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Mint Mobile is premium wireless, without all the B.S, for just $15 bucks a month. All our plans come with everything you need and nothing you don’t: unlimited talk & text, plus a monthly helping of 5G • 4G LTE data. Download our app for free to manage your account, activate a plan, or to take us for a FREE 7-day test drive. Manage your account: • Keep track of your monthly data usage • Change and renew your plan • Refer friends and earn free Mint Manage your family: • Create a Mint Family and manage up to 4 Mint accounts under one login • Change and pay for members’ plans • Pay for member’s add-on requests Activate your plan: • Activate and set up your Mint plan or trial plan Try us out for FREE: • Try Mint for FREE directly on your phone for 7 days • Trial includes 250 minutes of talk, 250 text messages & 250MB of 5G • 4G LTE data • When you love us, upgrade to a full plan directly in the app and get your $5 back Download the app and join the moveMint. Love us? Give us a follow on social Learn more at

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Mint Mobile app reviews

  • Signal Issues 2/5

    By AMcaregiver
    I am having lots of signal issues where I didn’t have them before when I was with Cricket. Now that T-Mobil has bought Mint, I am hoping that issue goes away, Fast!
  • Fraud 1/5

    By RickMenasian1953
    I’m paying for a mobile hotspot that I can’t use.
  • Data usage 2/5

    By Grandma with iPad grandkids
    I thought I bought an upgraded plan with unlimited data but I’m always out of data by 10 days into the new month
  • Comedic and Useful 5/5

    By localhipster25
    A little Ryan Reynolds flare with very user friendly tools from checking remaining balance on data to quickly chatting with a reputable customer service representative. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.
  • Stay Away! 2/5

    By Vlafish
    After 2 months of service, I still can’t set up Voicemail, and a parade of 9 customer service agents over many hours on the phone still can’t figure out why. (Don’t even try the Chat…) They just read from the manual what “should” happen and doesn’t. Cheap phone service may be fine when everything’s working, but their manual doesn’t cover what to do when its simple repertoire of solutions is not reality. It’s worth taking the loss on having pre-paid just to be done with them. Two stars only because the phone connection is no worse that T-Mobile, the cute fox is still — a fox…
  • Poor signal 2/5

    By MfigRN
    When I first signed up service was great. For past few months, only 2 bars on network, phone callls are “choppy”, internet slow/delayed. I will be looking for another provider
  • Fair prices 4/5

    By ajkolm
    Easy eSIM setup with the app! Try it out.
  • T-Mobile Acquired Mint Mobile 1/5

    By BasedHaloGod
    The purpose of moving away from big name companies was to save money. Sure, no plans as of right now to shift prices. Wait till a year or 2 down the road. RIP $30 unlimited. Screw you T-Mobile & shame on you Ryan Reynolds for being a sellout. 👎🏽
  • Great service and prices with a catch 5/5

    By Bobby.j.jr
    Mint is a great service provider and carrier. The only slight catch is it’s very spotty at best in more rural areas. You might want to do a trial period if you live in a rural area first. Other than that, I can’t recommend it more. It’s cheaper and just as good as anyone else
  • Great service 5/5

    By JPM1223
    Great service for the price
  • Logs me Out Every time 1/5

    By the only Don 007
    Logs me out of the app everytime and I have to sign back in.
  • Good while it lasted 3/5

    Can’t go back to T-Mobile. Will give Simple by Verizon a shot after the merger is complete.
  • Keeps logging off and going into error 1/5

    By bored member 12
    I’ve uninstalled and installed it twice and it logs off requiring re-register with Face ID and many times goes into error trying to reach servers on Wi-Fi or mobile data while logging into the website works fine. The app has too many bugs. I’ll just use the website.
  • Review 5/5

    By Lindiscon
    Easy to install and work with. Love prices!
  • More Precision 5/5

    By 4HisPleasure
    Loving everything about Mint Mobile, including this app! I have just one suggestion: I am a very low data volume user (I have the 4 GB/mo plan). The data usage gauge only shows one decimal digit, so for much of the month it shows me I have the full 4.0 GB remaining. 0.0 through 4.0 in 0.1 step increments is only 41 data points for the gauge—very coarse. Perhaps you could change the precision so there are three *significant* digits instead of hard coding it to one decimal digit? Larger plans, such as a 15 GB plan would show 0.0 to 15.0 (151 data points—as it does now).
  • Love Mint! 5/5

    By Debmorgan
    I have been with Mint mobile for years now! Way before the commercials, way before Ryan Reynolds and Way before anyone had heard of them. I actually told my local Best Buy store about them and the phone tech people there had nit heard of them yet!! Lol! I love Mint! I hope and pray this merger with T mobile does not change prices for mint… I was with T Mobile before Mint and love them. T-mobile customer service is EXCELLENT! I hope that continues and Mint Mobile prices continues the same! Thank you Mint Mobile and T- Mobile! Carry On!! Deb Morgan
  • Beyond Expectations 5/5

    By Michael R Bennett
    Thoroughly enjoying MINT! Everything I wanted and more!
  • GREAT 5/5

    By NateNewmark
    Mint is such a good service provider
  • Love mint mobile 5/5

    By Troon17
    Love Mint Mobile. Great customer service.
  • Since Nov 2020 5/5

    By Liv1979Bella
    During COVID we switched and have never looked back. Customer service is a dream to deal with and the cell service has been spot on. Nothing but good things to say about our experience!
  • Data usage 3/5

    By ztehcuu
    Data usage seems to go really fast even with minimal access. Also several dropped calls, though we are suppose to have “great coverage”.
  • T-mobile merge 1/5

    By Zero4179
    Lost me as a customer for selling to t-mobile. I do not trust them with absolutely anything. Was nice while it lasted
  • I love Ryan Reynolds 5/5

    By nasty martin
    Ryan Reynolds is a good dude
  • Problem with interrupted service 1/5

    By this is some kind of game
    I am having a lot of problems with this device. Call can not be heard and the service goes up and down. The bar is always on one. I think I’m not going to continue this service. It is not turning out to be reliable at all.
  • Thanks Ryan 5/5

    By maddox2112
    I hope T-Mobile doesn’t screw this up. Go Wrexham!
  • Good but need 5G+ 3/5

    By Discover Traveler
    I noticed that since I switched from cricket / AT&T. Mint mobile seems to struggle with its 5G signal here in my Town which when I last checked, was very good in terms of coverage? Which isn’t so most of the time. I don’t know if I will be re-upping my subscription this coming July 2023. Hopefully the 5G signal improves by then?
  • Review 4/5

    By creampuff lady
    I’m so mad that you might sell to teen Mobil! I left them for you and they won’t give the same deal as you, please don’t!
  • Review 5/5

    By snoopy721
    I’m very happy with Mint Mobile. Great service and I love not having a monthly bill.
  • FVerizon 4/5

    By 194692682
    Happy to give my business to anyone other than Verizon
  • So long, Mint Mobile 1/5

    By jordanleewillox
    I find it hilarious how many people on here switched from T mobile and now they’re going to be folded back into the worst, most backwards customer service company that exists for mobile.
  • Mint is becoming into what we were trying to avoid. 1/5

    By Blazedani
    I moved away from T-Mobile to Mint. The company promised not to be like the big monopoly. But turns out everybody has a price. Mint selling the company to T-mobile is bad for all of us Mint customers. This is an anticompetitive movement to keep customers locked out of options & rise prices. This should be regulated & stopped. Service will get worse & prives will go up. I feel betrayed. Thanks Ryan 👍🏻
  • Mint mobile 5/5

    By Courtp0909
    So far I love them no problems even with one bar in a dead zone I can make calls receive calls text even used that one bar to update all my apps and I love the 30 dollar unlimited plan as for being sold to t-mobile from what I understand we are going to be separate still but will wait and see how that goes but like I said so far so good and loving it
  • It’s been great! 5/5

    By Lynn025
    Its been great!
  • Selling Out 4/5

    By Retired UPS district manager
    Not happy you let T-Mobile acquire Mint! They have the worst customer service!
  • Disappointing Customer Service 1/5

    By Eddie Spaghetti with the Meatball Eyes
    Service agents never veer off scripts or checklists limiting ability to address the root cause and simple solutions for service and technical issues. Nearly a dozen phone calls and twice the Mint Mobile agents and technicians whom each time had us start troubleshooting from the beginning of their script/checklist rather than pick up where we left off from the call prior. Tech, agents, and supervisors all contradicting each other from call to call rather than coming up to speed with the notes from our previous interactions. In short, paying for service we are not able to use with one of our phones (3+ weeks thus far); not standing behind their confirmation that one of our phones is compatible; and not receiving 3 referral incentives I shared by link to family. That’s not to say that the representatives were not friendly or polite (except 1). In fact they were very pleasant. But inflexible to offer solutions that were both in best interest to the customer and to the Mint Mobile brand. Unfortunate. Forced to sever 4 customer relationships with the brand despite the very appealing connection costs. PS - Service slower during peak hours and more blackout zones which I experienced rarely with Verizon but those inconveniences were offset by the lower costs for me until I needed actual customer service issues addressed and rectified.
  • And the rich get richer. Thanks a pantload Ryan 1/5

    By Scammed by Reynolds
    My question is there an attorney out there interested in a class action? How many millions were spent by suckered in consumers (hand meekly raised here) over the holidays as a result of Mint’s TV and Internet blasts from Ryan Reynolds touting benefits of Mint over big companies ? We all signed on for as much as 24 months with the BOGO ads and low prices. Now we are locked in with Mint, and once it is sold to T Mobile (one of the highest priced carriers I looked up) the prices can be raised to T Mobile rates. There was a comment in the fine print that Mint could raise rates. But, I interpreted that, based on the ads, to apply if you weren’t part of a promotional program. Like when your cable bill would double after 12 months, because you were out of the promotional period. Then you had to have cable turned off for a day, and sign up again to get your “promotional” rate reinstated. It did not occur to me, or most I imagine, that Reynolds was already negotiating the sale, and driving up the value of his company by drastically increasing the number of customers through promotions that were really just scams to bump his own fortune when he sold us out to T mobile. Seriously? What’s next? Is he going to bankrupt the town of Wrexham in Wales, UK by tanking on the soccer team he purchased there, and sold the fairytale story to Hulu? Surely, there can be some form of legal justice available to the countless consumers duped by Mint’s “aw shucks guys, I’m one of you” type ads performed like an academy award winner by Reynolds.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By almmoo55
    Thank you guys
  • You Get What You Pay For 2/5

    By The Jake from Statefarm
    Endless dead zones and weak signal everywhere else. Its cheap and you don’t have to have a contract, but now I'm thinking it may actually be worth it to pay a little bit more for a decent carrier. Also, price does go up after the trial phase.
  • App Log-In can be Frustrating 2/5

    By wrmmachne
    I’ve had Mint Mobile🍃 for many years now; back when it was originally at owned by Ultra Mobile. Although the savings are amazing, my problem is with the app login. I always keep my password saved, but for some reason I’m only able to login with the same password some of time. Some days it works. Some days it doesn’t. For an Online-Only wireless provider, this is unacceptable; especially if said company wants you to pay your bill. Please get this fixed already, Mint Mobile. This has been an on-going issue.
  • I switched from T-Mobile to Mint… 2/5

    By sapote1234
    a couple years ago to get away from the terrible customer support, website, app, and difficulties with making account/service plan changes online, and wanting a lower monthly/yearly prepaid price plan that suited my very limited use of calls/text, and now they are being bought by T-Mobile? I thought the main point of these budget wireless companies was to offer a different, more affordable, choice to these monopolistic service providers who want to charge you more then what you use.
  • Sold to T-Mobile, so prices will go up soon 1/5

    By Dermerat23
    They just announced that they sold themselves to T-Mobile, so you should take every promise about pricing with a grain of salt because T-Mobile will almost certainly jack up pricing and/or slap a bunch of restrictions on the plans. Basically Mint Mobile is dead. This is a zombie company now.
  • NO SERVICE 1/5

    By Serious!!!!!!!!
    I have absolutely no phone service, and their recommendation is to call their care center . This is impossible when you have no phone!!
  • Hit or miss but it’s a signal switching issue 3/5

    By turbo_slurpee
    Calls are not always great and seem to be an issue under 5 g it will drop calls often in some inner city areas. Downgrading connection to 4 g or lte is some lag but consistent and will not freeze as it does with the 5 g. My I phone refuses to automatically switch despite settings saying it will so I often can’t call out unless I manually do the switch at my work region in Lakewood California.
  • Upgrade 5/5

    By drdavedsb
    Just transferred to a new iPhone 📱 as I needed more space and memory; 16 minutes to xfer but when it started to get complicated eg add phone service ; when looking for account crap; I plugged in the sim and (I’ll be darned) the phone worked!! Just like it should be. Nice work Mint mobile.
  • Poor Coverage 1/5

    By Kudu2100
    Poor or nonexistent coverage in the majority of places I am. This has been the Puget Sound area, no more than 50 miles from Seattle, Northern California including Sacramento and Tahoe, and Palm Springs/ Palm Desert area. Not exactly remote areas. Will like cancel as soon as prepaid contract ends. Also embarrassed that the three people I referred have all canceled due to poor coverage service
  • Great if you don’t need your phone to work 1/5

    By JFFmusic
    I’ve had mint mobile for almost 2 months and my phone service has never been fully functional. Hours and hours spent texting and talking to customer service with zero resolution to the problems. I regret making the switch and would recommend it to no one
  • Bad. 1/5

    By 1 single star.
    What kind of company is this? I can’t even use my hotspot anymore and I don’t have home internet for the apartment I’m moving into.
  • President 5/5

    By qwertyuiopñkjhgdzxkj
    Excellent Customer Service, especially of reps in Dominican Republic
  • Happy I switched 5/5

    By Nutmeg jean
    This is totally random but a few months ago (4 months I think) I switched phone companies. I went from Boost mobile to Mint mobile. Anyways. I tried the plan that was like 30 gigs a month of data, and was shocked when it said I had only used less than 5 gigs in a whole month. However. I am extra cautious with using the data on my phone and always try to connect to wifi when I’m playing games or watching videos. You know, the stuff that uses lots of data. So with mint, you pay for 3 months. And each month I hardly used 5 gigs of data. So the next round I decided to try the unlimited data plan and I wanted to do all the normal things I’d do on my phone using data. Because I found it weird that with the last company I was with I would ALWAYS go over on my data even when I’d be extremely cautious about my usage. It didn’t seem right that I was doing all the same stuff as I did with my last phone company, and yet now I’m hardly using any of my data?… anyways. I can confirm even with using data- updating my phone, and updating games etc. I *still* haven’t gone over 10 gigs. So that leads me to believe boost was somehow causing my phone to use more data. Maybe with something running in the background. Because you can always buy more data if you go over. So freaking scammy. I’m glad I switched.