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Mint:Personal Finance & Money App

Mint is the free, effortless way to manage your money in one place. Finally, there’s one place to manage all your finances with ease. Mint is the free money manager and financial tracker app from the makers of TurboTax® that does it all. We bring together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments so you know where you stand. See what you’re spending, where you can save money, and track your bills in Mint like never before. You can even keep track of your credit score to help you be smart about it, no credit card required. SEE EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE Get a more complete picture of your financial life. We bring together everything from account balances and spending to your free credit score, net worth and more. MANAGE BILLS & MONEY TOGETHER Track bills right alongside your account balances. You’ll know what's due, when it’s due, and the money you have to put toward your balances. SAVE TIME & MONEY With one place to keep track of your finances, there’s no need to log into multiple sites. Plus, we’ll give you savings tips to help with budgeting and debt. BUDGET BETTER Effortlessly create budgets you can stick to. To help you save smarter from day one, we even make a few for you based on your spending. BE SMART ABOUT YOUR CREDIT SCORE Get your free credit score, no credit card required. You’ll learn how it’s calculated and get tips.* SAY GOODBYE TO LATE FEES Get bill pay reminders so you pay bills on time and avoid missed payments and credit card fees. STAY SECURE We’re serious about security and use measures like multi-factor authentication, designed to help you protect access to your account. Plus, Mint comes from the people who make TurboTax®, trusted by millions with sensitive data, and we participate in security scanning with VeriSign. SYNCS WITH THE MINT WEB APP Mint’s great on the go, but you can also use the desktop version at Sync your bank accounts, credit cards, budgeting, spending and more across your devices. You can even export spreadsheets from the web, and more. WHY DO MILLIONS TRUST MINT? Time Magazine: The 50 Best Apps of the Year (2016) PC Magazine: What to Do When You Go Over Budget in (2016) Nerd Wallet: Financial Fitness - 7 Exercises to Build your Credit Muscle (2016) Huffington Post: 5 Things To Know After You Graduate (2016) Tech Times: Save Money in 2015: Here are the Best Money Management Apps (2015) Kiplinger’s: 10 Great Saving Money-Saving Apps (2014) Money Magazine: Best Finance Tool For Budgeting (2014) Wired: The Best Apps for Budgeting Your Cash (2014) FROM INTUIT INC. Mint is part of a suite of financial tools that includes TurboTax®, QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Self-Employed™ and ProConnect™. Wherever you are in life, whatever you do, Intuit can help you save money and simplify the business of life. To learn how Intuit works to protect your privacy, please visit When you download and use Mint, you agree to the Mint Terms of Service *Intuit is not a credit repair company. We do not provide credit repair services to repair or improve your credit profile or score. All information is provided for educational use only. Message and data rates apply. Reminders subject to interruptions due to various reasons including but not limited to internet/mobile service outages. Account balances may not immediately reflect recent transactions. Internet/mobile data required for financial data refresh. Mint currently connects to US and Canadian financial institutions only.


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Mint:Personal Finance & Money app reviews

  • Phenomenal app! 5/5

    By Wes2047
    Honestly the best app for personal finance. It very much helped me organize my finances.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Buckeye750
    It’s so important to be in control of your own destiny. Started with your finances, Mint will empower you, and give you the confidence to reach your goals.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Gunner Beal
    But please please please condense the spending categories 😭 I love the app but there’s so much going on. So many categories that could be simplified into like 10 categories. And my budget it isn’t showing some of my payments and not letting me add them. And lastly I would be AWESOME if you guys could allow users apply something, like a category change, to ALL of a certain transaction.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Beatle-lover
    Love this finance app. I only wish it didn't have advertisements. Also, please add an EBT (food stamps) option! It would make it much easier to budget groceries.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Memoe102030
    It's so well organized and easy to maneuver. I've already saved hundreds since starting to use this app. I'm honestly shocked that apps like this are still available for free.
  • THIS IS THE TOOL I have been waiting for!! 5/5

    By Mr. Insights
    I just set up my main accounts on Mint and I have found the application to be so intuitive. The drill downs, the ease of recategorizing expenses… it all is working wonderfully. Fantastic work!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Persormon
  • Awesome 5/5

    By hoppify
    Easy to keep track of all accounts
  • Won’t connect to chase bank 2/5

    By ocnebfic
    I love this app, but i haven’t been able to connect to my chase account in over a month. This isn’t the first time i have had trouble connecting either. It kind of defeats the purpose of the app if i cannot ever connect to my accounts.
  • The perfect app for your money 5/5

    By Densine
    This app is perfect for making budgets, connecting multiple bank accounts, and seeing a complete breakdown of your net worth. I use it everyday.
  • Great app!!! 5/5

    By Easy Geezy
    This app syncs with any online bill, account or transaction a person could have! Helps create a thorough picture of a persons expenses and define a clear budget. Additionally, it’s powered by Intuit and tied into your turbo tax refunds for super accurate income assessment. I encourage all to use this app!
  • Too many obnoxious ads 2/5

    By SabrToothSqrl
    Ads in account history is deplorable. Too hard to close.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Denny605
    I've been using mint for years and it really keeps me mindful of where my money goes.
  • Good 5/5

    By XxlordvmanxX
    I really enjoy this app because it is easy to use and it makes checking my spending s lot easier than having to go through my transactions! Keep up the good work!
  • Great App 4/5

    By Sam EB
    There are some changes I would suggest to make trends and budgeting better, but very useful regardless.
  • Great portal just excellent 5/5

    By SravenKande
    My total Net value became positive in 30 days after I have starting using the app. Great portal to see all cards at one place and track your spending. Worth a try to get control of your personal financing.
  • Excellent personal finance app 4/5

    By highlander_dan56
    The alerts can be a bit superfluous, but this is an excellent all-in-one tool for managing and reviewing your finances. I wish they were keeping bill pay!!!
  • Mint is sooooo good 5/5

    By Qui Qui Qui
    I like all the features this app offers!
  • I Love the App, Hate the Bugs 3/5

    By BeccaAnnHolmes
    I’ve used Mint for years now, and recommend it to all my friends. But now, it’s so consistently buggy that it’s making me crazy and I am considering finding another financial app. If your app doesn’t work, why use it?
  • Great app for budgeting; with one exception 4/5

    By The Dude 5
    The Mint app is great at making a budget and tracking spending; as someone who struggles with this aspect of life I am grateful for this. However, the one exception stems from not being able to look at purchases on a credit card in chronological order. I am constantly having to search through each category to find my charges and make sure they have been sorted accordingly. The app usually gets them correct but every now and then I choose to file a charge under a different heading. So if I wait a few days or a week to check this aspect then it can be more of a hassle then I believe it should be. If this app incorporates some feature that allows you to see your credit card purchases in the order they have been processed regardless of categorical filing and allow them to be edited as need be then I will change my rating to 5 stars.
  • User Support is Awful 1/5

    By ollie4444
    I used to love mint and it is a good app, but I am growing frustrated by their inability to fix simple issues or the lack of engagement in customer support. Honestly seems like the emails I send don't go anywhere and I never get a response from them.
  • Get a different budgeting/bills app 1/5

    By A true zombie fan
    Complete crap. Servers failed 3 times when trying to sign up. Accidentally forgot to put a zip code when I signed up and that whole app broke. Didn't even make it to the parts I needed before giving up
  • Perfect to keep track of money! By RealAkashPatel 5/5

    By Lord of thy village
    I highly recommend everyone to get this app! I love the app’s features and alerts about overspending. Now I spend way less than before. Thanks to Mint.
  • Very Convenient, thanks. 5/5

    By RanchoRose528
    I’ve used Mint for a very long time. I like the services, it’s very convenient for me because I can access my account with my phone. Which I like very much. When I found out they were shutting down the service, I was like no!!! And now I’m having to shop around to find another app like Mint, but nothing seems to be as comparable to Mint. Please don’t shut down the site.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ambiemay117
    Great app but in all honesty I don’t like know my spending habits in this amount of detail...
  • Useless 1/5

    By Hair1331
    Mint had been fantastic for organizing my bills and finances in one easy location. This and the ability to quickly see and pay my bills made this APP a must have. I received a notice that Mint that it will no longer support the Bill Pay feature which eliminates the reason to even use this APP... I switched to Prism and it has a much better UI and still supports the bill service.
  • Helpful but.... 2/5

    By KAL82TTT
    This app has a case of the dumb. Loses connection to accounts daily. Does not refresh. Delayed updates from what I can clearly see on my bank’s history. And many times am I going to need to enter one-time codes to re-access the same accounts? This caused me to be locked out of an account and I had to call their customer service.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By Martian63
    Very happy with the app, saves me so much time!! Love being able to export!!! Would be nice if there was a way to mark items that have been reconciled. But, no complaints here!!
  • Good mostly outweighs bad 4/5

    By Elvie Doll
    I have been a Mint user for a very long time - since well before Mint was acquired by Intuit. I am still with Mint because, for all its flaws, it does what more of what I need it to do, and better, than any other application I’ve found. However, they don’t make it easy for users to provide feedback, so I’m left to howl into the wind on an App Store review. Pros: Seamlessly combines the ability to download transaction histories from virtually any bank with an online banking setup with powerful, flexible, and yet accessible budgeting and analysis tools. Available via web browser, iPad, and iPhone, so you don’t have to worry about syncing your data or being tied to a particular device. Mint is incredibly feature-rich and can give you a to-the-minute, detailed financial picture. Cons: When they have a connectivity issue with a bank, they are not always quick to fix it, which is the price you pay for a free service, I suppose. For example, I have been struggling for years with the fact that, when my credit card from a particular bank closes the statement period, Mint for some reason creates a duplicate of every transaction on my card that month, dated the day the statement closes. Unless I manually remove them every month, it makes the budgeting tool useless. However, the worst thing is that, just lately, they’ve taken to disguising thinly veiled credit card solicitations as “Alerts.” The app has a tab for alerts, and also a tab for Offers. I STRONGLY object to getting constant “alerts” for credit cards Mint thinks I should apply for so they can get a referral bonus. These belong under “Offers,” and the Alerts should stay deleted when I delete them, not require 2-3 deletions per alert. Crying wolf by putting the app equivalent of junk mail in with Over Budget and High Spending and Low Balance alerts ruins the usefulness of Alerts and has made me turn app notifications off.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jonno0000
    This is a very easy to use app if you have many bank accounts
  • Trust mint to keep getting worse 1/5

    By [njsf]
    Account connectivity is just not reliable. Every couple of days you have to reenter one account password or the other. Sometimes not even that works. It is just a waste of time because I don’t have time to babysit configurations. If I have to worry wether the app is connected or not I’m better off just regularly checking the numbers at the source. Good idea, lousy implementation and Intuit knows it, it is dropping featured like bill pay and add more paid advertising for credit cards or consolidation services. I no longer want to be Intuits product.
  • Five stars 5/5

    By 7hund4hh
    Helps me track my finance
  • Great! 5/5

    By LauraFlynt
    Awesome product - helpful and timely. Doesn’t overdo the alerts.
  • Love This App 5/5

    By Slimdog1234
    Love this app...only thing I wish you had all the desktop functionality on mobile.
  • Great 5/5

    By JB601
    Great product. I wish I could edit accounts on the app. It seems I can only do it on my desktop
  • Get rid of the ads 1/5

    By OlCrazyJoe
    The inline ads in my transaction list are a wretched little money grab that completely detracts from the experience. I will gladly pay you for the app and would even consider a subscription but as long as you put this garbage in my transaction list I'll look for an alternative. I should also point out paying for this app and ads for this app are completely unnecessary. You all have access to millions of customers' purchase data and that is worth many truckloads of money which I know you're taking advantage of as well. Stop making your app look like a freemium piece of junk and put on the big boy pants. Update: The ads are still there but even worse now they logged me out again and I have to setup a new intuit account. Update: May 16th 2018 Stop logging me out. This app is the most misbehaved app for retaining authentication.
  • Love with caveats 4/5

    By Funcdeli
    I love Mint and have used it for a long time to keep track of my purchases so I can estimate expenses and budgets. My issue: I know Mint needs to advertise to me and makes money through product recommendations, but then at least have smart recommendations. It’s annoying to be advertised a credit card over and over again that I already have, especially when Mint claims it is recommending the card based on my account and spending. You should at least be able to see that I have a card or bank account already or not. Overall it’s a small thing but it irritates me each time I log in. I might actually consider the recs if they were smarter.
  • Wish payment wasn’t going away 😞 3/5

    By Secretpics
    Great app, perfect to get information on where you are in your budget, and honestly and bill pay was GREAT. But it’s going away, and I might have to find another app to do that which may give me the same option
  • NOOO! 👎🏼👎🏼 1/5

    By Victimbof Fraud : Fraude
    I literally just downloaded and wouldn’t even let me get pass the part where it says to confirm your code when adding a credit card or card in general. I get the email to confirm it, put in the code and continuously says “connection fail wait a lil longer and try again later. I can assure you there is nothing wrong with my connection. I tried more than 4 times. And there shouldn't be a need to ask for my whole social security number whatsoever as if my card info isn’t enough. This might of been a huge mistake. If you managed to get pass that, don’t get comfortable with it, I recommend you to always check your account and call your actual card number. Do not let yourself get carried away with an apps like this unless its behind your card info.
  • Love it. So awesome. 5/5

    By Drexx1
    It’s great to have a snapshot of my worth right at my fingertips. I really enjoy being able to set budgets for myself as well and it helps motivate me to control my spending and see what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.
  • User friendly 5/5

    By tcrl97
    Very comprehensive budget plan, without having to do any heavy computations
  • Always logs out of accounts 2/5

    By 87Rocky
    This app wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t consistently log me out of my accounts. I’m always having to log back in and a lot of times it won’t even let me login although I know I’m using the correct login information
  • Great Budgeting Tool 5/5

    By Leelee05
    I love mint because it allows me to keep track of my bills and serves as a great budgeting tool also.
  • Top Way to Stay on Top 4/5

    By sheckels87
    This app has been an amazing life saver. To be able to see all of my accounts, along with my debts, and knowing how much money I really have has been very instrumental for me in saving. You are able to add any credit cards, loans, 401k, and bank accounts so you can have one screen for everything. I already have a hard enough time remembering all my passwords so this app has really been the perfect solution for me.
  • Always have a hard time logging on the mobile app 1/5

    By AnakLmx
    More often than not the app won’t let me log on. On top of that it glitches then says operation not available. It’s amazing when it works but please fix the inconsistency. Wonderful app but needs some work.
  • Intuit Always Delivers 5/5

    By Hypoglysheminiems
    As always, the app is flawless. Intuit, along with their other apps, gives a light hearted, UI masterpiece, allowing me to track every transaction I make. Amazing work.
  • It’s good 5/5

    By SnapBackKingZ
    It’s good
  • The features I need most are less than obvious to get to 2/5

    By unsaltednu
    It’s hard to find transactions, goals aren’t in the app at all, and I have only partial features for budget. Frankly the app is clunky and desperately needs an update. Just because everyone else is terrible doesn’t mean you need to be mediocre. Time for a re-fresh, intuit stop being dicks and fund the team to update the app.
  • Losing bill pay 3/5

    By alwayshangry
    I like having all of my bills in one place to pay. Will be switching when bill pay is gone because that was the main reason I got this app.
  • Great Budgeting App 4/5

    By wadewatss
    Using mint has been an eye opening experience, for better or for worse. Seeing how much I spend a month on Amazon is scary but solved the inexplicable mystery of ‘where the heck is my money going’. Being able to link multiple accounts means that you don’t have to worry about missing any transactions and doesn’t let you make any excuses as to why you’re broke. All positive things but the reason I gave it four stars and not five is because the categories you are able to choose from is lacking one thing, customization. Why can’t I create a category or label to assign to the transactions that don’t fall under the traditional realm of spending. Why can’t I make dumb nicknames like ‘Death Star Repair Fund’ instead of car payment. Let me have some fun with it and you got yourself 5 stars Mint, otherwise, you’re doing great. Thanks.

Mint:Personal Finance & Money app comments


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