Mixer - Interactive Streaming

Mixer - Interactive Streaming

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mixer - Interactive Streaming App

With the new Mixer app, you can do more than just watch — you can take part in the action! Direct game choices, place objects, select sounds and much more. Join now to experience the future of live, interactive streaming for games like: Minecraft, the Telltale Crowd Play series (Guardians of the Galaxy, Minecraft Story Mode Season 2, Batman & The Walking Dead) Killing Floor 2, Death’s Door, Hello Neighbor, & more! - Participate in your favorite streams by influencing or changing the streamer’s gameplay - Interact and chat with less than a second of latency. That’s Faster Than Light (FTL) technology. - Customize your content by following to find what you want faster   Mixer is more than just a streaming app – it’s a streaming community. We want to hear from you about what you want to see in the app. Give us any feedback you have on Twitter @WatchMixer or at https://aka.ms/mixermobilediscord.


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Mixer - Interactive Streaming app reviews

  • But 3/5

    By Rashjr76
    Glitches not always reliable but seriously needs Crome cast capability
  • Adding Discord to the social profiles in your channel 5/5

    By TTU_Allison
    I want a Discord option under social profiles to link my server to on Mixer! It would be cool if you can upgrade a newer version of Mixer for us to be able to link our server to Discord in the social profiles.
  • Login issues 2/5

    By saab2006
    App is alright when it works. I have to log back in everyday with my Microsoft account. Sometimes it won’t let me log in.
  • Drains Battery, Layout Isn’t Great, Chat Bugs 2/5

    By Hethdor
    The Mixer app will drain your battery very quickly and will require you to plug your device in to charge for longer viewing sessions. No other video streaming app drains my battery the way the Mixer app does. The chat is buggy at times and will sometimes not post the comment I say in a streamers chat. Then when it does post, I’ll go to open the chat window again and my previous comment is already in the chat window. The overall layout off the app front page is weird and has a lot going on.
  • Problem 1/5

    By Ray9000000
    Hello sir or madame, I am unable to live stream on my xbox can you please fix this problem
  • Crashing. 3/5

    By ek_ginger
    It’s a great app to help start a base stream. But everytime I go to show my past broadcasts that save to my profile, your app crashes. I’ve only ever watched one past broadcast. Please update so I can continue using the app.
  • I got banned almost instantly 4/5

    By derpy douglous
    I’m sorry but my friend was on mixer drunk and he got me banned be raisicst can you unban me please.
  • App crashes 2/5

    By SpaceMokeez09
    App crashes, just closes out, text doesn’t show and any time your phone gets a pop up notification it’s stops playing.
  • No me entra 1/5

    By Douglaszrrrte
    Yo quiero poner un vídeo pero la aplicación no me deja entrar pongo el vídeo o el directo pero la aplicación se sale no entiendo qué pasa
  • Almost 1/5

    By Feed The Beagle
    I cannot blame Mixer for “trying”, yet they CLEARLY break Anti-Trust laws by being the ONLY permitted broadcaster via XB360, XB and XB1(X) giving you NO choice or OPTION but to use their 3rd world application. Yes, it works and looks nice, yet it WILL NOT PERMIT you to cross-stream with other platforms such as LiveStream, Periscope, YTGaming, YT, Kindle, AppleTV, iTunes, Twitch, Streamlbs, FBLive, FBVideo, FB etc etc etc.... Plus, they STEAL your content and use it for THEIR benefit, ensuring you get NOTHING from the advertising revenue. Lastly, UNLESS you are one of “the Cool Kids” broadcasting Fortnite or PUBG ... the LEAST SKILL REQ’d for any game; a blind deaf dumb mute with no arms or legs could MASTER those games ... YET the games REQUIRING TALENT are NEVER given their proper endorsements ... even when VERIFIED developers for MAJOR gaming and MOVIE production Companies such as myself contact them and are given MIXER’s gracious welcome, free “Pro” endorsement and immediate verification ... THEY CANNOT and DO NOT provide ANY customer service ... as I, myself, can attest to as I have MONTHS worth of OPEN SERVICE REQUESTS ... Then, IF ... KEYWORD, IF ... you have the NERVE to speak up, they will use their EMPLOYEE bots and false TOS you to themselves ... as I was targeted by their ENTIRE BIASED RACIST AND PREDJUDICED female employee base, having me banned for over a month ... citing my game inflicts torture and violence and rape ... meanwhile GTA5 is ther top game. I spent 2 weeks trying to be reinstated, quoting character script, slayer and hatebreed songs ... only to be told i will NEVER be allowed back. I had to THREATED legal action ... and then .. VIOLA ... im suddenly brought back and the VIOLENT emails stopped .. yup, @Mixer ate MASSIVE CROW. If you’re and AMATURE [email protected] is for you. If you ARE a PROFESSIONAL ... DO NOT INSTALL ... WARNING this is a RUSSIAN BOT APP!! Anything @Mixer says to counter this is a LIE as their ISP’s speak for themselves ... watch out for their MAIN bot ... @nimicry ... a verified RUSSIAN FSB AGENT.
  • Please add background player. 3/5

    By Sgt Caruso
    The mixer app is pretty decent. It let’s me watch my favorite Mixer streamers while I’m on the go. The one thing this app desperately needs though, is the ability to continue listening to the stream audio when the screen is off. A lot of times I just listen while working or doing stuff, and having the screen open just draaaaaaains the battery.
  • Please S.O.S 4/5

    By D_Is_Boss
    It’s amazing but they need to fix an issue where if you are watching your own stream or others it will cut up and sometimes freeze
  • Intrusive and annoying. 1/5

    By streammerrrr
    If you turn off notifications they’ll be turned off until you open that app again. Not saying they are doing it on purpose but it seems mixer is so desperate for traffic they are willing to leave a bug in their app that turns on notifications every time the app is opened. Pathetic and desperate if you ask me.

    I had absolutely zero problems before this last update.... in 20mins my app crashed 3 times..... The stream I’m watching freezes while the chat still works.... also, I do not like that you can’t see the # of followers on the active stream.... you need to follow the person or search for them to be able to view their profile to see how many followers they have. Need a major update!
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Lil Chico Ivan
    Brand New IphoneX trying to watch some mixer but I can’t because the screen freezes after 10 seconds each channel.
  • Mixer is horrible 1/5

    By Dusjfjdufhf
    Mixers quality is constantly blurry it’s unacceptable not just this app on Xbox as well for a forced feature on Xbox is is portly done
  • Please Add 4/5

    By PG: SkinSwitcher
    Could you add the feature of Signing in another way in mobile? please and thank you.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tryingtofindanicknameispainful
    This app has potential don't get be wrong, but unless it can fix some of its connectivity issues then I don't see why to use it when twitch is sitting mighty high
  • Please Fix 2/5

    By Semgeta
    Can't watch any past broadcasts because there is no option to change video quality.
  • Horrible streaming for past broadcasts, just buffers every two minutes and freezes. 1/5

    By Jcarthus
    Horrible streaming for past broadcasts, just buffers every five minutes and freezes
  • Mixer broken on Xbox One 1/5

    By iPrxtty
    I’m trying to broadcast on Xbox One but it’s saying I’m already streaming and I can’t stop broadcasting. I need some help!
  • Can not screen record 3/5

    By Smoshie710
    Talked to some sort of community member said my case would be passed on to tec or something still can’t screen record so yeh
  • Crappy mobile version 1/5

    By Legend Angels
    Almost unusable for what I need. I don’t watch live streams and the playback features are TERRIBLE. There’s no slow scrolling so if you have an 8 hour stream and can’t watch it continuously good luck getting close, the nearest I can get is within about 8 minutes because where I let it go it jumps that far from me lifting my figure. I’d also love a back 15 second feature like YouTube. It’s just a basic stream app right now and it doesn’t even do that well. No chat read back either. They have a lot to do if they want a good app, it’s not complicated what you need for a stream app.
  • Mixer Partnered streamer 5/5

    By Jaynaocne
    As a mixer Partnered streamer the app is intuitive, innovative, clean, new and fresh. It has minor bugs. That happen once in a while. But nothing to angry about they’ve continually rolled out updates and fixes issues that come up. Interactive works beautifully. Sharing viewing co-streams has become easier and the app doesn’t crash as much as it used to. And I’m on an iPhone 5 too. Even has the ability to save multiple accounts which is useful for me. Continue to thrive mixer!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By WynnNinja
    there’s this bug where it won’t let your log in and it defeats the whole purpose of using this
  • i can’t lock the phone and listen at the same time? 3/5

    By Chubbysquid
    my husband’s app will lock and he can continue to listen to the streamers talking, cursing whatever, but i cant. other than that key factor, because i cant just keep the phone open all the time, this is a great community
  • No Chromecast support. 1/5

    By Sprizzle66
    I would love to watch Smite on my big screen and not a tiny phone. Twitch has Chromecast support but mixer does not have it integrated yet. Please work on this so your community can watch amazing content on their Tv’s! Will update review once that’s possible. Until then it’s a major disappointment to me.
  • Can’t stream anything 2/5

    By SeanCory🐾🏈
    Nothing loads for me & when it does it’s super laggy man. Fix it please I dig the streamers
  • Co-stream! 3/5

    By VToe
    Their needs to be a follow all feature in co-stream, this way people don’t constantly forget to switch between co-streams and follow everyone they’re watching, also hypezone would be way better if you could co-stream as well, who wouldn’t want to watch a whole team lead themselves to a victory?! Thank you.
  • Just why? 1/5

    By CoNflictIRL
    Why isn't there a “just went live “ notification? Whats the point of having a network without alerts? How am I supposed to watch anyone I enjoy? I don’t live on the site nor do I keep open 24/7 . I also do not play xbox 24/7 let alone 4 hours a day so I cant get notified about anything. 1-star. Probably just gonna go back to twitch since they at least understand marketing. Im literally only ever used this platform for 3/4 people any way.
  • Great app, but annoying bugs 2/5

    By ThatHart
    Have been using the app for about 3 weeks and It works well not many issues performance wise, it’s perfectly in sync if u were to watch it on an xbox,mobile app,browser pc etc. The only reason i would give it a 2 star review is for how frequent i run into the bug for the chat stream not refreshing. This bug consistently occurs every 2-3 minutes no exaggeration, the chat freezes/ doesn’t refresh forcing u to have to close the app to refresh the chat, it’s very tedious and it does not always solve the problem closing the app. For reference i use the app on my iphone 6+ and am currently on IOS 11.3
  • It was good before 1/5

    By a knowledgeable source
    It is just bad now because it always crashes
  • Could be much better 3/5

    By savvvvvvvannah
    Occasionally watch my boyfriend play Farcry 5 when i'm bored. However, it always ends up very laggy and freezes. Not terrible, though.
  • A bad first impression 2/5

    By kamia2003
    Constantly having audio and video issues on my phone. The multi stream premise is good. I have connected to multiple networks to see if it’s just a connection problem but still go back and forth between 1080 video with no audio or horrible 128 video and double audio. I stream the site on my laptop and have less but similar issues. I found this service because of Smite and I’m sad to say that I won’t be watching a favorite game of mine and am losing interest because of this unacceptable platform. I hope it gets better over time.
  • Warning - Social Media Sharing is not enabled 1/5

    By Jonathon.P
    This application is fairly ok however it fails to deliver some key features which this mobile application is created for and advertising..... Sharing. The app clearly focuses on its ability to share its broadcasts through a wide range of social media outlets, however when an attempt is made to share, via Facebook or a “link” it does not work in the least. Although I enjoy sharing and broadcasting content especially when I am able to edit from online content for uploads, I would love to be able to share on the fly via social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. This can be an essential tool for those who make a career or as a hobby enthusiast however using this app further dampers and makes difficult of what could otherwise be an amazing sharing and broadcasting experience. I give this mobile application one star, for many reasons, mainly to grab the attention of serious broadcasters as well as developers in the hopes that they may Improve the app and bring it up to the standards that we can enjoy and become much more productive as well as increase our followers and presence in the social community as a Gaming community. 1 Star
  • Mixer 2/5

    By TonytheTiger88
    Mixer is a great platform for streaming when connected to WiFi and sitting some where but when trying to watch it without WiFi, the entire app just stops working and freezes. In my opinion, this app seems almost useless because it’s meant for mobile streaming right? Wrong, it does not work at all and is not a fully working mobile app. If that can be improved then it is a real mobile streaming app.
  • Great! 5/5

    By _orp_8
    I love Microsoft and what they do. This is a smooth app to watch streams. Also there are really good streamers
  • Awesome except for one thing 4/5

    By VIDIOT2009
    My share function isn’t working, the icon is there but it doesn’t do anything went I tap it, I’d like to upload my streams to YouTube, but I can’t because of this glitch. (I think it’s that anyway)
  • Needs windows 10 app 4/5

    By drewaters
    I mean I should not have to use chrome when edge does not load videos on Windows 10 PC. I don't think the developers care if Microsoft fails and they loose their jobs
  • Lag 2/5

    By Skumie
    I can’t watch anyone’s stream because as soon as I join, the video freezes but the sound keeps going, I can’t use this app because it just doesn’t work.
  • Honestly, don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Brdhimself
    Seriously, I’ve had it for a bit. Now I can’t log in (and when I could it would link me to the wrong use name). It keeps saying I can’t link an account because it’s already in use, but when I try logging in it says account doesn’t exists and I need to create one. Tried resetting everything from mixer/Microsoft/gmail to simple use but to no avail. So I’ll be switching to twitch now. Why not use something that is so much better with all-around-better UI and incentives for both streamer and viewer?
  • Past broadcasts are almost unwatchable 1/5

    By iiNFiNiTex Arts
    Past broadcasts are almost unwatchable, because you can’t change the quality of the video. Why make a mobile app if the user needs to have a fast WiFi speed to watch anything. This app just maxes out the user’s data and once that happens good luck using this app anywhere except from home (which defeats the purpose of having a mobile app) You can change the video quality while watching a live stream so why can’t you do the same with a past broadcast? Also when you are trying to skip to a certain part of a past broadcast it will repeatedly restart the video. This happens on both the iPhone and Xbox app. Please fix this so that people who live in different time zones can still watch the stream when they miss it due to the time difference.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By SpiderMonkeyGames
    Heard about this playform, decided to try it out and see how it compares to twitch as a streamer/viewer standpoint.. can’t even watch a stream.. get a black screen and the audio is constantly cutting out. It ain’t my connection. UI is not very smooth either. I’ll check back after awhile to see if it’s better.
  • Where I need change my bio? 5/5

    By Adrian_L4D2
    Maybe I forget or not remember.... I did write on my bio first time 2016 around then now I tried change it now but where bio change? Need help :(
  • Um 1/5

    By Moonshinelovesjasper
    It’s not saving my broadcast and there’s no way to delete ones that are too short. I refresh it to see a new game I posted it’s not there.
  • Smite viewer 3/5

    By Ejdjsjdnns
    It’s so bad it’s constantly lagging especially for mobile! Add in a option to stop chat from moving on mobile it’s so annoying when you’re trying to read a specific comment only for it to be pushed up every second. Could be better but it’s obviously not made for mobile
  • Run in the background on mobile 3/5

    By lostinjanuary
    I love the lack of latency mixer offers but I watch a lot of streams on mobile and I miss a lot when I have to answer a text or check another app. We need audio only in the background functionality... like another streaming platform offers.
  • Pls unsuspend my account :( 5/5

    By sonicstar987
    I’m so mad at mixer for suspending my account pls I want to keep live streaming and my account is supersonicstar6 and can you pls do that and unsuspend my account
  • Cool 5/5

    By Monstavain
    This app is amazing 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • This is sad 1/5

    By Grusty Jones
    The app half the time doesn’t work. I can’t search things and when I can it’s it’s so hard to find the exact time I want to skip to the past broadcast. They should implement a time stamp to type in to push you to that spot. Why am I skipping through a stream you might ask? Because if you change the screen orientation the stream restarts. Also your port for any web browser is a joke. It’s easier to navigate a Russian porn site then to look up a streamer. I can’t even get to the broadcast I was watching on my app, on my browser. As a hardcore smite player. I hope they switch to Sony

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