUTSTANDING but.. 4/5

    By Dylan03112
    It’s amazing but why do you have to pay for the episodes. I just don’t think it’s that pleasant that you have to pay for the episodes but the 1st one. I’m just saying and it’s just my opinion but other than that I LOVE IT!
  • The episodes 4/5

    By hgdnvjgdhfbff
    If you were to make the episodes free than you can get more people to download the app
  • Season 3? 5/5

    By auwgd
    I wanna know if your going to add a third season because I love the Minecraft story modes their the best so I wanna know if there’s going to be a third one
  • Help! 4/5

    By 1456622888
    Whenever Jesse is fighting monsters, it can be very hard. I have to keep on dying over and over again and that does not make the game fun. I suggest that when Jesse dies in a fight from monster or anything else, you should let the player skip through it after three times. 😀
  • The game doesn’t finish sentences. 4/5

    By WolfTAzer90
    When I play. Sometimes when characters talk . They don’t finish the sentence or don’t say part of the subtitles. Can you please find a way to fix this?
  • Dbjx 2/5

    By london27008
  • What happened? 1/5

    By video games critic
    Very disappointed! Ask you to buy episodes for lots of money and the graphics are bad AND what happened to Olivia’s voice?? Very disappointed!
  • Storycode 5/5

    By gameraphmau fan
    Hi this was the best game I ever played ( except for Minecraft) but I was stuck but then my battery died and then I remembered that I had used a statigy I season 1 and did it and won!! So in my opinion it was great and I want to thank the people who worked really hard and say that it is great plz make more if u can!! ;)
  • Repost: My thoughts on Minecraft Story Mode Season II. 1/5

    By [email protected]$$holeSolo
    Hello Telltale Games, If you're listening, today I would like to share my honest opinion about Minecraft Story Mode Season II. When I completed Minecraft Story Mode Episode 8: A Journey's End, I really honest to Goodness thought that the story was over, seeing as the ending of the game sort of leaves what happens next up to the player's imagination. It was all very satisfying to see these characters return home and be friends and keep adventuring. Then, around June 2017, I heard that you were making a sequel. But the first thing I saw involving MCSMS2, was not a promotional artwork, or a basic premise, it was a release date. No lies, 3 weeks after I first heard of the game, it was released. I bought the game, thinking that I'd really like it, seeing as how good the first game was. No less than 5 minutes the game I noticed the following problems: 1: Ivor & Harper, two fan-favorite characters, were gone, only mentioned once, showing no signs that they would ever come back. And by the time Ivor came back it was too late, and Harper was still gone. 2: Distracting Visual Glitches were all over the place, making the game look very sloppy and like it was made in a hurry. Later on, I noticed more. 3: We Didn't really get to know Jack or Radar very well before they were thrown at us, basically saying, "You don't need Petra, Lukas, Ivor, Axel, & Olivia anymore." Instead of the good old crew, we were stuck with a guy who cares about no one but himself, and some guy who has the voice of a 7 year-old girl. 4: So The Admin nearly destroyed Beacon Town, Tortured and subjugated Petra / Jack to his will, and tried to kill Jesse on numerous occasions, because he was lonely? That's not a great villain motive. I would much rather have Herobrine than The Admin any day. 5: Why was Petra keeping secrets from Jesse, when in episode 2 of the first game, Jesse was the only one she trusted with her secrets? And why was she swooning over Jack like fangirl? Petra is supposed a tough young woman who can take care of business and is fiercely loyal to her friends, not some fangirling liar. 6: Despite the option to continue the story started in Minecraft Story Mode, this game takes place so far after the first game, that it literally has nothing to do with MCSM, almost like it created its own canon. I did not like this, as it sacrificed everything good that I did in MCSM to tell its owns story, destroying all the progress I made. 7: If Romeo, Xara, & Fred are the supposed “Creators of everything”, who created them? Humans do not have celestial power, we cannot create things from nothing, only One self existing, almighty being could create worlds, universes, Etc. Humans also cannot have God’s power and knowledge, as it would be too much for a mortal being to handle. I don’t know who’s idea The Admin was, but it was a terrible idea. 8: In MCSM, Beacon Town & Champion City are in Oak Valley, about 300 miles away from Redstonia, on the east coast of the continent. However, in MCSMS2, the two cities are unexplainably moved 1,220 miles to the northwest. And as if that wasn’t enough, the entire continent was screwed up. There were things in the central part of the continent that were not there in MCSM. I know how plate tectonics work, and such drastic changes to the land do not occur in only 7 years. I don’t know who thought no one would notice the massive geographical errors, but I noticed. If anyone of you at TTG took basic geology, you’ll know that plate shifting takes millions of years. To summarize: 1: The game feels rushed out, glitchy, and incomplete. 2: I was not expecting beloved characters like Ivor & Harper to get so carelessly discarded from the story. It almost feels like how Hicks & Newt from Aliens were killed off so carelessly in Alien 3. It's not right. 3: The new characters feel like they're being forced on us, and Radar is annoying. 4: The main Antagonist's motives were not well written. 5: Beloved characters personalities were very far from what they were in MCSM. 6: The game takes away all the good things from MCSM to tell its own story, sacrificing all the player's progress. 7: The game’s idea of Theology is messed up and offensive. 8: The landscape of the Overworld seems to have changed dramatically in only 7 years. Fyi, the scene with Jesse & Petra in episode 4 was a pretty interesting to finally see (Because I kinda like M Jesse & Petra), but it wasn’t executed quite right, and really only satisfies those playing as M Jesse, leaving the players who like F Jesse & Lukas nothing. My sisters (who like Lukesse, or whatever it’s called) were extremely annoyed at this, as they wanted the choice to pair up with Lukas, and I’m sure many more were also very annoyed at what was a jerk move on Stirpe’s part. With that said, you should probably just remove the choice system from MCSMS2, as it serves absolutely no purpose in the game. Why am I saying this? Because the centerpiece of all Telltale games is the option to craft your own story, and if F Jesse players can’t choose the option to be with Lukas, then they have no reason to play the game. Now don't get me wrong, I love Minecraft Story Mode. It has inspired me to write Minecraft Story Mode: World Of Chaos for my siblings. But I'm afraid that me and my family were disappointed by MCSMS2. This game is disappointing not just to people who like Minecraft, but to those who like Fantasy. You have to pay respect to writers like J.R.R Tolkien who made Fantasy what it is today, and MCSMS2 makes a mockery of the Fantasy Genre. So, all in all, I respectfully give this game a 0/100 rating. I will look forward to your next game. Until then, I’ll play games I actually enjoy, like Kingdom Hearts, Minecraft Story Mode, The Walking Dead, and Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War. Thanks Telltale, I hope you read this. (: -Nick
  • Great 5/5

    By LatinaEngr
    So it’s awesome everything’s cool exept it doesn’t say the end of its word
  • 5star! 5/5

    By Br2450
    I love this game more than Minecraft story mode.
  • Plz help 4/5

    By AzadBoys
    Why are you not letting me get to the 5th episode 😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • Fun but not free 5/5

    By Chickachackah
    I Love the game but it would be nice to not have to buy every single level of the game. And I do think people with a love of Minecraft would like this game. The graphics are excellent and the choices of picking your characters is perfect. And it’s a great game for kids. I think vary highly of this game for all the fun things you can do in it. So if you love Minecraft this game is perfect for you to play.
  • Game 5/5

    By Deadpool303030
    This game is great! However it’s better as a let’s play than something in your free time. But it’s still very good!
  • GAHH! 3/5

    By Misque14
    EVERY time i try to swim up the waterfall in ep 1 i die i have been trying all day and nothing works it is so much easier on pc or console PLEASE make it easier i only get the bar to 3/4 of the way there
  • I like this game 5/5

    By T0T4Ly_No0b
    I love games like this
  • Make more 5/5

    By xXNiceYT
    Pls make more
  • Cool 5/5

    By Lolita2013g
    It’s. Sooooooooooooo cooollllll
  • Season Three 5/5

    By Nitrox_Duh_Boss
    I love love LOVE this and I want more please make a season three!!!!!
  • Mojang 5/5

    By Wario95
    I love the second season Minecraft story mode please make the third I love to see herobrine in it and the white pumpkin’s return for revenge
  • LOVE ITTT♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 5/5

    By ameliamermaid
    Telltale, this game was awesome, I have only 1 question Is there going to be a season 3 if so I got my fan gear ready 😄😄😄
  • Please make it avible for iPad 4 gen 5/5

    By Alesskdskdkxx
    My brother loves this game he wants it on his iPad 4 gen please make that happen from a 7 year old boy.
  • No Audio on iOS 11 please fix 5/5

    By RazorZCornerYT
    I like it a lot but there’s no audio on season one or two it’s really annoying still I give 5 stars because your amazing btw please fix this
  • This was AWESOME please season 3 4/5

    By KidGamer15
    I loved this game! Telltale is awesome for making a Season 2 to this! I played Season 1 before and that was awesome as well! Please make a Season 3 for Minecraft Story Mode! Or please make a continuation to the story in Season 2 like you guys did in Season 1! Or maybe both! I really do want to play a Season 3! Please Telltale and Mojang make a Minecraft Story Mode Season 3!
  • Takes long time to download 4/5

    By Unicorn slime
    It takes a long time to download but the game is awesome!
  • So sad it’s over, but I have one small problem 4/5

    By Kazdal06
    Season 2 has taught me a lot of friendship. There better be a season 3 or else I might just cry myself to sleep every night. This was sooooo good! Keep up the great work telltale! So sad that episode 5 is out and over by it was amazing. THANKYOU one problem though is that I bought the game rightttt away the day it came out, I paid 25 dollars since the whole season had to be paid for but now episode one is free. So 5 dollars of mine have been wasted =(
  • Something is wrong... 5/5

    By bella2ian
    i really want to play this game but it won’t download I tryed to redownload it but it froze and when i redownloaded it it just deleted by its self please fix this glitch pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
  • Make a season 3 plz 5/5

    By Superzman101
    U should make a S3 because I love u company and I want S3 I’ll tell more actually u already put a Easter egg at the end so yeah do it soon plz!!!🙂
  • I really love this game 4/5

    By Foreign jay
    I really love this game I played it for like a whole week but can you guys make a teen wolf telltale game that would be really awesome I mean all the games telltale make are awesome so could you guys think about a teen wolf telltale game please.
  • I love this game. 5/5

    By Katie387750
    Minecraft Story Mode has been amazing, I have loved 1 and 2. I’m downloading this app again so I can start all over. I really enjoy the fact of having building in this one, and that there’s a good fighting thing now, and that there’s a lot of storyline and admin and prison and betrayal and so much in this.
  • Telltale does it awesomely! 5/5

    By Anoymous Audio
    Ok, so I did Story Mode 1 a long time ago, it had some bad words which upsets me so update it to not have bad words. I saw this game and I thought it was gonna look weird and have bad words. But after I played it, I was shocked how detailed and amazing it was! I loved the background and character details! Make a season 3, here’s an idea. So Jesses, some old and new friends see that there is a new villain in town. The bosses they already defeated come back to life! They see this guy with a scary look, and has powers stronger than the admins and witherstorm combined! There should be like 10-15 episodes and the villain turns out to be a VERY old friend... Please do season 3 simalier to my idea at least if you make a Story Mode 3!!! Please and Thank you😍💖🔥
  • AWSOME! I love it,but... 4/5

    By PosendVines
    The lag,the only thing stoping me from giving 5 star review. If they could fix the lag that would be great! And I wish it could be a bit longer....
  • I got Minecraft for free 5/5

    By minecraft for free
    I am not kidding and it a good game
  • #1 Game 5/5

    By G7constr.
    I love this game, I have nothing negative to say, it is just great.
  • It’s better than season 1 at least 4/5

    By Santiago Rousselot Vespa
    I bought the whole first season (all 8 episodes) and I didn’t think it was Telltale’s best (Tales from the Borderlands, The Walking Dead, Batman: The Enemy Within) but it still was a fun game for the whole family, so when they announced season 2 I rolled my eyes because Telltale was working on so many projects at the moment and I thought it was going to damage the content, but here I am, after having played episode 5 and I gotta say it surprised me (all the way up to episode 5, though), it’s better than its predecessor though the finale wasn’t what I expected it to be. Lately, Telltale finales haven’t been as powerful as before (except for Guardians, which had a lot of different paths to go to), I think it was kind of rushed, and could have used a little more polish, like a very big g showdown the same with a very big and full of SFX final fight, but it was not that way, I found it kind of boring and while I don’t hate it, I think you could’ve taken another month to do it. Anyway, I really liked this season, but I have another problem, I already said it in my Batman The Enemy Within review and it’s that the main menu is kind if crappy, it’s not like before with animations and stuff like that. I think that for at least minecraft you could’ve done one like you do in PC, since is not that weighty. Thank you very much!

    By Rylan2
    I bought this game thinking it was only a one time purchase for episodes 1-5.At least title it with [Episode 1 only].20 or 25 dollars is outrageously priced for all episodes when they are only about 5-10 hours of gameplay Minecraft the original is way better priced 6.99 for unlimited gameplay.I am not buying another Minecraft Storymode season again!
  • Great game but one problem 5/5

    By gonoodler
    I love this game but 1 problem. Why does the season pack have 19.99? Switch it to 5.99 please!
  • Amazing sequel 5/5

    By Cc minecraft guy
    I absolutely loved the storyline of this sequel and how it had Jesse face friend problems and how the admin fit in the storyline. I think the story for games I an amazing idea but I also think it would be a great idea to make storylines from books and make them games so the readers can fully experience the events of the story. But this is and amazing game recommend it to anyone who has or has not played season one but if you haven’t I recommend playing season one first.

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