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  • Current Version: 1.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MLB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Experience the T-Mobile Home Run Derby like never before! MLB AR brought to you by T-Mobile is a new augmented reality app that provides you with a whole new way to experience one of the highlights of the summer: the T-Mobile Home Run Derby! See every homer visualized in AR in this first-of-its-kind simulation. Experience every thrilling dinger from your living room! KEY FEATURES: AVAILABLE TODAY: View the incredible 2019 Home Run Derby from an all new perspective! For the first time, the complete 2019 Home Run Derby can be viewed in AR. THE BALLPARK IS IN YOUR HANDS: using the AR mode, place the host-site of the Home Run Derby on your table for a birds-eye view of the contest. GOING, GOING, GONE: Track every crushed homer with 3D visualized ball trails that show you unprecedented angles of each home run hit. EXPLORE THE STATCAST DATA: Dive deep into the stats, with metrics like exit velocity, apex, launch angle and more available for every home run. ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN: Enter a sweepstakes for amazing prizes, including 2021 WORLD SERIES TICKETS! Experience the T-Mobile 2021 MLB Home Run Derby in AR. Download MLB AR today. ™/© 2022 MLB. All rights reserved.

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MLB AR app reviews

  • Que Malllll 🤬🤬😭 1/5

    By i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    No puede ser que no me deje y el Baseball es deporte favorito 😒 y no me dejo jugar por que tengo el Phone 7
  • Keeps closing 1/5

    By Liskm200
    The app will not stay opened
  • Complete fail 1/5

    By myq1977
    I was excited to see it update the morning of the derby but since then is has failed to do anything beside shut down after the instructions. Even reloaded and restarted pre-derby. I can’t imagine why MLB is losing it’s younger tech savvy fan base!?!?
  • Crashes every time on use 1/5

    By walker1533
    every time i try to use the app it just crashes. tested it out on multiple devices and it was the same result. useless
  • Junk 1/5

    By Davidw56
    Failed to download first time. Finally installed and it asked to access my camera. Crashed 3 times in a row at that point. But I got to see the introductory instructions 3 times!
  • Not even live 1/5

    By Codemana
    Hard to use this while the derby is going on when it doesn’t even work even simultaneously. Multiple times it would show hr #2 (or another number) then not even show the rest of the hrs. Then suddenly show the last hr of the round. Nice idea poor execution
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By iglooo999
    App loses track of players easily. On the iPad the app locks rotation.
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By Will Aaby
    Whenever I try to scan the flat surface so that I can view the stadium the app will crash. I have tried at least ten different times and every time it crashed. I have read other reviews and it seems like this is not on my end, and I’m not the only one experiencing this.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Spi3y
  • Trash!!! 1/5

    By turrizal
    App doesn’t work, keeps crashing
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Denogginizer
    Doesn’t even load. Crashes during setup
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone 11 max or iPad pro 1/5

    By skennedy789
    Just keeps scanning the flat clean table in front of me for a “flat surface”
  • Real hard to view/watch 1/5

    By tommyk96
    Super disappointing and basically useless for trying to watch what is going on. Would be better off doing something simple like the mlb gameday app
  • Crashing 1/5

    By ttvfazekiddoboy
    Keeps crashing
  • Crashed everytime... 1/5

    By GoNz0819
    Never worked. Crashed multiple times when the camera was turning on... Trash.
  • Nope. Crashes. Literally useless. 1/5

    By Pacificotto
    Crashes when trying to enter AR mode to establish the initial table base. Every. Single. Time. Same on iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro. I imagine MLBs developer rushed this - with the actual event today being the drop-deadline. From a Marketing and/or customer perception perspective, they would have been better off releasing nothing, in my opinion.
  • Another awful experience. 1/5

    By Dr. Dream
    Another miserable MLB experience. App on iPad was inverted and would not correct. Regular MLB app is just embarrassing
  • For those here for the 2021 Derby 1/5

    By Bpass the pro gamer
    Leave Rn. I have a decent iPad that has never crashed before and when I try and see the 2019 Derby my app closes instantly. Just leave and watch the derby on ESPN don’t waste your time here
  • Let’s go Sho-Time 5/5

    By North Howell Rules!
    Let’s go Sho-Time
  • Hi 4/5

    By Brett Cormany
  • Ohtani Will win 5/5

    By otani fo life
    Ohtani will win the home run derby!!!!!!!!
  • To AydenTheMstery 5/5

    By Peteshow99
    AydenTheMstery, you may have won this time… but next time will not be the same.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Kris Bryant is the best
  • People need to read 5/5

    By chandlert25
    People are saying that it’s stupid that they would make an app like this but you can still watch the home run derby and check this after the round. You don’t have to be looking at your phone the whole time. Try to understand the app before you downgrade it and ruin it for everyone. Great app and great design guys
  • Time for BOMBS 4/5

    By CensedPlague
    I like it if you like it
  • That’s impossible! 1/5

    By DodgerDog108
    Anybody named Gayden can never be better than anybody, EVER!
  • Matt “BD” Olson is winning the home run derby 5/5

    By xKeViiN
    Oaktown babyyyy
  • Great app 5/5

    By B Lakes
    For all you dummy’s out there this is interesting for us baseball players. We aren’t watching the derby from this but just as statistics while we watch from our tv. So for all of you that don’t understand launch angle, exit velo, distance, etc. then please stop writing reviews that are bad. This is a good app for people that actually UNDERSTAND baseball stats. So yes I think it is a great app.
  • Crashed after tutorial 1/5

    By MN parent 7
  • I was faster than the majority 5/5

    By WAR676
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Odorfan73
    Why on earth would anyone wanna watch a home run this way. You can’t see the players, you don’t see any video, all you see is line from home plate to wherever it was hit. The home run derby this Monday better not be this way.
  • 30th 5/5

    By Penisland 1
    I was faster than most of you
  • Bring on the HR Derby 5/5

    By openrhoad
    ‘Rad0 bout to be L1T 🤓🏔⚾️
  • AR Technology Is So Cool! 5/5

    By Vinny 🍝
    I love the use of Augmented Reality for this app. It's so cool to see it all up close.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By reeceisthegoat
    This app was an absolute waste of time, who wants to watch a home run derby by a espn play by play style. I’ve never rated an app before but I felt this was necessary before others wasted their time trying this.
  • just wanted to become the first 5/5

    By joefranklin210257
    looks like a great app for the home run derby
  • I’m better than you 5/5

    By AydenTheMstery
    I was before you