Mirror for Samsung TV

Mirror for Samsung TV

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AirBeamTV BV
  • Compatibility: Android
282 Ratings
$ 4.99

Mirror for Samsung TV App

Application to mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad to any Samsung Smart TV. No wires and no additional hardware needed! You can mirror any app on your iPhone or iPad to your Samsung TV. To mirror video as well as audio, please make sure that you start mirroring when you are in the app (Photos, YouTube, Facebook etc.) that you want to mirror to your TV. This works on any Samsung Smart TV from the 2012 models onward. Which model year do you have? You can see that by looking at the middle letter in your model type (on the back of your Samsung TV). E = 2012 F = 2013 H = 2014 J = 2015 K = 2016 M = 2017 For instance: UE55_E_S8000 = 2012. UE78_H_U8500L = 2014. In using the app, there will be a couple of seconds of latency (usually between 1 and 3). So this mirroring is not suitable for gaming. However, it is very suitable for watching movies, giving presentations, watching photos, and much more! How the app works: 1. Make sure that your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same local network as your Samsung TV. Don't use multiple VLANs or subnets. 2. Setup Control Centre on your iPhone or iPad to include the "Screen Recording" option. This is how that works: a. Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad, then select Control Centre b. iPhone only: Switch on: Access Within Apps c. iPhone and iPad: click on Customise Controls d. "Screen Recording" should be in the list of "Include" options. If it is not, scroll down and find "Screen Recording". Click on the green + sign on the left of Screen Recording, to include it into your Control Centre 3. Launch the Mirror for Samsung TV app. It will start looking for your Samsung TV(s) on your local network. When a TV is found, please select it. When you use this app for the first time, depending on your model Samsung TV, the TV might ask you to "allow" the connection. In that case, take your TV Remote Control and press OK to allow the connection from your TV to your iPhone or iPad. 4. We will start with showing you an instruction video on how to setup Control Centre. If you have done that already, click on Next Step 5. Turn on notifications for this app. We will not spam you, but we will use this to let you know if your TV is working correctly or not. So please, please allow it, otherwise when things don't work as they should, you are left in the dark. 6. Now we will open YouTube on your iPhone or iPad to show you how to use Control Centre to start screen mirroring to your Samsung TV. Press "Open in YouTube" to start. 7. After watching the video, try it yourself! Go to the app on your iPhone or iPad that you want to mirror and slide up Control Centre. LONG / 3D Touch "Screen Recording" (NOT: Screen Mirroring!). Select Mirror Samsung TV to start mirroring. Limitations and known issues: 1. Audio - When screen mirroring from Safari, there is no audio. - When you switch to another app, the audio stops on TV. So, you need to start mirroring after you launched the app that you want mirror on TV. 2. DRM Some apps don't allow screen mirroring. For instance Netflix: when you start screen mirroring when running the Netflix app on your iPhone or iPad, the TV screen will turn black. This is a choice that Netflix made, there is nothing that we can do about that. Support: If you have questions or would like to provide feedback, please send us an e-mail or chat with us on our Facebook page. When you like the app, please don't forget to give it a positive rating! Thanks in advance from the AirBeamTV development team! Please give us feedback by mailing to [email protected]


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Mirror for Samsung TV app reviews

  • Horrible 1/5

    By AnotherBlackSG
    COMPLETE waste of money. Didn’t work at all.
  • Money Back 1/5

    By jason's iphone6
    Ok how can I get my money back?? When I found this app there was only 1 review. After I downloaded many more reviews popped up saying do not buy this app. I definitely want my money back.
  • Do Not Buy 1/5

    By nemopsp
    I read all the bad reviews an still gave it a shot. The connect just skips both my Samsung Smart TV 2017 and my iPhone 7 is on 5Ghz connection with 100mb download. also most audio don’t play either. I want a refund since I will not be using this app. I recommend to developers should give a demo version or make this a lot cheaper.
  • Don’t buy if you want to stream videos 1/5

    By Bñabalav
    I bought this app to stream a TV serie I really like and as soon as I try to it doesn’t give you permission to do it, you can mirror the screen of your phone but what’s the purpose of that if you can’t use the app freely. Not satisfied at all and would like a refund just for not clarifying things on the use of the app.
  • This doesnt work 1/5

    By shelley marsh
    I want my money back
  • You can’t play iTunes movies I will like a refund 1/5

    By Pilar Guerrero Rubio
    You can’t play ITunes movies I will like a refund,
  • Do not waste your money. 1/5

    By MzTrvno
    This app does not work.
  • Sketchy Performance 1/5

    By mkm6078
    IPhone 7: Sometimes audio works on the TV, sometimes it doesn’t. YouTube works but streaming doesn’t. Found out through independent research that it doesn’t work with Safari. Tried numerous times to watch a live broadcast online (church service) but it was impossible to get audio on the TV. Resolve or refund!!!
  • Won’t allow you to mirror a movie watched on Apple TV 1/5

    By cmp11733
    I wanted to mirror a purchased movie for my kids from my iPhone (Apple tv) to Samsung. He app works to display anything that you see on your iPhone EXCEPT a movie from Apple TV or an Apple movie. I’d like a refund as I feel this was misleading
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By LiGeHa
    The idea is great. App installs fine streaming a video from my phone to my tv is glitching. About every 30 secs it stops and says loading. It takes a few secs to start again and then the video skips ahead when it starts again. I can’t watch a 3 min video without at least 4 pauses. Don’t waste your money. I want a refund because I wasted mine. Maybe one day they will work out the glitches.
  • The worst mirror App ever 1/5

    By D-DeRay
    It is the worst mirroring app ever, I need my money back.
  • Not a Very Good App 1/5

    By Flustered in Florida
    Tried this app with an iPhone 6s mirroring to a Samsung Smart TV less than a year old. Result was audio through the tv but no video. Tried multiple times with no success. Would like to get my money back but it seems there’s no way to do that, of course.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By UhhLeeSeeUhh
    Don’t waste your money on this app! It doesn’t work 😡

    By Billy Trandolf
    This is a cheap scam. I paid $5 expecting mirroring capabilities and it’s an offhand screen recording broadcasting system? It’s 2018, get it together.
  • Works but super laggy so can't even use it wish I could get a refund 1/5

    By Epic raiders
    It works but it's so Laggy and I have iPhone 8 and Samsung 8 series TV please fix this and I will taste a better review
  • Could have been cool 1/5

    By DaBoobBobby18
    This app would have been great but... the problem is a lot of video apps are restricted from being mirrored to the Samsung TV. If you are getting this app to watch movies on a phone projected onto your TV, check online to see if that app is supported. I will personally be requesting a refund because this app is not worth 4.99$ with the lack of app compatibility.
  • Works and great support 5/5

    By spas555
    Initially I have trouble getting it going, but with great support from the airbeam.tv team got it up and running in a couple of hours. Now I have my IPad photo displayed for the whole room to see on large tv. The support was fast and concerned.
  • Fake 1/5

    By MaSeeToOo
    It doesn’t even worth the 1 star I tried twice thought maybe i’m doing something wrong but nope it doesn’t work but with the demo .. thats it ... I want a full refund
  • Cmg545 1/5

    By crmega
    Wasted money,I have to paid for this useless app.🤬🤬🤬
  • Works but not perfect 5/5

    By AJ18KHAN
    All the other reviews slandering this app actually seem fake because people disnt try the app actually. Honest advice the steps they give i just followed them and it worked. Its easy few steps not as easy as doing it from an andriod app but still woth it. Now my biggest issue is the time it take for it actullay play on screen. Which means that your phone could be ahead by 10 seconds of the tv screen. And also it still plays the audio on the phone whilw mirroring. But not too big of an issue. I am still glad with this app.
  • Constantly crashing 1/5

    By hstna
    The app will work for all of 2 minutes before it crashes. :/
  • No support for app 1/5

    By 4papasmurf
    Tried several times with no luck and when you tap the button for support you get sent to Facebook, with I had not wasted my $5 now. Well I got my generic response to why this piece of crap app does not work with no response to giving me or anyone else their money back. The APP store should look at this and pull this from the store to save everyone money!
  • One star from being perfect! 4/5

    By Hephesto17
    Here’s the thing, the app is not worth $5. But being that it’s finding a loophole and allowing us not to have to purchase the Apple TV, it makes it worth it. The app works. I was able to mirror screen with my Samsung TV without any trouble. My ONLY problem with this app and the only reason is not a 5 star is that while I was watching a movie with my partner it either kept losing connection with the TV every 15 min (assumed it was my WiFi) or the app randomly stopped “broadcasting” (definitely not the WiFi) which forced me to pause the movie, have to “broadcast” again to reconnect with my TV and continue watching the movie. Had the app stayed broadcasting without stopping for no reason, I would’ve paid $20 for it. The app has minor problems that could be fixed. Like I needed to keep my phone angled because it kept glitching between regular or widescreen. Also there’s a lag which doesn’t really bother me. Overall, I am not one to make reviews nor one to tear down a company if I am not happy with the service. Seeing all of the negative reviews while also reading the positive ones helped me take the risk because I refuse to pay $200 for an Apple TV 4K. This app works and I guess I got what I paid for. If the disconnecting with TV issue can be resolved, it’ll be an App id recommend to everyone!
  • decent 3/5

    By AmadeusK
    it’s extremely slow. it frequently crashes. other than these, it’s a good app
  • Do not buy 1/5

    By Pat12134
    App will not connect with my Samsung tv . Do not waste your money!!!
  • Very delayed 2/5

    By MikeWells2012
    If you’re trying to play iPhone games 1:1 using this app, it will not work no matter how fast your internet speed is. It starts recording your phone then your tv will start streaming from beginning. If you’re using this for photo sharing then I’d say it’s alright. But video or games will not work.
  • This app works, but not for ITunes movies 4/5

    By Dh735
    I read the reviews and was hesitant to download. I quickly realized the people who say this app doesn’t work are morons. If you follow their instructions, it does work. No, I am not getting a kick back for saying this to boost the app rating. Unfortunately this app is absolutely useless for me. I wanted to use this to view my iTunes movies and bypass the stupid protection Apple enforces. The app shuts down when I try to play the iTunes content. Again, this app works perfectly fine for mirroring. Don’t listen to morons who aren’t smart enough to actually read.
  • Mirror for Samsung tv 5/5

    By gpl546
    The app works great. I made mistakes and emailed their support team and they patiently guided me through all my confusion. The app is great snd so is the support.
  • Bad 1/5

    By little disappointed 603
    This app works well for about 30 seconds. Starts to buffer and then 1 minute later closes due to bad connection. My wireless router is 5 feet away as also along my Samsung tv. So, the only thing bad is this app. Do not buy.
  • Dont waste the $4 1/5

    By Noble Sabre
    Mirror works from iphone to samsung tv but stops mirroring after 5 minutes saying because “null.” Sound only works half of the time and yes I have microphone audio selected to on. After sending the above review to support, verbatim, I get an auto response detailing how the issues are from my lousy wifi signal and /or non compatible router etc...(reminding me of my very first and last time, back in the day, when I bought a netgear router and called a support center from the other side of the globe.) TLDR: Don’t throw away your money on something that shouldn’t even be in the App center for free.
  • Didn’t mirror is slow time let alone real time. Absolutely waste. 1/5

    By Veryprettywoman
    Update: developer contacted me and proceeded to give me instructions as if wasn’t following operating instructions. They have a video that explains everything. I could mirror a stationary stream easily, but it refused to mirror any streaming content. Simply froze. Reported problem to Apple and if don’t hear back soon, will have credit card company reimburse my charge. Clearly the developers have more work for an iPhone product. Perhaps it works better on android… Totally regret and will be requesting refund. Did not stream iPhone screen as app promised. Waste of my time and energy.
  • Does not work!!!! 1/5

    By JChrisL
    Installed app. Connected to YouTube I thought, kept looping and saying I had to authorize access then quit asking. But when I tried to start broadcasting said I had to log into or start the app itself. I had everything shut down, restarted the phone etc. spent over 3 hours on this no luck. Deserve a refund.
  • No, I’m not the developer 4/5

    By zapperoni
    I see all of the 1-stars, tried it anyway because there aren’t a ton of options, right? It works. Make sure this if you have your tv running through a receiver to speakers you set the tv to its internal speakers/that fixed my audio. It works, and that’s all we really need. Before you crater and torch them in reviews, I suggest you ask their support for help and try a thing or two. Support was great for me, to be honest. They answered me in minutes professionally, and helped. My one comment is that the compression could be better, which to the user looks like the app not being quite so heavy in bandwidth/improving performance. That’s a suggestion going forward, would probably get a lot more stars for you, which let’s be honest means more people buying. Good product.
  • Works well, a bit of lag though 4/5

    By Marwin.Jacinto
    People need to learn to read LOL
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Bob Ro
    Easy to setup and easy to use. I think that low raters didn't give the app a fair trial. Can't guarantee that you will like it but I do.
  • It works, cheaper than buying an Apple TV box 3/5

    By gejsen
    It does make mirroring on the Samsung from my iPhone work but it is not as fast or simple as having an Apple TV box. I had difficulty at first but a few messages with support got me going.
  • I don’t like it. 1/5

    I want a refund!!
  • Very Cool 5/5

    By yosemite bob
    First and foremost, it does work. In fact, it does mirror my iPad. I did have a little trouble hooking it up - but that was more me than the app. What was cool was that I sent an email for support and we communicated twice and all is fine. In fact, I just watched an episode on my screen that was projecting off my iPad. I encourage you to take advantage of the tech support - they are prompt and ask excellent and insightful questions that nailed down my issue in no time at all. I highly recommend this app.
  • Do not waste your money 3/5

    By sssips
    Did not work!! Total waste of my money and time trying to get it to work. Don’t waste your time and money.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By AlouBella
    This app is garbage!!!
  • TV doesn’t connect to Internet 1/5

    By Darthblech
    My Samsung TV has issues connecting to the Internet and I can’t access Netflix, so I wanted to pair it to my iPad so I can just mirror movies on my TV. It didn’t tell me until after I downloaded the app that the TV needs to be connected to the Internet for it to work. Waste of money.
  • 🗑🚮 1/5

    By Blackaneze
    Doesn’t work with tv apps. Want a refund ASAP.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Car-son9!
    Followed all of the instructions and it still doesn’t show up when I hit the screen record button. Would like an immediate refund.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By loosoie
    I wish I could give this app 0 stars it is a rip off they just took my $5 and it doesn’t even work.
  • :/ 2/5

    By Pauulinaaaaa
    Didn't work at all I wish I could have my money back.
  • Does not work. 1/5

    By Kare Kare eater
    $4.99 is not worth my time to download this this app and then work on my refund. Don’t download.
  • Works for me 5/5

    By Mylittlehelper
    I decided to try this app even though there was only one bad review. (I’m a gambler like that.) It works for me and I’m not even tech savvy. I’m happy with it.
  • Don’t buy 1/5

    By Vhslislsond
    If I can sue this company I would !! This are lairs this does not work ! You better give me my money back !
  • App not working 1/5

    By Ajsmommy03
    App did not work at all, I would like a full refund to my account that is connected to my App Store, thank you!
  • I hate to pile on.... 1/5

    By Ftiyvtyftyjv
    The bad reviews are real. I do want my money back. Followed all the (vague) instructions and could not get it to work at all. There is no control panel or screen other than the one that asks what kind of tv you have to start tutorial. Not intuitive or anything close to it. Sorry but the reviews are true.

Mirror for Samsung TV app comments


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