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Minion Rush

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  • Current Version: 6.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Compatibility: Android
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Minion Rush App

OVER 900 MILLION PLAYERS HAVE FELT THE MINION RUSH. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO JOIN THIS MEMORABLY DESPICABLE ADVENTURE! Strap on your running shoes and join the award-winning, fan-favorite runner, Minion Rush. Enter Gru's Lair, discover its many mysterious rooms, and take on manic missions around the world. Along the way, your Minions will jump, roll and dodge obstacles while unlocking a collection of cool Minion costumes. RUN WITH YOUR FAVORITE MINIONS • Begin your run as the beloved Minion Dave and race through exciting, fast-paced missions. • As you collect more Costume Cards, unlock other running Minions such as Carl, Jerry and Mel. GRU'S LAIR • Discover and navigate different themed Rooms, each leading to unique, fun runner missions or game events. • Complete each Room’s missions to unlock prizes and uncover more fun Rooms to run through. AMAZING COSTUMES TO COLLECT • Unlock dozens of cool and unique Minion costumes, with new ones added regularly. • Collect Costume Cards as you run to unlock disguises such as the Surfer, Ninja, Lucy and many more. • Each Costume has special skills, power-ups, and a dash of style to help your Minion accomplish their despicable missions. ICONIC LOCATIONS • Run across stunning 3D game environments inspired by locations from the Despicable Me movies. Feel the rush as your Minions dash through Bratt's Lair, the Anti-Villain League, Egyptian Pyramids and many more. Don't Forget: Minion Rush is the only mobile runner game packed with ALL THE FUN OF THE DESPICABLE ME MOVIES! ____________________________________________ You can download and play this game for free. Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performed using a credit card, or other form of payment associated with your account, when you input your iTunes account password. You will not be asked to re-enter your credit card number or PIN. Once your iTunes account password is entered, your account will allow in-app purchases for 15 minutes. To restrict or disable in-app purchases, you can change the settings on your device. This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or some third parties which will redirect you to a third-party site. You can disable your device’s ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising in the settings menu of your device. This option can be found in Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising. Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet. ______________________________________________ Find out more about the game on the official site -- Follow us on Facebook at and on Instagram at Check out our videos and game trailers on ____________________________________________ Visit our official site at Check out the new blog at Don't forget to follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Forum: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: End-User License Agreement:

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Minion Rush app reviews

  • Reviewing 1/5

    By zodylavernefan217
    When I was little we would drive to Texas and this was my go to game in the car I would play for hours and now looking at the reviews it looks like it lost all its fun I will come back when im done playing :( WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS THE WORST GAME EVER NOW YOU CANT EVEN RUN FOR 2 MINUTES NOW YOU RUN FOR 1 MINUTE YOU CANT REALLY CHALLENGE YOUR SELF.....I’m super sad looking at my childhood game go down so badly y’all need to change this game and turn it back to normal!!!!
  • This update is HORRIBLE!! 1/5

    By Ali Alice🌺
    I would give this game a 0 star if I could. I used to play this game a lot when I was young and I loved it so when I saw it, I downloaded it because I haven't played it in so long. But all the things I loved are gone and when I complete the tasks it just stops me! I want to keep playing and it so short if it just stops when I teach my goal. When it was the OG then I would give it 5 stars!! But when this update came... It dropped to a 1.
  • It’s good ish 3/5

    By TTTTTTTeeeeeeeessssssss
    Well my friend got this app BY ACCIDENT and I thought it was cool but when I got it it was a DISASTER it’s so glitchy and confusing on the other hand I love it
  • Dear Gameloft... 1/5

    By babyhead821
    I am a lifelong fan of Despicable Me. I’ve seen all the movies, own all of them on Blu-Ray or Digital, been on the 4-D ride at Universal, and played this game since it came on the App Store. This was my go-to game for killing time, and now that us fans of the game have played for five years, how do you reward us? LYING to us about our progress being saved in the new update. Now items only last 8 seconds unless your Minion wears a disguise, oh, and did I mention that the disguises don’t have great bonuses anymore? Despicable Score and Multiplier are gone too, so there is no point in punching other Minions, or collecting the Freeze Ray and Mega Minion. Please bring the old version back! #NotMyMinionRush You know, this reminds me of what happened with the Paper Mario games. The original N64 game had everything you could ever want from an RPG. The sequel, “The Thousand-Year Door” (GameCube) took everything great about the first game and perfected it. Then they shook up the formula with “Super Paper Mario” (Wii) by making everything in 2D and removing the turn-based combat system, yet it still managed to have a great story. “Sticker Star” (3DS) brought back some elements of the first two games, but removed everything else great about those games, and put too much emphasis on the paper aspect of the game. (P.S. Don’t you dare ignore this review, Gameloft!)
  • Bring back the old Minion Rush we love!! 1/5

    By therealist95
    Update 5/21/19 - This game is worse than ever. Sometimes when I try to open the app upon opening it states there is a update available and when I click the link it directs me to App Store where there is no update available and just a open app option and upon opening the app I am once again directed to App Store to update but there is NO update available so I am caught in a endless loop that enables the app useless due to developers trying to force users to update the app for there own selfish purposes!!!! Oh and btw feel free to read below, it applies more than ever. I liked the old version so much better and where did my progress go? First of off literally all the hours you spent getting those precious costumes and achievements- Well it’s pretty much gone now. We should start a campaign #makeminionrushgreatagain When they convert everything It sure does not feel like it does it fair as I literally am basically starting over in the “new” Minion Rush since the update and it’s VERY maddening and not a 5 year celebration for me at all!! It feels like a game RESET!!!! If they need any suggestions on what users would have been happy with for a 5 Year Celebration I have some to share, how about just a funny video and a awesome sale on some costumes for starters and not messing up our game? But no, after 5 years of fun Game Loft is like let’s go ahead and make a new game because revenue is down as folks are not buying stuff and lets go ahead and make everybody that has played this game for years and spent hours getting costumes and upgrades start over so we will force them to spend money and buy stuff and then maybe we will make higher profits and in the meantime let’s call it a celebration. Yea, and our users will be fine with that and love it because guess what!! They will not have a choice! We will force them to! Kiss your old beloved game goodbye folks! They actually think long time users will be happy with this?? I guess I underestimated the IQ of game developers. Well I am not loving it!!!!!! Bring back the old game and restore my progress please just as it was before this 5 year celebration / revenue hungry madness took over your office. I do not know why this new update could not have just been a special mission. The only good in any of this is that I know without a doubt I will spend less time playing this game and have more time for other things, who knows maybe I will start piano lessons...
  • READ. 1/5

    By HarmonyRoz
    It’s terrible. Frankenstein minion needed for vs. And the energy.. THE ENERGY!
  • Freaking new update deleting level progress AND LOST SAVED DATA 1/5

    By Jeffrey Lester
  • The old version was WAAAAY better 1/5

    By Annie O'Conner
    The new version is way less fun than the old one. It's so boring now
  • Used to be better. 2/5

    By Tjallenwood
    I used to play this game all the time and I loved it, it was a simple endless runner starring the minions. Then they removed the endless runner aspect of the game and added levels to the game. I played for a little while, left and didn’t play for years, until the other day when I decided to check it out again. And again, I played for a little while and realized, this game was never built to be a level based runner. It’s like if Minecraft added circles, it doesn’t make sense. All I’m asking is for an endless runner mode along with the levels just like the game used to be but with the level system as well. If the endless runner aspect of the game returns then I will definitely start playing again.
  • Scams as usual 🤬 1/5

    By ArgentiusDarkon
    The old game was constantly stealing our rewards for watching videos. Next they changed the entire game around and took everything we had ever earned in the game. Next they have if some stuff back but not equal to what we had. How, just a few minutes ago it stole two rewards from watching two adds in a row. Each time it pops up that window that flat out lies and tells you the video was interrupted. That would be a lie except for the fact that it is themselves pretending it got interrupted so they can refuse to reward people. 😒 👎🏻 The newest event ended early for me because I had 1 level to go. Now it doesn’t even show up and all my tickets are gone. Last time I looked the event had 8 days remaining, when I logged on today it was gone on my app.. These people are thieves and thug scum.
  • Jelly rush :(( 2/5

    By jillyp6
    I had this app years ago and just decided to get it again after watching the minions movie with my little cousin! I really miss the jelly rush version of minion rush. It was so neat and organized and I could tell exactly where I was and how close I was to the next location!! Now I’m so confused and have no idea how much progress I’m making and it only lets me play like 10 rounds and then I have to wait 2 hours to get more “tickets” I’m so lost and confused. Really sad and miss the jelly rush set up💘
  • Minion Rush Ruined Forever 1/5

    By #I'mBrandon
    I used to love Minion Rush, my favorite game, but now, with this terrible update, it's no longer desirable to play. Especially now that three years of progress I’ve racked up is lost. 1,000,000+ bananas, 1,000+ tokens, most of the costumes, level 202, etc etc. ALL LOST. For what? A game transformed for the bad. Please Gameloft, bring back the old Minion Rush that everyone loved, instead of this junky new game. I’ve read many, many reviews and they all, most of them at least, really want the old version back. While it may not be the easiest thing to do, please do so because people are liking this game less and less, and having hundreds of customers begging for the same thing I am may result in who knows what. So please, for everyone’s sake.
  • Minion Rush 5/5

    By Fortnite rockes
    This game is really good you should play it it’s free!
  • Freezes 5/5

    By victorialhowell
    It freezes after you complete a run it counts the bananas and then it doesn't move from there uninstalling
  • Lose and 🤬 2/5

    By jtnmusic
    I think this is my lose
  • Great game and the other people that put bad reports you are dumb 5/5

    By RÊÈĘ
    This game is great, and the other people who said the game was “worthless” and bad they’re dumb
  • Can you please 2/5

    By wweette
    Can you add a boss fight button
  • I love this game/app❤️❤️🤩🤩 5/5

    By Evylynn Hein
    I’ve been playing many games and out of all of them this is my personal favorite app I love it!!😍😍😍
  • Update 1/5

    By irishpaul2012
    Played this game all the time sometimes several times a day. Have not played in ages since the anniversary update. We got a new iPad and I did not reinstall minion rush. I also do not think the company is paying any attention to our comments. I have not seen one post in favor of the latest update and the company has done nothing to change it.
  • Falsely banned 1/5

    By Icecream buttcheaks
    I got the game yesterday played it a little bit and when I got on today to do a few objectives and it said I was hacking. I just was getting the challenges done quickly
  • I hate it 1/5

    By V & Q
    I hate the game because it restarts your progress and when the game first came out it didn’t take you out of your run the game was awesome but now its just garbage!
  • Old school is better 3/5

    By Gabrielissssssssss
    I just want to run as far as I can but it keeps stopping me when a goal is achieved and I don't like that! You should fix this! Or at least add an option for this!
  • Minion Rush 5/5

    By gamenyt
    Great 👍
  • Enjoying the game again 5/5

    By danlsam287
    I was not able to play for months on my old iPad. It ran iOS 9, which should have worked. My new iPad is on iOS 12 and performs beautifully. I think the last 2 or3 updates were written using things from the newer os thus would not work with the older iOS. The info in the App Store says the game is compatible with iOS 6+. You might want to change that.
  • Spend Money at Your Own Risk 1/5

    This recent update is crap. I've spent too much money on in-game purchases that have been completely erased. Also almost all of the items I've earned or won have been wiped out even though the disclaimer stated that the items would be converted or carried over. What a disappointing update and game overall. Will no longer be playing.😢 So I saw that there was another update and thought I'd see if any changes had been made to rectify some of the player's complaints that were voiced after the 5yr update. After visiting the game and trying it out my frustration with the lies that were told after the 5yr update remain and the game has become even more trying due to: 1) every time you play the mission it makes you select your character. Like...I can't decide for myself? Attention Gameloft your poor reviews since the 5yr update come from the money wasted on upgrades that you cheated your long time players out of; not that we are too stupid to pick the right character to run the board with. 2) I would advise any new player NOT to spend money on in-game purchases as they, the developers, are likely, if not today, in the future to change or delete the upgrades and/or characters you've spent your money on. And don't look to Apple(like Gameloft told me to) in order to receive a refund for upgrades that no longer exist. Apple won't give you anything regardless of the reason. I still love the concept of this game and the characters, but no longer find joy in playing it since the 5 yr update and the loss of all the money I had invested to improve my gameplay. And just in case you think it's over money, it's not. I have tens of thousands of tokens and don't care to spend them on a game that cheats the very gamers that play it. So disappointed 😢.
  • Yay!!! 5/5

    By Anoynamus1111
    The game is good,way better than Amazing Katamari Damacy!!!!!!!!
  • WHAT??? 1/5

    By @$RCW&$#
    Developers are all brain dead [email protected] wipes. Take that!!!! What a worthless game!!! What a poor excuse for a game!!! What a bunch of idiots!!!! 0 stars!! 🖕🖕 Piss off [email protected]!!!! After I wrote this review I thought I would try again. Same thing, when the video finally did play it was so choppy it was unwatchable!!! And no it’s not my connection you [email protected] All other games I have work just fine! This is just a plain [email protected] game. How about a response. I was going to watch a video to revive. It said I had to low of a connection and it wouldn’t play the video. I was sitting 2 feet away from my modem!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕! Since I couldn’t play the video I couldn’t revive. Unless of course I used 20 to 40 coins. I am not gonna waste my coins to revive, especially since I should be able to watch a video once to revive. Take a look at how the 1 star rating is moving up. Thanks a lot for your fine game you bunch of [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]!!!
  • This is terrible 1/5

    By pleas die
    I hate that they changed the game from levels to running. Pleas die hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it
  • I wanna run in peace 1/5

    By skemfnr
    This update is wack, I never write reviews but the fact that I keep being interrupted while playing because I “completed a mission” is annoying. Let me run in peace and keep running. Y’all made this lame
  • Love it 5/5

    By pink hopper princess number1
    I love this game it’s sooooo much fun
  • Ayadadoo 5/5

    By ayadadoo
    كلش حلوه وممتعه
  • Not good 1/5

    By Spike R
    This game update is is just not good don’t play this game you won’t like the knew update.
  • Minion lover 1/5

    By Nia Minion
    I love minions but this game is making me hate them
  • I LOVE IT 5/5

    By madeyn mulims
    This is a amazing app I haven’t played it in forever but I am back😄
  • I want the old Minion Rush back. 1/5

    By Lilabele
    I miss the old minion rush before the jelly factory. If you won’t change the game, could you at least release a classic version? I won’t play it anymore because it’s no longer fun.
  • By far best game of 2019 I love the details and graphics 5/5

    By bootieslayer
    Best ever
  • it used to be good 1/5

    By Alexasmalll
    I used to love minion rush, then I had to delete it here comes a few months then I decide to download it again I start playing and I’m asking my sister how to go to the fruit levels and she can’t find them and I’m like WTH HAPPENED
  • WHAT HAPPENED (read this!) 1/5

    By soccer gal scores
    All my progress is gone even though it says that if you played before all your progress is saved but all my bananas and tokens and my favorite girl minion are all gone!This is not a good update and I regret upgrading my device for this! While this is a fun game what the heck happened? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya right this is the “unforgettable” update because we will remember all the times we had fun until this upgrade! It is a fun game with the lands and stuff do something about our progress
  • Love it 5/5

    By cfhggbhfcggfncdg
  • Such a good game 5/5

    By mr animator
    I have been playing this game since I was little, and I still love it, it’s great 👍🏻
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By Alexxxxx🤪🤩🥳
    I was here since the first time it came out. It was actually fun then. But when the update came out it was terrible. I was playing one day and the game crashed. Normal I thought but I was wrong. It came back saying I was level one. And all my gru tokens were gone! And my bananas!! I was thinking maybe I should refresh it. My progress was still gone. And my minions!! So this is all so something bad about the update. The power ups. Like 99.9% of the time the power ups aren’t even good. And before the update I was playing all nice and dandy. It said I was in front of a object with a freeze ray. I was running to get the freeze ray and then I died and it was behide the obstacle!! I would probably not recommend this game. But otherwise it’s a good game
  • Oof 1/5

    By jAnelle 🖤🖤🖤
    Instruction unclear foot in blender 👽
  • People who have been a bad thing about this game 4/5

    By iaihfhxj
    Good game but it needs more features and then the game will be good for you guys and I 🤩happy
  • new update gotta go 1/5

    By RovaAlmalki
  • :) 4/5

    By cambam3502
    It stopped telling me to update it when I couldn’t, but now it keeps telling me about the update, and then trying to update it? And it won’t let me play because it’s trying to update.
  • WHY 1/5

    By RyanTheDespicable
    Why did you change this game? I was on a really high level and I loved this game so much but when the game changed it took the fun away from the game so please change it back to how it was before. If you want 5 stars from me please change the game back to how it was.
  • To much update 3/5

    By mariam0922
    It’s has been three days and I need to update it but overall it is a amazing game
  • Well I like it haters BACK OFF 5/5

    By jaja😻👐🏻
    I like it but u ugly bit he’s hate it
  • Good -> bad 4/5

    By KiitCatt
    Before, it wasn’t glitchy at all, and after the the update it was a little glitchy. It seems quite rushed the event, it may not be though but, the event is just bad. I’m sorry if you put hard work into this, I just genuinely think the game is bad now.

Minion Rush app comments

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