Mini Golf MatchUp

Mini Golf MatchUp

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  • Current Version: 2.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mini Golf MatchUp App

**Download the most addicting FREE mini golf game in the world!** ***Join over 10 MILLION others playing on over 70 holes on 7 fun courses!*** **** Play TODAY and get a free BONUS**** REVIEWS √ “I definitely recommend giving this app a try, and since it’s free, there’s no downside to downloading it” - 148apps √ “The lush 3-d visuals are great on the eyes” - Appadvice √ “A fun, well-implemented asynchronous minigolf game.” - Inside Social Games √ “For now, Mini Golf MatchUp is an addictive effort you don't want to miss…” - Modojo √ “’s time to admit it: virtual mini-putt is your next great mobile addiction” - Gamezebo FEATURES √ FREE to PLAY! √ Play on 7 fun courses with over 70 holes √ Dodge obstacles with 3 unique putter and ball upgrades √ Challenge friends and family anywhere in the world √ Smile at bright and cheerful graphics √ Use easy touch controls handcrafted for your phone and tablet √ Collect stars to unlock new courses Come play the game that Tiger Woods may or may not use while training for his tournaments, and find out what mini golf fun is all about! Like Mini Golf MatchUp on Facebook: Follow Mini Golf MatchUp on Twitter: Please e-mail us at [email protected] with any feedback or questions!

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Mini Golf MatchUp app reviews

  • Hghfhrhrfljji. 5/5

    By Sera.bosbos
    Tvjhgjhjhihkin. Njn Jkhkbhkjjk,M Uhhhgj
  • amazing game 5/5

    By Oreos119_
    I used to play this when I was a child and it’s still amazing. Even if there are a few bugs and bots it’s still the fun game it was. Don’t rate it bad just because it has a few bots, and it’s not pay to win, if you can aim your sure to win. There is a way to get a hole in 1 in every map.
  • 5 Star Review 5/5

    By Elite Buttons
    It’s cost me nothing while providing me with hours of entertainment. This app is great for killing time during the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020.
  • I think I’m being dumb here 3/5

    By ImJustMeOK?
    I couldn’t get past the login through email because of my password ( which I forgot ) and I don’t know if I’m being dumb but I didn’t want to do the playing with friends thing but I couldn’t get past that screen so it’s a ( insert fart noise here ) for me just because of that other wise it would be good
  • Love the game 5/5

    By Sange Wildon
    Simple yet challenging. Seems like the daily tournaments are gone. Why? Please don’t let this game go.
  • Joke 1/5

    By michaelcahill
    This is a decent game but it seems like you are always playing bots. Also, the tournaments always have ridiculous totals you have to hit that I don’t even bother anymore
  • Bot Love 1/5

    By nicknanewontaje
    If you are into bots then this is the game for you. Many challenges a day from robots. Hard to find humans. Can’t block the bots so they just keep challenging you. It’s completely not worth the time.
  • Jhroos 2/5

    By jhroos
    I got fed up with too many IMPOSSIBLE bounces, caroms, ricochets, along with great disparities in ball speed etc. I became convinced the operators of the game were just messing with players for the heck of it! Ultimately a dishonest game.
  • Old game,but I still love it and it’s still fun 5/5

    By blabla11344
    This game reminds me of my childhood. When I was a kid I used to play this awesome game, but I had to buy a new iPad because (maybe) I downloaded this game in my old iPad. When I bought a new one,I forgot about this game. But when I immediately saw this game on my new iPad, I immediately remembered this and it was fun when I downloaded it again and it was the same as I remembered, and (maybe) nothing changed. I would recommend to rate this game 5 stars because it’s a very fun game
  • Best mobile mini golf game 5/5

    By Jaden dav
    Amazing game!!! I’ve been playing for years
  • Time Killer 5/5

    By Nathenlo
    Great game! Okay, I love the drag and release mechanic, but if this it not a problem then I don’t know what is. The login system. I feel like you don’t actually have to log in, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a sign in as a guest button? This would be a nice touch but overall, Excellent game!
  • Good but... 4/5

    By 2007izgood
    Everybody is saying that this game has bots. I have also experienced bots. They have real names but they only score 6000-7000 each round. I literally have to play myself because all those bots are not giving me a challenge. There was only one person who actually gave me a challenge. His name is usecodebacon. Also, I’m tired of him forfeiting on me every time he looses. So kindly I ask you, Scopley that you would remove the forfeit button and get rid of these bots. I like the game on any other reason except these too -2007izgood
  • Bots spamming my account 1/5

    By Ninj4m4573r
    Literally have 100 requests all by similar names accounts, I understand bots are a thing, but having to decline 100 matches a day makes me want to delete the app because I can’t get to my legitimate matches
  • can’t change profile pic 1/5

    By Lunette
    fun game to play with friends but has some issues... can’t change profile pic, it supposedly connects to facebook but then blank screen and can’t select a photo... multiple attempts on various days and no luck, makes me not want to play because I’ve lost a ton of weight and hate the old photo. LOL
  • mini golf 5/5

    By NickWyont
    I’ve been playing mini golf match up with my friends ever since it came out. just as much fun now as it was then. it’s basically been perfected by now but i’d love to see some new courses in the future!
  • Too many bots 1/5

    By Ashxo412
    This game is fun if you like starting things and never finishing them. Very rarely do you actually play against someone else, most times you start a game and get put against a bot that makes a move 1 time then the game expires 6 days later. Also this game gives you challenges to earn stars but doesn’t give you the opportunity to complete the challenges. I’ve had the same 3 objectives for over a month now, ridiculous! I do not recommend
  • No more tournaments 1/5

    By Mongolicious00
    It looks like tournaments have been discontinued.
  • Tournaments not working? 5/5

    By Nanaofjcm
    I love playing the tournament every day, but haven’t seen one in 4-5 days. What’s going on??
  • Tournaments not showing 1/5

    By Dmd52u
    I haven’t seen a tournament in a couple days. Is there something wrong or are you setting up for something else?
  • 10/5 5/5

    By nomo chances
    Way 2 good
  • Mini golf matchup 1/5

    By PapaJohn211
    I’ve been playing this game about a week now. I have won coins in tournaments but cannot get the coins added to my coins. I have tried sending messages to scopely about this and they have not responded. The game is fun but frustrating when you need coins to enter tournaments and you don’t have enough except for coins won but never get credited to your account Please fix this issue!
  • Sign in is bad 1/5

    By polleynamedmatt
    I used to not need to sign in but now I have to
  • Mine does not work and I get no help 1/5

    By nana fed up!
    For weeks and weeks mine is not playing! I have notified them every way I could and not even an acknowledgement. I played for years! Have great faithful friends I probably lost now. No one can play back from my play. All I can do is start a new game but that’s it! I don’t know if they are receiving my plays! I deleted the game, downloaded again but it downloaded from the cloud! I’m not sure if that’s a problem but I can’t download a fresh copy as I can tell. Why doesn’t Scopely return an answer!?!?!? Zero support! I’m severely disappointed and I didn’t want my years status gone unless I’m forced to. Then I will never try this game again! They used to be good with support. This is my last attempt.
  • I love this game!! 5/5

    By The22 of064
    I really enjoy playing this game and it never gets old for me (which is crazy!) There are not very many ads and so many things you can do not there like tournaments, playing with friends or playing with random people.
  • I’ve been living thus game for years. 1/5

    By jenjo2u
    Now I cannot get a response from Scopely as yo why my games are not reaching other players. Whether they initiate or I do, once I play, the game has no more action and I eventually win (by their forfeit?). Very frustrating I wish they would advise on way ahead.
  • Decent 3/5

    By Rollbuddha
    Fun time waster of a game, but have to pay for all courses but two.
  • Fun game. 5/5

    By Jah G
    I have been playing this for a few years with the same people. I always have fun. But, it’s really odd. Over the past month or two, every person I play with, just stopped, all at once. I mean, what are the odds of that? Now, even when I start a game with them or new people, they play one hole and I win because they don’t play anymore. I mean, did everyone get sick of this game at the same time? It is a fun, simple game. I wish I still had people to play it with.
  • Mini golf 5/5

    By hawttttt
    Easy to operate and so much fun on the go
  • Nice FREE 5/5

    By kruczer
    Addictive. Free but you can pay for stupid stuff. Just play with people you don’t no and keep playing it’s an awesome game!!
  • It’s incredibly fun 5/5

    By KissDisBaby1!
    It’s incredibly fun and addicting
  • Mini golf matchup 2/5

    By Rumeoramiyou1
    Used to be fun when we had different things to do like make a hole in one every turn or go through a pipe and actually receive coins to purchase the “new” areas but when y’all quit adding new greens to play on, people like myself got bored and went on to play games that are updated and enhanced on a regular basis... come on people make this game worth playing again
  • Waste of space 4/5

    By this game is sas
    Fun but a huge waste of space
  • Relaxing 5/5

    By sn8ch
    This is the one game I have never gotten sick of or deleted. The music is so relaxing and it’s not too hard to play. Love my mini golf!
  • One of few games that works without Facebook! 5/5

    By Strapples (
    This is a good mini golf game. I have played it for ages and even came back to it after a phone format and months of not playing. It’s one of few that function for multiplayer without needing a FB account. I’d love to see more courses or a course creator mode.
  • Love mini golf match up 5/5

    By SanSandzy
    I’ve been playing this game for years, but when I switched phones the game had a glitch that I could never fix so Scopley is working with me to fix this problem. Their customer service is really on the ball and friendly. I don’t understand how some people get scores of 150,000, but kudos to them. Such a simple easy to play game, so fun and addictive.
  • More stuff! 4/5

    By the math gamer
    Put a guest if u don’t have a account
  • Mini Golf Pro 5/5

    By KSsaw
    Love this app ❤️
  • Can I play offline? 4/5

    By Picksy might be great
    I like his game and I just got it a day ago, the real question is Can I play offline or can I make my own course in the game? If you guys add it, I would really appreciate it.
  • It’s not fun to win all the time 1/5

    By Robynmjretired
    I don’t know how they have this game rigged but I’m waiting every single game I’m playing. My opponents have the lowest score possible and that is ridiculous because this is a totally easy game.
  • Mini golf matchup 5/5

    By Thekeister
    This game is awesome!! Best of the Buddie games yet!!! When you gonna make some new coarses!
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Ggrayturn
    One of the levels is so so so so hard you should fix it
  • My Favorite!! 5/5

    By 210boxer
    This game is the dopest dope right now!!! I can go all day with this game
  • Unreal!! Bots!?!?! 5/5

    By HevnScent
    When are you going to ever add any new courses it’s the same courses over and over and over again ?? It’s bad enough we have to play BOTS, and the same ones over and over and over again. I’ve been playing this game for years with the same players and they never win. 😑😑
  • Daily bonus 2/5

    By vinnie3999
    I like playing the game. Wish there were more lands. Problem, I can’t claim my daily bonus at all on my iPhone and on my iPad it tells me what I have left, but does t let me claim! Also, says I have over 16 thousand coins, but it won’t let me do anything with them. Any help would be appreciated!
  • Is your imagination gone, 3/5

    By Rond4Gail
    We have had no new courses in forever, so I can’t get anyone to play anymore
  • Sound broken? 2/5

    By metaphorous
    Is it just me, or is the sound broken with the latest version? Or maybe it's broken on ios12. Not sure the cause, but I'd like for it to be remedied. 2 stars until it's fixed.
  • “Mini Golf Review“ 5/5

    By Gigantous_Guy
    There are a nice variety of courses with each hole being quite challenging. Are you in like the music! Therefore, giving a five-star review to mini golf is a no-brainer. Thank you ever so much for making this wonderful game app! I greatly appreciate it! Please keep up the wonderful work.
  • Game 3/5

    By tinshehe
    Keeps freezing
  • Hire Testers! 1/5

    By LososniTunca
    The tutorial broken. Hire qualify testers! I get blocker twice (different places) till tutorial.

Mini Golf MatchUp app comments

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