Mixer - Interactive Streaming

Mixer - Interactive Streaming

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 4.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mixer - Interactive Streaming App

With the new Mixer app, you can do more than just watch — you can take part in the action! Direct game choices, place objects, select sounds and much more. Join now to experience the future of live, interactive streaming for games like: Minecraft, the Telltale Crowd Play series (Guardians of the Galaxy, Minecraft Story Mode Season 2, Batman & The Walking Dead) Killing Floor 2, Death’s Door, Hello Neighbor, & more! - Participate in your favorite streams by influencing or changing the streamer’s gameplay - Interact and chat with less than a second of latency. That’s Faster Than Light (FTL) technology. - Customize your content by following to find what you want faster   Mixer is more than just a streaming app – it’s a streaming community. We want to hear from you about what you want to see in the app. Give us any feedback you have on Twitter @WatchMixer or at https://aka.ms/mixermobilediscord.

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Mixer - Interactive Streaming app reviews

  • Quality issues 3/5

    By aiden beekman you tube
    We need to get higher quality
  • The account do not work 1/5

    By AndresTC623
    The account I make kick me and don’t let me in and I was lvl 20 fix this pls in going back to twitch because I lose my account fix this. You sooo baddd app. F U C R Y O U
  • Fix the crashing 2/5

    By halo12329
    Every time I tap chat I crash while in full screen
  • Great 5/5

    By Beeeeeenbbb
    FTL is the Meta
  • Performance 2/5

    By Zpk11231991
    Mobile app needs a lot of work, If i lose WiFi connection, video playbacks bugs out and I have to fully close the app maybe a few times to get the video back. It feels a lot like the twitch mobile app did in 2015.. overall clunky
  • ONLY way to sign in is through Xbox or microsoft account 1/5

    By -AlucarD-
    This app is really good but the only couple of things is that you can only sign in through xbox or microsoft and not everybody owns an xbox or microsoft account. It gives you an option to sign in through discord and twitter but the feature doesn't even work so atleast let us sign in through a gmail account and/or google account or atleast a guest account because we NEED an account to do almost everything, to follow we need an account, to like we need an account, to do EVERYTHING we need an account and that's kinda whacky in my opinion. But overall an allright app and a 1 star from me unless the signing in options get wider and interaction between a un-signed in user becomes less of a pain cause like i said you need to be signed in to do EVERYTHING.
  • It takes sooooooooo long for past streams to load 2/5

    By ch21045
    That’s why
  • OOF 3/5

    By kssjisis
    Not a great app to stream
  • Please fix this!! 2/5

    By Ty hokit
    Every time I try to start the app it crashes.
  • Accessibility and Usage Improvement 4/5

    By H¥ËŃÅ
    The user interface of the application fails to enable an easy and comfortable profile customization. This area of the mobile platform has limitations. Access to profile changes are only available on the web application. I suggest adding the ability to change, update or add to a profile description, the ability to modify a past streams title, process a deletion or add other modifications to a past stream. I don’t understand this: You have to upload your pictures and having to resize them with numerical values and use a online storage software to actually add a picture and put position it. This process is a bit extra. It’s a bit odd how uploading a profile picture and changing a username (which can be achieved on mobile) is a bit easier process than to changing a profile description and adding pictures to it (which can only be achieved on the web application.) This separation acts as a barrier in this field; again, the application is separating the users by their technological abilities and knowledge when everyone should have access to each features regardless of their knowledge or access to a computer. This would make sense when Mixer says, “Stop watching. Start playing.” If one wants to play, more than likely they will want to make some changes to their channel. If this doesn’t make sense and you look at all of the empty profile descriptions, you might think of them as people who are not wanting to add a description at all rather than those who are too lazy to subject themselves to such a process. Now that I have your attention, I also suggest the ability for streamers to easily talk to their fans off stream via a section similar to “Streamer Notifications.” Here you can post new schedules or update your fans with current information so that they don’t miss out. Other than that, Mixer is a great application. There are so many new advances in the comfortableness and interactivity in steaming that Mixer has brought to the live-streaming community. However, It’s been a couple of that Mixer has been focusing on this concept and I suggest making the user interface much more snappy. It’s a bit stale and I would love to see some animations and some Windows 10 feels to the application. Thank you for reading.
  • Smh 1/5

    By Kyng205
    This app has some work to do if it wants to compete with Twitch
  • That gamerxxx guy 3/5

    By Bappy_II
    It’s a good app for me and my clan on rainbow six but I don’t know why that guys decided to put a S.A on the review
  • Can’t sign in.. 1/5

    By LordlyDread
    This app is terrible. I tried signing in with my main Xbox account, apparently already linked to another account. Tried an older Microsoft account from the Xbox 360 days and as I agreed to the terms and services, app crashes and I try to sign in again with that same account, boom. Another notification saying that now that account is linked. Conveniently, the only way to sign in on the app, is through a Microsoft account. Hooray.. app needs work, response time on technical support needs work. I guess I’ll stick to twitch.. 🤷‍♂️
  • Horrible quality 1/5

    By Daniel5443
    The audio is cutting out and on again and the stream is freezing for long periods every 2 seconds I don’t know how streamers put up with this >:(
  • Under aged accounts 3/5

    By SpeedyDudeGamingYT
    So children can’t stream to Mixer on Xbox but can stream to Twitch? That’s so dumb! Why can’t you just let us stream on YOUR service. This is one of the reasons Twitch is bigger than Mixer. Come on Microsoft, let kids stream on Mixer.
  • Great App. 1 Problem. Fix then 5 stars 4/5

    By Ankleholster
    This app is great. There is only 1 problem. It can be explained in 2 simple words: Apple TV. Why isn’t this on Apple TV? If this app becomes available on Apple TV, then I will give this 5 stars. However, I will not give it 5 stars until this happens.
  • Doesn’t work well while streaming 1/5

    By hsiajsjwiwomsks
    While streaming if there is many people the servers goes down and randomly too it goes down randomly don’t like it until it’s fixed
  • I sign in when go to my profile and it says sign in 1/5

    By krisprill
    I signed in a bunch of times and it keeps on saying sign in ! So this app is Ridiculous
  • its good but theres one problem 4/5

    By 😭😵😲😭😧😢😥
    i love this app the streamers are amaxinf and everything buttt... i cant log in on anything and i subscribed to 2 people...
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Johnny boy15439
    App crashes way too much
  • Big fix please 3/5

    By Boy killer 12
    Some of my streams are un able to load and others load just fine please fix this because I want to clip some of my favorite moments
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By briana1976
    I have used the app for about a month now and I love it. However, the past few days it has been VERY VERY glitchy and I don’t mean a couple seconds...I mean 45+ seconds behind whoever I’m watching play the game. It gets old after a while exiting out because it’s so laggy.
  • Needs Video Quality Controls 1/5

    By Harley448
    Give me the ability to lower video and audio quality on sponsor and non sponsor channels. The buffer is terrible on 3G cell tower. Twitch offers this option.
  • Why doesn't the app 2/5

    By högod
    Play in the background. Great app otherwise
  • Keeps force closing 1/5

    By jimmy1991_9
    Since I upgreaded my iPhone from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone XR THE APP KEEPS CLOSING AND I GOT TO Relaunch the app closes again please fix very annoying
  • Let Me Edit My Channel Description!! 5/5

    By TTU_Allison
    I literally literary would appreciate if you allow us to edit our channel description on the app without getting on the website on a PC! Editing our channel description would be easier on the mobile app!! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALLOW US TO EDIT OUR CHANNEL DESCRIPTION ON THE MOBILE APP!!
  • Lag 5/5

    By TenielleSmith
    It’s lagging badly and it keeps freezing
  • Wish the app worked 1/5

    By Hapearce1975
    I recently purchased a Xbox One S. Signed up, got Gold and Game Pass. Got the Xbox Apps. One of my friends is streaming on Mixer, I download the app. I must have signed in 10 times. It keeps bringing me to the USE OF MIXER Terms of Service, and that’s it. There’s no button to agree to anything. I’ve scrolled the Terms of Service and the Mixer Privacy Policy, to no success. Nowhere to agree, nowhere to go. No scrolling up to find any way to continue. All you can do is swipe right and sign in at Microsoft again and again and again... Thanks for wasting my time.
  • Sparks 1/5

    By Kmgjjnjjjhjjytt
    Am I the only one who doesn’t earn sparks while watching streamers on this app?
  • Mixer has a few problems 3/5

    By F34RxCLUTCH
    The main reason I would not recommend this app is because it often has glitches like signing you out at random times.Or it will even not let you sign in sometimes and make you wait weeks until it will.There is also some problems when you are trying to watch someone stream.I would recommend twitch instead of mixer in my opinion.
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By Batbat2016
    I’ve been tying to log into mixer on my Xbox because it logged me out. Won’t even let me do that. Tried logging in on my phone, won’t ever let me do that. I’m even spelling everything right. Not to mention on Xbox it’s super laggy when you try to watch someone.
  • Singing in and streaming 2/5

    By Mjfurry16
    On the app it keeps telling me to sign in , when I do it logs me out automatically right after I sign in . When I try streaming on the Xbox it says “Something Went wrong. Try broadcasting again later”
  • App crash and couldn’t sign in after update 1/5

    By HardwareBaseUS
    After just getting application updated, the app won’t let me sign in to my account. And I delete app to reinstall it, the first try it could let me log in but failed after refreshing the app. App crashed and logged me out with no reason. And after this application, the app spent more time to load content than before.
  • Mixer App crashes, won’t allow me to re-sign into it 1/5

    By morgenhailey
    Was in the middle of watching a stream when suddenly the video turns black. I close out of the app and come back several times before anything actually loads, and now when I try to sign it- it won’t pull up the sign in page. I tried watching on my browser, but their site wouldn't load. Switched between cellular data and wifi a few times to see if it might be a problem with my internet. No problem with my internet on any other site- just Mixer. This has happened quite a few times since I started watching mixer, recently. Come on, Microsoft.
  • My user won’t work 1/5

    By kubilchiledniqe
    Every time I try to log in it just says that it’s unavailable when I have a account and I type in incorrectly horrible
  • This is such a good streaming’s company 5/5

    By A mixer streamer
    Mixer is such a good streaming company it soo good when your a beginner like me when all u want to do is stream it just very fun for a streamer for me and I have gotten to ask other streamers how they like it and they say they love it !You should totally try it out and it’s way better than twitch follow me butts94658 a mixer streamer
  • It doesn’t work properly 1/5

    By NoVaCAiNEzzz
    I can’t do anything, it’s super slow, and it doesn’t function properly
  • Can’t log in or make an account 1/5

    By Danika1019
    I tried to sign in through Xbox. It didn’t work. So I tried to make one. “Your account didn’t get finished being made” apparently. So I tried to make another. Same thing. If I watch my friends streams, I tell them, in their stream they say to say hi. Then I tell them that I can’t log in or create an account. I can only use mixer on Xbox I guess
  • Suddenly crashing 1/5

    By matt90915
    Suddenly crashing and there hasn’t even been any update to cause it. Just started today. Worked fine last night
  • Can’t get in to my Account 1/5

    By xxxtentacion1227
    This app is so bad do the password it doesn’t work hate this app mixer get a life
  • Mixer App Social Bug 3/5

    By Fable.Red
    Whenever I’m logged onto the Mixer app it’s displays social media icons as if I linked several accounts. When I click these icons on my account the app resets. Please take the time to look into this.
  • B 1/5

    By sdghhfcvjuy
    This app is [email protected]& it will not Evan let me f$$king sign in it is 💩
  • Hot Garbage 1/5

    By lerdeken
    How is it possible that this Mixer mobile app have almost five stars? HOW? It's constantly freezing up every few seconds. It honestly doesn't deserve 1. Anyone who says otherwise is full of it. Anything over 1 star is a fake review! Unwatchable
  • EmoWonderChild 5/5

    By EmoWonderChild
    After you download this amazing app, be sure to follow EmoWonderChild
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By jessek06
    I use this app all day long never have problems I recommend this app to everyone always have always will edit:crazygammerr is a person who doesn’t know how to use mixer correctly and so he complains about it because he doesn’t know any better end of edit.
  • T 2/5

    By ayo_teesh
    The apps video quality is really crappy it needs some serious work
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By N. García
    I downloaded it in all my devices (Apple and Android) and it doesn’t work in any of them. It always says: “We can’t connect right now, try again”. Please do something to fix that problem, thank you.
  • Crashing 2/5

    By Dalto14739
    Was a very dependable app until recently and now it won’t open without crashing. I have restarted my phone and all that so it isn’t a phone issue.
  • Log in 2/5

    I would love this app if I was able to log into my Microsoft account but every time I try it says there was an error in the end. Great concept horrible execution.

Mixer - Interactive Streaming app comments

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