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  • Current Version: 1.50
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: mifki Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
48 Ratings
$ 7.99

miRack App

miRack is a Eurorack-style modular synthesizer. It aims to provide user experience and audio quality close to those of the real Eurorack hardware. The app comes with a growing collection of open-source modules that are being created by third-party developers for and adapted for mobile devices by miRack team. miRack can work with Audiobus and IAA hosts, supports Core MIDI input and simple background audio mode. Newer devices are recommended for better performance. Modules may vary greatly in CPU usage, the size of the patch your device is able run will depend on the modules used.

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miRack app reviews

  • Insane rack modular! 5/5

    By Oceans in space
    This is too good to be true.... thanks so much it’s great so far.
  • Fixed 5/5

    By mrdogheadSHoGoAT
    Updated, well - of course, there remain open concerns. Still, updates have been coming at an appropriate pace. In the meantime, should there be regressions or any developments that affect current or past user projects and patches, I still hope for better communication from the developer. We also need, in the immediate term, labels, message boxes, or module descriptions that give users at least a minimal sense of what the more-obscure patch and IO points do. That small amelioration would speed users on their way toward productivity and bring more happy reviews. With these recent updates, it is easier to have confidence future updates will arrive and that the developer remains committed to the project. So the silly star count has risen to reflect all the good stuff we see already in addition to my improved confidence in the continuing health of the project. I warmly recommend miRack as a stand-alone modular synth (with more app-connection possibilities apparently in the works). _________________________________________ The original post follows below. So Impromptu disappears entirely without announcement because of an issue with one of many modules? I was wondering why my patches looked damaged. Turns out the developer did it. Please communicate regarding changes if they need to be made. For all the positive talk here - and it is a positive development to have this project on the platform, to be sure - this is very much a work in progress. One, it must be said, that appears to have been released too soon. There are huge gaps here in very basic documentation as well as function. Clearly a huge amount of work has gone into this - beyond the more-enormous amount of work inherited from the VCV project. And there is a lot good here. Some of the good is all but inscrutable if one does not already know the VCV counterparts. If this app gets finished to the ambition of the initial release - meaning we just get what the first release seemed to provide - it will be a really worthwhile purchase that will find many uses. What we review here is what is in front of us, however, because we do not know yet how much development work this will receive. Plenty of developers neglect to fix problems and never explain their apps to new users. So we deal with the state of the app now. We can revisit it later, when and if updates come that actually fix problems rather than lopping off advertised features. Right now the project gets an incomplete. There is great potential, and what works is very good. Still, having patches dismembered right out of the gate sits poorly with me. We are off to a shaky start.
  • THE modular for iOS 5/5

    By b.eats.z
    This thing is INCREDIBLE. It is the immersive modular experience I’ve been waiting for for my iPad. Thank you thank you thank you!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By anickt
    This is easily one of the best music apps on iOS. There are other “modular” apps which are OK but this is killer! Saved me getting a hardware modular!
  • Game changer 5/5

    By DJSUN1
    Love the app a lot of love has been put into this glad to support hard working devs like this thanks for porting and adding all these great new features I would have paid 3x this knowing all the functionality being added! Thanks again 🙏
  • Modular Playground on IOS! 5/5

    By Guycoolio
    MiRack is just a terrific modular experience on the IPad! For example, the Mutable Instruments clones sound fantastic and are simply a delight to mess around with. Modular synthesis can have a steep learning curve, but thanks to numerous VCV Rack tutorials on the internet you can get up to speed fairly quickly on how to make patches. I hope this app continues to receive support as it really sounds and feels like your working with real modular gear in ways other apps just can not match. Moog Model 15 is outstanding but it is not even a quarter as flexible in routing and sound design as MiRack. The control voltage routing options alone are almost limitless. Honestly, MiRack could easily be used to teach a full year course on electronic music if one desired to do so. It is that authentic and true to real modular hardware. Needs AU3 support, IAA or Audiobus like yesterday. Would love additional modules like Plateau (lush reverb) to be added. Even reasonably priced modules for purchase would be a fantastic way to always upgrade the app. As is, it is easily a 5 star app that can take you places only $10,000 worth of gear or more could take you previously. Kudos to the developers for bringing VCV Rack to IOS!
  • Removing a module? 3/5

    Can some PLEASE tell us how to remove a module?! Hello, developer, pretty please with sugar on top?!
  • A Sound Erector Set! 5/5

    By Eriptron
    Update: I missed that this app is stand alone only! That’s useless for me. I’m leaving the 5-stars, for now, because they said that they plan to add IAA or AUv3 later. —— Anyone remember the 1950s metal Erector Sets that you could make anything with if you had imagination (and enough parts)? This is the audio equivalent! I bought the app and was grumbling to myself about no documentation and everything is so small and I can’t figure out how to remove a module once put in place. Then I found the zoom! LOL And hour later (and a forgotten TV baseball game) and I’m snug, hid away, building my Erector Set Sound. (Still don’t know how to remove a module.) More fun (and more challenging) than the Moog Model 15 since miRack is an open architecture.
  • Been dreaming of this... 5/5

    By yvesbajulaz
    Been using vcv racks, and was always hoping for a touch screen version. So well made, module selection and all... Top notch product, pure awsomeness! Thx :-))
  • Great Start 4/5

    By Stevo3985
    This is a great start, however, it is missing multiple audio channel out and MIDI out. Other than that, this is pretty great so far, and I can’t wait to see where this project is going!
  • Nice start, needs more audio routing 4/5

    By mikenoface
    Update: Please add the ability to lock a module in place. I find often when I’m trying to move a knob, the module suddenly jumps to another place in the rack. Great port of VCV rack. Adding the advanced audio module from Fundamental pack that would allow inter app audio and Audiobus would make this 5 stars.
  • Great job porting to iOS! 5/5

    By ThePro2112
    But is there a way to record it with inter app audio or audiobus?
  • Whoa 5/5

    By HooDoo Spoon
    This thing is awesome. Works pretty good on my 5 year old iPad. I can’t imagine how much better it would be on a current model. Makes me want to buy an iPad Pro.
  • Seriously In Love With miRack 5/5

    By billyboyannap
    Installed n went to work.....no glitches....running on a IPad Air2. Love at first sight n first patch....
  • What? 5/5

    By housemachine
    This is totally a dream come true!!!!!
  • Awesome - if modular is your thing! 5/5

    By BDB-1958
    Almost 300 modules out of the box to experiment with. No internal documentation for the modules, but since they’re open-source we shouldn’t have much trouble looking them up online. Excellent kit value for the price!
  • The app works great! 5/5

    By Arquitrabe
    It was a long time waiting something like that for iPadOS. The touchable interface makes the experience nicer if we compare with the desktop. So happy. Thanks!
  • Amazing synth modules! 5/5

    By Dougdi
    There's a lot to get lost in here! I am flabbergasted at the wealth of synth toys here. I haven’t loaded it up yet but it’s running great on my orig iPad Pro. This is a must have synth app.
  • Looks great but how to use it??? 4/5

    By mikolitafun
    I love great and innovative music making ideas, but maybe provide some sort of guide or video tutorials on how to use this for complete beginners. I thoroughly support developers that come up with brilliant ways to create new sounds and music but never assume that everybody knows how to use your app. Please help us get started!
  • Everything I’ve been waiting for. 5/5

    By dp_hurley
    Performs great. The details were clearly thought through and the interface is nicely optimized for touch. Plenty of modules to choose from, including many of the ones I’ve already used often. Hard to believe it’s just the first release. Can’t wait to see what future updates bring!
  • Nice port of vcv rack could use some info tho 5/5

    By flux302
    Port works great, touch interaction seems to work well. Everything is running smooth on iPad air2 which is pretty old now so that’s great. I would love to see some info in the app such as cpu load, audio info such as sample rate , buffer and latency info, and audio interface options. I’ve yet to try it with my es8 for interacting with my modular yet... I REALLY hope this app will continue to be supported. I’ll be following it closely. Fluxwithit
  • Insta-Buy 5/5

    By robusto_tony
    This is a dream come true!

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